Post Mortem

Post Mortem

On the available information it looks like this

Coalition==91 88

labor==54  57



Palmer == 1



The senate looks like a dogs dinner but thankfully not a coalition controlled one .


Abbott has won,


Rudd resigned


A interesting 3 years ahead, but the sun will come up and we will all survive.

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Democracy at work and lets be thankful that even though most here may not be happy with the result at least we had a chance to vote in a free and non-violent atmosphere


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  1. It’s a good point Ian raises. I’d like Andrew Leigh to be prominent even though it’s too early for a leadership or even deputy position. As I understand it he is factionally unaligned, voted for Rudd in the 2012 challenge, and then later was a very effective parliamentary secretary for JGPM. At the final showdown he supported JG. I thought that showed great integrity.

    BK first nominated him, and he now has a few supporters here:Dreyfus for Leader, Albo Deputy, Leigh for Treasury. Love to tie Hockey in more knots that he is in already.

  2. msadventure2
    I’m having a hard time with the words ‘Abbott government’ and ‘PM -elect Abbott’.

  3. I’ve been Ms Nice Guy for the last two years.

    Time to take the gloves off and refer to Mr Abbott by the term moi invented:

    Blood Oaf

  4. I was thinking the name “Rupert Murdoch’s Bitch” might work, but it’s too much to type, plus I’ve associated the word “Abbott” with “embarrassing destructive clown who has no right to be there”, so I’ll just stick with that.

  5. As you can see from the lovely image of Abbott I posted earlier, I intend to show our new PM all the respect he deserves.

  6. GD, I’m pretty sure Andrew Leigh was always loyal to Julia Gillard. Hope he has a stronger role in the shadow cabinet, whoever may be its leader.
    The more I think about it, the more despondent I get about the next three years. God only knows what Abbott will be willing to give the new cross-bench Senators, as well as Xenophon and Madigan, to get legislation through.

  7. I like these numbers fro leone’s link –

    Australian Labor Party 3,596,825 votes

    Liberal Party 3,369,726 votes

    Huge argument over the dinner table with mum!

  8. Going by Palmer’s tantrum about vote counting and threatening to block all LNP legislation through the Senate, parliament might become unworkable for Abbott.

    Also, if he wins in Fairfax we might be in for the most colourful SSO’s in history. I can picture it now, Palmer bellowing his latest conspiracy at Abbott, then abusing Bronnie when she tells him off.

  9. Kirsdarke,
    “Blood Oaf” works well. It has the advantage of being an iambus, one of the most common metrical feet of classical English poetry. It also fits nicely with the theme music of The Pink Panther.

  10. socksfullofsand + other pubsters

    Would you agree that a decision on Labors leader needs to be made soon with as little in fighting as possible? Maybe the poisoned chalice is a myth but if it drags out too long I fear the media/Coalition branding it all as more disunity.

  11. Here come the real “costings”… Will it be Costello again – or Reith?

  12. Jaeger

    I reckon Reith, he has a particularly nasty demeanor that all who voted for the Libs are waiting to unleash on…….themselves?

  13. mikehilliard, as I’m not a member of the ALP (or any political party), I don’t feel comfortable advocating any particular member as leader.
    The names being thrown up by the media are Albanese and Shorten. Personally, I think Shorten will have image issues for some time yet with his late switch from Gillard to Rudd.
    I agree that there should be as little in-fighting as possible, under the circumstances, and it seems to me that whoever is chosen will need to actively work towards brokering a reconcilation between the various Left/Right, Gillard/Rudd factions.
    Perhaps a Leader/Deputy team drawn from both sides could go some way toward doing that, provided they can respect each other sufficiently to put aside differences and work in partnership for the good of the party.

  14. Mike,
    Yes – but it has to be a sacrificial lamb ram.

    My first preference: Mr Shorten.

    Second preference: Mr Bowen.

    And the roughy: Mr Fitzgibbon.

  15. My main reason for those choices is that they are all (even if late to it) supporters of Rudd, so they MIGHT get some clear air from him. For a while, anyway.

  16. The LNP/Media will paint Labor as disunited anyway, because it is. As long as Rudd is there, all they’ll talk about is when he’ll make his move against the new leader as he’s done so many times before, prevent any traction from being gained with his followers’ passive-aggressive whiteanting, gasping ‘Who! Me?!’ whenever challenged, force them to make him leader yet again for ‘the polls!’, lose the next election, and this crap will continue over and over again until he loses his seat.

  17. Dumbest line of the day – Senator X saying Julie Bishop’s decision to sack Steve Bracks was ‘political’. Well derr!

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