lets-celebrate-champagne-bottleHere we are patrons just a few hours away from the election.

Lets not dwell on what may or may not happen.


 Lets celebrate the achievements of the labor Government .


For me the stand out was the National Disability Scheme. A truly worthwhile and long overdue reform .

Think back and name your standout moments, and have a drink for all that was done in very difficult circumstances. Lets not dwell too much on the negatives tonight there will plenty of time for that later.


Big Congratulations goes to the esteemed brianmcisme who won the AFL Footy tipping.(Please send me a contact address so I can mail your prize)

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2nd was gravel and 3rd was Puffys Mum. Well done both of you.


Raffles of course will be on. Run by raffle master ck watt.(hopefully)

Enjoy the night. Tomorrow will be a big day but


227 thoughts on “IT’S FRIDAY. LETS CELEBRATE

  1. paddy

    Interesting only in the fact that I’ve never seen Bowe before, don’t post over the road anymore. too much damage.

  2. mikehilliard

    More power to ya for being able to stomach watching that total crap, I have not been able to watch any abc or other media news and or opinions for quite some time now, it really makes my blood boil to see and hear the bile and viciousness that comes over as opinion or news. There really has to be a clean out and the sooner the better.

  3. Just watching how the ABC will present the results in 3D for the HOR, noticed the Labor party is represented on the opposition benches?

  4. I’m off, good luck tomorrow. Even if we don’t win government I am still positive that we will win enough seats to hold out on the key policy reforms that Julia put in place & that the senate will support them also. This is it! Lets not loose hope now. 🙂

  5. Leontwo,
    Thanks for the link. I’ll spread it around if Tony doesn’t mind. I better check with him first. Ha, ha.

  6. Just saw a couple of Lib vollies at a Salisbury (nick champion’s seat) school voting centre posting their posters under the ALP’s, The ALP have posters pictures of Rudd with A New Way slogan on the fence, The Libs put posters with negative slogans underneath so they look like complete big negative ALP posters. I think that stinks,.

  7. Booth kit and A frames ready to go, drinks in the fridge getting cold, folder and how-to-vote cards all ready etc etc. Should go to bed ready for an early start and long day manning the polling booth and scrutineering.

  8. I will be voting independent tomorrow in the HOR ( I am in Rudd’s seat ). First time ever I have not voted labor.

    Still to make up my mind re the Senate.

    However, to all those fighting and hoping hard for a labor victory I wish you well.

    Good evening all.

  9. GhostWhoVotes ‏@GhostWhoVotes 1m

    #Newspoll 2 Party Preferred: ALP 46 (0) L/NP 54 (0) #ausvotes

  10. If what Anthony Green says is correct, may the Australian voting public be delivered the govt’ they richly deserve!….for I have no soubt where Abbott will take them and I am not sure they know how deep the pits of hell can go!……they are about to find out.

  11. Interesting how the LNP. tries to twist the blame for treason back onto the Labor Party ….don’t they remember it was Judas proffered the “kiss”, not the incumbent messiah!?……The LNP. has given the “judas kiss” for their padrone ; “Lord” Rupert !

  12. Kroger shows how easy it is to lie to children….The ABC. has been so dumb in their reporting…as we saw in the interview with the Lib member of the Reserve bank board just this week and didn’t even know about him…pissweak!…hopeless, gutless and useless!

  13. So the state of play is about a 53/47 loss. Kiss goodbye to Australia, we’ve become a nasty twisted little clone of America now. Like there, hardly any of the ‘swing’ voters gives a shit about good policy anymore, it’s all about the show. Polish a turd with enough tangerine and botox and cover his opponent with feces they’ll make him Prime Minister regardless of how vile he is.

    And even in that, America is still better than us, since most of them ignored the hysterical angry white men screaming for them to vote for the worse party last year.

  14. I hope that I’m wrong, but we are in for a shellacking tomorrow which will be due solely to three years of constant
    undermining & treachery from KRudd. This has overshadowed the tremendous achievements of PM Gillard dynamic Govt.. It is this in-fighting and guerrilla warfare waged by KRudd and his Cardinals that Australians will be voting against tomorrow. KRudd has handed this election to Abbott on a silver plate. It has been three years in the making,
    eagerly exploited by Abbott and Murdoch. I only hope that the seats that fall are those of the KRudd faction.

    Anyway, Mrs v1j & I are on polling duty all day tomorrow in Reid. September 5th, the day we begin to build a base
    for Gillard Labor.

  15. I have no positive expectations IF the LNP. get in…I will not be disapointed in the least…but those fools that THINK they will benefit will get just the lot they deserve……they will know then what it is like to weep tears of pity..for themselves!
    I know of several around this district that are very vulnerable and they have said they will vote LNP. They are young..with kids….I feel sorry for them….they will be eviserated in the wash-up of LNP. cuts….but I can only be a spectator in their certain defeat!

  16. Well.. I know who I am voting for ..always have…no swing for me…however way you look at it, Labor policies ; in place and working…LNP. pie in the sky and sure to be changed for the worse..: “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”.
    Goodnight all.

  17. I am ready to go to the finish fighting. Tomorrow I have a shift on a booth.

    Danny Lewis, please email or call me if you want to meet up there tomorrow.

    If the Australian people vote for the pineapples, then I will label the leafy ends, as Aussies will have proven themselves too stupid to work it out which end to insert.

  18. I guess one thing that will be resolved tomorrow is the validity or otherwise of the Guardians Lonergan mobile phone only poll. LNP 50.8% ALP 49.2%. As I don’t pay much attention to polls anyway I guess it’s a moot point. But if it’s on the money Newspoll, Morgan, Essential will, after wiping metric tonnes of egg off their faces, may very well have to come up with a new business model. Another bonus of course, is it would ensure a speeding up of the death throes of the old media

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