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  1. It is all about perception. They are trying to create one of Abbott being a great PM. They manage to create a perception of PM Gillard, that she was bad bad bad. Nothing she did from then on counted.

    I for one, have learnt the lessons from the 2007, and more so 2010 governments, and will work hard, to ensure they are not successful once again.

    Once the perception becomes embedded in the public view, nothing seems to shift it.

  2. Leonetwo

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  3. Hello from Dublin at four in the morning. Eight hours of sleep is now behind me and I’m pretty well time zone calibrated.
    Watching the predominately UK based news services here so far has shown me that there is comparatively so much less of so-called “politics” on it. None of the petty rubbish that seems to have become the Australian diet of late.
    I must say I enjoyed Bushfire Bill’s two contributions on Abbott’s transmogrification from grub to splendid butterfly. What a pathetic excuse for a journalist is that pinstriped prick Hartcher!
    The Guinness is good when enjoyed in a two hundred year old pub and surrounded by friendly folk.
    This afternoon we join a tour. I hope there aren’t too many garrulous Yanks on board.
    Bye for now.

  4. Fed Up

    Once the perception becomes embedded in the public view, nothing seems to shift it.

    That’s the way the Press are working it.

  5. Interesting tweets about the Abbotts and their lurks and perks.

    .@jonathanvswan Interested in Abbott's new bike.Hillbricks made it for him. Cost Between $12000> $20000. He opened Hillbricks' new premises.— Bridget O'Flynn (@BridgetOFlynn) October 12, 2013

    @BridgetOFlynn @jonathanvswan Abbott rides w Hillbrick logo. Paul Hillbrick's a Lib member. 1/2 http://t.co/ynNaxfUeiF— choosing (@ch150ch) October 12, 2013

    @BridgetOFlynn @jonathanvswan 2/2 Abbott's daughter twts the designer clothes she wears. So PM & family spruik (Lib) businesses?— choosing (@ch150ch) October 12, 2013

    .@ch150ch Just like celebrities do. Get clothes free in exchange. This whole thing has more legs to go yet. It's ugly. @jonathanvswan— Bridget O'Flynn (@BridgetOFlynn) October 12, 2013

    @KatieMouse71 Bridget twts regularly what she is wearing, seems to make a point of naming the designer @vincentwight— choosing (@ch150ch) October 12, 2013

    @ch150ch @If Bridget Abbott regularly tweets her designers, why shouldn't questions like did U pay B asked? Forget getting the truth, though— Kate Durham (@KatieMouse71) October 12, 2013

  6. Both Fridget and Brances tweet about who designs their clothes. Quite a nice little racket they have going on there. Frances is the worst offender. She just can’t help making every tweet a plug.
    At the races –

    Had a great time @ #royalrandwick last night 4 the launch of the grandstand! @atc_racing Dressed by @byjohnnytweets pic.twitter.com/UF4qvYDSan— Bridget Abbott (@bridgetabbott) October 10, 2013

    Walking the dog –

    Begun #activenationday walking Queensie to Shelly beach, wearing my @LornaJaneActive #nowmoveit pic.twitter.com/FppWSWnzHz— Frances Abbott (@abbott_frances) September 29, 2013

    Meeting a royal – the plug comes before Harry. I cannot believe a designer came up with that ugly outfit, it looked like she’d bought it one of those $1 a bag sales Vinnes hold when they have too much stuff no-one will buy.

    Wearing @byjohnnytweets@bridgetabbott: A once in a life time experience meeting Prince Harry. #ifr2013 pic.twitter.com/AtzW9iqWxp”— Frances Abbott (@abbott_frances) October 5, 2013

    And it’s not just the clothes, the cookbook writers get a plug too –

    Tonight we made 'toad in the hole with red onion confit' from the @OzHarvest cook book. Can't wait to try it! pic.twitter.com/pwRvlRInuJ— Frances Abbott (@abbott_frances) September 15, 2013

    Bridget is catching on fast.
    I saw a frock like this on Project Runway last week, the judges thought it was boring.

