Thank goodness it’s Friday!

Dunno where Joe6pack is, so this is a scratched together quickly post so we can get started on the evening’s festivities. CK Watt, I hope you are ready to rock and roll!

Today has been almost spring-like, and my cold has nearly gone. So I am feeling faintly optimistic, especially because of the discombobulation that the Opposition seems to be experiencing.

Ah, the pleasures of Schadenfreude

However, the nights are still chilly (unless you are in Dubai), so warm yourself at the fire,

order what you will from the bar staff, ask CK Watt nicely for your fave numbers, put the music of your choice on the juke box, and get ready to kick up your heels!

651 thoughts on “Thank goodness it’s Friday!

  1. Scoot’s got the other message out, finally. Rudd loves himself, and he’s populist. I still think that approach is counter-productive. Australians don’t mind a media-focused PM at all.

    i can see the cleverness of Rudd’s approach to this too. He’s arranging for as many shots of him being mobbed by ‘fans’ as possible (and framing it to look ‘spontaneous’), and less direct-to-camera stuff. This makes the viewer a little anxious about being left out – something’s happening and they want to be part of it.

    And as seen just then, he always puts the focus back onto the paucity of alternative policy positions. You leave the interview thinking about the Coalition.

  2. BB. ..Morrison has learned how to talk through his mouth and breathe through his ears.

    Far too kind, BB.

  3. Nah!..I tried..two minutes in and I had to turn it off!…..It’s like watching bacteria multiply on a pretrie dish.

  4. The panel are hopeless. I think they’re mostly being positive about Rudd’s approach, but they’re waffling on about nothing much. Even when the show is not being an Abbott love-fest, it’s a waste of time. I’m still waiting for Coorey to say anything remotely interesting. He’s read the front page of the paper and made a few bumbling responses to things he’s been asked. That’s about it.

  5. Aguirre,

    Coorey is pretty well unable to string three words together at the best of times. He is better with the written word and probably spends a lot of time stringing those together as well.

  6. They’re off-beam on economy as well. Just said that possible tax cuts etc prior to the election is a ‘risky move’. Ordinarily, yes. But with an opposition who have been preaching austerity all year, it’s probably just a matter of the ALP moving their economic approach into the gap the Coalition have left behind them. It negates the ‘economic emergency’ line of the Coalition completely – they simply can’t use it if there’s evidence the ALP are onto it.

  7. Every single journo on this panel overuses his hand movement. All you see is hands swirling, jerking sideways, up and down – all seemingly to put emphasis on their wise words.

  8. Coorey is pretty well unable to string three words together at the best of times.

    I dunno, foreverjanice, I seem to recall Bushfire Bill being on the end of a Coorey sentence of more than three words. Admittedly most of them were swear words from memory.

  9. Coorey’s not bad on the odd insult either – eh, BB?

    He’s a shocker. You can’t even correspond politely with the man. He equates a three year campaign by the media to ridicule and finally get rid of Gillard with some kind of Delphic insight into the workings of government.

    When you point this out you get a mouthful of cheek.

    The basic premise of either anti-Boats campaign is that we are too good for coloured asylum seekers here in Australia.

    Other countries can take them. That’s what other countries are for – to be hot, corrupt hellholes – while we remain pure and white.

    Looked at that way, neither campaign can ultimately work. Eventually the external pressure from our neighbouring governments and asylum seekers themselves will overcome any measure we put in place to stop the flow of boats.

    While ever we rely on bribing either the Indonesians or the Papua New Guineans they won’t co-operate wholeheartedly. It’ll be “Show us the dollars” every time.

    As long as Australia regards itself as a class above other nations, we’ll probably be hated by our neighbours, and definitely treated with cynicism.

    If, by some miracle, the boats are stopped, it only means that Indonesia will inherit the problems of having thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of foreigners in their midst, pissed off that they missed their chance and cranky with whatever country they find themselves in.

    All either policy does is palm the problem off onto other nations, and that’s not a recipe for a good and lasting fix.

  10. Aboyt the only sensible thing Coorey said on Insiders today was that the Indonesians could do a little more to fix the problem their end.

    But they can’t. The government basically only has real authority in Jakarta – except for the airport. The further away from the capital you move, the less weight Jakarta’s pronouncement have.

    If Bang-Bang sacked whomever is the General in charge of immigration at the airport, that would go a long way towards slowing down the people smugglers’ supply of raw materials. But he probably can’t do that.

