Fasten Your Seat Belts …

In spite of the gathering storm clouds

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the increasing likelihood of even more

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plus maybe the odd

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we at The Pub will stagger on

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So cheer up –

and enjoy the raffle, the cameraderie, the drinks, the music …

323 thoughts on “Fasten Your Seat Belts …

  1. Looks like some Germans want change for the sake of change.

    Have a look at Australia for a reality check, meine Damen und Herren.

  2. @Kirsdarke
    No mention of Rabia Siddique’s political persuasion, but her family history doesn’t seem aligned to the Coalition side, and her desire to ‘serve’ rather than ‘rule’ seems more attuned to Labor’s eglitarian ethos.

  3. Scorpio,
    So far so good. I’ve caught up on sleep, and have not – so far – been unduly burdened by silly questions from students about the next assignment.

    How’s it going in your neck of the woods?

  4. I keep waking up and find that Tony Abbott PM and the country now being governed by a Liberal Government wasn’t just a bad nightmare after all.

    Reality can hit one pretty hard in the face sometimes. This reality more so than previous ones, I am afraid.

  5. Scorpio,
    For the sake of our children, our grandchildren, and subsequent generations, it is – from our perspective – appalling. I’m still shocked that so many of the generation(s) younger than us don’t realise it. However, they will, and we have to stick around and support them in their revolt and, if necessary, a revolution.

  6. Fed Up,
    Sorry, couldn’t quite hear what you were saying. Something about boots??? Are they to be sole-less from now on?

  7. It appears no boats have reach our shores. Why would Morrison want to keep this secret. It appears, even with Abbott control of what ministers say, they disagree with Morrison. Said they the information would be released.

    Someone must have rang Christmas Island.

  8. They have always been soulless. That would not be news.

    What did someone say, a blokey government, full of blokes. or words to that effect.

  9. The news on whatever channel i was watching, was very precise in the wording.

    “No boats have been intercepted” was what they reported the Ministerial office was saying.

  10. Fiona, we would never know, as they would not tell us. Love those two ministers getting agitated after it was alleged, that they intended to keep everything secret.

    It was obvious, that they, along with the public, where not being told.

    Love to see how Abbott is going to explain the repeal of all our CEF legislation, when he turns up at the G20 in November

    Also what is he going to do about that seat on the security council. Howard did try hard for that prize, but failed.

  11. No surprises, Mr. Abbott promised. Did he really mean we would get no surprises, as he would keep everything hidden.

  12. Coming to getya – and your daughter and SIL and all the rest of you lefties

    On the other hand, he might have been trying his best to be polite.

    Yeah …

    Comment on the similarity of the grin is otiose.

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