Feverish Footy Finals Friday, And Would You Like Fries A Raffle With That?

I’m not sure where Joe6pack is, and there’s no draft Friday thread so … this is going up as a work-in-progress. Witticisms, pictures, etc., will be added as (and if) they occur to moi.

Meanwhile, start kicking back, or forward, or whichever way you want the ball to go.


Have fun.

(Credit: Fox Sports)

Yeah, yeah, moi knows – sooooooo last week.

Alright then, for all you NRL fans, who’s gunna win?

These guys?

(Credit: NRL)

Or these?

(Credit: NRL)

Though you’ll end up with a flock of bird-brains either way …

Meanwhile, for non-Victorians (and, indeed, Victorians) who may have missed this:

In time to avoid the grand final frenzy he famously deplored, Australia loses one of its great journalists, writers and voices — the inestimable Keith Dunstan. Contributing editor-at-large Tess Lawrence provides a touching tribute.

KEITH DUNSTAN, as befitting the quiet man with the bow tie who co-founded the Anti-Football League, surely timed his departure from this mortal coil to avoid non-attendance at today’s Grand Final, considered a defiant act of notorious calumny and civic treachery in this State of Victoria.

(Credit: ABC)

A gentleman in every respect.

Now, Joe6pack’s story is …

images (20)

Hello Pubsters. Running a little late. Stuck in traffic. Really truly I was.

Of course we believe you, Boss – wouldn’t dare do anything else!

Joe also mentioned a long weekend – I feel very jealous of all you lucky people in the ACT, NSW, Queensland, and South Australia. However, whatever the length of your weekend, I hope everyone has a delightful one.

And may the best bunch of bird-brains win.


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