Friday Raffles (and notice of staff changes)

Due to some recent retirements (with maybe more to come on September 7th), we have had to employ some new staff members…

So please meet


Ray will be in charge of our Security Department (making sure no illegals get past the door)…


Ray will also be casting an expert eye over the Kitchen, and look after Customer Liason (seen here with patron, “Tony”).

A warm welcome from all Pubketeers for Ray.



Well anyhow, don’t upset Ray. He has a bad temper. And so does his

Attack Shi-Tzu named Costa…

Cozzie Two-Tone

In Joe6pak’s temporary absence, we will be eschewing the usual topless revue, and instead will be hosting a glamorous swimsuit parade, featuring the stunning “Coalition Boys”, direct from Oxford St. Sydney (calm down girls… they’re “unavailable”) …

Abbott Lifesaver

Afterwards we have a special treat, “The Magnificent Abbott” and his Magic Show featuring the delectable Andrea and Joe-Lynn as his beautiful female assistants, collaborating with Tony in his grand illusions and experiments.


You will believe anything, even Coalition promises, after tonight’s performance…

We appreciate that, after you’ve had a few, almost anything looks good… like…

pYNE body builder bare


Well, maybe not.. let’s try again… how about…

ahem… Whatever… please don’t get carried away, or else you’ll  upset…

and then you might need the Pub’s new Nurse, Peta…

to patch you up.

The Raffle will be on sooner rather than later and please drink responsibly. Tonight’s movie (in the Brandis SC DH Auditorium will be

Liberal Sting

And remember…

Courteous Bar staff

Enjoy youselves!

(Please be advised: “Chuck bags are available by request over the bar.”)

578 thoughts on “Friday Raffles (and notice of staff changes)

  1. Abbott struggled on Lateline the other night, clearly unwell and coughing throughout his interview. He looks haggard and tired and for quite a while has been losing weight. He has even resorted to wider shoulder pads in an attempt to camouflage his shrrinking physique.

    The pressure he is under is nothing compared to what a Labor leader would be subjected to, be them in opposition or government. Quite frankly if he can’t hack the easiest ride I’ve ever seen a party leader enjoy he’s got no business putting himself up as a candidate for PM. If he does get in – or, rather, if the media succeed in getting him in – it’s bound to be a disaster which will shame and embarrass the SupposiTORY party for many years.

  2. BK – I’ve just tried Meteye after your recommendation.

    It seems a little temperamental but promising.

  3. Gorgeous Dunny
    Other people are having problems with access to IA website, there is talk of it in the comments on the Ashbygate story yesterday (towards the end of the 130 as of this morning) recommending direct contact with David Donovan

  4. slav g

    We seem to be clocking in at different times. Might be just as well – if I was online with you, I might try your patience with my clumsiness. Before I started I switched off the router and then reconnected – just in case it might help. It didn’t, but I noticed when I tried to connect that the data comments seeking it did do it as you suggested without the http and //s.

    I went back to Terminal and was going to follow your advice, but was a bit confused about what was onscreen. I tried to copy it, but after some failures, I closed the window. I then went back to opening Terminal again and attempted to proceed with the ping and traceroute tests. The results I got, I couldn’t follow – so I’ll paste them up.
    Last login: Sun Aug 18 07:45:45 on ttys000
    Dons-MacBook-Pro:~ donwilson$
    Dons-MacBook-Pro:~ donwilson$ ping -t 5 http://www.independentaustralia.nettraceroute
    usage: ping [-AaDdfnoQqRrv] [-b boundif] [-c count] [-G sweepmaxsize] [-g sweepminsize]
    [-h sweepincrsize] [-i wait] [-l preload] [-M mask | time] [-m ttl]
    [-p pattern] [-S src_addr] [-s packetsize] [-t timeout]
    [-W waittime] [-z tos] host
    ping [-AaDdfLnoQqRrv] [-c count] [-I iface] [-i wait] [-l preload]
    [-M mask | time] [-m ttl] [-p pattern] [-S src_addr]
    [-s packetsize] [-T ttl] [-t timeout] [-W waittime]
    [-z tos] mcast-group
    Dons-MacBook-Pro:~ donwilson$

    I’d be grateful if you could tell me where to go next.

