Fasten Your Seat Belts …

In spite of the gathering storm clouds

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the increasing likelihood of even more

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plus maybe the odd

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we at The Pub will stagger on

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So cheer up –

and enjoy the raffle, the cameraderie, the drinks, the music …

323 thoughts on “Fasten Your Seat Belts …

  1. Hello
    Family life has kept me away for a while. Sorry
    Ian Lotto /bet
    Fiona TY
    Welcome to new posters

    And a very juicy rumour about K Rudd seat of Griffith to follow

  2. Does anyone think all this chatter about the GST just might be a distraction? There’s so much bad stuff happening right now, departments being pulled down, people sacked, Labor policy after Labor policy put through the shredder,

    Did you know the guvment borrowing another $800 million today, four year term, 3.19% interest rate? They borrowed the same last Friday too, at 2.91% interest.

    It’s so much better for Tony if we are too busy talking about a GST increase to notice what he’s doing.

  3. In honour of Tony the First’s coronation here is one of Tone’s mentor’s explaining what we should expect.

  4. kaffee

    [Good news she came a prang like that through O.K]

    By herself in the car, thank Dog.

    A little shaken.

    The hire is a tow away.

  5. Did you know the guvment borrowing another $800 million today, four year term, 3.19% interest rate? They borrowed the same last Friday too, at 2.91% interest.

    So it was another $800M! No wonder Hockey is trying to bury the [five letter acronym, sounds like Old MacDonald’s Farm] figures.

  6. Thanks
    It is a nice fresh drop with a hint of green, Kiwi Fruit? I am thinking hot day, room temp cheese and ffresh fruit, chilled 3 Tales.

  7. leone

    Bullfark! I saw that extra $800m, GST is a smoke screen. The punters will watch & listen to the bullshite.

  8. Thanks, Fiona, for those words about Adene.

    Her life was rich, but not as rich as it could have been. In the forties (her twenties) her ultra “religious” mother put the kybosh on a burgeoning relationship with a young man because he was a protestant (them were the days). So Adene finished up spending the best part of 30 years looking after her mother.

    Same grandmother had, about that time arranged for her husband and my grandfather to be baptised while he was unconscious in the last few hours of his life. The Catholic Church had some (many) staunch but narrow-minded women in those days – and they weren’t all nuns.

  9. Ms Adventure,
    My temptress days are in the remote past.

    Regarding liquids, you do know we serve lots of non-alcoholic things too?

  10. I’m out of here now, I have a tough night at the sewing machine ahead of me. I might pop back in during my late night tea break but.

  11. “It’s the things you don’t know you know that you think you don’t know, know what I mean?” 😀

  12. “It’s the things you don’t know you know that you think you don’t know, know what I mean?” 😀

    The unknown unknowns?

    “The 80′s seem so benign now.”

    Gratuitous hair products – just like the Coalition Coif.

  13. I KNEW there was something nagging at me!

    Jacqui Maley is the perfect emobodiment of Debbie from Tim & Debbie.

    Complete with the “Uhms”…

  14. mikehilliard @ 7:58

    😆 😆 😆

    “….woz cheated by teachers who gave primal screaming a bad name.”

  15. This was on the radio when I was driving home. Gorgeous mountains and valleys, and as for that voice …

  16. Watching that Gillies Report, I was gobsmacked at the reference to the Federated Clerks Union and the links to the National Civic Council & the DLP.

    As an employee of said Union that still had a remnant of the NCC & DLP within its ranks, it brings back lots of memories.

    A commenter by the name of either Psephos or Adam did a major job on my integrity and character on The Poll Bludger some time back.

    It was not only highly defamatory and injurious to me and my family, butt was totally untrue. If that cretin was really a serious defender of Labor principles and was interested in ensuring that the Rabble from the other side never got a single thing to hang their hat on to damage Labor, then he would have never defamed me that way.

    I could cut loose and do considerable damage to the Union & Labor Movement by just telling it the way it is. Unless provoked enough, I don’t intend to do so.

    I cut & saved the bomb that I originally included in this comment. It will though, be available to present at some future, more appropriate time.

  17. Fiona – here’s the live (encore) version of “Walking in the Air” from Nightwish, from their “From Wishes to Eternity” DVD (1999):

  18. Kaffeeklatscher,
    I haven’t knowingly encountered Ms Westenra before. She’s very good – she and the fiddler are definitely the stars. Thank you.

    Thank you too for that version – definitely new to me (but then, I don’t explore much these days), and it appeals enormously. Though I think the magic of the song requires that timbre of voice that only a boy soprano has.

  19. puffytmd ,

    { scorps
    Keep your powder dry for the right time, is generally good advice. }

    I held that cretin and the Moderator of that site in the highest esteem for a number of years until that attack on my character without a skerik of supporting evidence to back it up.

    Just an conscientious intention to hurt me as much as possible in front of my peers on a blog site. One thing they omitted to realise is that I had previously been outed and subjected to some pretty awful treatment from persons unknown. 16 litres of outboard fuel was spilt under part of my house & attempts were made to light it.

    As we have an internal staircase at the front & the rear entry is at the same part of the house, then the whole lot of us could have been burnt to death from that episode. Prior to that we had our roof stoned, a letterbox smashed, a number of attempted break-ins down stairs which terrified our son who was using the downstairs family room as his den & bedroom and phone calls with nobody answering them.

    There are some pretty strange characters in rural & regional Queensland. We have a huge jail here & halfway houses all over the city that the government use to place these bods when they get released.

    It’s not easy to sleep well at night knowing that there is some pretty dubious characters wandering around that do not care what they do or who could be affected by their actions.

    This place has nutters to burn.

  20. [do not care what they do or who could be affected by their actions.]
    I know about that all too well. My husband was beaten by young thieves and it affected him with PTSD, and the b’tard who took my dogs (may they get all karma’ed big time) are examples.

  21. scorpio6to2:
    I’d wear that as a badge of honour – ditto this site which is blocked due to “malicious content”. (Where? Lefties?)
    Anywhere that bemused, my say, Sean Tisme (and clones) etc. are tolerated and reinstated must be pretty bad (and/or desperate for page clicks.)

  22. Oh well, on that thrilling note I must say goodnight. It has been a very long day at the coalface; my intention for tonight (and tomorrow) is to sleep until I wake up.

    Goodnight, friends, lurkers, and ASIO.

  23. Trade Unions can be highly political and subject to infiltration by outside forces.

    This happened in my case wherein I was sabotaged from within by an agent from another Union who did a wonderful job of deceiving the Branch President of the time in undermining me and at a time of an upcoming, challenging, Union election.

    Labor’s policy at the time of Union amalgamations and reducing their numbers had the effect of engaging a similar effect as Darwin’s survival of the species. The strong were determined to swallow up the week & there were no Marquis of Queensbury rules applied.

    Survival of the fittest is as close as I can go to describe it. People in power in smaller Unions were not only reluctant to give up that power through amalgamation, They did everything possible to prevent it happening.

    It was a tough time & looking back on the results of it now, it doesn’t seem to have been to the benefit of the Labour Movement as a whole & is certainly to the detriment of the Labor Party now.

    Some of the most powerful Unions now direct their financial support to the Greens. Abbott might have a vendetta against the Union Movement to do damage to the financial support base for Labor, but most of his efforts will be in vain because Labor gets barely a fraction of their financial support from there now anyway.

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