Feverish Footy Finals Friday, And Would You Like Fries A Raffle With That?

I’m not sure where Joe6pack is, and there’s no draft Friday thread so … this is going up as a work-in-progress. Witticisms, pictures, etc., will be added as (and if) they occur to moi.

Meanwhile, start kicking back, or forward, or whichever way you want the ball to go.


Have fun.

(Credit: Fox Sports)

Yeah, yeah, moi knows – sooooooo last week.

Alright then, for all you NRL fans, who’s gunna win?

These guys?

(Credit: NRL)

Or these?

(Credit: NRL)

Though you’ll end up with a flock of bird-brains either way …

Meanwhile, for non-Victorians (and, indeed, Victorians) who may have missed this:

In time to avoid the grand final frenzy he famously deplored, Australia loses one of its great journalists, writers and voices — the inestimable Keith Dunstan. Contributing editor-at-large Tess Lawrence provides a touching tribute.

KEITH DUNSTAN, as befitting the quiet man with the bow tie who co-founded the Anti-Football League, surely timed his departure from this mortal coil to avoid non-attendance at today’s Grand Final, considered a defiant act of notorious calumny and civic treachery in this State of Victoria.

(Credit: ABC)

A gentleman in every respect.

Now, Joe6pack’s story is …

images (20)

Hello Pubsters. Running a little late. Stuck in traffic. Really truly I was.

Of course we believe you, Boss – wouldn’t dare do anything else!

Joe also mentioned a long weekend – I feel very jealous of all you lucky people in the ACT, NSW, Queensland, and South Australia. However, whatever the length of your weekend, I hope everyone has a delightful one.

And may the best bunch of bird-brains win.

427 thoughts on “Feverish Footy Finals Friday, And Would You Like Fries A Raffle With That?

  1. Earlyopener,

    I don’t regard your comments as reprehensible in the slightest.

    I’m also desperately trying to remember the incident of Sir Thomas More’s tossing back his daughters’ bedsheet and more or less asking the young suitor to make his choice. Was it a scene in A Man For All Seasons, which I’ve seen only once, some 45 years ago?

  2. [ if only the royals were fundamentalist Mormons, then Harry could marry all of the sisters. ]

    A quickie divorce & we could throw in Margie too! 😉

  3. [ Harry, if you are awakened in the night by a figure clad in white, It may not be a ghost! ]

    A Muslin?

  4. “Was it a scene in A Man For All Seasons, which I’ve seen only once, some 45 years ago?”
    Can’t help. That’s one time more than me! And I even thought that there were 2 ‘r’s in More!

  5. Fiona,
    Maybe, what I found wrong was that in the original painting the figure in the middle is clearly a man and I was wondering why Knight appeared to be pushing the stereotype that Lesbian= not feminine enough. Also the amount of labels he’s put in the cartoon is annoying, really, even the most brain dead reader of the herald sun can tell that Christine Milne is the leader of the Greens and that Penny Wong is a Labor front bencher, and you don’t need a label to identify Palmer.

  6. Fiona,
    [ Scorps,
    Think of the fights over who would be Princess Harry! ]

    After what BB wrote, I think it would be more like “Princess Hairy”! 😉

  7. Fiona, one finally crafted word [per week] at a time! That is my target ! And has anyone heard from the hillbilly skeleton?

  8. Leroy
    It wasn’t when Abbott was best man at P. Slippers wedding was it? Now this could be a huge scoop!

  9. earlyopener,

    [ Leroy,
    It wasn’t when Abbott was best man at P. Slippers wedding was it? Now this could be a huge scoop! ]

    Could be an even bigger one if enough resources were put to the task of reviewing all LNP Member’s expenses claimed even for just for the past 5 years.

    I’m sure Peter Slipper could make use of any worthwhile info resulting from such an enquiry! 😉

  10. Gippsland Laborite,
    I’d missed the allusion to Senator Wong – that aside, the positioning of the female and the two “males” in the foreground is correct. However, I don’t think that Clive Palmer is the figure on the right.