  11. Aguirre,
    Also, Abbott is increasingly being pictured surrounded by people about to fall off the perch, and a nasty lot of Alan Jones fans they seem to be too, with Abbott seeking to play the role of The Great Moderator of their excesses. I am not thinking that plays very well over the airwaves at all to the wider public.

    The panel on Insiders, again, failed to see the wider ramifications of a point they were trying to make that that scenario with the grumpy olds was actually in Abbott’s favour, because the old people vote and the school kids don’t. However, those school kids have parents, and those parents are watching Rudd and Abbott. They vote too. And who do you think they would prefer?

  12. Kevin has taken Therese with him on his surprise visit to Afghanistan. It’s the first time a prime ministerial spouse has visited a war zone.

    The Rudds really are pulling out all the PR stops possible, but will it be enough? Will Tony respond by taking Margie and the Girls to Afghanistan? Will this start a weird contest of ‘I can take more women to Afghanistan’? Will Rudd feel the need to go one better by returning with Therese, Jess and baby Josephine? Would than make Abbott return with his sisters and his cousins and his aunts…..

  13. Could not answer why one would need TPVs.

    I suspect, along with dropping the numbers back to 13.000 AS to the country, that none will be given permanent visas. They will be given TPVs with the belief they can be sent back down the line. All that where given under Howard, were reversed after five years, to permanent visas. Just made life harder for the refugees, More expensive for the tax payer, I will presume.

    As for the rest of Morrison plan at having the army in control. Well not the army chief but an officer, designated by Morrison and answerable to him. The army chief seems to be out of the loop.

    Already there are at least twelve bodies that sit around the table when such matters are discussed.

    What is new about Morrison’s plan. Nothing as far as I can see, except for setting up a new level op PS to supervise what we already have. This from a party that makes much noise about cutting PS departments.

    Either way, at the end of the day, it is the immigration minister in control.

    All I see them doing, is setting up more, not cutting. Whether it is in connection to the economy, IR or asylum seekers.

    So Morrison, why are TPV and off shore processing needed, if you stop the boats. I ask this, as you are saying, you will take less from the region. That you will not have agreements with countries in the region, such as Indonesia and Malaysia. How can anything work, if you do not take from those countries

    You are all stick, no carrot.

    The extraordinary Bali Group meeting takes place on the 29 August, the same day as parliament sits. Maybe they will delay that date, allowing Rudd to attend. as I am sure, much might just come out of that meeting. I am sure that Rudd will want to attend in the beginning of September, the G20 meeting, and one at the UN, where the process begins for Australia to take up it’s temporary seat. The problem would be, would allowing parliament sit, benefit Labor or the Opposition.

    I still go for early October election. Anytime one goes, is a big risk. After all we are only looking at a few weeks difference. Not years, as the Opposition gives the impression of. One thing for sure, Abbott is desperate that they go early. One would think, if Abbott really believe he is the winner, the longer Rudd waits the better for him.

    Allowing the sitting to go ahead, would allow Rudd to put before the house, legislation relating to PNG, which Morrison is screaming, does not exist.

    Things are not as black and white, as many seem to believe.

    If people have not turned off Rudd over the last four years, I cannot see anything the media or Opposition can do now to change things.

    Those of us, that do not have love for Rudd, have nowhere to go. In the long run, I believe that those fence sitting mates of Rudd would have got off the fence onto the side of GIllard, but we will never know.. There was also a big chance that they would not have voted at all, as happened in NSW and to a lesser extent other states at the 2010 elections. That was a big risk for Gillard to take. At the end of the day, she literally handed over to Rudd.

    Politics is still the art of the possible. Has little to do with being right or wrong.

  14. Gillard was the second PM to move aside. I do hope the government that follows her, is more successful than the one that followed Gorton.

  15. Speaking as an old person…

    Abbott’s presser at Runaway Bay the other day was a shocker. There he was surrounded by rabid oldies. They were rude, they were nasty, they were loud, they were everything we’ve come to expect from Liberal voters. The message I got loud and clear was ‘rude old farts vote for Abbott’. I think that sort of image is a real vote killer.

  16. It appears we have unnamed Labor advisers, pressing Rudd to man up, and hold an election. Wonder who they are? Maybe Richo would be among the leaders.

  17. Interesting article on ABC 24 on how electricity usage has dropped, and renewals coming through to take the place of Foss fuel.

