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  1. denese
    Let’s get this childcare centre thing sorted.
    Margie is the Director, that is, the manager. The centre – St Ives Occasional Care – is a not-for-profit place run by a local committee. Margie is their employee. Abbott, in the past, has been happy to give the impression Margie is a small business owner. She is not.

  2. Well I suppose we should be grateful Planet Janet isn’t on the list, Puff.

    I wouldn’t expect too many bouquets from Eva Cox, who has mostly been about as helpful as Marilyn Shepherd.

  3. Yes, it is too late for some of females of the MSM to cry crocodile tears over PMJG. They were involved in it up their plucked eyebrows.

  4. puffy can u tweet that essay story to me I will send it to my girls great present for chirstmas

  5. Kathy Lette – yuck, ex-pat dingbat. And Jane Bloody Caro -yuck again, an over-exposed twit. And Eva Cox for God’s sake, the same woman who has gushed all over Abbott for years. I don’t think i’ll bother. The book may contain essays about Julia Gillard, but they might not all give positive comment.

  6. Even Abbott’s excuse for his bad time in the triathlon was phoney. He said he’d been ‘crook’ for three weeks. I have a different theory,.

    Abbott had been to a two hour ‘drinks event’ the night before, as reported here last night. He was also seen by tourists in a local bar either before or after that event, reported in the SMH on Thursday, I think. I have the local newspaper article that mentioned all this.

    So Abbott spent a few hours grog-monstering, maybe had a few more back at his hotel, and then tried to do a ninety kilometre bike ride the next day. No wonder he felt ‘crook’.

  7. gigilene
    October 12, 2013 at 4:26 pm

    Wasn’t it Kathy Lette who criticised Julia Gillard’s earlobes?
    Possibly, but after the Misogyny speech, she did come up with the line that Julia Gillard was wearing Tony Abbott’s testicles for earlobes.

  8. Ms Caro pops up everywhere yet she has no qualifications to talk about anything much.. A while before the election she appeared on a show Sky News did about education. There were all sorts of learned people there – professors, heads of private school groups, representatives of state school teachers federations, people who knew what they were talking about. And there was Jane Caro, invited because she belongs to some Mickey Mouse ‘let’s stick up for state schools’ group. Her lack of knowledge was stunning. She kept trying to hog the attention, bobbing in front of the camera with trivia about her daughter’s school or whatever when everyone else wanted to talk about more serious things. It completely exposed her as the flakey, ill-informed attention seeker she really is. I have no time for her at all and I’m not interested in her opinions or her writing.

  9. Meanwhile, out in the real world – more extreme weather.

    Nearly 400,000 people evacuate as Cyclone Phailin heads for India’s east coast.
    Nearly 400,00 people have been forced to evacuate their homes in India as one of the largest cyclones the country has ever seen bears down on the east coast.
    The “super cyclone” is classified as Category 5
    Satellite images show it to be half the size of India
    Storm heading towards Orissa and Andhra Pradesh
    US navy says winds at sea gusting at 314kph
    Nearly 400,000 people have already been evacuated
    A similar storm in India killed 10,000 people 14 years ago
    Some forecasters have likened the storm to Hurricane Katrina


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