514441The Countdown has begun to election Day . All the polls are showing a comfortable victory to the coalition


What are your seat predictions for the final outcome?download (6) While we may be counting down the last few days of this Labor government what has been your favourite/ least favourite moment of the past 6 years?

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. I think by Friday we will all be looking forward to Raffle night for some relief.


Hang on Folks it,s going to be a big week.



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  1. Well another convert. Friend of mine from Qld sent me an invite to like abbott on facebook, well for a start I don’t have fb and secondly I sent him an email telling him that the only time I will like TA is when the iron gate slams down and him inside his wooden crate head into the incinerator. Got an email back telling me that ALP had never done anything for him and his family so I had to remind him of the $15B they spent on his backward state after the floods and the monsoon and the cash handout he was given to tide him over and the interest free loan he got to rebuild his fences, yards, etc…………. and what did his precious lnp do at the time…………. they screamed like stuck pigs telling the whole country that Qld and Qlders can all go f&ck themselves and sort their own f&cking problems out for themselves. I reminded him of who has built all the roads in Qld, well the ones that went past politicians own properties and didn’t stop at their fencelines, who built all the bridges, dams, levies, new hospitals, new medical centres, who built the lovely new library/hall in the school that his daughter performed in the eistedford in.

    Oh, maybe Labor has done a few things for us but what about the carbon tax? How much did you pay you misery guts………….. well nothing but others have and it is ruining Australia.

    If you want to see ruin you wait until lnp get in and tell you all to go f&ck yourself like they have done everytime they have had government.

    6 emails later, he is now going to vote ALP in HoR and probably katter party in senate.

    So much work for one vote, stuffed if I know how I will go at the booth tomorrow, I will be there by myself for most of the morning.

    I still think that we may scrape across the line, so chins up 🙂

  2. eo,

    Those on their highs now will have corresponding lows when the tide turns. I can happily take a win and shrug my shoulders when I lose. Saves a lot of grief.

  3. FFS – it’s always ‘technical issues’!!

    “ABC News: Sorry folks, but due to technical issues there won’t be an interview with the PM.”

  4. Gravel,Janice
    I too believe there is a glimmer hope that we CAN get a good result & Janice I am so glad that you have heard the younger talking our type of talk.
    I truly believe that they could get us over the line with their internet savvy alone but to hear they are talking Gonski & ETS as well is quite uplifting.
    There are many many people out & about who haven’t been polled, me for one, so how many more …. Yes! We live in hope & long live a “Labor Government”
    Cheers 🙂

  5. foreverjanice

    Thank you, I really get angry at those Qlders that seem to have forgotten how much the rest of the country invested in them, their families, their homes and their livelihoods. For some it seems that it never happened and there wasn’t hundreds of millions of dollars donated, clothes, furniture, food, jobs, accommodation and people from every walk of life cleaning their houses, farms, roads, malls, shops for them and the whole country paying a levy for them.

    And while their heroes of the national party and the liberal party wanted to wash their hands of them and flush their lives down the drain it was the party that they never consider voting for that was there to give them a hand up.

  6. Well, the ABC might not need new equipment IF the Lieberals win. They will be a spent force as they are still considered by some as “lefties” – although for the life of me I don’t know what programs they watch!!

  7. Some encouraging news.

    I was out at a supplier’s today in Seven Hills, Sydney… Jaymes Diaz country.

    All the sales clerks there are locals to the area.

    Two had changed their vote to the Liberals… the other two stayed Labor… and then along came Jaymes.

    Diaz single-handedly – by doing nothing, literally – swung the swingers back to Labor.

    All four agreed that there was a lot of grumbling “down the Club” (don’t know which one it was) about Diaz. Apparently people are re-thinking their votes en masse because of him, possibly enough to save the seat for Labor.

    The Western Sydney punters don’t like being taken for complete mugs, and Diaz has been the eye-opener for them.

    Something’s going on, according to the guys I was talking to.

    Anecdotal, yes, but they are switched on, not of the “Bogan” template that we’ve been led to believe. And they have mates.

    One other thing they said was that the Schoolkids Bonus was a biggy, or rather losing it was very unpopular at the Club. A lot of people are reconsidering now that it’s down to the wire.

    NBN also is BIG in this area. People out West are virtually shut off from inner city jobs due to the travel burden. They want to work close to home. They want facilities out there that work and which allow bigger businesses to move out their way. They see the benefit of the NBN, in spades.

    Don’t give up… three years of being taken for granted is starting to tell. Labor is campaigning out there right to the last second. “It ain’t over”, was the message I got.

  8. HaveAchat,
    I like your technique to win support.
    I bet you enjoyed yourself.
    It’s really annoying those opinion writers that now start covering their arses when tgey know it won’t make a difference to thw outcome.

  9. Maybe there’s hope yet, Mike. The consensus on the polls overall is no hope, albeit Essential and Lonergans are showing a narrowing. There have been some unusual and uneven feels about how this is unfolding. This last week has been about the first one when Labor has looked good and the Liberals have struggled. It may just be too late, but we can hope.

  10. eo
    i’ve always said at least 80% of the voting population have their heads jammed up their bums when it comes to politics. There are a lot of people out there who don’t know there is an election tomorrow or, if they do know, would not be able to tell you what it was for – federal, stae or local government – or who their current MPs are. Some young woman interviewed the other day thought Julia Gillard was still PM, she’s not alone.

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