“Let’s all hope for the best for BOB” Friday Night Raffles.

Bob WalkHello all and welcome to another edition of FRIDAY NIGHT RAFFLES.

As most will know Bushfire Bill’s wonderful Dog Bob is doing things a bit tough at the moment.

(so is Bushfire)

So as we relax and have a few drinks let’s all hope for the best for Bob and send him our best wishes.


are thinking of him as well.

The political scene seems a bit strange just now  like everyone is waiting for the final battle to begin

TheFinalBattlebut as it’s


We don’t care, Drink up release some stress and play your favourite songs or video clips.

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CK WATT will be conducting the raffle (Hopefully) and Fiona and c@tmomma will be tending the bar Manet-A-Bar-at-the-Folies-Bergeres

I will be propping up the corner keeping a eye on things.

412 thoughts on ““Let’s all hope for the best for BOB” Friday Night Raffles.

  1. Fiona – I think 80lt + 6 reserve.

    Missy’s has a super-charger on top and it’s squealing so I guess my bucks are passing fast.

    Less than 2 hrs to Genoa.

  2. Fiona – The Graduation thing seems to have gone off well.

    Small pleasures.

    Real achievements.

  3. CTar,

    All I can say is what can you find wrong with this?

    “… light, easily serviceable engine, extremely soft long travel suspension (with height adjustment by lengthening/shortening of tie rods)high ground clearance, and for oversized loads a car-wide canvas sunroof, which (until 1955) also covered the boot.”

    Plus, according to my sources, if you don’t like the provided seats, simply insert armchairs of your choice.

    Sounds to me like the perfect libertarian Barnaby Joyce Coalition’s choice for the proles masses aspirational market.

  4. Puffy,

    Next trip, you can be CTar’s guard dragon. I think he travels light – as all sensible travellers do.

  5. Ptmd – If I’m keeping track you have got the dove-tail thing done.

    Just as JC and Narns say all you need is to understand how difficult once.

    After that … let the machine do it.

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