Cheer Up. Friday has arrived

flash 5 it's hereHello folks Friday has arrived and some here look like they need some cheering up. So for Starters check out this disco sensation.

Some cute puppy photos

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And for the cat lovers

images (18)images (17)Sports lovers have a big weekend ahead with the AFL Grand-Final and NRL Semi-Finals FootyFever1.And also there is the delight of watching our new Leaders make fools of themselves with our neighbours

download (10)So Life is still pretty good. We are all still lucky enough to live in a fantastic country and while atm Political things are  not to flash we could be a lot worse off.

keep-your-chin-upRaffles are on again so get your tickets from CK Watt and have a great night and a terrific weekend.

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596 thoughts on “Cheer Up. Friday has arrived

  1. tlbd

    Your household seems similarly filled as mine is at the at the moment.

    4yo is sleeping on a fold-out at the foot of our bed. It’s still best if she has a toilet escort in the middle of the night.

    So I end up with company until she’s well asleep again (I can put up with this).

    A troop of us went to a ‘Food Festival’ yesterday. I have a mighty hangover!

  2. This little black duck

    Way before the underwear she will pack his Hannibal Lecter mask. and formal straight jacket.

  3. Any comments about the 10 news footage of Tony getting into his car at the footy function and a voice can be heard saying f….off as he closes his car door? You have to listen hard but it’s there. Could this possibly be our new PM venting his unconcealed rage at the pesky media.

  4. CTar1

    [ A troop of us went to a ‘Food Festival’ yesterday. I have a mighty hangover! [

    All that free range organic gluten free fair trade low food miles tucker does that 🙂

  5. Look at the time frame, when this occurred. Yes, two years ago.

    Yes, when Brandis was demanding police inquiries in four states, and Federal, into Thomson and Slipper, along with Gillard.

    A hire car at Kilcare. Was not a taxi good enough.

  6. [“However, I accept there can be uncertainty about the circumstances in which attendance at a private function for work-related purposes is within the entitlement.”]

    George, What total bullshit.

  7. Read a comment somewhere in the last week or so. It was when Abbott was carrying out one of his stunts in a leather factory.

    It seems that Peta spotted something and took off to grab it. She was stopped by horrified minders, before she reached the stock whip, hanging on a pole.

    Wonder if she has another to pack.

  8. CTar1

    Almost within staggering distance of your Eyrie. Good to see it was hops content rather than alcohol content 😆 When it comes to beer I’ve found it best to Vote 1 Reinheitsgebot type beers to avoid too much of the day after the night before .

  9. kaffee – We walked up and 2 taxis back.

    The perfect Hot Dog with Colslaw & BBQ sauce was there to be had. Also Dutch cold soup.

    The Hops bit is regretted.

  10. CTar1

    Speaking of “Dave” . I have read reports that lotta , now ex ,Tory donors are donating to UKIP . Do the UKIP’s look like being the Tories “Tea Party ” and so in the end sink the conservatives ?

  11. Did anyone see the shots of Bishop working out, and the poses of her with weighs.

    Yes, this lady can indeed do the heavy lifting. Wonder if the new Liberal film unit, in operation.

  12. And, in excellent news, Manchester United and Manchester City both got done last night (two teams from Manchester got done by two teams from Birmingham – sweet!). Also, Atlético Madrid beat Los Merengues.

  13. i’ve watched that footage of Abbott getting into his car and I don’t think he was the one who said ‘F Off’ at 1.08.However, he most definitely did run away at one stage.
    Check for yourselves.

  14. It must be Family Weekend.

    My beautiful daughter is visiting for a week. My niece and her two kids are in town too, not staying with me but spending a lot of time here. I was very impressed when she said she had done her best to see Morrison lose his seat – she’s a Shire resident and the child of rabid Liberal voters.

  15. To those meeting up on Tuesday afternoon, have an enjoyable couple of hours. Sounds like great company.

  16. Our grandkids are here for the week, the one week where the NSW and ACT school holidays overlap.

  17. This little black duck

    As a rugger bugger I have zero interest in soccer but after “brainwashing” from a Liverpool Irish workmate and finding out my great great grandmother was from Wallsend I have discovered my inner “Death to Man-U” 🙂 Vote 1 Newcastle.

  18. kaffeeklatscher,

    You’re nearly there: Sunderland. Might have a chance now de Canio has been booted.

