Post Mortem

Post Mortem

On the available information it looks like this

Coalition==91 88

labor==54  57



Palmer == 1



The senate looks like a dogs dinner but thankfully not a coalition controlled one .


Abbott has won,


Rudd resigned


A interesting 3 years ahead, but the sun will come up and we will all survive.

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Democracy at work and lets be thankful that even though most here may not be happy with the result at least we had a chance to vote in a free and non-violent atmosphere


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  1. Fiona
    Me a cheat night. Free range chicken thigh chopped, Kan Tong Sweet & Sour sauce, red capsicum, onion, spring onion (optional) and a can of pineapple.
    Served with steamed rice. Quick and as good as the chow’s

  2. Try again.
    The biggest problem that Labor will have in Question Time will be that now they only have what is it, 40 seconds to ask a question and the rabble minister that it is directed to has 4 minutes to not answer it in any shape or form.

    No great stretches of imagination are needed here.

    It’s going to be a long 3 years for them unfortunately. On top of that, they will have to sit back and listen to every second question being a Dorothy Dixer and the response………………….well, you know what those will be, don’t you!

    No wonder not too many of them are ready to suffer through that for three long years.

  3. Albanese voted for Rudd in his unsuccessful challenge in February last year. He told PMJG of his intention beforehand, and offered his resignation.

    He said his decision stemmed from his opposition to the removal of Mr Rudd by the caucus in 2010.
    He said he was against Monday’s vote being held, but saw it as his only opportunity to make a statement against the original spill.

    [Gillard said:] “Albo is a great Labor man with a great Labor heart … I refused to accept his resignation … I can’t imagine a government I lead without Anthony Albanese in there beside me,” she said.
    “He is someone who always want to put the best interests of the Labor Party first and get about fighting Tories, to use his terminology from today.
    “I disagree with the decision that Anthony Albanese has made but the one thing I know about Albo is following Monday’s ballot he’ll be back doing what he does, fighting Tories in the parliament and beyond.”

    I dont recall him ever saying anything against PMJG in public, or being attributed as a source in any of the leaking or media whiteanting by Rudd’s supporters. If he had, I doubt he’d have continued to retain Gillard’s trust to the end, in the way that he did.

  4. Fiona,

    { I have been too tired, grumpy, and generally pissed-off to prepare anything other than the most basic of meals for the past few days. }

    Thank goodness for that. I thought it was only me. I was ready to throw the towel in the ring, convinced that I was done for.

  5. socksfullofsand

    Albo said it all when he said he fights Tories and from what I saw of Ed Husic during the campaign he fights Tories just as well. Labor needs more like them.

  6. Shorten has too much of a hound dog look at times – defensive and victim like. Dreyfus would still be my choice for front man with Albo as the guard dog.

  7. kaffeeklatscher
    September 10, 2013 at 6:13 pm


    I only discovered the PB lounge after Rudd 1.0 got the chop. It has been truly jaw dropping for me to find in recent times that people like TP are not Libtard trolls. Sheesh with friends like that who needs enemies ? !!

    Yes, incredibly he is, kaffeeklatscher. If you ever frequent there, you ought to get Dave started on that sometime. Dave must have some sort of index/filing system in place and he can dig up any thing you ever said. He finally had enough of TP and produced all these posts from TP saying what a good idea it was to switch to Gillard. He did the same for Evan Thornleigh. Somewhere both had buyers remorse and became Gillard’s worst haters.

    George Bludger (then just George) was a regular poster there then and got a bit jack of Thomas, as most did. George said that Thomas had ambitions to write the longest poem in the English language. Each Gillard rant on blood and knives was a verse in it.

    There is an incongruity about them, but they are indeed Labor. Feeney and Bemused are active in campaigning work. How they reconcile it all is something for a psychologist. Somehow hero-worship has replaced solidarity. They seem capable of rationalising anything. Even the campaign leaks in 2010, they were an understandable human reaction, or maybe someone else did them, or bemused best of all, Mumble once did an article saying they didn’t have much effect. Historically in the Labor movement, something similar happened between NSW Lang Labor and the Federal ALP (first Theodore and then Chifley). They co-existed uneasily in the 1930s with Lang’s lot mostly more popular. But in the longer run, Chifley and the Feds prevailed. The parallel was that Lang was also a megalomaniac like Rudd and he could rouse a crowd easier than the calmer Chifley. Interestingly, Gillard is very like Chifley: a very calm measured person with a depth of drive and vision. Most of all, of humility and grace.

  8. Twisted cigars, do you smoke all 3 at once? One for each lung & one for somewhere or other.

    I guess you could (someone suggested one in your mouth, and one up each nostril…), but usually you separate them to smoke them with friends, or save the others for later.

  9. I know that Bemused, over the road is dreadful, but Thomas Paine really takes the cake for boring, single-issue, bloody-mindedness.

    his hero has presided over the lowest vote in Labor history, and he STILL defends him as if he was a real person, not just a figment of his own narcissistic imagination.

  10. I want either Shorten or Albanese to be leader. Oh I forgot. Include Bowen although he says he’s not standing.
    I want them to feel the blow torch of Rudd treachery.
    Because that’s what the grub will do.

  11. BB – In horse racing parlance they are each of two.
    However, in one way bemused is now using his icon with a differing inflection?. And some of us even marginally agree.

  12. For once I disagree with you Leone…

    Albo was in the thick of the plotting in June, he was Rudd’s numbers man and more. Making Albo leader while Rudd is still squatting on the backbench like some raddled Ghost of Elections Lost would be a very, very stupid move.

