Here We Go

It’s chilly spring weather in Melbourne and in a few hours I’ll be off to vote at a distant booth as far away from the Young LibThugs as I can get without leaving the electorate. I’m also going alone: OH had better be very careful when anywhere near me for the next little while.

(Credit: The Australian Labor Party)

All pretty good reasons, in my book.

The Coalition, by contrast, has

not to mention a seriously scary internet “filter” that’s been dropped – for the moment …

The Coalition also has

(and those are just the stars) – a bunch that exceeds in utter, thuggish mendacity and sheer, vicious nastiness anything I have seen in Federal Parliament in over fifty years of being a political junkie.

And, of course, standing behind them, pulling the strings, are

– as unholy a trinity as I have ever seen.

By contrast, the ALP has

decent people concerned about the well-being of all Australians, about equality, and about building for the future.

I will be voting Labor today. I hope sufficient of my fellow-Australians wake up before it’s too late and realise the slaughter-knives are nearly at their throats.

(Credit: The Weekly Times)

606 thoughts on “Here We Go

  1. gorgeousdunny1,

    Julia Gillard is probably the most relieved person in the country right now. Sleeping soundly in the knowledge that she dodged the opportunity to face the ultimate test of the electorate.

    Rudd took up the challenge & took the fall. Analysts can debate till the cows come home whether or not she could have suffered a smaller loss than Rudd. Her parliamentary colleges decided on the strength of almost 3 years of polls in the vicinity of 54/46 against them that it was a lost cause under her leadership.

    The fact that the rabble were still willing to dredge up the AWU stuff even though she was no longer a threat shows just how far they were willing to go to destroy her. I think she made a wise and considered decision in the best interests of the Party.

    Tonight’s result is about as good as could be expected under all the varied, contributing, circumstances with a couple of highlights to make the loss easier to bear. Indi and Greenway could be icing on the top.

  2. Well said Scorps.

    The up side, after we get over the revulsion of such a man as PM, is that the media will not be able to protect him so effectively now. Oh, Murdoch will carry on for a month or so with PR stuff, but it won’t be sustainable. Then it could be fun times, especially if some of the wagons start circling on Ashby, Brough and Pyne.

  3. Night all. Things don’t look good for Capricornia, My deepfreeze has shit itself & I’ve lost about $500 worth of frozen food & I’ve knocked off the best part of a flagon of cheap wine.

    On top of that as I have most probably upset many of the good contributors to this fine site, I should withdraw and leave you to your postmortems.

    I don’t think I will be feeling too flash tomorrow. I don’t feel too flash right now.

  4. One last comment. Parliament could be an interesting place now if Palmer gets up and with Barnaby there now.

    Question time might rival the Comedy Show in viewer numbers and interest.

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