Friday Raffles (and notice of staff changes)

Due to some recent retirements (with maybe more to come on September 7th), we have had to employ some new staff members…

So please meet


Ray will be in charge of our Security Department (making sure no illegals get past the door)…


Ray will also be casting an expert eye over the Kitchen, and look after Customer Liason (seen here with patron, “Tony”).

A warm welcome from all Pubketeers for Ray.



Well anyhow, don’t upset Ray. He has a bad temper. And so does his

Attack Shi-Tzu named Costa…

Cozzie Two-Tone

In Joe6pak’s temporary absence, we will be eschewing the usual topless revue, and instead will be hosting a glamorous swimsuit parade, featuring the stunning “Coalition Boys”, direct from Oxford St. Sydney (calm down girls… they’re “unavailable”) …

Abbott Lifesaver

Afterwards we have a special treat, “The Magnificent Abbott” and his Magic Show featuring the delectable Andrea and Joe-Lynn as his beautiful female assistants, collaborating with Tony in his grand illusions and experiments.


You will believe anything, even Coalition promises, after tonight’s performance…

We appreciate that, after you’ve had a few, almost anything looks good… like…

pYNE body builder bare


Well, maybe not.. let’s try again… how about…

ahem… Whatever… please don’t get carried away, or else you’ll  upset…

and then you might need the Pub’s new Nurse, Peta…

to patch you up.

The Raffle will be on sooner rather than later and please drink responsibly. Tonight’s movie (in the Brandis SC DH Auditorium will be

Liberal Sting

And remember…

Courteous Bar staff

Enjoy youselves!

(Please be advised: “Chuck bags are available by request over the bar.”)

578 thoughts on “Friday Raffles (and notice of staff changes)

  1. Janice

    I would genuinely love to send some, when transporters are invented for real, you’ll be the first cab off the rank after I send some to my Mum. I have a great recipe, get my email addy off the mods and I’ll send it to you.

  2. jaycee – my daughter painted my avatar. I have the picture above my desk at work & find it strangely compelling so thought why not, let’s make it my avatar. A photo of me would be nowhere as pleasant!

  3. Mike
    No worries, I’m sure you’re a good sport, I haven’t been to PB since we’ve been up and running here so may have missed your entrance. By the way, I only read PB, never commented.

  4. Thanks for that , Mike…I always wondered from when I first saw it…
    This is a great track from the Stones…mixed with scenes from that great movie..Apocalypse now.

  5. 2gravel – I continue to harry the enemy over there and swap comments with the more interesting posters (and tangle with ‘Many words Fran’ in a fun way at times).

  6. This, I think, is the salient point for this election:

    matthew Doddrell ‏@mffyrg 14m

    Imagine the parlous state we’d be in if the Coalition HADN’T been defeated in ’07..! #auspol #ausvotes

    That’s the line that should be pushed by the ALP from now until election day. It allows them to put the framework in place to extol all the achievements under this Government.

    Start with the list of things achieved – short list of major achievements (thriving under GFC conditions, NBN, action on carbon, Gonski, effective AS policy, NDIS), contrasted with what the Coalition said they would do. Another list of other achievements. Then just the number of other things achieved (it would be a large one).

    Then outline just how many of these achievements would be lost if the Coalition were voted in. Then emphasise the strength of the economy.

    Then put forward the following question: Given we are leading the world’s economies, why should we lose all of these achievements? In order to give power to a party that won’t even tell us how they’re going to fund anything they promise?

    I really don’t think the ALP would lose out by making the picture as big and as stark as possible. The Coalition can’t fight a picture that big. And it’s the threat of losing improvements we worked long and hard to achieve that should be foremost in everyone’s minds. Getting bogged down in detail is the ALP’s biggest drawback right now.

  7. Just following on my last post. That approach would work whether the election was won or lost. If you make everyone strongly aware of exactly what the ALP has achieved, it puts intolerable pressure on a (possible) incoming Coalition government not to bugger it up. And it gives the ALP a powerful leg-up whenever the first thing goes wrong. If everyone goes into the election aware that the economy is strong and on a good basis, there’s no chance for Hockey or Robb to start going on about the ALP being to blame for things going wrong.

    They don’t know what they’re doing over there anyway. They’re running a PR campaign, not a policy one. So every time anything goes slightly askew under a Coaltion government, the ALP would have a spokesman out there, saying, “It’s starting already. They’re going to ruin this economy,. Here’s what they should do.”

    Positive campaigning on a strong record of government is the best chance of winning. And it also the best chance of dragging the Coalition down if the government changes hands.

  8. Ctari – I was getting frustrated & rude. Running fowl of William (fair call from him) & one more nasty post from the Menzies House tag team trolls pushed me away.

  9. Mike – You’ve been pushing the envelope but not rudely.

    William is fair but wants diverse comment.

    I’ll talk to actual people like CC but the puppets I’ll snipe at sometimes.

  10. Aguirre—I did that some time in 2009-10

    Worked out to $1Trn, one bank fallen over, 12% unemployed. Used the Libs own words as much as possible and assumed Tip, if he ever woke up to the peril, would do tax cuts which are useless as stimulus. No HIP or BER, one set of $900 cheques and a $25K cut off point for the deposits guarantee (then LOTO Turncoat’s suggestion.)

    The low cut off point would have seen a rush of people pulling money out above $25K to redeposit elsewhere, just ripe for setting off a rush on banks! Idiots!