    Rudd is like the coyote chasing the road runner. He hasn’t realized he’s gone over the cliff yet…

    Labor needs to get all that old argey bargey off its back. Albo is a brilliant cross-factional choice. He was a Rudd supporter, but was unerringly loyal to Gillard too. He’s a party man, and they need party men right now.

    And, more importantly, he’s a man, a real man, untainted by treachery, and full of fight.

    Shorten, by comparison, is a recent blow-in. It’s become habitual to just assign Shorten automatic “leadership” credentials. Ever since BEFORE he was in Parliament, he was slotted to be leader.

    Why? No-one’s explained that to me yet.

    Sure he’s calm, and smart, but he doesn’t seem to have fire in his belly. More like ice in his heart.

    But there’s something about him I don’t trust. He pledged his fife to Gillard… until the last possible moment. Then switched, after being the most anti of anti-Ruddites for three years. He married the GG’s daughter. It’s all too pat.

    And he’s a Jesuit boy. I don’t trust Jesuit boys. Not yet, anyway.

  13. Andrew Leigh for shadow treasurer.

    Labor is back in Canberra on Friday to do the business, I think.

  14. Talking of bemused, I am still wondering why if (according to the Coalition) our borders are under threat from flotillas of refugee boats, there is a budget emergency & the government is in total chaos why is Parliament not sitting till 29 October.

    I thought both houses were scheduled to sit 1 October.

  15. Re; Julia giving her talk/interview. Saw a tweet from Ann Summers earlier saying hopefully it will be filmed/streamed. I’m now following her and will keep those of you interested updated.

  16. Abbott’s delaying parliament as much as possible so he can have a longer term, I think. I’d imagine he wants to go back to Howard’s November elections.

  17. BB
    I’ll agree with all that. There’s something about Shorten that makes me think he’s not leader material. I don’t know what it is exactly. Maybe it’s that lack of fire, I find him very uninspiring.

    If he thinks being married to the GG’s daughter is a good career move then he might have chosen the wrong bride. Quentin Bryce’s term is about to end, Abbott won’t re-appoint her. Melanie Howard is now a free woman …….

  18. Talking of bemused, I am still wondering why if (according to the Coalition) our borders are under threat from flotillas of refugee boats, there is a budget emergency & the government is in total chaos why is Parliament not sitting till 29 October.

    One might even say that Western Sydney is burning, but where is Mr.Western Sydney when it needs a real fire-fighter?

    Have we heard a peep out of Abbott yet re. the fires in his-favourite-place-in-the-whole-world, Lindsay, where he spent many happy years months weeks on punishment pastoral torture duty?

    O me miserum! Won’t Tony save the West who loves him so much? Will he not man the hoses and “do his bit” for the Bogans who voted him into office? His Heartland? Australia’s new Liberal soul?

  19. I’ve posted this at beouofblogginon earlier…(still in moderation)

    The questions I ask myself are these;.

    1….Do I trust a man who for best part of three years saw first hand the damage Rudd was doing to Ms Gillard, her Government and a party he professes to love and owe everything to, yet he did nothing. Other than plot against Ms Gillard.

    2….How do I gauge the strength of a mans character knowing that for 3 years he stood alongside and ” fought tories ” with a woman who was willing to burn the little bit of political capital she had to ensure nation building legislation passed the house and senate? Fighting attacks engineered by Rudd, prosecuted by a corrupt media and by leaks from the very cabinet room he was an integral part of? Then, after all the blood sweat and tears, he throws her to the jackals, and supports the weakest of men…Kevin Rudd.

    3….Do I want such a man speaking of and articulating the values I believe the ALP stand for?

    No, I do not.

    I just think that Albanese is not the right person. Shorten definately isn’t and I don’t think sacrificing another smart, tough intelligent woman is the answer either.

  20. My pick – Mark Dreyfus for LOTO, Andrew Leigh for Shadow Treasurer and Albo for manager of opposition business in the house and back to shadow his old infrastructure portfolio.Shorten can have a shadow ministry of some sort and be grateful he’s not reduced to being a mere shadow parliamentary secretary.

  21. leonetwo

    You are a natural recourse for knowledge, I had no idea Melanie Howard had divorced.

    Is that a serious proposition that the rodent might be our next GG?

  22. Mike,
    I understand that Hyacinth is counting on it. Back to the desirable delightful environment of Kirribilli – and she will be able to stop nagging her OH to mow the lawn.

  23. I’d like to see Tanya promoted later. The team you have after an election loss is not necessarily the team you want to lead into an election.

  24. Ian…that strong woman may have to take the reins regardless…perhaps duty or fate demands it. For the sake of the nation, she may just have to sieze the day!

  25. The next Labor leader will never become Prime Minister. They will have to go through a renewal of structures and soul. Shorten is no Hawke. He is also a little slippery. Albo would easily be the best choice to take it up to what is likely to be the most conservative Government in our memory. Australians will accept this medicine, but only for three or four years. If he plays his cards carefully – and avoids over reaching – then Jason Clare has the required cut through and integrity needed to be seen as a potential PM. But look, a week these days is a long time …

  26. We really are sisters under the fur Leonetwo. The next leadership needs to be experienced but not burnt out. Maybe as shadow ministers for the first couple of years.

    My goodness those words “first couple of years” burns into my heart. Hard to believe all the promise of 2007 dwindled to this.

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