    In other respects, a very interesting observation.

    As for the labels, well, what else would one expect?

    Compare and contrast.

  11. Scorpio,
    An even slightly forensic analysis of PMBO’s expenses over the past five years would most likely be a bombshell – if OM could be bothered.

  12. Prince Harry’s presence in Sydney has made us all feel like a monarchist and everyone has a crush on him according to PM Abbott today.
    I’m off to bed now as I know I am in very safe hands!

  13. Gippsland Laborite,
    To return to the figure on the right, it can’t be Mr Palmer, since he’s in the HoR. At a pinch it might be Senator Abetz. No chance in the world that it’s Senator Brandis SC DH. However, there’s a remote possibility it might be that éminence grise Mr Nicholas Minchin.

  14. Fiona,
    [ Scorpio,
    An even slightly forensic analysis of PMBO’s expenses over the past five years would most likely be a bombshell – if OM could be bothered. ]

    You gotta be kidding! 🙂

  15. Fiona, I know it’s not Palmer, he’s in the tray of the ute, I don’t think it’s meant to be anyone from the Senate, If it was meant to be someone, judging on Mark Knight’s form, he would have a label stuck on him.

  16. Gippsland Laborite,
    My apologies – you are absolutely correct, though I was focussing on the foreground. Purely in self-defence, who would be brave enough to drive around with Mr Palmer in the tray?

    Anyway, I rather like my suggestion of the (Dis)Honourable Nick Minchin – a “peer” of both Bushfire Bill’s and mine.

  17. Now I know where the Morman reference came from. Can’t see his grandmother approving though. Also, can’t see hairy Harry playing up this trip. His paramour, (whatever that is) might not approve. 😉

    [ There was no sign on the prince’s first official trip to Sydney of his paramour Cressida Bonas, the 24-year-old Burberry model and trained dancer whom Harry was last seen out with in London on two nights last week, first at a James Blunt concert at Notting Hill and the following night at a performance of The Book of Mormon in the West End.

    The prince, who last came to Sydney unofficially in 2003 on his gap year, would want to be on his best behaviour. Cressida, or “Cressy” to her friends, temporarily dumped him last year after pictures of the prince’s nude Las Vegas hotel romp hit the newspapers. ]

  18. [ Captain Wales woos excited crowd
    There were screams, smiles and waves as Prince Harry emerged from his car at Sydney Harbour to greet a heaving crowd of fans.
    One excited punter even held up their pet poodle to grab a glimpse of the prince. ]

    Yeah, I even say somebody with a placard saying “save the Wales”! 😉 Stupid bloody Greenie, I expect.

  19. It seems there is some nervousness about the financial and protector role of the U.S.


    I wonder if the Prime Ministerial Idiot understands that this really is the big time. They play for keeps and people, worldwide, will suffer greatly if they get it wrong. Lickspittles elected on lies and promoted by slugs like Murdoch won’t have a voice that is listened to at any table the may have to chair.

    If the worst comes to pass this will be a test of the Idiots mettle. One he isn’t equipped to handle.

    Buy up on popcorn.

  20. Scorpio,

    “Paramour” = lover, mistress, sweetheart – and pretty tawdry of the SMH to be referring to Ms Bonas like that, as I don’t think they ever gave the former Ms Middleton that title.

    Both Mr Windsor and Ms Bonas are in their twenties, and these days how many twenty-somethings are both virgins before the wedding?

    Not to mention the Windsor family’s history: the Prince of Wales was not exactly a celibate before he married Diana. As for Prince Andrew, I vaguely remember a porn star superbly named Koo Stark.

    Not to mention Davie and his Wallis Simpson, let alone the (present) princes’ great, or great-great, grandfather, Edward VII.

