Paid Maternity Leave for Australia’s Women of Calibre

Today we have a short but excellent analysis of Mr Abbott’s “captain’s pick” PPL “policy” from the redoubtable Leone. Many thanks, Leone, for permission to turn your comment into a post, and hat tip to Billie for the suggestion and the links.

There are a lot of problems with Abbott’s PPL. It was initially suggested by his unmarried, childless barely past teenage daughters and is so obviously aimed at winning over the votes of wealthy women who work full time. It is supposed to encourage these ‘women of calibre’ to have more kids. Kids who will be raised by nannies and au pairs while mummy races back to her highly paid career as soon as the PPL money runs out. Kids who will be fodder for private schools later on. Money that will help the new parents keep up the payments on the lavish house and the lavish car and the lavish lifestyle at our expense.

For those working part-time or as casuals it’s not so great. To get the payment a woman has to prove that she has worked 330 hours – around 1 full day a week – in the 10 months before she had her child. Otherwise she misses out completely and gets the much lower baby bonus instead. Low-paid women could end up getting less than the current system pays. If you earn less than the minimum wage – the basis for the current payment – then you could get less PPL than you do now. More money for the rich, less for the low-paid. Typical.

Another twist to Abbott’s PPL. He’s all for using nannies and au pairs to provide government-subsidised child care. Will his ‘women of calibre’ be able to employ 457 workers to provide their in-home childcare? If they can they will, of course, pay these workers peanuts and keep a lot of that subsidy money for themselves. I bet there are already accountants working on ways it could be done.

Just to make it that much worse that great big new tax will – no ifs or buts, will – bump up prices across the board. Abbott will be taxing electricity providers, big retailers, insurance companies, fuel companies, transport companies and more and they WILL pass on the cost of his PPL. We will have higher prices in the supermarket, higher electricity prices, higher fuel prices, higher insurance costs – every aspect of daily life will cost more as we all fork out to cover the cost of Abbott’s scheme.

Or – Abbott’s company tax cut will compensate for the ‘levy’ and taxpayers will have to foot the whole cost. That means billions less available for essentials like health and education. Either way you look at it the average Aussie is going to be hit hard by this scheme.

The National are against Abbott’s policy, they say it discriminates against rural women.. There has been mumbling about Nats MPs crossing the floor to vote against the legislation should we elect an Abbott government. Let’s hope they never have to worry about that because they will once again be in opposition after 7 September.

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  1. Leone

    Minchin would not support Abbott’s PPL for all the wrong reasons. He doesn’t care about low income earners.

    Abbott’s latest brain fart to buy up the entire fishing flotilla of Asia is just another vote buying crap idea, someone should ask him for his costings on that. Truth is the whole campaign has been reduced to farce and the media have vanished so far up their own sphincter in search of the latest ….gate story that serious questions just seem an irrelevant inconvenience now.

  2. The abbott and Motor Mouth announcing their great big new way to STOP THE BOATS.

    Why don’t the just send Warren truss over there with a brace-and-bit,…he’s got to be the most boring pollie on earth!

  3. Motor Mouth just said the coalition are putting up $400m to put more people on the ground in Indonesia to buy boats from fishermen so the p/smugglers don’t get them. What happens if Indonesia don’t like this? Well, Indonesia also want to stop the boats so all will be well because the Coalition are SERIOUS and he and Julie Bishop can pull the wool over Indonesian eyes and secure their co-operation…..the biggest load of bullshit being spruiked than ever before.


    That’s a great idea. Buy up all those rotting hulks (costings, anyone?) and people smugglers will use the money to buy flash new boats that will be able to do many return trips. There will be no need to use derelict old boats now. That has to be a way to boost the profits of people smugglers.

    Oh….I get it. Tony is going to stop the drownings at sea by helping people smugglers buy better boats.

    And who is going to pay all those Indonesian villagers for their espionage services?

  5. Abbott and Morrison say they have been working on their boat buy-back scheme for four years. Really? It took that long to come up with this dog of a brainfart?

  6. I suppose if the boats in question could be onsold to a reputable retailer like Harvey Norman. Who, after refurbishing and surveying them, could sell them to the public. Then all will have their own holiday boat with the added bonus of 1500 interest free days.

