Friday Raffles (and notice of staff changes)

Due to some recent retirements (with maybe more to come on September 7th), we have had to employ some new staff members…

So please meet


Ray will be in charge of our Security Department (making sure no illegals get past the door)…


Ray will also be casting an expert eye over the Kitchen, and look after Customer Liason (seen here with patron, “Tony”).

A warm welcome from all Pubketeers for Ray.



Well anyhow, don’t upset Ray. He has a bad temper. And so does his

Attack Shi-Tzu named Costa…

Cozzie Two-Tone

In Joe6pak’s temporary absence, we will be eschewing the usual topless revue, and instead will be hosting a glamorous swimsuit parade, featuring the stunning “Coalition Boys”, direct from Oxford St. Sydney (calm down girls… they’re “unavailable”) …

Abbott Lifesaver

Afterwards we have a special treat, “The Magnificent Abbott” and his Magic Show featuring the delectable Andrea and Joe-Lynn as his beautiful female assistants, collaborating with Tony in his grand illusions and experiments.


You will believe anything, even Coalition promises, after tonight’s performance…

We appreciate that, after you’ve had a few, almost anything looks good… like…

pYNE body builder bare


Well, maybe not.. let’s try again… how about…

ahem… Whatever… please don’t get carried away, or else you’ll  upset…

and then you might need the Pub’s new Nurse, Peta…

to patch you up.

The Raffle will be on sooner rather than later and please drink responsibly. Tonight’s movie (in the Brandis SC DH Auditorium will be

Liberal Sting

And remember…

Courteous Bar staff

Enjoy youselves!

(Please be advised: “Chuck bags are available by request over the bar.”)


578 thoughts on “Friday Raffles (and notice of staff changes)

  1. New avatar is my dog sitting about 25m from busy South Rd while I was taking pictures in Hindmarsh cemetery.

    That’s a mighty bug-eyed dog, PA. Amazing eyes!

    The trick with gravatars is to make them scalable so they they look good big or small.

    Punchy, simple graphics with a simple contrasty color scheme are the key. If you try for too much detail it just gets lost in the blancmange of the background. Pick a theme and go with it. Don’t try to convey too much information.

    When you think of it that’s the secret of a great photograph, or a great logo: something that can look good in a book, or at thumbnail size – at 3″ or 6″ wide – or good on a wall at 6 feet wide, framed.

    The same things don’t have to look good at the various sizes, or even be apparent but, as you either enlarge or reduce the size of the image, various attributes take over from others. The attributes that become less important also should never interfere with the ones that do. For example, strong composition replaces detail as the key theme when you reduce size, and vice versa.

    If you’re lucky you get both, at either end of the scale.

  2. slav g
    I saw your posts just before, and tried again. Originally I got unknown host. I tried it again, copying your later command listing straight from this thread. I’ve copied the Terminal screen

    Last login: Sun Aug 18 07:45:45 on ttys000
    Dons-MacBook-Pro:~ donwilson$
    Dons-MacBook-Pro:~ donwilson$ ping -t 5 http://www.independentaustralia.nettraceroute
    usage: ping [-AaDdfnoQqRrv] [-b boundif] [-c count] [-G sweepmaxsize] [-g sweepminsize]
    [-h sweepincrsize] [-i wait] [-l preload] [-M mask | time] [-m ttl]
    [-p pattern] [-S src_addr] [-s packetsize] [-t timeout]
    [-W waittime] [-z tos] host
    ping [-AaDdfLnoQqRrv] [-c count] [-I iface] [-i wait] [-l preload]
    [-M mask | time] [-m ttl] [-p pattern] [-S src_addr]
    [-s packetsize] [-T ttl] [-t timeout] [-W waittime]
    [-z tos] mcast-group
    Dons-MacBook-Pro:~ donwilson$
    Dons-MacBook-Pro:~ donwilson$ ping -t 5 http://www.imdependentaustralia.net5
    ping: cannot resolve http://www.imdependentaustralia.net5: Unknown host
    Dons-MacBook-Pro:~ donwilson$ traceroute
    traceroute: unknown host
    Dons-MacBook-Pro:~ donwilson$ nslookup

    Non-authoritative answer:

    Dons-MacBook-Pro:~ donwilson$ ping -t 5
    PING ( 56 data bytes
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 0
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 1
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 2
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 3

    — ping statistics —
    5 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100.0% packet loss
    Dons-MacBook-Pro:~ donwilson$ traceroute

    I hope that gives you some clue.

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