The “I’m in a particularly good mood Friday Raffle” Post

Hello pub Patrons, I trust everyone is well this fine Friday  

Another week has passed and despite the call of a national crises by the Bunny and some in the media,we are still here,haven’t been overrun by the northern hordes and are still living in relative peace and harmony.


To celebrate this fine fact and because I am in a good mood tonight’s raffle prize will again be a mystery and will be posted to whoever is lucky enough to win,so get in early and get your tickets from the magnificent raffle master CK Watt.

Qld won another origin series bad luck NSW. I know some here don’t care but I do so Yippiee.



The Bar is open and is self serve . Drinks are on me tonight and later if enough are interested we may have a small game of Trivia.

Drink up,have fun Remember the coalition are the enemy and enjoy yourselves.


460 thoughts on “The “I’m in a particularly good mood Friday Raffle” Post

  1. BK,
    If no one has turned up with any Woofle Dust for me before you arrive, would you mind putting your morning links on my new post anyway?

    Thank you in anticipation. 🙂

  2. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.
    Well the Aussies have the Poms’ backs t the wall in the cricket!
    It might be having an effect already.
    And the government is putting a $200k bounty on people smuggling operations sourced from Australia.
    Let’s hope this goes a long way to stopping this gisgusting practice in our country.

  3. And from the Land of the Free –

    Unsurprisingly the Trayvon Martin trial decision has sparked country-wide protests.
    The video of this amazing performance has gone viral Wait till the very end.
    Bill Maher’s “New Rules”
    Some cartoons on the prospect of Liz Cheney running for the Senate.

  4. 6Pack

    [Heart again is failing]

    Your own situation is understood. Distressing.

    Here Briana is doing well now. She was an accidental asset in life that just turned up – not exactly the classic m-i-l.

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