  19. Well…WE al knew it wouldn’t be long before these goofballs f#cked up!…It was only the dopey MSM. media beating them up as a serious govt’ got the bums into power.
    I notice no further reports from our SFB. foreign minister…what!..too stupid to print no doubt?

  20. kaffee

    [so in the end sink the conservatives ?]

    UK Tea Party. Yes and then some.

    Strangely enough it seems that Nick Clegg will be the beneficiary of this.

  21. [Our grandkids are here for the week]

    My nephew and wife on 1/2 LSL. Enjoying so their return date uncertain. Household of 10 but coping..

  22. This little black duck

    A bit norty mentioning Sunderland and Geordies in the same sentence 🙂 Having being acculrated to Geordiedom,. do not even need sub-titles whilst watching Crocodile Shoes. As Alan Shearer says…..

  23. Tlbd – The eldest 2 are fascinated by the height. They’ve made the 300 or so steps to the top of St Paul’s so they can look at the Lauderdale from there, been up the Shard (courtesy of ‘The Unit’ (S-i-L) who worked on it and has a Building Pass).

    This week the Millennium Wheel.

  24. Blog post by this bloke

    September 29, 2013
    The Brandis Canon

    Over the past four years, taxpapyers have helped underwrite the cost of George Brandis’ wide ranging tastes in newspapers, periodicals and books to the tune of over $12, 000, with several thousands of dollars potentially spent on reading matter previously questioned by the Australian National Audit Office as ”at risk of being outside the scope of the entitlement”.

    Included in the impressive survey of fine reading are lives of the Popes, Stalin, Trotsky and Christopher Hitchens; biographies of historians ranging from Manning Clark to Hugh Trevor Roper; histories of Byzantium, Berlin and the Spanish Civil War; biographies of FDR, Eisenhower, JFK, LBJ and Obama; essays and writings by Orwell and Nietzsche; a collection of Isaiah Berlin’s letters; and a survey of the life and works of a Scottish colourist. A select list is provided at the end.

  25. At least those of you with grandkids get to hand them back!
    I have a baby in a bouncer and a three year old, who has decided that clothes are a non-essential item. If she’s allowed to she will run around stark naked all day.

  26. Unbelievable!

    Dickhead next door neighbour was out today doing his usual noisy, obsessive leaf-blowing.

    This guy is a crackpot. He even leaf-blows his roof.

    Hasn’t lived here for a few years, since his mother died and he and his girlfriend moved up to the Central Coast and bought a waterfront property with the proceeds of his Mum’s estate.

    Before that the girlfriend was shacked up next door with him, after he got rid of his wife by beating her up and throwing her out. He didn’t throw out the baby with the bathwater, though. He let his wife continue paying the mortgage. She did so, knowing that if she didn’t they’d default, the house would be sold-up for a song, and he would get half of the proceeds.

    He’s pissed off everybody in the street. As we all (five other households) realized he’d moved out (not that he told any of us), we just about held a street party in celebration.

    He’s one of those “I know my rights” type of deadshits. When we had a drought and severe water restrictions, he wangled himself an exemption licence (as he ran a one-man local “handyman” type of business), and used to relish literally hosing his entire driveway down, every day, for half and hour at a time.

    At one stage he had 7 vehicles parked in the street: a work van and trailer, two sedan cars, three boats and his son’s beaten up old Holden that the son had wrapped around a telegraph pole one day. The place looked like a combination wrecking yard and marina.

    One of the other neighbours asked him to rearrange things so they could park in front of their own house, and all he got in response to his request was a threat that if he ever complained again he’d have every window on his car smashed (and no-one could prove who did it).

    More than once there have been angry confrontations with this arsehole, and they quickly escalate to the threat of violence from his mouth – as long as there are no witnesses.

    We’ve had his wife (who now rents around the corner, as well as paying the mortgage on the house she’s not permitted to live in) in our house on many occasions crying bitter tears that he won’t allow her to sell the house and get out of his life altogether, forever.

    I was the last person to be on speaking terms with him, but after another altercation four years ago haven’t uttered a word to him since. My motto is “Keep out of his way”. I look at it thusly: I can’t be home all the time, and I wouldn’t put it past him to bait my dogs, or damage our house.

    For the last blessed three years we’ve only seen him occasionally, usually on “green” weekends when he might come back to mow the lawns or blow the bloody leaves. Normality had just about returned to the street.

    Sure, there were little things: my garbage bins moved from the side of the street to the middle if I didn’t bring them in immediately after garbage collection. And leaves…

    I noticed leaves would sometimes appear inside my car, and often on our driveway. For some reason he doesn’t clean leaves up, but blows them onto his neighbours’ properties.

