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  1. Zoomster!
    So good to see you here! You know we give away free drinks on a Friday!?! Just don’t tell the Boss!

    If you want to send an e-mail to fionaj, which has an address you would like people to use if they want to get a badge, she could provide it to anyone who wants it. Or, you can just put it up here.

  2. Bushfire Bill,
    Not meaning to be misinterpreted and so seem flippant, but do they have CAT Scans for dogs, so you could find out if Bob has a brain tumour or not?

    Didn’t you mean a C@T scan? Irony works on so many levels!

    Yes, they do CAT scans, even MRIs. Reading the American web sites, you’d think these kinds of things are almost routine.

    They’re not.

    And they’re hellishly expensive. No “Medibank” aspects to them at all…. remember vets call themselves “Doctor Dave” and “Doctor Jacqui” nowadays. It helps them justify their fees.

    I’m attached to Bob, very much so, but I wouldn’t (and can’t possibly afford to) put him through that kind of nightmare.

  3. I would trust the Coalition on Education as far as you could throw them.

    To my eyes they’re just doing what they always do. Identify a Labor program or policy which is wildly popular with the electorate, say you support it, in this case for 4 years, in order to neutralise it in the upcoming election as an issue, then if you get elected spend the next term attacking it by word and deed, until such time as you have mutated it into what you would prefer it to be.

  4. Space Kidette ‏@SpaceKidette 15m

    Doesn’t matter what LNP tell you their ‘policies’ are because the QLD experience is their agenda is very different to what they tell you.

  5. c@tmomma,

    I agree. I honestly believe if they won they’d simply do another “Cossie Audit” justifying stripping expenditure bare and the first to go would be the Education funding.

  6. space kidette,
    The L/NP tell you one thing before an election but always provide themselves with a ‘Get Out Of Jail Card’ to use after the election.

    You just have to think back to Tony Abbott’s ‘Rolled Gold Medicare Safety Net’ pre-election promise, broken immediately after the election with a mouthful of ‘rolled gold’ weasel words from Abbott. The man is a professional political shape shifter.

    Who also has the hide of Jessie the cow to campaign on ‘Trust’.

  7. The Abbott coalition is doing exactly what Rudd labor are doing atm.

    Both sides are trying to neutralize the negatives before the “official” campaign begins.

    The political chess game is underway.

    Labor with the “carbon tax” and AS.

    Abbott with education funding, NDIS etc.

    Expect mire of these “backflips” from Abbott and possibly further announcements from labor as both sides attempt to clear the decks so they can concentrate on their favoured areas as we ramp up the campaign.

    Both sides want a narrow focus , just on different things!

    It is all politics, soundbites and noise from both sides and we should not be surprised.

    That is just the reality.

    Both sides are playing the same game.

  8. doyley,

    I get the impression that the LNP are waiting for the election day to be announced to flip the switch on their current rhetoric. They are looking for the smallest time on the election campaign and I suspect it is because they don’t want to be hammered on costing & funding issues.

  9. sk,

    I agree 100%

    The coalition are just clearing the decks of any pesky policy issues that may interfere with their campaign on AS, debt, corruption and trust.

    Very narrow but easy to manage during a official campaign.

    Labor is doing the same thing but with a different end point of focus..

  10. Every time a light plane flies over our house (we’re 2,000 feet under the light aircraft traffic flight path), ABC-24 goes on the blink.

    At around 7pm, when the Off-Peak electricity pulses come through the house wiring… ditto.

    So much for the “Wireless NBN”.

    Every little disturbance, every reflection off metal that kills, for however short a time, a wireless signal like that lengthens download times.

    We don’t see it, they’re too short… but they add up.

    It’s called “Interference”.

    Similar, but not so drastic, interference, as well as extra capacitance the longer the cable is, affects twisted pair copper. Two copper wires twisted together are just like two metal plates in close proximity to each other, i.e. a very long capacitor… and capacitors smooth out pulses – which are all copper-based electrical signals are – eventually flattening them to below the detection threshold.

    And then there’s signal drop, which, without intermediate boosting, kills a signal off after a couple of kilometres, and makes the noise floor closer to signal level.

    On the other hand, optical fibre in Labor’s NBN can (and will eventually) carry thousands of times its advertised bandwidth without any modification of the cable in the pits, without shielding and without radio frequency interference.

    The Coalition, and their shameless spruikers (some of them in the internet industry) are such wankers.

    The NBN alone should win the election for Labor, if the Australian people listen closely enough.

    The Coalition (thinks it) knows the cost of everything, but they know the value of nothing. Their NBN is just a piece of cynical negativism, manufactured contrariness that, in a real world, run by sensible principles, wouldn’t last a minute if analysed in the cold light of day.