    Had a great time @ #royalrandwick last night 4 the launch of the grandstand! @atc_racing Dressed by @byjohnnytweets pic.twitter.com/UF4qvYDSan— Bridget Abbott (@bridgetabbott) October 10, 2013

  7. If you haven’t seen it, here’s Bananaby’s report, all six pages of it, on his very brief Malaysian study tour – the one he managed to squeeze in between arriving on Gina’s private jet and leaving on the flight to Sydney. The flight we so kindly paid for. This amazing (not in a good sense) document cost us $12,000. I could say he copied it all from Wikipedia, but Wikipedia would never come up with anything so poorly written.

    His report is notable for a couple of things –
    1. Bananaby sticks with the Coaliton preference for using ‘programme’ rather than ‘program’ and has eccentric ideas on the use of commas.
    2. The very poor writing. Like this
    “Like in most countries there is a great movement of Malaysians…..’
    And this –
    “This is not driven for a desire to reduce carbon emissions but to deliver power to remote area..”

    Click to access BarnabyJoyceMalaysiaExpensesClaim.pdf

  8. With the “Femmes Foretells” tweeting habit of detailing what they are wearing, going one step further, let us trust that the good catholic women do not become promoting clients of Ansell products before their wedding night!

  9. Mark Riley ‏@Riley7News 19h

    7News/ReachTEL poll shows no honeymoon for new govt. Perhaps it’s because they keep charging taxpayers to go to weddings. #auspol

  10. leonetwo, just bought the subject of clothes on another site. Not that I would want in known, if I was the so called leading designer, as they did not enhance anything they wore. Wonder if the daughter still wants to model. The one a year or so, who was being managed out of dad’s office. Only one stint, modeling at some race meeting, that I can recall.

    Still, have the gifts been declared, or if not, who paid for them. Wonder who made the final choice. Could not have been the designer.

  11. If all this is the making of money off the public profile we paid to max up, than I am not impressed with the behaviour of these Abbott daughters.

  12. The modelling career was a media fantasy, I think. It was Bridget who was being managed by Abbott’s own staff. She was ambassador for a racing carnival and there was a fear she might say something dumb so dad’s people took control.

    I don’t think publicising racing was a good look for someone who was only 19 at the time and especially not for someone so well connected politically. But Abbott’s minders would flog off anything if it might win a vote. Shameless exploitation of a teenager? Nothing to them at all.

  13. The University of Northern Texas has a nice range of promotional wares. Some of it is not for the faint hearted or easily offended, don’t open the link if you fall into that category!

  14. puffy
    i hope all those who were stridently defending the Abbott daughters a few days back are taking notice. Frances and Bridget know exactly what they are doing, they are shameless in plugging anyone who gives them a frock or some sports clothes or even a cookbook. On the take, I’d call it. What else will they endorse? What do they get out if it, apart from free clothes? Will their ‘sponsors’ want something in return eventually? You bet they will.

  15. “Pell will be supervising. There will be no Ansell.”….: promo for a movie…: “SEE ; Bridgie Francie as the girls who loved to love…SEE ; Harry Windsor as the boy who loved to love…and SEE ; Uncle George…who liked to watch , to watch!”
    (with thanks to Lenny bruce!).

  16. Abbott in the famous Princess Leia gold bikini – you don’t get to see that every day. Thank goodness.

  17. any one here following bridget of flyn
    interesting chat going on now sure if I should post the tweets though

  18. The 2013 Port Macquarie Iron Man will be held on 20 October. The organisers say at this stage Abbott is not on the publicised list of competitors. It looks like the National Party couldn’t organise that cocktail party in time…..

  19. and does any one follow choosing ch@150

    one tweeter has put such a big amount between 2009 an 2013

    I don’t want joe to get to trouble

    leone can if she like
    i m to worried

    one thing being discussed is the child care centre

    i was under the impression she only works there

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