    We found out why today.

    It seems he’s moving back (worst luck!), because he’s beaten up the girlfriend now, and she’s jack of him. As she owns 60% of the house up the coast, she’s selling up and kicking him out. Tough luck for the wife. After all those mortgage payments she’s been making for four years, she gets to continue making them, while he lives the Life Of Riley, rent-free in their house… alone. Why she hasn’t divorced him is anybody’s guess. He’s probably threatened to beat her up again if she does. Hers is a life of tears.

    In any case, today HI had had enough. She caught him blowing those infernal leaves back onto our property and went out to have a word with him about it. To cut a long story short he chested up to her and threatened to knock her down if she continued complaining. He told her that they were our leaves, from our tree, and so he had a right (he’s big on his supposed rights) to blow them back where they came from.

    This is a specious argument, of course, as the origin of a particular leaf doesn’t entitle anyone to blow it back to its erstwhile home. Besides, we live in a “bushland” setting. There are literally thousands of trees – it’s thickly forested here – in our area. How my neighbour could identify a particular leaf as “ours” is beyond me, especially after yesterday, when there was an 80kph gale blowing in this area and thus identifying the original tree from which any leaf fell would be well-nigh impossible.

    So, HI came back inside, and before she could calm down she rang the cops. I guess our point is that we either live our lives constantly weighing up whether we can physically fight this bloke (who has a record, a police record, of violence and convictions for same), or we keep away from the fisticuffs and call in the cavalry.

    The cavalry duly arrived in the form of one lady and one gentleman policeman, to whom we told the story.

    They went down to him and got his side of this morning’s proceedings. According to the cretin, it was HI who assaulted him, by shoving him in the back, nearly pushing him over (this is a 5’3″ woman nearly decking a 6’1″ bloke). Acording to him we are the problem neighbours in the street. We are the ones who cause all the trouble. In any case (he told the cops) he didn’t even carry out any leaf blowing this morning, and certainly not in our direction. He told them this “mad woman” just came out screaming at him about leaves and physically assaulted him before he could say a word.

    The coppers played it straight. “It’s his word against yours,” they said.

    “We hold no brief for either side of the story,” they added.

    I pointed out the absurdity of his claim, asking why we would call the cops complaining abpout a leaf-blowing exercise that turned nasty if (a) there had been no leaves blown and, (b) it had been my wife who’d hit him.

    The lady constable was sympathetic, I could tell, but the the other cop, the man, continued his deadpan act. He repeated he didn’t want to get involved in a two-sided story, and that all we could do would be to get an AVO issued against our rotten neighbour.

    So that’s it. My HI went out in the street, snuck up on this bloke 10 inches taller and heavier than her and punched him in the back for no reason, other than she’s “mad”. She even imagined he’d been blowing leaves, when he hadn’t. At least that’s his side of the story.

    It’s quite galling when you hear a complete tissue of lies about your own behaviour repeated back to you by a third party, who – you suspect – half-believes it, or even quarter believes it. No point arguing with the cops, though. So we thanked them and said we hoped this would keep him out of our lives. They said he said the same thing.

    He would say that, wouldn’t he?

  27. BB
    Time to start keeping a diary and proof of incidents. It might sound a bit obsessive, but you do not want to be caught short of supporting stuff if you should ever need it.

  28. And tell the police you are keeping a diary and why, lest your bozo has you up for invasion of privacy.

  29. It must be visitor time for us Pubkateers. We had a housefull all weekend. Razz’ sister, brother&wife and two munchkins arrive for a surprise ( well a surprise for Razz, as long as I kept my trap shut, which I managed to do) visit. Razz was thrilled and we had a wonderful weekend, but by gee it was exhausting.

    I see you are going to have a problem for a while. Maybe you can tee him up with someone that lives overseas, and he might move there.

  30. AJ – This time will pass! The fact that nappy-free is good happens with most of them and they will evade you as you approach with one.

    As to dealing with them I have no grand children yet. The small brats belong to my nephew. I’m very familiar as they live in Weetangra and me in Scullin. The school the 2 eldest go to is in between.

    Both mum and dad work full-time and I’m at home most of the time so Day-Care and School and children are acquainted with the idea that, in the absence of either parent, what I say goes. It’s not quite what I thought would be a high priority at my time in life!