  21. Fiona,

    [ Scorpio,

    “Paramour” ]

    Just kidding. Was a fairly common terminology years ago especially in books & movies.

    They reckon that there wasn’t a whorehouse in Europe that Harry’s grandfather hadn’t visited. They like to “get it on” as they say, these pommie royals. 😉

  22. Scorps,

    I thought Harry’s grandfather was very staid. Did you mean grand-uncle??

    And goodnight, all.

  23. Fiona,
    [ I thought Harry’s grandfather was very staid. ]

    Hell no! 😉 Unless “staid” means something different to what I understand it to mean! 😉

  24. Harry’s grandfather was George VI. A very staid man,I doubt he ever went near even one brothel.

    The whore-house frequenter would have been Edward VII, Harry’s great, great grandfather.

  25. leonetwo,

    Sorry, but Harry’s grandfather on his father’s side is the Duke of Edinburgh.

    He used to head towards red lights like a moth, they reckon.

  26. Leone,
    Thank you for your confirmation regarding great (Charles’s) and great-great (William’s and Henry’s) grandfathers,

  27. Oops – grandfather Phillip. How could we overlook him? In his youth Phil certainly had plenty of opportunities to sample the whorehouses of the world, but If even a fraction of the rumours about him are to be believed, after his marriage a string of mistresses kept him very busy. .

  28. The Sunday papers are full of stories about Coalition politicians fiddling their expenses to attend weddings. Bananaby is a serial offender, three wedding rorts so far and counting.

    The Herald-Sun scoop isn’t about Abbott repaying his claimed expenses for attending Slipper’s wedding, damn it, it was the Puff Adder’s wedding.

    And how could we have forgotten this Bananaby/Mesma/Gambaro wedding rort?

  29. “Guests at the function included billionaire James Packer, cricketer Brett Lee, former rugby player George Gregan and VC winner Ben Roberts-Smith……..”

    And some pommy git.

  30. Good morning all…..on thinking on Ian’s excellent long post last night..I realise that his having to continuely reiterate the accusations against the major players of this govt’ demonstrates that there is a lack of understanding in the general populace of the meaning of treason.

  31. How the hell do these dodgy expense claims keep getting approved? Surely someone is checking them before coughing up taxpayer money?

  32. AJ

    [How the hell do these dodgy expense claims keep getting approved? ]

    The politicians ‘certify’ that they were on ‘Official Business’.

    The last time it was this bad Nick Minchin just changed the rules.

  33. I can’t wait for the ABC to do a tv series called ‘At Home with the Abbott’s ‘ to balance their effort with JG and Tim. Think of the comedic opportunities. Daggy ‘churchy dad; trying to pair off his “hot” daughters with every passing VIP. Daggy dad’s attempts at ‘manliness’ constantly being slapped down by a Glamazon called Peta . Visits from the delightful Jones and Pell .The possibilities are endless.

  34. CTar1

    Speaking of HS2 I see in today’s Independent your mention of an Australian being involved has come to pass and ruffled a few feathers.

    Government accused of breaking strict Civil Service rules in its rushed appointment of Sir David Higgins

    One senior rail source said that “every Civil Service rule in the book has been broken”. Even Margaret Hodge, chairwoman of the powerful Public Accounts Committee, who is supportive of Sir David’s “fantastic” record, told The Independent on Sunday that it “would have been better to have handled the process properly” and that the appointment had been made in a “panic”.


  35. kaffee – The DfT are a nightmare.

    It’s a real shame because the project is a good one.

  36. A major nuclear incident was narrowly averted at the heart of Britain’s Royal Navy submarine fleet, The Independent on Sunday can reveal. The failure of both the primary and secondary power sources of coolant for nuclear reactors at the Devonport dockyard in Plymouth on 29 July last year followed warnings in previous years of just such a situation.


  37. CTar1

    A couple of months back I saw a doco on the HS1 section. There was some very impressive engineering involved.

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