  5. GD
    “I’d be grateful if you could tell me where to go next.”

    Leaving yourself open there. lol

  6. GD. it seems athers too are having trouble getting on the IA. site…I may be stating the bleedin’ obvious and others may have already stated it..but could your virus protector blocked access…mine has done that before to one particular site for no reason?

  7. Abbott is going to launch his ‘more money for the rich’ PPL today. I bet no-one asks him to explain where the money will come from. He’s slapping a great big new 1.5% tax on the top earning 3000 companies to pay for it, BUT he’s then giving companies a 1.5% tax cut as well which will cancel out the ‘levy’. So that leaves taxpayers footing the entire huge bill.

    I’m eagerly waiting to see Hockey tie himself in knots trying to explain how it will all work.

    “The scheme, which has been fully costed by the independent Parliamentary Budget Office, will involve a net additional cost to taxpayers of $6.1 billion over the forward estimates. That’s after Mr Abbott hits 3000 of Australia’s largest companies with a 1.5 per cent tax levy to pay for the scheme.”

  8. Thanks for that Sandy. Others here had got through to IA without a hitch. Mine only evolved about 5 days ago. I have already emailed David Donovan, but have not had a reply. I hope thatgot through. I didn’t get any indication from gmail that it had failed.

    I might send him a follow-up. Meantime, I’ll try to follow slav g and Jaeger’s instructions.

  9. BK. checked the BOM. site out…looks promising for the future, but will stick with the tried and proven for now.

  10. msadventure2

    It did cross my mind when I ended it that way, then I thought, what the hell, they’ve been very patient with me.

  11. Jaycee & GD
    The virus protection on a different computer I sometimes use blocks my access to my ISP and I have to turn it off for 5 mins while I connect and then turn it back on again, so you might be on to something there.

  12. The tragedy of Kerry-Anne Walsh’s book ,i>The Stalking Of Julia Gillard is that it was designed to end at the “No-Show” challenge in March.

    But there was a post-script, an update inserted on the second last day of the June sitting, saying the rumours were out again about a challenge, but that nothing would happen because Rudd was a spent force.

    I bet Kerry-Anne wishes she had waited just two days more before going to print…

    That said, it’s a good book. Not academic – there are no footnotes and Walsh makes her emotional position on Rudd, Gillard and her media colleagues quite clear – but written in a “racier” journalistic style.

    The last sentence is worth repeating here:

    “And all Labor supporters across the country have been able to do for three years is sit and watch in horror as a one-great party has been devoured alive from the inside.”

    Too true.

    Walsh, while setting out Rudd’s psychopathy perfectly, and accurately analyzing the help the media gave him, fell victim to Rudd herself.

    Even she couldn’t believe he was quite the maniac she had so comprehensively described.

  13. According to yesterday’s DT, G Combet is in Journans, France:


    Wish he were here. Loved his “mendacious” word that was so effective in shaming the nasty LOTO.

  14. Abbott announces his platinum-plated PPL policy flanked by two honeys – Michaelia Cash and Kelly O’Bigmouth.

  15. How can the disgusting Morriscum walk into his happy-clapping church and hold his head up? It says plenty about him and his church.

  16. Ah, so he’s wheeling out his Women of Calibre, BK? Maybe Michaela could do a special encore of one of her Senate rants.

    As for Morrison and the Happy Clappers … I fear they are a self-righteous bunch. Franklin Graham (Billy’s son) went to Iraq with the invading/occupying troops. He offered food and comfort to the dispossessed but only on condition that they converted to Christianity.

  17. There are a lot of problems with Abbott’s PPL. It was initially suggested by his unmarried, childless barely past teenage daughters and is so obviously aimed at winning over the votes of wealthy women who work full time. It is supposed to encourage these ‘women of calibre’ to have more kids. Kids who will be raised by nannies and au pairs while mummy races back to her highly paid career as soon as the PPL money runs out. Kids who will be fodder for private schools later on. Money that will help the new parents keep up the payments on the lavish house and the lavish car and the lavish lifestyle at our expense.

