An Open Letter to Rupert Murdoch

Victoria Rollison nails it – and thank you again for permission to republish.

Dear Rupert Murdoch,

I am writing with good news. Not good news for you. Let me explain.

You are probably in a pretty good mood right now, understandably. Your puppet is running my country. Not your country. My country. You chose to give away your citizenship of Australia, presumably because you can make more money as an American. So now you are precluded from voting in Australian elections, which is by the by because you are, I’m depressed to say, having the pulling-out-a-plug-in-a-bath sort of influence regardless. Compared to my citizen’s vote being equal to pissing in the ocean.

However, I’ve moved on from the anger I felt about this situation in the lead up to the election, when you used your Australian newspapers to not just campaign for an Abbott government win, but to bully and downright corrupt your way into power. You got what you wanted and now we (Australians, not you) have to live with the consequences. I studied marketing at university (and graduated, did you graduate from Oxford Rupert?), so I understand why you were so anxious, in a business sense, to ensure a whole new market for television viewers didn’t suddenly open up via the internet via a world class National Broadband Network. A business owner should do whatever he or she can to protect their market share, whether selling fruit or Foxtel subscriptions. I can see why it’s in your personal best interests to kill such progressive infrastructure reform in Australia in a dollar and cents way. This, of course, doesn’t make your behaviour in campaigning against the Labor government to rid your company of the NBN any less evil. What you’ve done is akin to a fruit grower sneaking into his neighbour’s yard in the night and burning down his apple orchard, because his own orchards aren’t bearing profitable fruit. So yeah, your ethics leave a lot to be desired. But what would we expect from a person whose newspapers profited from the hacking of a dead child’s phone? Business ethics? What a fucking joke.

I guess with this free run you’ve given your puppet candidate, it’s understandable that the puppet is feeling a tad cocky. This cockiness seems to be of great pleasure to you. Amazingly you even managed this week, amongst your excitement, to deliver a tweet without a spelling or grammatical error. Good work Rupert.

So you’re pleased with the level of obedience you are seeing. You love that Australia has just become the first nation in the world to turn off a climate change alleviation policy, when other countries are fighting similarly evil, rich old men like you to implement their first action against climate change. You’ll be dead before we truly know how fucked we are by your evil acts. I guess the safety of your young children and grandchildren is of no consequence to you. Not when there’s money to be made in your lifetime.

But the thing is Rupert, your joy at your puppet’s quick and decisive action to show us just how conservative, backward, unthinking, anti-intellectual, misogynist, circa 1950 and just plain old fuckwit Australia’s new government is going to be, may have some unintended consequences for you and your puppet and your puppet’s government.

I know you might not have noticed the outrage your puppet has caused in the very first three days of being in power, a power you have longed for and your puppet has longed for your entire lives. I guess it’s understandable that you don’t hear the masses when you only follow 47 people on Twitter and I can see you choose those Tweeps very carefully. A quick scan of the accounts you follow reveal The Australian, Boris Johnson, Pope Francis and the puppet himself. Excuse me if I pass on attending your next Tweet Up. But I’m fairly well connected with Australian Tweeters and this is where I get to the point where you will understand why my letter is a joyous one. You see, Australia’s progressive Twitter population might be a very small population, but we’re representative of a larger whole and we’re wholly outraged by your behaviour in unethically delivering your puppet power. And equally as outraged by the way that this puppet is also using this power. So what? I’m getting there.

Surely you’re smart enough to advise your puppet that it’s not exactly bright to prove how ready-for-power and not-sexist he is by naming himself as the Minister for Women’s Policies and Programs in a cabinet of only one very questionable woman. Leaving aged care, disability and science from Cabinet Ministries. Scrapping the Climate Commission. Meanly removing the popular Steve Bracks from a diplomatic post. Petty sackings of bureaucrats. Promoting a work for the dole policy for indigenous Australians (hello race discrimination) and a reduction in indigenous legal aid. Managing to piss off our largest and most populace neighbour, Indonesia, just to name the highlights.

Going this hard, this early is only going to have one outcome, and this is not a good outcome for you and your puppet. I know all the actions I have listed above would count as achievements to people like you. But not everyone feels this way. In fact, through these actions, your puppet has done something Labor was unable to do over the last six years, and it’s something that is going to hurt your puppet’s government deeply at the next election. I even think it will make my hash-tag prophecy come true. #OneTermTony. It’s pretty simple Rupert. Something has shifted. You and your puppet have unified and mobilised progressives. We got sidetracked over the last six years as our progressive Labor government delivered reform after juicy policy reform. Our eyes came off the ‘fighting Tories’ ball as Labor MPs infighting and Labor vs Greens infighting removed effort from the primary goal of ensuring baddies like you don’t win government. But we’ve learnt our lesson now. In only three days, we’ve collectively learnt our lesson. Thanks to you and your puppet, we’ll never err again. You’ve sparked a revolution and for that, I am very thankful. Not grateful, because you haven’t done it purposely. But thankful. Well done Rupert. Australia will, eventually, thank you. Because after progressives unite to rid this great country of your puppet, we will never forget the part you played.

