The “I’m in a particularly good mood Friday Raffle” Post

Hello pub Patrons, I trust everyone is well this fine Friday  

Another week has passed and despite the call of a national crises by the Bunny and some in the media,we are still here,haven’t been overrun by the northern hordes and are still living in relative peace and harmony.


To celebrate this fine fact and because I am in a good mood tonight’s raffle prize will again be a mystery and will be posted to whoever is lucky enough to win,so get in early and get your tickets from the magnificent raffle master CK Watt.

Qld won another origin series bad luck NSW. I know some here don’t care but I do so Yippiee.



The Bar is open and is self serve . Drinks are on me tonight and later if enough are interested we may have a small game of Trivia.

Drink up,have fun Remember the coalition are the enemy and enjoy yourselves.


The Experiment post

In 2007 he was  Pm of Australia

378348-john-howardr206121_785585Then Kevin 07 won591436-rudd-hit-squadThen the faceless men struck


Julia gillard was installeddownload (1)And survived a hung Parliament thanks to these to men of integrity.

And achieved great things but sadly there was too many walls stacked in front of her but she did

abbott the thugdeny this thug the keys to the lodge.



Now he is back and nothing will change that but,

Who would you  prefer to lead Australia for the next 3 years?  HimabbottteamOr them

Friday Fireworks!

Earlier today I received an email from Joe6pack:

Hi, stuck In gladstone waiting for a crane big enough to unload me to turn up. Not happy. Sorry about leaving friday night to you again.

So, I had a flash of inspiration. In honour of Le Jour de Bastille this Sunday, we should illuminate The Pub a bit more than we usually do:

CK Watt will work his usual raffle magic:

C@tmomma and moi will serve drinks

and food

(when not kicking up our heels)

while Mr Bushfire Bill will exercise crowd control:

So, Pubkateers, kick back and enjoy the fun!