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  1. Joe Hockey: “The Coalition have got a plan…and it is a word, ‘Enterprise’…
    and a slogan…’All Boats Rise Together’…except Rupert Murdoch’s private ship and James Packer’s stonking big former ice-breaker might drown a few in their backwash, but who cares because we’ll be aboard!”

  2. Hockey On School kids bonus and no receipts. Mr. Hockey, you know as a father, there is no way you can send your kids to school without spending at least that amount. Receipts not needed.

    If it is about deficits, Hockey could make sense. Trouble is, it is not ABOUT DEBT OR DEFICITS.

  3. Fiona,

    I also think Chris Bowen is doing a good job and compared to JoHo he’s a bloody genius. What I meant about Bowen is that he doesn’t give me the confidence I had in Swan that he knows what he is about – that is not to say Bowen does not know what he is about, it is just the perception I get.

  4. I don’t which is worse: what Joe Robb is saying or the quality of the pictures we’re getting.

  5. What Hockey is ignoring, and Labor is not pushing, is that since the days of Costello, the structural imbalance in ongoing budgets, is falling revenues receipts.
    This is global problem, and is getting worse,.

  6. Gawd, you wouldn’t put JoHo and Robb in charge of a school tuck shop. As usual all they did was diss the economy, rabbit on about debt and deficit and sovereign risk.

  7. foreverjanice – and not offer anything that they would do once in government. Where is the MSM to grill these jokers? 0.05% bank levy when the LNP’s baby bonus tax is 30 times that! 12000 public service jobs while they cry over a couple of hundred potential job losses in the salary packaging game etc etc

    We are poorly served by the media in Australia!

  8. Fed Up,
    It’s Neo Liberal Economics 101. Drive down tax and bugger the consequences. The rich will be able to survive no matter what and can use their ill-gotten gains to pay peanuts for Security Guards for their Gated Communities. But the pay will be better than nothing for the desperate, which will be the alternative.

  9. Heads up! This is REAL LIFE under the LNP:

    Possum Comitatus ‏@Pollytics 1m

    Newman has also sought orders to remove an article on our unions website. This one http://bit.ly/136McDa o_O
    Possum Comitatus ‏@Pollytics 5m

    Newman just sought industrial orders to ban the union from communicating with its members over their enterprise bargaining agreement

  10. halloweenjack1,
    As I alluded to above, Hockey said the Coalition have a plan. He didn’t say what it was, just rabbited on about how their plan would be better for the economy, just for the only reason that they are the Coalition.

    Journalists let them get away with nothing statements like that all the time.

    Would it be too hard to ask, “So what is your plan?”

  11. Possum Comitatus ‏@Pollytics 33s

    Newman lost the EB ballot by a large margin. Then he surveyed the public service on the wage offer internally and lost that too. Now this

  12. spacekidette,
    That is the reality of Coalition governments. All hearts and flowers and photo ops with babies before an election, and hob-nailed boots after it.

  13. Fiona – Smarty!

    I know what my choice would be! But being in polite company might be a problem with either of them.

  14. I’m using an old i-Phone at the moment with someone else’s SIM Card so I might chip in later if I can work out how to use it.

    Like Victoria under ‘Jeff’ I’m ‘on the move’.

  15. The Coalition are seeing it all slip away from them.

    They were so cocky until now that there were conga lines of political apparatchiks applying for jobs.

    Remember when Barrie Cassidy said “Tony Abbott is now the effective Prime Minister of Australia”, back in about April?

    As things deteriorate for them, they will make mistakes.

    Adherence to the old shibboleths of Batts, Boats, Carbon Tax and Debt (usually translated as “Labor can’t do anything right”) are typical of how wrong they’re reading things.

    They’re like kids deprived of their favourite toys, thinking that if they repeat the old mantras enough they’ll wake the punters up in time for election day.

    It’s practically election eve, and they still have only half-baked policies (most of them stupid and contradictory). And that’s where they have any policy on a particular issue at all. Just saying, “What John Howard did” in order to fill the yawning gaps won’t cut it.

    Joe thinks just acting pissed off and snarky will win him government.

    Abbott thinks demonstrably, embarrassingly, visibly attempting to “act statesmanlike” will make him PM. But that’s a tactic needed against Gillard, not Rudd.

    Pyne, is a national joke.

    There are too many backflips, almost one a day. Things they said had been ruined so badly by Labor they’d have to start again when they got into government, they now accept.

    They’ve invented phoney emergencies.

    All this appeals to the 2GB crowd, but not to more rational punters.

    For the first time in three years they’re staring the possibility of defeat right in the eyes and all they have is slogans and that idiotic pamphlet.

    News Ltd headlines are getting crazier and crazier, wackier than Fox News on a bad day.

    It wasn’t supposed to be like this at all.It was supposed to be a doddle and now they have a fight on their hands.

    As they make mistakes they’ll start slipping in the polls.

    And then the fun will really begin.

  16. Cormon on ABC 24. Lyndall not getting many answers. The questions are what most want to hear.
    Lyndall, have you found someone else in the country that are better at forecasting? Yes, says the idiot. Would that be Costello and Griener.

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