The Experiment post

In 2007 he was  Pm of Australia

378348-john-howardr206121_785585Then Kevin 07 won591436-rudd-hit-squadThen the faceless men struck


Julia gillard was installeddownload (1)And survived a hung Parliament thanks to these to men of integrity.

And achieved great things but sadly there was too many walls stacked in front of her but she did

abbott the thugdeny this thug the keys to the lodge.



Now he is back and nothing will change that but,

Who would you  prefer to lead Australia for the next 3 years?  HimabbottteamOr them

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  1. And another coalition talking point bites the dust –

    Anna Vidot ‏@AnnaVidot 13m
    BREAKING: @fitzhunter announces Indonesia to take additional 25,000 head of live cattle over next 3 mths. NO weight restriction #liveexports

    Anna Vidot ‏@AnnaVidot 10m
    .@fitzhunter says @KRuddMP brokered #liveexports deal in meetings in Indo 2 weeks ago. Indo prev slashed quotas after a temp Oz ban in 2011.

  2. thanks,
    Yes I have emailed all vets in the state and all councils too.
    The chips store info, they don’t have a GPS function.

    It is very unsophisticated of the msm not to point out that the Iran visa decision is a result of good nation to nation liaison and negotiation over a long period of time. SBY would have to do his own politicking and negotiating in his own government before he said yes to this.

    I wonder what price we paid/will pay?

  3. puffytmd,

    It is very unsophisticated of the msm not to point out that the Iran visa decision is a result of good nation to nation liaison and negotiation over a long period of time. SBY would have to do his own politicking and negotiating in his own government before he said yes to this.

    I wonder what price we paid/will pay?

    The same price we probably would had to have paid if FPMJG had been the one announcing it.

  4. According to Barnaby Joyce, the Coalition are going to be bringing out a
    ‘Dams Report’ soon.

    What I wonder about all this is how many of the very vocal supporters avidly against damming the Mary River in Queensland, who were Coalition voters, are going to now come out against Coalition policy to dam just about every other river in Queensland, the Northern Territory and NW Western Australia?

  5. Huh. Every time I switch on the radio lately it’s just in time for an important political interview.

    Denis Napthine is in Ballarat telling lies about Federal funding for Victorian hospitals as usual.

    I’m very disappointed with Mike Cooper, the local interviewer. All he’s doing is reading out Liberal talking points to the delight of Premier C10H8.

  6. Sky News Australia ‏@SkyNewsAust 18m
    BREAKING NEWS: Craig Thomson has won the right to have his case heard in Melb Magistrates court

  7. Looks like the current government has returned to backgrounding journos full on. Most new announcements have been pre-empted in the press, the latest being what is going to be announced this afternoon. We had Benson and Riley this morning and now the ABC confirming the expansion of Manus.

    The MSM are happy again they have a government playing their games. Could this be some of the reasons why the MSM is now (sort of) asking questions of the opposition.

  8. Manus Island upgrade into a full regional processing centre was announced by PMJG during her visit to PNG with funding for construction of the permanent facilities aallocated in the budget.

    What will be more interesting is what else Mr Rudd announces today and what “incentives” the Australian government is offering PNG to take on this role.

  9. Further to my above post.

    The OM just ignored the announcement by PMJG at the time.

    They had more “important ” issues to worry about.

  10. AshGhebranious‏@AshGhebranious1h
    What does Joe Hockey think about Morrisons call to send unaccompanied minors to off shore detention? Over your dead what Joe?

  11. Well, after 16 hours the power is back on. Given that it’s well past the time for the Dawn Patrol I’ll just offer a montage of today’s cartoons.
    David Pope on the UN AS agreement.
    Alan Moir is bemused over Rudd’s CC policy movements.
    David Rowe continues with his nautical theme.
    Ron Tandberg thinks it’s all over for Essendon.
    The bad weather here has just abated leaving lots of trees down and sever power outages that are nowhere near fixed. We only had one overnight call out – for alarge tree blocking the main road. I was back in bed by midnight so it wasn’t too bad.

