Remote controlled Friday Raffles

AS I was a bit late last week due to the stupid Daylight saving rubbish starting I am writing this early and hopefully will be automatically posted at 4.00pm glorious Qld time.

download (11)Welcome again to another raffle night, and I am pleased to say that our little Kitty is nudging close to

images (23)

images (23)images (23)$500

Well Done everyone

download (12)

The prize will be a special tonight so get in quick with your numbers and enjoy yourselves.


I hope everyone in NSW. has survived the brushfires and a special thought for brianmc and his wife who live in the Blue mtns. Hope you are safe and well.

Have a good night and good luck.

388 thoughts on “Remote controlled Friday Raffles

  1. Duckie,
    Aussie Rules just does not do it for me. i might drag up a bit of interest in a close game, in the last quarter, if I am watching with my Mum.

    Now real football, that is the stuff of life, everything, absolutely everything human. the good, the bad, the ugly and the sublimely beautiful, is played out on that pitch.

  2. kaffee

    The Wang was the replacement for my Jacquard J-550.

    I think computer punch cards from days of yore are direct descendants

    I recall the very fragile boxes that the punch-cards where kept in – people kept dropping them.

    What order they were in after !

  3. CTar1,

    I was born 50 years too late.

    I’ll stay up for another ten just to find up what Scullin’s doing.

  4. CTar1,

    I get these times when I never want an evening to end. Alcohol is a fuel but the desire for that sort of evening is always there. I’m told my first father was a mad jazz fan.

    My biggies re rhythm and harmony. Forget those bloody counter-tenors.

  5. On who is lighting this stuff.

    I would say that 80% are Heaven’s Will and 90% of the cocking funts who light the rest of them won’t be caught

  6. Al Jazerra

    I can fire my Niece up any time by calling Emirates Airlines ‘AJ’ (she’s a cabin-crewer)

  7. the slings and arrows of Europe

    All ferrets made it home.

    I had to do a drive to Sydney and back on the day after to retrieve batch two but they’re now settled.

    Was very strange having Nephew & Troop over there.

  8. Good morning everyone. Won’t be around today because we are having an interruption to our power supply soon until 4.30pm. My request is, if any important breaks today, could someone please make a note here for me to catch up, either tonight or tomorrow. Will fill in time taking two grandkids to mini-golf. Razz is even going to play, and let the kids play the shots she can’t get to.

    Stay safe to all those in the fire areas and have a great day and night.

  9. Last night our government brought back TVPs. It was done by regulation so it didn’t have to go to parliament. It could be reversed by parliament, but Labor just doesn’t have the numbers to get it through the reps.

    In a cruel and obviously deliberate twist That Bastard Morrison chose to do his dirty work on the day before the anniversary of the SIEV X where 146 children drowned because of TPV’s. The full story won’t break until today – the anniversary.

    Why are TVPs so evil? I’ll let Julian Burnside explain –

    “First proposed by Pauline Hanson” – that tells you everything in one little sentence. For a very detailed discussion from 2003 on the problems involved with Howard’s TVPs, the system Morrison has brought back, go here –

    Click to access pp-tvp-sep03.pdf

  10. Good morning from a beautiful, sunny Melbourne.

    Gravel and Razz, have a wonderful day.

    Leone, if I were a vindictive feline, I would hope that one day – soon – the members of front bench of the BO government find themselves in an unseaworthy vessel desperately trying to seek refuge in … North Korea.

    Or, better still, Indonesia or Malaysia.

  11. There is a state by-election today in Miranda, in Sydney’s south. The locals are the same mob who keep voting for Scott Morrison. Today the area is thick with smoke, blown in from the fires further west. My lovely daughter-in-law has just confirmed that for me. Here’s an interesting shot from a Miranda polling place this morning.

  12. Leonetwo,
    Yesterday you raised the subject of Morrison rounding up pregnant asylum seekers and sending them to Nauru. This is linked to the re-introduction of TPVs,
    Under TPVs there is no prospect of permanent settlement, However under citizenship laws, a child born in Australia to non citizen parents attains Australian citizenship on their 10th birthday provided a majority of those ten years are spent here.
    Morrison is trying to cover the possibility that the family could still be here on a TPV ten years after the child is born.
    We would then have the situation of the child recognised as an Australian but not the parents, possibly causing difficult circumstances for the government.
    Morrison’s solution; no asylum seekers to give birth in Australia.
    How low can we go!!