  11. Hi, welcome, Mike. I gave it away over there just after this continued on from the Christmas launch. I was simply despairing of the same old Ruddista stuff, especially how it always wetn back to “yes she did betray him” type of stuff.

    The Liberal trolls I learned to ignore and scroll past. But it was wearying with Rudd, and that was before his 89th Chinese whisper finally got him there. Now it’s pretty much as one-eyed as when he was a martyr. I still lurk over there, but haven’t been tempted to post. Not even when bemused went on recently about alleged treachery against Rudd on the campaign trail.

    When comparing it with the leaks of the 2010 campaign, there hasn’t been anything that I’ve seen, but then I don’t see much of the news these days. I was tempted to ask him WTF he was talking about, but it is a sore waste of time arguing with him.

    Of course, denese/My Say is quite right, and we need to rally to defend what has been built, Aguirre has, I think, come up with a brilliant strategy of linking the campaign to “What would have happened if the Coalition hadn’t been beaten in 2007…”

    It is a method of drawing the whole of Labor’s achievements together so that the GFC can be explained at the same time as how other governments stuffed up by adapting coalition-type austerity programs. Furthermore, it may be a way for Rudd to suppress his ego enough to boast about the reforms since then, most notably carbon pricing,, disability and education and biggest of all by both governments … the NBN.

    It needs a strategy claiming credit for a great record, which is being hidden by Abbott-News Ltd negative stunts.

  12. Yes, Mike..I too ran fowl odf William (I was getting a bit rich!)..I posted under a different nom de plume over there…But I would have thought William would allow us “more imaginative” insulters a tad more leeway…sort of “offering up” those dumb-arse right-winger posters ( who really had little or nothing to contribute save vitriol and spite) as “sacrificial lambs” for the entertainment value!
    After all, there’s never any shortage of dumb-arse right-wingers, that’s for sure!

  13. The oppositions PPL is a bribe to small business. Open to being rorted.
    Employ your family or friends on an inflated wage and title (ie. managing director) have a baby and cash in.
    The libs see every small business as an agent of the liberal party and know they can influence their customers voting decisions.

  14. Leone,

    I think Billie’s suggestion is brill – would you be okay with being a Guest Author?

  15. GD, could you just confirm you are not using http:// in front of the address for IA that I have in my commands. You are getting there, just few small adjustments and you will get the right outputs that I can trust :-). The command that didn’t run earlier for you is because you kind of merged two of them together so I will list the three commands here for you and run them one at a time please :). Again please make sure you don’t have http:// in front of them in your terminal as that will not work:

    ping -t 5
  16. New avatar is my dog sitting about 25m from busy South Rd while I was taking pictures in Hindmarsh cemetery.

    That’s a mighty bug-eyed dog, PA. Amazing eyes!

    The trick with gravatars is to make them scalable so they they look good big or small.

    Punchy, simple graphics with a simple contrasty color scheme are the key. If you try for too much detail it just gets lost in the blancmange of the background. Pick a theme and go with it. Don’t try to convey too much information.

    When you think of it that’s the secret of a great photograph, or a great logo: something that can look good in a book, or at thumbnail size – at 3″ or 6″ wide – or good on a wall at 6 feet wide, framed.

    The same things don’t have to look good at the various sizes, or even be apparent but, as you either enlarge or reduce the size of the image, various attributes take over from others. The attributes that become less important also should never interfere with the ones that do. For example, strong composition replaces detail as the key theme when you reduce size, and vice versa.

    If you’re lucky you get both, at either end of the scale.

  17. slav g
    I saw your posts just before, and tried again. Originally I got unknown host. I tried it again, copying your later command listing straight from this thread. I’ve copied the Terminal screen

    Last login: Sun Aug 18 07:45:45 on ttys000
    Dons-MacBook-Pro:~ donwilson$
    Dons-MacBook-Pro:~ donwilson$ ping -t 5 http://www.independentaustralia.nettraceroute
    usage: ping [-AaDdfnoQqRrv] [-b boundif] [-c count] [-G sweepmaxsize] [-g sweepminsize]
    [-h sweepincrsize] [-i wait] [-l preload] [-M mask | time] [-m ttl]
    [-p pattern] [-S src_addr] [-s packetsize] [-t timeout]
    [-W waittime] [-z tos] host
    ping [-AaDdfLnoQqRrv] [-c count] [-I iface] [-i wait] [-l preload]
    [-M mask | time] [-m ttl] [-p pattern] [-S src_addr]
    [-s packetsize] [-T ttl] [-t timeout] [-W waittime]
    [-z tos] mcast-group
    Dons-MacBook-Pro:~ donwilson$
    Dons-MacBook-Pro:~ donwilson$ ping -t 5 http://www.imdependentaustralia.net5
    ping: cannot resolve http://www.imdependentaustralia.net5: Unknown host
    Dons-MacBook-Pro:~ donwilson$ traceroute
    traceroute: unknown host
    Dons-MacBook-Pro:~ donwilson$ nslookup

    Non-authoritative answer:

    Dons-MacBook-Pro:~ donwilson$ ping -t 5
    PING ( 56 data bytes
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 0
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 1
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 2
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 3

    — ping statistics —
    5 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100.0% packet loss
    Dons-MacBook-Pro:~ donwilson$ traceroute

    I hope that gives you some clue.

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