    For those working part-time or as casuals it’s not so great. To get the payment a woman has to prove that she has worked 330 hours – around 1 full day a week – in the 10 months before she had her child. Otherwise she misses out completely and gets the much lower baby bonus instead. Low-paid women could end up getting less than the current system pays. If you earn less than the minimum wage – the basis for the current payment – then you could get less PPL than you do now. More money for the rich, less for the low-paid. Typical.

    Just to make it that much worse that great big new tax will – no ifs or buts, will – bump up prices across the board. Abbott will be taxing electricity providers, big retailers, insurance companies, fuel companies, transport companies and more and they WILL pass on the cost of his PPL. We will have higher prices in the supermarket, higher electricity prices, higher fuel prices, higher insurance costs – every aspect of daily life will cost more as we all fork out to cover the cost of Abbott’s scheme.

    Or – Abbott’s company tax cut will compensate for the ‘levy’ and taxpayers will have to foot the whole cost. That means billions less available for essentials like health and education. Either way you look at it the average Aussie is going to be hit hard by this scheme.

    The National are against Abbott’s policy, they say it discriminates against rural women.. There has been mumbling about Nats MPs crossing the floor to vote against the legislation should we elect an Abbott government. Let’s hope they never have to worry about that because they will once again be in opposition after 7 September.

  18. Turned on “Insiders” and listened to Bazz Cazz intro for about 30seconds….silly, trite, sniggering……enough….as the song goes…..” …you know the rest!”

  19. You could laugh or you could weep…the second tier story on Gaurdian Oz, is the rumour about the soldier and “Princess Diana”….rumour, note that..; rumour…while here in Oz., we have the Ashbygate scandal trail becoming even MORE interesting, WITH the main protagonist running for front-bench office….yet nyet, ziltch, neinte, zero,…sweet f#ck all!!!!
    Did these MSM. journo’s REALLY qualify at ANYTHING LIKE a training course to get their jobs??…..I know a local school cleaner more up to date on local news and views than that mob of toothless porn-prompters!

  20. leonetwo

    An excellent summary of Abbott’s PPL. There is another twist that might prove costly for consumers. Abbott has only promised a 1.5% cut to Company Tax “when safe to do so”. It is entirely possible that the PPL will be legislated and implemented thereby causing prices to go up and then in two years’ time the much-vaunted cut to CT comes in but prices remain as they were.
    He may well just dump the Co Tax cut as being unaffordable. Also worthy of note is that small businesses that are not incorporated will not receive the cut but will bear the ‘trickle down’ effect of the PPL. No matter how you look at it, this ‘workplace entitlement’ is going to be paid for by ordinary citizens, with the greatest impact on the least well-off.

  21. This is from a SteveJ blog linked below on economics of copper and fibre:

    The beauty of Fibre is the SAME physical service can be resold at many prices: $24 entry level to $150 for ‘premium’ service.

    THIS is the primary difference between Fibre and Copper. Fibre makes a lot more profit, while offering consumers features they value. “Speed” allows consumes to put a value on their time. Those with the need and means can elect to pay a premium, other can choose the entry-level service.

    Copper’s “one price fits all” and “any speed you like, so long as it’s slow” kills the economics. If FTTN stars at $16/mth wholesale for everybody, that’s under half what NBN Co is already getting: $38/mth ARPU.

    This single innovation is why the FTTP NBN can expect sustained 9% real-growth while the FTTN NBN will be lucky to hit 3.5% and be cashflow positive, let alone make a profit.

    The distribution of demand is also highly skewed: it’s exponential.
    The top 1% consume 10% of download data, the low 50% just 6.4% (six point 4).
    NBN Co profits are generated by the top 25% high-demand users, the rest get the service at cost, or less. Everyone is happy.

    This WHOLE business model is thrown out by the Coalition.

    For a 10% saving in CapEx and around four-times more in OpEx, they sacrifice most of their revenue stream and destroy one of the prime NBN value propositions:
    20%-25% discounts on access rates in 2021 and 51%-89% rates by 2040.

    This alone shows how stupid it would be to replace the NBN with #Fraudband. Worse tho—the Libs won’t roll out even #Fraudband, not with Piss&Moan as PM more especially.

