The Experiment post

In 2007 he was  Pm of Australia

378348-john-howardr206121_785585Then Kevin 07 won591436-rudd-hit-squadThen the faceless men struck


Julia gillard was installeddownload (1)And survived a hung Parliament thanks to these to men of integrity.

And achieved great things but sadly there was too many walls stacked in front of her but she did

abbott the thugdeny this thug the keys to the lodge.



Now he is back and nothing will change that but,

Who would you  prefer to lead Australia for the next 3 years?  HimabbottteamOr them

864 thoughts on “The Experiment post

  1. We have such interesting patrons at The PUB, people who have seen and done interesting things, or met main players in historical moments.

    We should have a The PUB pizza night where we all order/cook pizza in real life, say on a Friday raffle night, and exchange our ‘war stories’. 😆

  2. kaffee

    It was very nice although the stock that went with it was buggered. In a oval shaped black enameled can with WMH’s name painted on it from –

    and very jealously guarded.

    It’s last outing was probably the ICJ.

    Bill Campbell, the Commonwealth Silk, doing the whale thing may well have it with him for luck.

    Bill had hair last time I saw him.

  3. CK Watt
    Manuel has been to the cellar and found a nice little red to get the show going. The Major is agitating that it is almost time to open the bar.

  4. In the queue, GD. …in the queue!!
    I’m saving an oldie but goldie for the kickoff..I wonder how many will remember it?

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