    If you spot a very sleek silver Mercedes around Belco with 3 child seats on the black leather in the back, that’s mine.

    Good luck and keep trucking.

  31. This little black duck

    A semi belated “Curse you Ducks”. I have an “Ohrwurm” after youtubing up Landsholdet’s “The Danish Way To Rock”.

  32. If I could write a book about all the neighbours I’ve had, in an entertaining way, as you do, BB, then I would do it. Suffice to say the house that oh and I own, that we maintain, pay rates, etc. doesn’t completely belong to us. Neighbours around us seem to think that they have the rights to change things on our property: the fence is crap, paint it; the pine tree sheds needles and cones in our backyard, get rid of it or cut it back; rooster is noisy: put a box on top of him at night; chook pen is not in the right position, etc. etc. I stop before I get angry …

  33. Bushfire Bill & Gigilene,
    You both make me realise how lucky we are. We have lived in this house for nearly 30 years. We are on a corner: our “back” neighbour (on the side street) has lived there for 31 years, our next-door neighbour for 26. “Back” neighbour’s son sometimes babysat our daughter; our daughter occasionally babysat next-doors’ girls.

    We have the occasional meal together, quite often “borrow” a cup of sugar, a couple of onions, or whatever, collect mail when people go away, ditto water gardens, and generally get on very well indeed.

    When OH recovers from surgery (to happen later this week) he and next-door OH plan to lop several dead limbs from two trees, one on our side of the fence, one on the other side.

    And – dammit – I can’t persuade either of the neighbours to complain to the council about the number of near-derelict cars in our backyard.

  34. The awful thing was that we thought we’d gotten rid of him. And now the bugger’s come back!

    It’s his poor wife I feel sorry for, although she could do more about it than she has been doing.

    My contribution, after he’d told another neighbour to “eff-off-you-ugly-c” over the three boats parked, blocking the street, was to note that two of the trailers were unregistered. Instead of dobbing him to the Council, I dobbed him to the cops, who came down and booked him every day for three days in a row (for allowing an unregistered vehicle on the street) until he had to pay for a crane to come and get the boats and loaded them onto a truck to be taken away. He went up and down the whole street accosting people accusing them of being the dobber. He asked everyone but me.

    Another time he’d had some stainless steel pipes (quite big ones, up to three feet in diameter, wortha lot of money) dumped in the grounds of the local Scout Hall. He had always told me he had permission to do so.

    When the Scout Hall property was sold the land had to be cleared. This involved the actual Scout Hall itself, plus rubble… plus the pipes.

    He went up to the wrecking contractor and told him he had permission for the pipes to be there. The contractor very properly said that the Scouts didn’t own the land anymore, no-one had told him about any special deals regarding pipes, and that he had to have the lot cleared by that afternoon.

    My neighbour went home and came back with an iron bar in his hand (he claimed he hadn’t realized he was holding it) and told the contractor he’d sue him for theft (which you can’t sue for, of course). The contractor took one look at the iron bar and called the cops. My idiot neighbour, thinking himself in the right, waited, expecting vindication, and was then promptly arrested, put in handcuffs and carted off. He got a good behaviour bond for that.

    One a later occasion he saw a young bloke whom his son claimed had beaten him up with a baseball bat. Someone certainly had beaten him up, but whether it was this particular bloke, I don’t know. I was actually a witness to all this as I happened to be at the supermarket that night, when my neighbour, his son, the alleged assailant – and me – all converged upon it simultaneously.

    The incident ended up – after a violent chase around the grocery aisles – in the freezer of the supermarket, with my neighbour holding the alleged perpetrator in a death grip on the floor, while photographing him with his mobile and then calling the cops. Yes, you read it right: my neighbour called the cops.

    The detectives arrived (I was standing by in wonderment watching all this, next to a bemused Indian security guard who had “This-isn’t-worth-ten-bucks-an-hour-No-way!” written all over his face), took one look at the situation… and arrested my neighbour again.

    He barely escaped what they call “a custodial sentence” for that one, and was fined heavily. His wife – one of Life’s Eternal Victims – paid.

    Add to this the various AVOs that his wife, his girlfriend, his own son and a couple of others have taken out against him, and his story that WE are the troublemakers of the street is more than laughable, it’s high farce.

    And yes, it is the leafy suburb of Beecroft.

    There’s no accounting for Bogan white-trash living here.

    It’s still a free country, I hear.

  35. If you’re George Brandis DH SC not only is it free but also the country of assorted non-stipendiary bonuses.

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