Cheer Up. Friday has arrived

flash 5 it's hereHello folks Friday has arrived and some here look like they need some cheering up. So for Starters check out this disco sensation.

Some cute puppy photos

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And for the cat lovers

images (18)images (17)Sports lovers have a big weekend ahead with the AFL Grand-Final and NRL Semi-Finals FootyFever1.And also there is the delight of watching our new Leaders make fools of themselves with our neighbours

download (10)So Life is still pretty good. We are all still lucky enough to live in a fantastic country and while atm Political things are  not to flash we could be a lot worse off.

keep-your-chin-upRaffles are on again so get your tickets from CK Watt and have a great night and a terrific weekend.

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And Remember


596 thoughts on “Cheer Up. Friday has arrived

  1. Janice,
    I think it would take more than a couple of paddocks for someone like Bushfire Bill’s neighbour not to be a complete and utter pest.

  2. Fiona,
    Possibly, but someone like BB’s neighbour would never hack it out here so we’re pretty safe. Most of these idiot, violent bogans tend to reside in cities or large towns where they can practice their bullying.

  3. The EPL points table has an old fashioned look about it at the moment, Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool at the top. Gunners!

  4. I have to wonder with all these claims floating around that “Labor’s leadership election means that Abbott gets a free pass”, wouldn’t the media just ignore everything the new Labor leader said if they were picked by caucus a few weeks ago anyway? They’re on his side after all, so the only difference would be them sneering “Aww, look at the little LOTO, he thinks he’s gonna be Prime Minister on our watch~”

    I don’t remember Nelson getting any more attention back in December 2007 than Bowen is now.

  5. Saw the Abbott Channel 10 thing and didn’t notice the f- word bit. But having observed the look on Peta’s face, I reckon that reporter should be glad she didn’t get hold of that stockwhip mentioned earlier!

  6. Little Black Duck,
    I was delighted to see you are among the select band of Sunderland supporters. It’s grand to share this tragic status. As for kaffeeklatscher, it won’t be possible to speak civilly to him given that he is in the company of the heathens of Newcastle.
    “It’s the hope i can’t stand.”

  7. BB
    What would neighbour do if I parked a big Western Star prime mover in front of his driveway.
    Politely ask me, to move or come out ranting?

  8. Maybe I’m lucky, most of our neighbours seem to be happy to go about their business and leave us alone. We’re fairly quiet and boring (although the comments one might hear from me when the Raiders are losing might offend), so they probably don’t particularly notice us.

  9. kaffeeklatscher

    No I wouldn’t waste $4,000 on eight tyres do do stupid things like that.
    Without mentioning the $85,000 on the new motor.

  10. joe6pack

    Many moons ago I worked for P&O Cold Stores. When it came to truckies there were two things that have stuck with me. 1) How many hours a week they do and 2) Their ability to turn up right on knock off time………… and so cancel knock off time 🙂

  11. joe6pack

    I missed out number 3) which was actually number one. The ability to reverse a leader and dog between two other trucks on to our dock flaps allowing literally only a 2-3 inches gap.

  12. Little Sir Scoot is so brave!:

    Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has issued two statements rejecting survivors’ claims that Australian authorities took more than 24 hours to respond.

    He said authorities received the first call on Friday and co-ordinated the initial search and rescue operation.

    Labor frontbencher Tony Burke said rather than issuing statements, Mr Morrison should front the media.

    “It’s not just a challenge to the confidence of the public,” he said.

    “It’s also a direct affront to those people and those officials who are out there working on behalf of the Australian people, and who for the first time in decades have discovered there are no frontbenchers willing to come out and publicly defend them.”

  13. BB. I wouldn’t advise it with your neighbour as he sounds like he’s on a one way ticket to perdition anyway….but there is a dirty trick that I’ve considered , but not applied..; Get a small bio-degradeable plastic bag, pour in a small, but reasonable quantity of battery acid, tie the top and chuck the bag w/contents onto the roof so it slips into the gutter… a week or so, bag degrades so the contents leak out and does its’ job on the gutter…bag then blows away and gutter starts to leak first rains which wash away all evidence of acid!….expensive irritation complete…repeat as required….don’t get caught throwing the bag!

  14. Puff, back at EPL, I nearly named my house ‘Highbury’, considered ‘The last resort’, but went for ‘Providence’

  15. Left right out,
    About 20 years ago, my parents had the shower bays in their two bathrooms retiled. The one in the main bathroom was done perfectly. The one in the secondary bathroom, not so good. My father complained; the apprentices were instructed to redo the work. Which they did, and nicely. However, they (or one of them) finished off by tipping some cement down the shower drain.

    It took a few days before the blockage was discovered, as that bathroom was not in general use. So, my father got in touch with the master plumber, the blockage was fixed and, I understand, the apprentices suddenly found themselves unemployed (or whatever it is that happens to naughty apprentices).

  16. Fiona, tilers are renowned for ‘pouring’ grout and cement down floor wastes! Many a testy moment had with these fools

  17. ‘The last resort’, final song on the greatest album of all time. ‘She came from Providence, the one in Rhode Island’. And spookily, I spent a day touring the Napa valley wineries in 2011 with a lady who came from , yep, Providence Rhode Island

  18. In the old days, the brickies who built chimmneys had a good trick…to ensure the customer paid, they would secret a pane of glass across the flue and when the customer paid, would drop a half-brick down the chimmney to break the sealing glass!

  19. JC, comparing ‘tricks of the trade’, priceless! One from the vaults, septic tanks {thank god for Gough}. To get a new septic ‘working’, the neighbourhood cat went missing

  20. Sometimes we chippies would play a trick on the sparkies or the plumber, by cutting a 3″ nail short and drive it into a stud where there was a pipe or wire just below the face and leave the head out a tad so they would notice and think the nail went all the way through the pipe or wires!….Geez it got a reaction from them!

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