lets-celebrate-champagne-bottleHere we are patrons just a few hours away from the election.

Lets not dwell on what may or may not happen.


 Lets celebrate the achievements of the labor Government .


For me the stand out was the National Disability Scheme. A truly worthwhile and long overdue reform .

Think back and name your standout moments, and have a drink for all that was done in very difficult circumstances. Lets not dwell too much on the negatives tonight there will plenty of time for that later.


Big Congratulations goes to the esteemed brianmcisme who won the AFL Footy tipping.(Please send me a contact address so I can mail your prize)

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2nd was gravel and 3rd was Puffys Mum. Well done both of you.


Raffles of course will be on. Run by raffle master ck watt.(hopefully)

Enjoy the night. Tomorrow will be a big day but


227 thoughts on “IT’S FRIDAY. LETS CELEBRATE

  1. No, mate, meld it into the kitty pool.

    My anticipation for tomorrow is very low.

    Until recently we had a great Prime Minister, who strode the world stage as an inspiration for our country. After tomorrow it will be very different.

    As I leave the Pub (temporally) to watch the Bunnies and the Chooks, words from the play that should not be named ring in my ears:
    “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
    Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
    To the last syllable of recorded time;….
    ……And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
    The way to dusty death.”

  2. I’m in the mood for gossip tonight. First James and the divorce, now the Turnbull cluster****.

    Does anyone else think Tony set Malcolm up with that internet filter policy release? Tony signed off on the thing but it seems it didn’t go to cabinet. Malcolm’s leadership chances were totally killed off last night. Is Abbott trying to firewall himself in case of a possible post-election challenge? This is how it all unfolded, for them what hasn’t already read it. Fascinating. I can hear the knife sharpening from here.

  3. L2, my Mum bought me ‘A hard days night’ for Xmas 1964. My first LP, and still my favourite Fab4 album. Tomorrow? bring it on!

  4. J6P,

    Any chance I can change from lotto to this…..Flemingtom Race 8 tomoorow, No 16 – A Time For Julia!!!!!!!

    Thanks Colombo!

  5. Do we have any nasty sneering attack dogs like the LNP?
    Do we have a prissy pyne, bishop the elder and younger, puff adder or scoot?
    I don’t think so. We are too bloody civilised I think!
    Mores the pity.

  6. A lot more to that policy than the filter:

    The filter itself is an odd way to approach filtering: the filter being installed on customer equipment & you have to prove to your service provider you are 18 to have the filter lifted. To do this there would need to be a back door into your router. This could be used by service providers, government, & hackers, alike to monitor your Internet usage, & steal data. Not exactly a comforting thought.

    Social MediaThe biggest problem with this policy I see is the censoring of social media. The policy [] emphatically states that social media companies with a “large enough” (whatever that means) presence in Australia will be forced to sign up to a complaints & reporting system, essentially handing over user records for every Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in, etc., user to the LNP, all in the name of curbing the Internet’s “freedom, anonymity and relative lack of regulation”.

    This is not just a pie in the sky scheme; this is legislation they are talking about. This is akin to DMCA, but worse. Instead of having to actually infringe on someone’s (copy)rights, you just have to offend someone with what you post online. Yes, this is something I may end up being confronted with. Much of the social media portion of the policy is about expediency, going against the tenants of our judicial system. Welcome to the new paradigm: guilty until proven innocent.

    What isn’t explained is what will constitute “harmful material”. Is posting atheist material on social media considered “harmful”? You can bet, among the target audience of this joke of a policy, there are many who would say yes. What about some nude artistic photographs? Even more people would say that’s “harmful”.

    With such vagueness, we have to question what the real intent of the policy is: to protect children, or to take the sting out of social media. Much of the policy targets social media directly. You can bet all the funny pictures people like George Bludger or myself make can be seen as “harmful”, why not order Flickr & Twitter to delete them new Children’s e-Safety Commissioner.

    Social media to be muzzled.

    Sure Corbet and Murdoch love that!