  18. It was interesting to see the compilation of video clips from the beginning of insiders, where all the clips of Rudd, without exception, showed young people from around 40 down to school kids, whereas every clip of Abbott showed, as others have commented on, nothing but what looked like Bitter old SF retirees. 😯

    If he thinks that is the demographic that will get him into the Lodge… “Tell him he’s dreaming” 😀

    and on another point “A National emergency, declared by a National embarrassment, supported by a National disgrace.” 😀

    Cheers 😀

  19. leonetwo

    Will this start a weird contest of ‘I can take more women to Afghanistan’?

    Nope. Kevin and Therese will adopt a nice little Afghani orphan and bring her home for endless photo ops. You can’t trump that.

  20. If anyone can stomach the Bolt report- I’d like to know how the interview with Kevin Rudd went. My blood pressure can’t take Bolt.

  21. Please reassure me that the chap pictured above jiving with that girl is NOT Christopher Pyne. He bares a passing resemblance, but I cannot recall Pyne pictured actually smiling and enjoying himself.

    I draw some comfort from the fact that his face is permanently fixed in anger or sneer.

  22. Those old farts could not even get their words right, to the discomfort of Abbott. He expected them to take over the questions from the media. Well he needs to do something, as the numbers of media attending his daily stunt. appear to be in decline. Three one day, and I suspect one yesterday. Well one heard only one voice asking questions. Could have even been his chief of staff, for all we know,

  23. GD

    When I was researching ‘Smiling for Australia’, Christopher was one of the more difficult ones. Finding an unhappy photo of him outside of Parliament was actually quite hard. Silly faces, self-congratulating smirks over his latest ‘pun’ and genuinely beaming smiles were the norm.

    Similarly, Julie Bishop rarely scowls outside of the House or television programmes. Even at her press conferences she most often ends up looking overly-earnest or just plain scared and defensive.

    By contrast, there is a plethora of photos of Joe Hockey scowling his dark clouds full of thunder or Malcolm Turnbull gazing mournfully into the distance, poetic soul that he is, troubled by his inner-demons.

    Abbott, of course, is a photographer’s dream.

  24. And Duck, the curse continued at WIN stadium. How many Canberra players do we have to sign to break the hoodoo?

  25. There’ve been 12 Federal Elections held beyond three years. John Howard did so twice, 2001 & 2007. Check the list in this article.

    July 25, 2013
    Election Dates and Extended Three Year Terms

    Whenever Kevin Rudd chooses to call an election, polling day will now be beyond three years since the date of the last election on 21 August 2010.

    The 2013 election will be the 44th election for the House of Representatives at the end of the 43rd term of the House. Of those 43 terms, just under a third have seen the gap between consecutive elections extend beyond three years, the 2013 election being the 13th instance.

    Terms of Parliament are not defined by election dates. The three year term of the House of Representatives is defined in Section 28 of the Constitution as beginning on the date of the first sitting of the new House of Representatives. Section 5 of the Constitution further specifies that the first sitting of the House after an election must be within 30 days of the date set for the return of the writs from the election.

  26. This little black duck

    With extra merit for the Brumbies doing it on the Seffa’s dung heap at high altitude.

  27. Just saw the Bolt interview with Rudd. 15 minutes of cringeworthy embarrassment at how someone so supposedly adored by his fans as an incisive journalist could be such an utter klutz.

    It’s a shocker.

    More interruptions than Leigh Sales. More changing the subject than Fran Kelly. Rude. Aggressive. All Bolt’s treasured talking points, gotchas, misrepresentations, Tea Party pseudo-science, lies, selective quotations, red herrings and outright lies (chief of which was Bolt’s insistence – multiple times – that he believes Global Warming is really happening, despite every column he ever writes saying the Earth is cooling.)

    He finally got his chance to put all this bullshit to Rudd… and got nowhere. Three years of plotting, scheming and preparation, shot down in a quarter of an hour.

    Not that Rudd got a word in edgeways. He was talked-over, segued from one subject to another, had Bolt making little code-worded digs him (only to have Bolt deny he ever did any such thing) and was openly mocked by Bolt.

    I doubt, despite saying that he’d like to come back, Rudd ever will. Bolt is a shocking interviewer. The worst I’ve ever seen.

  28. bushfirebill

    [More interruptions than Leigh Sales. More changing the subject than Fran Kelly. Rude. Aggressive…He was talked-over, segued from one subject to another]
    It is the Libtards way. On the Contrarians on Sky a day or so ago they had as one of the guests the Jock meeja adviser for exPMJG. Every time he started to answer a question there was a barrage of interruptions from the other guests and or the host.

  29. Boot camps are one step too far, for any party. The new let out cause, that we had for years with National army services.

    Just does not work. Just waste of money that just does not work. Makes some feel good.

    Prisons do not either.

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