    You weep when you think of the revenue streams Howard & Costello enjoyed—and used solely to reward their mates with tax cuts to the rich and pork barreling and tax rorts for the rich involving super lurks etc.

    We could already have the NBN and the increase in GDP ($70Bn estimated) and the state and commonwealth revenues from that boost to GDP. Would have helped productivity too.

    Steve goes on:

    Nobody seems to have noticed we’ve only been shown by the Coalition the first 5 years of a 30-year business plan, that includes throwing away the FTTN and upgrading to full FTTP. The Coalition itself estimates that the “throw away” will waste $4 billion. Wasn’t that what they saved in CapEx.

    If the FTTN business doesn’t turn a profit, then how will it ever pay for the $4 billion wasted, let alone provide a positive Net Present Value over going directly to FTTP?

    Like I keep saying—#Fraudband is faux policy, designed to get the Libs over the line (like it would have in 2010 when they botched broadband policy—remember the appalling effort by Piss&Moan on 7.30 (which was a good program back then?) Once elected #Fraudband will be thrown into the waste paper bin and forgotten about, except in the odd speech when they pretend it is still going ahead.

    And we slowly turn into the poor white trash of Asia. … opper.html

  22. I wish it was so easy to fix #Fraudband i.e. put it in a chaff bag and dump it out to sea.

    I fear the Australian Punters may well convince themselves that we only deserve second best.

    It’s part of what used to be called The Cultural Cringe.

    We have a second rate Head Of State – QE-2 – nice lady, but who needs a Queen nowadays?

    We have a second rate economy, based on digging holes, flogging them off and buying them back, value-added, at a hundred times what we sold them for.

    We have a second third rate media, up for grabs to any billionaire with a lazy few hundred million, obsessed with Reality TV games and phoney crises.

    We have a second rate national broadcaster, full of underpaid (in their own minds) hacks, who think Murdoch will give them a job if they play his game.

    We have a second rate business lobby, obsessed with protecting their anachronistic patches, inefficient industries and cosy monopolies or cartels.

    We are constantly told by millionaire shock jocks that we have a cheek to think we can do better. Yet at the same time they also tell us that we are better than most – dagoes, wogs, Asians, Muslims – and have a perfect right to insist that other countries take care of these people’s problems. Go figure.

    Whatever it takes – invective, hyperbole, hatred, jealousy, the lynch mob mentality – is used to keep us complacent, satisfied with stubbing out toes on gold nuggets and then digging them up, incurious as to how we could develop these resources into something worthwhile.

    A million Australians live overseas. They do so largely because there is little opportunity here for their talents and ambitions, their ideas and innovations. Others always benefit from Australian resources, human, mineral or creative.

    I once heard Alan Jones rhetorically ask his audience whether they wanted to be like the “ant colony” nations of Asia, working dawn till dusk, wired together by high-speed broadband systems whose main effect was to make their lives into ones where they could never rest. Jones prefers to write letters, old fashioned ones, on paper, with ink. His callers queue up to phone in and agree with him.

    Ironically the people who will suffer the most from policies like Abbott’s #Fraudband, and his favor-the-rich PPL scheme, are the ones who love him the most and will desert Labor to vote for the knockabout guy they reckon is a good bloke, without knowing why, or caring, certainly without being prepared to understand any of his policies. Abbott’s physicality – his bike riding, running, his pugnaciousness – appeal to their ideal of the quintessential “Aussie”.

    Like the very best of obvious con men, Abbott has swindled his victims into thinking that – though they know for certain he is a rogue – they have his measure, and it’ll only be others who are swindled by him, not themselves. It’s classic Shell Game stuff. You set up a crooked game, sprinkle it with shills and confederates who either demonstrably win or lose (doesn’t matter which), let the victim see what they think is the loophole… and then take his money.

    Hence the punters tell Essential’s researchers that they positively want spending cuts and sell-offs, believing that it won’t be them who are being deprived of services, but only the other bloke: the bludger, the public servant, the reffo, the migrant, the boat person, the artsy-fartsy government grant junkie and the mendacious scientist who never does anything unless he can suck off the public tit, and is prepared to sell his expertise to whomever will give him the most money so he can continue his lying, tenured ways.