Yours sincerely
Victoria Rollison

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  1. It appears that Bishops mother sent her to talk about becoming a diplomat. Bishop did not take his advice and became a lawyer instead.

    From that time, Julie was his protégé.

    It seems Mr. Downer does not like the way, the Indonesian are talking about his princess.

    Maybe, if they were not so determine to have their own way, believing all they do is right,m they would not be in the position they are in, In fact, the trouble they are having, is all of their own making.

    What they should have done is simple. Yes, listen to what Indonesian was and is saying.

    They should abd cold have said, we acknowledge the Indonesians have concerns with what we are doing. We will put any plans to install our scheme on hand until we talk to all in the region, to address their concerns.

    The PNG PM is raising similar concerns. They are not listening.

    It is not about what ones sovereign rights are. It is about NOT talking about them.

    The other point is, the refugee problem is a regional, not just Australian’s problems. The over crowded countries, with much poverty, to our north east, are stuck with the problem of caring for these people.

    Ms. Bishop demands that all be kept secret, then leaves the meeting, telling lies. She states that all is OK and the meeting was cordial Alleges that the Indonesian are saying different behind doors to them.

    What are the Indonesian’s to do, allow Bishop to portray them as liars.

    The PM, this morning still denies his actions are putting the relationship between the two governments at risk.

    Could they be in complete denial. If so, we do have mush to fear.

    Abbott trying to smooth things over. The trust that is being broken, is Abbott and Bishop saying things, that are just wrong.

    Abbott does not believe it is the case, that trust breaks down.

    Mr,. Abbott, you have done stupid things, and trust has broken down. It is not about the boats. It is about how you are handing matters with Indonesian. and I will add PNG.

    If Indonesia is listening this morning, they will be more angry.

    Couple hundred, according to Abbott has arrived in the last ten days. Yes, this is day ten of this government.

  2. “Domestic cats should really be declawed”

    A bit unrealistic … I have a cat who doesn’t scratch people, and she “declaws” her claws herself, as any cat does, on branches or any bit of wood or item she finds suitable.

  3. There’s an annoying promo on ABC-24 for One On One where Mark Textor (the guest) says, “One thing you know about Tony Abbott’s position on anything is that it’s absolutely consistent.”

    What tommy-rot.

    I personally don’t have a clue what his position is on ANYTHING, it chops and changes so much, according to the Hadley Effect, whereby whatever the bogans whinge about is immediately reversed into something Abbott thinks might keep them placated.

  4. Did I just hear Abbott say that “the last thing anyone inAustralia would want is to have our relationship with Indonesia defined by the boats issue”?

  5. i have not read the article about bio threats and animaks butvon the subject of cats as with keeping any animal basic health andcsafett principles apply. dogs and cats need to be vaccinated kept free if parasites with a regular treatment program.

    i wonder how many people know that pregnant women should have no contact with cat faeces because a parasite can transfer to the woman and cause death of yhe foetus?
    Emptying litter trays is a big no no.

    it is all about risk management. my dogs just about live under my skin but they are the cleanest dogs ypu could find. one whiff of doggy smell and into the tub they go. not that they appreciate but.

  6. Hockey still whingeing about Labor.

    YOU are the Treasurer, Joe.

    If you’re so brilliant… sort it out!

    Joe is trying to make out that Labor lied about the Budget outcome, but the first question points out that the forecast (as amended) was precisely correct.

  7. Tony Abbott says boats issue with Indonesia a ‘passing irritant’

    …on Friday in an interview with Fairfax Radio, Mr Abbott insisted that Australia’s relationship with Indonesia was strong – painting the boats issue as merely a ”passing irritant”.

    ”We have a strong and close relationship with Indonesia,” he said.

    ”The last thing I would ever want to do is anything that doesn’t show the fullest possible respect for Indonesia’s sovereignty.”

    Mr Abbott said his government would not do ”foolish things” with respect to Indonesia.

    ”The last thing that anyone should want is to have Australia’s relationship with Indonesia defined by this boats issue, which I am sure will be but a passing irritant.”

    The Prime Minister also distanced himself from the remarks made by his former cabinet colleague, Mr Downer.

    ”Alexander is Alexander. And I’m now the Prime Minister of our country, and I am charged with building the closest possible relationship with Indonesia.”

  8. This press conference is turning into a farce. Journos not swallowing Joe’s spin at all.

    All that guff about “500 promises” is so yesterday. Mere campaign talk. Journos are reminding Joe that HE is the Treasurer now.

    Joe saing we want to get things precisely right, and inthe same breath admits there will be “some variability”,

    He repeats the “We are back in business” slogan. Claims that confidence is already restored simply by virtue of the Coalition being elected.

    Now Cormann on about “scrapping the Carbon Tax”, saving on “border protection” etc. All triumphalist slogans.

    Joe’s “strong view” is to ignore the rest of the world and “focus on our domestic economy”. Get rid of the carbon tax. Get rid of the mining tax – all revenue sources – will apparently solve all problems. Doesn’t matter what other countries do, viz. the US Federal Reserve.

    He’s dreamin’, of course.