  13. BarryJ
    Morrison’s actions are even worse when you realise that it’s only non-whites he is treating in this way. I don’t see any pregnant Canadian or Irish or British or European over-stayers (and therefore true illegal immigrants) being rounded up and sent to a gulag on Nauru. We treat over-stayers far more leniently, giving them bridging visas and allowing them to remain in the community while their fate is determined. But then, they are mostly white folks, like Morrison. It’s only the brown people he wants to lock away.

  14. I am not letting the filth ruin my day.
    Going shopping (Yippee can hardly wait.)
    Washing cars ( Excellent )
    Cleaning gutters (Brilliant. What fun)
    Then a few beers watching the races (Only if I have to )

    You can’t wipe the smile off my dial 🙂

  15. Mike Carlton pours sauce over the gander

    Graciously accepting his election as Labor leader last Sunday, former trade union boss Bill Shorten looked radiant in a tailored charcoal suit, crisp white shirt and a carefully knotted necktie of crushed mulberry.
    A bouffant new hairstyle and mirror-polished black Italian loafers complemented his ensemble when he joined his attractive blonde wife, Chloe Bryce, to pose for the waiting media at Parliament House.

    and makes some excellent points about MPs rorts:

  16. [Washing cars ( Excellent )]

    Can you do mine? (I’ll be back from the airport in an hour or so)

  17. Happy shopping etc Joe. I will ask my contact at the Palmer resort if the Boss (Hogg?) is in residence.
    Did you head off early last night, you didn’t seem to be around much?

  18. I know it’s early Sat’ morning, but I’d like to raise a discussion point here on what I would see as a possible arising problem within the fifth estate and the “ownership of democracy”.
    This perception of ‘ownership’ of public opinion already exists in spades within our political parties, particularly the major ones. The Party perception that because one has opened the doors to welcome in the public..and they come out of a variety of reasons, with a variety of personal opinion and baggage, one therefore “OWNS” their opinion and has the right to “steer” and direct the public opinion to be more in-line with one’s own. Indeed, to the point where any contrary opinion can be culled-out of the majority. This idea of the “ownership of democracy” has, I believe, taken over both the major political parties and the Forth Estate and has a danger of spreading and infecting the fifth estate.
    This idea that democracy is a solid-state object that can be wrapped, packaged and sold off in job-lots is cynicism at it’s worst! Democracy is a fluid thing, it can morph into many forms…; Patriarchial, authoritarian, proletarian and even in an extreme case, a kind of militarianism! There is a perception amongst some that the “shout in the street” that is democracy writ large can be claimed as one’s own and controlled through media and cultural dominance. This can be a dangerous and misleading delusion, as I trust our current govt’ will discover to their cost. With the rise of the Fifth Estate, we have the capacity to doge the “roadblocks” and the “checkpoints” that censor such a shout!..those who think they control the outlets of news and opinion are being picked off, one by one. The Fifth Estate will be the last man standing.
    Thankfully, short of fair censorship of certain indecencies, this blog allows reasoned commentry and opinion to be put forward. other sites, I have noticed have morphed into a sort of fiefdom of semi-autocratic rule, where a dominant clique can sometimes cohere together to “control and direct” what is percieved as “preferred opinion”….I have even witnessed on other sites, the moderator giving or withdrawing permission for equal-time responses on what basis one can only presume as their “mood” at the moment…The ABC. Drum Analysis page is a case in point, where one can see the crowding out of diverse opinion by the sometimes inchoerant babbling of right-wing trolls in what is seen as a “bias balance”…Bias my balls!…Balance my arse!….and we will not enter further into anatomical analogies!….but fair to warn ourselves that the encouragement of “topical and risky” subject matter can be a healthy thing and make for very interesting and diverse discussion…Which is why, surely, us “political tragics” joined in this conversation blog in the first place.

    And wasn’t it a bloody good idea?

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