    This crap may have cost the Libs the election!

  7. I think i’ve failed as a parent. My eldest is attending the local Small Business Awards tonight. How on earth could I have raised someone who would willingly go to that hotbed of National Party sucker-uppers?

    I do have to explain that he’s there with his team from the education department, supporting the local TAFE and public servants, so I’m hoping they get out alive and no-one goes at them in the carpark with a Stanley knife.(If that comment mystifies you then here’s the explanation, re-posted from this afternoon).

  8. The idea was devised by the Coalition’s Online Safety Working Group, which includes Mr Fletcher, Senator Gary Humphries, Alex Hawke, Natasha Griggs, Wyatt Roy, Patrick Secker, Senator Stephen Parry, Senator Bridget McKenzie and Luke Simpkins.

    Such stellar individuals – no wonder.

    And yet, I think closer inspection might reveal the fine teutonic hand of a certain Tasmanian senator.

  9. Just got back home from a week away.
    That idiot Abbott, in praising “the wonderful Mr. Fox.” for reducing his truking carbon footprint by 40% simply by the drivers being a bit more gentle on the pedal was, in fact, proving the Carbon price was working in that it obchieved the objective of “changing the attitude” of people !…….blind, dumb idiot!

  10. Almost wall to wall spruking of an LNP victory on ABC now, I can’t recall anything like this. No sense of moderation at all.

  11. Mike it will allow the shallow, shrill and nasty LNP to walk – no STOMP over all of the reasonable members of parliament. Another lnp disgrace just like what we have to endure her in QLD.
    The runt (can don’t) last week announced so many millions for Koala Habitat while he sacked half of the got Koala protection unit.
    F%&$ing typical lnp

  12. I used to visit a local hotel where there was a bloke who drove for LinFox. He would have been one of the biggest piss heads in the place & that’s saying something, never had an intelligent thing to say about anything & possibly the most boring person at the bar.

  13. mike – If Duck thinks he’s going to be dangerous (and he is a big long streak) he should choose a Peregrine.

  14. Whatever the outcome of the election, can i suggest we devote a week to slandering and demeaning the MSM personalities?…..By using their / a nickname we accuse and abuse them with the most demeaning filth one can think of!….these traitors have sold their country out to an international years gone by they would’ve been dragged out and horsewhipped to an inch of their worthless lives…but now they sell their and our country for a few dollars…the filthy dogs!….with no worry of retribution!….I say we invite the entire social media to contribute to the roasting of those insidious treasonous bastards!

  15. Mike,
    there are a lot of ex public servants who say the voted lnp because they thought that Labor was on the nose and that cando would look after them. How bloody wrong could they be!

    We have laid off staff in the last couple of weeks purely because of the runts policies and behaviour. We are an organisation in the environment and NRM field. It is sickening! It will be worse across OZ with rabbot in power.

  16. jaycee

    One week! I am going to make sure I don’t easily forget the OM treatment of this election. Julia Baird is first out of the blocks trying to cover herself but there are so many who will be held to task, I can’t wait to get started.

  17. Just watching those smug self-congratulatory bastards makes my blood boil!…..If there was justice in this world, those bastards would be eating crow tomorrow!…..There’s too damn much “cross-pollination” between the major parties for it to be a good thing.

  18. mike

    [duck’s bird is onto the rabbit]

    I had a young friend who was so much better with my Brno .22 Auto you wouldn’t imagine.

    Patience: lined up.

    Sometimes if I stayed still enough she could deck three.

  19. That “Toolman” with his “little-pinched-lips” like he’s just kissed Tabbott’s haemorroids nighty-night… the one I’d like to get stuck into!
    Hey!…how about a competition?

  20. Jaycee,
    I also have access to some old and really rusty axes if that might help in the chopping comp.

  21. Am I the only person watching all the shit being delivered on the ABC? They are trying to rewrite the history the bastardos saying things like how Julia was responsible for the divisiveness in parliament. If we don’t stand up to this it will happen all over again 3 years from now.

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