Thank goodness it’s Friday!

Dunno where Joe6pack is, so this is a scratched together quickly post so we can get started on the evening’s festivities. CK Watt, I hope you are ready to rock and roll!

Today has been almost spring-like, and my cold has nearly gone. So I am feeling faintly optimistic, especially because of the discombobulation that the Opposition seems to be experiencing.

Ah, the pleasures of Schadenfreude

However, the nights are still chilly (unless you are in Dubai), so warm yourself at the fire,

order what you will from the bar staff, ask CK Watt nicely for your fave numbers, put the music of your choice on the juke box, and get ready to kick up your heels!

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  1. Assumes those unemployed and on benefits, are to be blamed for the plight they see themselves in. Not good governance from any angle.

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