    That anyone, especially in the media, could even treat the Coalition scheme with the slightest amount of phoney “balance” disgusts me.

  11. Original document, plus a free article from Laura

    Click to access 2013_Economic_Statement.pdf

    AUGUST 2013


    Abbott challenged as Labor boosts taxes to plug holes

    LAURA TINGLE Political editor
    Chris Bowen’s first budget document as Treasurer seeks to redefine the economic debate to make a political virtue of a softening economy and deteriorating budget position, daring Tony Abbott to put austerity ahead of jobs and reject Labor’s tax increases.

    In the process, Labor’s economic statement seeks to blunt the Coalition’s attack on the government’s economic record as it resets the starting gun on the discussion about the economy as we go into the election campaign.

  12. The next round of economic debate between the two sides of politics looks like it will be,

    ” their black hole is bigger than ours ! ”

    I cannot wait for the broad and indepth policy analysis by the OM arising out of that !

  13. patriciawa

    Julia Gillard has left a strong mark. Deep down I still consider her to be our PM. The other one is illegitimate as he was placed there by the media, the Coalition and some Labor traitors. KR will need to surpass himself to earn my forgiveness and respect. Which should be relatively easy to achieve providing the entire team continues to toe the line, the media becomes more compliant, and the LOTO continues his metooism. All these factors were non-existant with PMJG.

  14. How long before Obamas OZ team produce their first ad? The Great Gonski one and a half with pike from Pyne and Abbott would surely provide a literal gold mine.

  15. Al Palster,
    I think the answer to your question is that Obama’s Digital Ad Guru doesn’t arrive in Australia until this weekend, so watch this space after that!

  16. Could be me, or my bias agin Rudd, but I’m sure that the digital guru idea was mooted, any probably put in train, by JGPM and McTernan not long after OB’s re-election?

  17. Abbott has now had a third backflip on Gonski. Gonski will now stay in place for 4 years under a Coalition Govt.
    Standby for campaign mode Abbott, “I’m more Gonski than Gonski”.

  18. Ian,

    Meredith Burgmann’s son, whose name escapes me for the moment, was one of the new media Wunderkinder in President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaigns. He arrived in Australia to work with the ALP a few months ago. Not sure where things are at now.


    Wagner? Not for moi, but a dwarf JS Bach, or Leonard Cohen, or Richard Tognetti, would be more than acceptable.

  19. Vote1Julia,

    Did you hear Mr Pyne declare (on radio) that he was “not interested” in politics – only in policy?

  20. Almost certainly, Ian. She was confident that once it turned to campaigning she could turn support around. The digital gurus would have been part of that strategy.

  21. ian
    i thought the same thing. Labor had been studying Obama’s campaign ever since he was elected, staff including McTernan traveled to the US, it was no secret that Labor intended to use ideas from the campaign. Julia Gillard’s ‘Women for Labor’ thing was straight from the Democrat campaign. So I’d say the importation of Team Obama’ was in train well before Rudd became PM.

    For example


  22. Standby for campaign mode Abbott, “I’m more Gonski than Gonski”.

    More Newman than Newman.

  23. A view of the parlous state of Australian test cricket from Hitler.

    At the PUB this evening ducky will give a report on today’s luncheon.

  24. Despite polling evidence suggesting the opposite, I remain in the camp of BB, Ian, Janice and Leone, that Australia could have been awakened from that stupor of pointless hatred. Perhaps not.

    Either way, it’s history now, and all we can do is try to salvage the program.

  25. Fiona – Here it’s nice that we have the Porters to keep us safe from the riff-raff 😀

  26. foreverjanice,

    The sick cherubs asked if they could change to the cartoon channel. I said yes. That’s one way to avoid jo ho’s big blo!

  27. Spacey,

    Yeah, you are more likely to enjoy the Cherub’s cartoons than JoHo – he’s naught but a blowhole at any time so it won’t be any different this time around.

  28. foreverjanice,

    I’m sure the rhetoric will be the same as every other time but I suspect there will be more huffing, puffing and spitting!

  29. Janice,

    I’m too busy rearranging my collection of navel-fluff.

    Yes, I do miss Mr Swan, but I think Mr Bowen is doing pretty well.


    You will still keep. Perhaps even more so.

  30. Meredith’s son’s name is Patrick. I remember some 25 years or so ago, waiting at Tullamarine for a delayed plane to Sydney on an evening after a FAUSA Union meeting and Meredith fretting about the delay for five-year old Patrick waiting back home at Glebe. She delayed entering the NSW Upper House until she considered Patrick old enough to cope with her delayed homecomings..

  31. ABC24 over Windows Remote Desktop performing dismally at the moment.

    What bullsh#t is Kentucky-Fried sprouting?

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