UPDATE: Melbourne Meeting

Inspired by the Julia Gillard – Anne Summers Conversation at Melbourne Town Hall this Tuesday evening, a few of us have started talking about an informal meeting of Melbourne- and close to Melbourne-based Pubkateers.

Anyone interested please comment here. The options would be Monday lunch, Monday dinner, Tuesday lunch, Tuesday supper.

The venue would be inexpensive, and the location would probably have to be inner suburban.

So, go for it. I’m free (as it were), and would love to meet lots of you.

It looks as though Tuesday afternoon is the best time for the preliminary meeting. So, as some of us will be going to the event at MTH, I propose meeting any time from 4pm to about 5:30pm at Cafe L’Incontro, corner Swanston and Little Collins Streets. I will get there early to grab a table.

22 thoughts on “UPDATE: Melbourne Meeting

  1. I’m available for any of your suggested times; no problems with inner venues, as I expect to travel for activities that try to accommodate a number of people.

  2. An evening is probably better, but I’m interested. I’d do it fairly soon though (October), before we start getting in to the cycle of pre Christmas events, work drinks, end of year functions, etc.

    How about the evening of Tuesday the 22nd of October? I know a few suitable pub meal places that will have plenty of room on a Tuesday, good food & atmosphere, and won’t break the budget..

  3. Leroy,
    That is an excellent suggestion. So, we are aiming for two events: the BIG get-together in October, and a spur-of-the-moment thing for this coming Monday or Tuesday.

  4. I might be able to make it to the event this week, depending on how heavy work is. However, I can’t make it on Tuesday 22nd since I’d have class that day.

  5. OK, just realised this Monday night is out for me, but Monday lunch or Tuesday afternoon or evening is good.

  6. Looks like Tuesday afternoon is good, since I’m going on to the Town Hall thing at 630pm. Count me in.

  7. I’m a definite starter, look forward to seeing as many of the team as are able to make it. If it wasn’t for GD, I’d be able to identify myself as the old bloke, so perhaps to distinguish myself, I should add, the confused-looking old bloke.

  8. A word of warning. Cafe L’Incontro is pretty ordinary, but it is very easy to find because it is so central and obvious, so its a good meeting place for those not used to the CBD.

  9. I agree with you, Leroy, about the quality of the place’s offerings. However, it is central and obvious – my main reason for suggesting it. The other reason is that I’m still not walking as fast as I’d like and I want to be close to the Town Hall.

  10. No worries, looking foward to it, and you can still get a reasonable coffee and sit down for a good stretch of time.

  11. I am short, stout, in my late fifties. I will be wearing a red hat, and thinking about clutching a carnation between my teeth.

  12. Well, it looks like I won’t be able to attend wearing the idle retirees outfit – pyjama coat matched with a pair of jeans and slippers, given that I’m meeting some classy dressers. I’ll go with grey slacks, grey cardigan, and probably a red spray jacket for weather protection.

  13. Thanks Fiona for arranging such a delightful evening. great company and great conversation. I hope you and GD had a wonderful night at the Julia event, and that you managed to secure reasonable seats. Appreciation also to the other attendees, especially Kirksdale who made the lengthy trip from Ballarat.

  14. PJF,

    It was indeed a memorable afternoon/evening – and I would dearly love you to reveal certain information regarding your activities in 2000 to all Pubsters!

    I shall take this opportunity to let you know that having met today does not excuse you from our date in Croydon Hills (and all further correspondence will be entered into on whatever the current Pub thread happens to be 🙂 )

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