    Works for me. I bow to the genius of Tone, Scoot and Pete.

  7. I’ve been hoping that Rudd’s performance in the debate on Wednesday would have improved his position. But the media made it all about that stupid make up artist.

    I hate them. I really do.

  8. gigilene on August 23, 2013 at 1:52 pm said:
    I suppose TA if he wins will ask people to pay a levy for buying back the boats, as JH did for the gun buy back scheme.

    That is OK gigilene. After all it is not a tax, it is only “a modest levy”

  9. Tony Burke is out rubbishing Buy the Boats and explaining to the opposition that you do not broadcast to the world the details of your ‘covert’ operations.

    Do Abbott and Morrison realise that Indonesia has one of the world’s largest fishing fleets, 726,000 at last count, more then that now. I’m guessing that every single boat will now suddenly increase in value while at the same time becoming barely seaworthy. Every single one will have to be bought by Suckers ‘R Us, aka Abbott and Morrison. Way to go Tony. Brilliant policy there.

  10. BB – I have sourced a 158m tanker and a 541′ single decker bulk cargo ship ( unfortunately only does 13 kts but low miles) for sale if you are interested. But don’t rush in as Indonesia has plenty more where they came from!

  11. Surely the most cringeworthy public policy announcement in the history of world politics. You make em and we’ll buy em. Surely Tony is now sunk.

  12. Furthermore Al Paster this is a completely new business model for people smugglers and/or corrupt Indonesian officials.

  13. Topically could the music also include Nick Caves – The Ship Song?
    And make a little history baby.

  14. Paco used to be more traditional in his early days

    The music starts at about 2:00.

  15. Any news from Indonesia on buy-the-boats or are they all still trying to pick themselves up of the floor?

  16. “But Mr Morrison acknowledged he had not had formal talks with his counterparts in Indonesia, Malaysia or Sri Lanka, and said finalising the types of agreements he wanted to establish in the region could only be done from government.”

    So Scoot and Tones haven’t spoken to the Indonesian government about any of today’s brainfart, they are just making stuff up as they go along.

  17. Even though it’s a bit nasty toward the major parties, I thought this comic on preferential voting was cute.

  18. BK,

    I’m expecting great things for tomorrow’s early birds.
    As always, I’ll do my best.

  19. When I was starting to get interest in flamenco guitar, I was told this bloke is the bee’s knees. And he is

  20. Buy the boats would have to be one of the most stupid policies ever.
    At any other time this alone would be a election killer, but news ltd. will probably say it is a brilliant idea. Surely they can,t keep propping this idiot up.

  21. Remember the Royal Guardsmen, of Snoopy fame?

    Hey Jolly Green Giant! What’s new besides HO HO HO?

    Would you believe a rowboat with three leaky worms?

  22. Motor Mouth Morrison, eh? … Hmm… Wonder if there’s be enough power there to drive a small boat?

  23. Despite all of the polls and the MSM protecting them, I genuinely think the LIbs might be a bit worried.
    If they were such a sure bet they would just keep discipline and cruise into the election.
    Instead we get this laughing stock of an idea to but Indonesian fishing boats.
    Forget the stupidity of the so called policy and look at the reason why they would announce such a dumb idea.

  24. So the Indonesian fisherman gets $2000 for his $200 boat and promptly goes and buys another 10 which he then sells for $20,000 and so on. Where do I sign up to become an Indonesian fisherman?

  25. Just watching Lyndal interviewing Morriscum. I’m still waiting for he to ask a challenging question, more like she’s just filling in the detail & helping Scoot make the shop the boats seem like not a bad idea. Weasel words delivered in his usual motor mouth manner to cover up for a total lack of detail & outright lies. He’s not going to say if they have tabled the idea with the Indonesians, so Lyndal lets him off the hook.

  26. Makeup-Gate is still the No. 1 topic on 2GB.

    We don’t even know what Rudd said to her (he says he said nothing…maybe that was it… Abbott probably gave her a smooch on the lips), and she’s withdrawn the complaint.

    Yet they STILL go on, and on, and on about it, assuming her told to to “F**k off you f**king b**ch,” or wtte.

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