    Now making excuses. “I was only sworn in a week ago.” But Joe… you told us you’d be solving problems immediately!

    This man is a buffoon. He is all slogans. He will soon realize that slogans don’t run an economy. Hard work does.

    Returning the Budget to surplus will be developed “over the next few months”. Funny…. I thought we were going to see an instant recovery.

    Cormann STILL verballing Labor. Talking the economy down. Matty: YOU’RE the Finance Minister now, mate. FIX it!

    The “Greatest Risk To The Australian Economy is giving continuing commentary on it.” THAT will go down well… not.

    Joe has not seen the new IPCC report, so can’t say whether Global Warming will have any effect on the Budget. Ask Queenslanders, Joe, who are experiencing the hottest September on record.

  9. I think someone here said that electing an Abbott government would be like getting on a train that you know is going to crash. And half of the other passengers are blissfully ignorant of that, thinking they’re going someplace exciting.

    That seems to be what’s going on, it’s a disaster. And just like in the time before the crash, the staff (played by the media) is telling everyone not to panic.

  10. { Joe has not seen the new IPCC report, so can’t say whether Global Warming will have any effect on the Budget. Ask Queenslanders, Joe, who are experiencing the hottest September on record. }

    If this hotter trend continues through the Qld wet season, then we are likely to find warming of the Coral Sea generating severe cyclones.

    The Coalition didn’t support financial assistance to help reconstruct Queensland when Bligh was in Government here.

    Abbott will be so terrified of natural disaster financing knocking a bloody great black hole in his budget estimates & putting totally out of reach, any possibility of returning to surplus in his lifetime.

  11. { How long before Joho loses all three of Australia’s AAA ratings? He aint a treasurer’s bootlace. }

    If representatives of the ratings agencies saw that presser, then they are probably in the process of a downgrade right now while I am typing this! 😉

  12. @Scorpio

    That’s really worrying me. North Queensland was relatively lucky in 2011 when Yasi hit the least populated area on that stretch of coast (squeezing in between Cairns and Townsville), but if the circumstances repeat and a Category 5 hits Cairns or Townsville directly, Abbott isn’t nearly competent enough to handle that situation properly. He’ll either deny proper funding for recovery, or go into further debt with no levy, and will likely just go there for photo opportunities.

    That area means a lot to me, I lived there for a few years and I’m hoping to return one day.

  13. Hockey is trying to build a case that he cannot improve the budget without improving productivity which in turn cannot be improved without the scrapping of the Carbon Price and the Mining Tax. He knows that the existing Senate will not approve either. He will use this as his excuse for any deterioration in the Budget for the next 9 months. He has already announced that the budget has deteriorated since the Statement in August, prior to the election. Hockeynomics says by reducing your income you reduce your debt and increase profitability. Strange theory.

  14. Kirsdarke

    I’m pretty sure Tony still has the stiff broom he used during the SEQ floods. He’ll just lead his Green Army up to the wilds of NQ and have us sorted in a coupla days. Time to spare for a bike ride and a swim. And a photo-op. No sweat.

  15. @NormanK

    Yeah, true. And he might even go the full Dubya and say something “This is a sign from God telling us we need to stop the boats and abolish the Carbon Tax”.

  16. Abbott and the OM. trying desperately to refashion himself as some kind of ‘PM. / Statesman’…… about sticking a straw in a pigs arse and calling it ‘sweetheart” !

  17. Leone2

    Yes but check out how the debt matter is covered in the Australian. This time, it is bond issuance to encourage the private sector type narrative. A bit different to what Labor would have got.

  18. How was it that Sybil describet Basil Fawlty..: “One moment like a viper on amphetamine, spitting venom , then a crawling suckole” (wttw).

  19. talk about sticking a straw in a pigs arse and calling it ‘sweetheart” !
    I thought that was Woodies Big Sars, jaycee.

  20. There’s NOT ONE minister who can be saftley said to be on top of his porfolio!…The ENTIRE govt’ is a hopeless bunch of tossers!

  21. Hearing Fairfax radio and the preceding line to all political stories is “The Government Says…” now. Apparently they’re going to spend the next 3 years bitching about Labor and trying to blame everything on them.

    Also I’ve homed in on the 3 main reporters and their allegiances. David Armstrong is quite fair and balanced, while Tony Tardio and Heidi Murphy are LNP sympathisers.

  22. “Apparently they’re going to spend the next 3 years bitching about Labor and trying to blame everything on them.”

    And you expected …?

  23. I suppose Julia Gillard will have something to say about this incompetent govt on Monday night, but it’ll be seen as sour grapes. Nobody in the media and in the Coalition ever listened to her wisdom, and will continue to ignore her, apart from gossipping about her.

  24. Julie Bishop refuses to speak to world media.

    Ms Bishop, who has been in New York all week representing Australia at the 68th session of the UN General Assembly, unusually refused a request to speak to world media after her landmark role, prompting speculation she was unwilling to face potential questions on the increasing tensions with Indonesia.

  25. And I expected… pretty much that, yeah.

    I also expect the moronic bogans to lap it all up and follow the LNP down this dark path to economic, environmental and social collapse like it did in the USA after Bush.

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