The First Friday Raffles under our Coalition Masters

The election has been and gone and unless you have just woken up from a coma you will know we now have a Coalition guvvernment.


What’s done is done and we now have according to some sections of the MSM.

images (9)

3 years of

images (10)

Domestic harmony

images (11)Economic Boom

phemisterflood1Environmental Bliss

images (12)

Foreign Affairs Triumphs 

images (13)Probably Australia will be  first to send a man to Mars and return him safely thanks to our new dear leader. 

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 Blood Oaf Abbott.


While all this is going on what about we have Raffle Night Anyway.

Play some happy music,share a few stories,have a few drinks with friends.

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Look forward to the next 3 years. It is a opportunity for Labor to rebuild and renew and come back stronger for the next election.


Welcome to our new posters, I hope you enjoy raffle night, Get your tickets from raffle master ckwatt and everybody have a good night.


Kitty  $280.00


491 thoughts on “The First Friday Raffles under our Coalition Masters

  1. Leone,
    I wonder what Ms Schubert makes of Mr Hockey’s more recent statements concerning Mr Rudd and the Kokoda Track?

  2. Sex appeal, Leone? Even Mrs Mirabella …

    No, I was referring to that notorious $700K mortgage, not to mention the likelihood that the property is owned by Mr and Mrs Abbott jointly.

  3. Fiona
    Abbott is nowhere near old enough for Mrs Mirabella, she likes them old and forgetful. Although Tony does seem befuddled enough to gain her affection. What a shame he hasn’t got a cracker. That shed has been empty for too long.

  4. BB

    You are the most excellent story-teller. And you always tell it from a bloke’s point of view. But, believe me, you and my mother could have been collaborators.

    You seem to have the same sense of humour. And the same sense of pathos; the same sense of drama and the same sense of a je ne sais quoi element that defies description.

    It’s so everyday. And that’s what makes it so humorous.

    My mother leapt from spoonerism to worst deed to sheer innocence to goddam godbuggery within an instant. And, shit she was funny.

    You keep her alive for me. Don’t ever change.

  5. Kezza,
    Good to see you.

    Yes, Bushfire Bill is wondrous, and I really think he doesn’t know how good a yarn spinner he is. It must be the Viking in him.

  6. Fiona

    Thanks for the welcome back.

    I don’t understand the Viking reference, but it probably makes sense. All I know is that BB makes me cry laughing at his stories.

    Oh, if only I had the gift of the same gab, as did my mum. But BB’s got it.

    Anyway, check you later. I really can’t indulge in an opposition Opposition Fest for the sake of it.

    Too boring. There’ll be much more happening as time goes by,

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