    Australia is an anti-intellectual society. We always have been. Our entire economy is based on stumbling upon riches and selling them off quick to someone who will do something to them that we don’t understand, and don’t want to..Then we buy those riches back at an inflated price: as cars, or a TV set, or some other gadget.

    Even tourism is like this. Take an unspoiled beach or a beautiful harbour frontage – a free resource – and put a resort on it, or a casino, then brag how you’re going to fleece overseas customers clearly too stupid to twig they’re being robbed. Easy money!

    The real bludgers off the public tit – the billionaires who “develop” these resources – are treated as demi-gods, too rare and rich to upset or they will go somewhere else, and take their money with them.

    Service industries are limited to selling real estate to each other or, once having bought the real estate, insuring it, renovating it or selling food and clothing to those who do the renovating.

    Welcome to Australia, 2013, still cringing, still believing it’s not good enough for the best, still arrogantly asserting that we are God’s country, still scared of doing anything to upset the oligarchs and spivs who run it.

  23. Another twist to Abbott’s PPL. He’s all for using nannies and au pairs to provide government-subsidised child care. Will his ‘women of calibre’ be able to employ 457 workers to provide their in-home childcare? If they can they will, of course, pay these workers peanuts and keep a lot of that subsidy money for themselves. I bet there are already accountants working on ways it could be done.

  24. Hi everyone,

    Haven’t posted here for a while but am glad to see a few familiar faces.

    Have thrown in the towel across the road so you will now have to put up with me here. PB was starting to twist me into a nasty person.

    Anyhow, not having any BB commentary was getting boring & I see BK posts up his daily links here as well.

  25. PA

    If you are particularly attached to your avatar and have no means of enhancing it, I have applications that might do it for you. If so, send original to BB and I’m sure he won’t mind passing it on to me. No promises but I’m pretty sure I can restore it to respectability.

  26. It’s ironic that the LNP. conservatives hanker after an imaginary fiefdom, replete with slaves and bonded labour….while a good many citizens hanker after a “master” who will “look after them” via the “trickle down effect”….just leave them with bread and circus’s…thinking all the while, the poor stiff “down there” in the arena with the lions will be “those others”…..and when the time comes when they shockingly realise THEY are the ones looking UP at the spectators……it will be too late….their wails of despair will be drowned out by “Hail Antonius Canaedus Abbottus!…and his wise consel ; Biggus Dickus Brandis!”

  27. Mike
    Hello, and would you like one of my freshly baked home made gingernut biscuits?

    Can I be rude and ask what name you went under at PB? Of course you don’t have to answer.

  28. Mike…hello and I’ve always ben intrigued by that Asiatic looks mystical….what and where?

  29. G.D.1,
    After reading quite a few forums on your problem it appears to be not restricted to Mac computers. Various solutions were suggested which I will not try to repeat. However the problem was attributed to 3 different causes. 1. Router 2 Modem. 3. Anti virus software.
    As Mac O/Ss have their own inbuilt Anti Virus Software I would think that can be eliminated. Can you connect your computer direct to the modem bypassing the router? If this works then the router is the problem.. If not then ring your ISP and ask their techs to talk you through resetting your modem to their specs. This is only a suggestion and feel free to disregard, I certainly will not be offended.

  30. CTar1,

    re Immunisation – it is a good idea but why not the same for those who refuse to protect their kids on religious grounds? Immunisation should be compulsory across the board – no bloody excuses.

  31. Hi leone, I read your comments on Abbott’s PPL with interest. A more cynical mind like mine might see a policy designed to encourage wealthy families to have more kids as future proofing for the Liberal’s, they assume these Alpha babies will all grow up to be good little Tory voters.

  32. foreverjanice

    Them as well.

    When my nieces and nephews started having children I paid my first voluntary visit to a doctor to be injected for Whooping Cough and whatever else was recommended.

    On the children bit – I’ve got one 3 yr dead asleep on my lap at the moment.

  33. 2gravel – Ctari knows me too well, same name here as there but don’t hold that against me please.

    And thank you for your offer of gingernut biscuits!

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