Remote controlled Friday Raffles

AS I was a bit late last week due to the stupid Daylight saving rubbish starting I am writing this early and hopefully will be automatically posted at 4.00pm glorious Qld time.

download (11)Welcome again to another raffle night, and I am pleased to say that our little Kitty is nudging close to

images (23)

images (23)images (23)$500

Well Done everyone

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The prize will be a special tonight so get in quick with your numbers and enjoy yourselves.


I hope everyone in NSW. has survived the brushfires and a special thought for brianmc and his wife who live in the Blue mtns. Hope you are safe and well.

Have a good night and good luck.


388 thoughts on “Remote controlled Friday Raffles

  1. I know that professor from a show on ABC about the continents or something a few weeks back. I liked his presentation style, he really sparked interest.

  2. spacey
    It surely will be. These LNP dinosaurs are living in a past where the messages can be controlled. No, you are not over the top with the hitler analogy, though I am more thinking of the USSR in the cold war era. It is not possible to control information anymore.

  3. Some information from Nauru ovewr the last hour or so..

    Just landed another asylum seeker transfer plane at #Nauru international airport.— Clint. Deidenang (@clintd22) October 19, 2013

    Another asylum seeker families seen disembark from transfer plane. Men women and children board bus now leaves tarmac heads to RPC3. #Nauru— Clint. Deidenang (@clintd22) October 19, 2013

    An unconfirmed number of asylum seekers are to board the return flight transfer plane leaving #Nauru. Destination unknown.— Clint. Deidenang (@clintd22) October 19, 2013

    Confirmed on Thursday 17 one of the pregnant asylum seeker was transfered to an unknown hospital to #Australia from #Nauru.— Clint. Deidenang (@clintd22) October 19, 2013

    So That Bastard Morrison wasn’t lying yesterday when he said there was no pregnant woman on Nauru. She’s already been taken away. He just didn’t bother telling us that at yesterday’s briefing because it’s just another of the things we are not allowed to know. If Morrison can break his ‘no exceptions’ rule on medical grounds why can’t we be told that? And why is he sending more pregnant women to Nauru?

  4. The right time to talk about climate change is now. Abbott is on the verge of dismantling the CEF suite of legislation, that attempts to deal with the problem of carbon emissions,

    What Abbott has to do, is convince the voter, his scheme is better, or even convince us, he is serious about introducing it.

    Yes, now is the time. To late, if Abbott gets his way.

    It is not as Abbott says, getting rid of e big bad toxic tax, that doesn’t exist.

    It is about lowering the emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, that will permanently damage the planet for coming generations.


  5. Abbott has accused Bill Shorten of stealing Christmas because he won’t do what Abbott wants. Honestly, who is writing Abbott’s comedy lines these days. This stuff is beyond ludicrous.

    The PM has also urged new Labor leader Bill Shorten to allow the scrapping of the carbon tax to pass through the parliament.

    This week the government released planned legislation which Mr Abbott said would cut electricity prices by nine per cent, gas prices by seven per cent and provide an overall saving to Australian households of $550 a year.

    “Wouldn’t that be a nice Christmas present to the people of Australia?,” he said.

    “But who is the person who wants to steal Christmas, at least when it comes to abolishing the carbon tax?

    “Well, it’s none other than the new leader of the opposition, good old electricity Bill Shorten.”

    Mr Abbott said unless Mr Shorten was willing to accept the will of the Australian people his tenure as Labor leader was likely to be “very short indeed”.

  6. Those remarks by PMBO are really lame. He is doing the lame loser so well lately, one would almost think it is inherent.

    Take Tone the Fireman, who did what he always did when things got a bit tough for him in the public mind. He dressed up in yellow and waited for the accolades, and the forgiveness. It is just the same old Tony, right?

    He is like the little kid who did the cute stuff all the time to get the olds to forgive him his naughty stuff, like tying a stone to the the cat’s tail. Now he’s the teenager who smiled at Dad while doing a handstand, after rolling the family’s new car down the drive into the rubbish bins.

    He has was totally shocked when Dad kicked him up the arske and Mum threw his dinner in the bin.

  7. puffymtd- alas mum never threw his dinner in the bin and dad never kicked him appropriately- they were in thrall to their ‘wonder boy’

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