  12. How to take the wind out of LNP sails over FBT brouhaha. Exempt Australian built vehicles.

  13. BK. didn’t have any trouble down here in the mallee…save bloody windy weather…was it right through the hills?

  14. Well, News Radio’s been no help, I can tell you that. The last update I heard was about half an hour ago and it consisted of:

    – Abbott – the car market in this country is going to fall to pieces
    – Manus expanding to hold 3000, no grab from any Govt member
    – Morrison – we’ve heard it all before from the ALP, can’t trust ’em
    – Thomson’s trying to limit his penalty by having his case heard by a magistrate

    They’re back to the old approach: tell us in their own words what the ALP are doing, with a touch of editorial comment thrown in; let the Coalition representative get his message through via a grab.

    Re Thomson, their main points of interest were that having the hearing held before a magistrate will limit the maximum penalty to 5 years jail, the total number of charges is 171, the costs involved total $26K, and that works out to $150 per week for the time he used the card. Oh, and the charges include x rated movies, escort services and buying cigarettes.

    Let’s just say News Radio aren’t interested in doing him any favours. They’re laundering all the worst interpretations possible through the news cycle.

  15. I don’t know about the rest of you, but the whole political scene seems do be going crazy now…like there is no soild ground anymore, just politics to win, win, win!
    I reckon we’re all going to hell in a handcart!

  16. CTar1

    A day or so back you wrote about some surveillance planes. The French may have got some “interesting” shots .

    [5:30 AM Friday Jul 19, 2013

    Fred Towler was keen to go. He was 23 and his ship had government orders to steam 4300km from Auckland to patrol off Mururoa Atoll in French Polynesia………Waiting weeks for the French to detonate a nuclear warhead, the ship’s company, off duty, amused themselves with a Miss Otago contest, games of poker and bingo and a naval version of snakes and ladders called “uckers”.

    French military planes flying overhead were greeted by the sailors on deck with “brown eyes”.]

  17. Hi jaycee
    There was widespread damage and power supply interuption through the NE section of the Hills. Power is still out for some.
    Tha Angus creek which runs through our property to the Torrens is running a banker and the ground is totally sodden.

  18. kaffee – I do archives stuff.

    The actual ICJ injunction to stop the French atmospheric testing I’ve held in my hands. My then boss, Pat Brazil, bought it home from the Hague and chucked it in his office safe along with WM Hughes wig!

    On another site ex-tanker ‘Crank’ was explaining his experience of an RF1-11 pass by to me last night. About all he got was a large noise and he saw the arse of it departing!

    He got to see the photos later – his reaction although he didn’t say so seemed to be ‘gone for all money’!

  19. And am I just being a bit too cynical to think that the questions will go something like this…

    Advisor: Little girl, do you think you can memorize this by dinnertime
    Lisa: “Mr. Burns: your campaign seems to have the momentum of a runaway
    freight train. Why are you so popular?”
    Advisor: Very good.
    Lisa: Mm. Well, as long as I’m asking something, can I ask him to
    assuage my fears that he’s contaminating the planet in a manner
    that may one day render it uninhabitable?
    Advisor: No, dear. The card question’ll be fine.
    Marge: Well, I think the non-card question is a valid…
    Homer: Marge! … Don’t worry. My daughter’s very bright, and I’m sure
    she’ll be able to memorize your question by dinnertime tomorrow.

  20. Tony Abbott won’t debate but he’ll go to a “peoples forum”
    Er, don’t you mean “chosen people’s forum?

  21. BK
    yeah you’re right. By the way this is just hilarious

    “The great thing about these forums is their unpredictability. Issues can come up that aren’t on the radar and so we can see a political leader taken out of their comfort zone. It’s also much harder for a politician to brush off a question when it’s coming from a legitimately concerned voter standing right in front of them,” said Speers.

    Not if Peta has her way, and it looks like she has.

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