Friday Fireworks!

Earlier today I received an email from Joe6pack:

Hi, stuck In gladstone waiting for a crane big enough to unload me to turn up. Not happy. Sorry about leaving friday night to you again.

So, I had a flash of inspiration. In honour of Le Jour de Bastille this Sunday, we should illuminate The Pub a bit more than we usually do:

CK Watt will work his usual raffle magic:

C@tmomma and moi will serve drinks

and food

(when not kicking up our heels)

while Mr Bushfire Bill will exercise crowd control:

So, Pubkateers, kick back and enjoy the fun!

334 thoughts on “Friday Fireworks!

  1. hey Jaycee and GD and BK,

    Do any of you recall Cyril’s disco which was held at Brighton in the 80’s.

    We used to have bands like Cold Chisel, Morpheus and Astra Khan to play at these shows.

  2. Joe,

    Sleep well and for goodness sakes take the weekend off and the OH out!

    Not to mention poor Ned and Syd.

  3. I was back in Adelaide by the 80s, but I was getting a bit old for much interest in the disco/dance scene, Paddy. Sounds like it might have been all right – so it’s a pity, especially since my sister lived in somerton.

    My memory goes way, way back to before I went to Sydney in 65. Then it was the dance hall scene: Norwood mostly, but occasionally Wonderland (very much like Brissie’s Cloudland) and Burnside. There were a lot more bleak nights than successes.

    I remember saying to my friends that one day we’d laugh about all this but we never did.

  4. Thanks joe, and thanks for the “Love is all” clip – that’s a blast from the past.

  5. Joe,
    My late father had a wonderful expression, which I have frequent cause to use, and which seems appropriate to your experience on the Gladstone run.
    “I’ve been stuffed around by experts, and now I’m being stuffed around by amateurs/idiots *.”
    * depending on which word seemed more relevant to the scale of the stuffing around and its impact on the old man’s normally equable temperament.
    It’s unlikely to have been original, but whenever circumstances suggest it to my mind, it provides warm memories, even though he is dead almost thirty years.

  6. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.
    The SMH has nothing of great import this morning with respect to federal politics. Before long they will have to start focusing on the paucity of solid policy from the Coalition.
    Laurie Oakes reckons the Libs are about to launch a very well funded advertising blitz against Rudd.
    A worthwhile read of a first hand experience of Advertiser journo Rex Jory (who I remember as a cadet covering grade cricket matches many, many years ago).
    If this is caused by the lithium batteries Boeing is in a shitload of trouble.

  7. Good Morning Early Openers up The PUB’s batting order! 🙂

    I reckon if the Liberal Party wheel out those ads it will just make them seem mean and nasty.

    As I observed yesterday, elements from within the Labor Party itself, as those ads will no doubt show, spent the last 3 years vilifying Rudd, and all it seemed to do was make him more popular with the electorate who stood by him the whole time and just kept saying, despite it all, that they wanted him back.

  8. Joe…I’ll repost this reply I originally gave to C@T…but it is quite relevant to the subject you frustratingly confronted yesterday.
    The story I have lived and I KNOW many like myself have lived, is one dictated to by “weights and measures”…Weights as in physical labour and measures as in time itself and distance.
    When one has to rise in the morning, every morning at some ungodly hour and commit to the required work hours in a day and hoik and heave the tonnage of materials to construct the world around one self you have to have a belief that you are doing it for more than just a personal interest…you have to have friends..’mates”, if you like, to share the have to have “family”…that feeling that we are all in this together….hence, the disgust at the possibility that someone could “scab” on his work-mates. For to relinquish one’s share of the workload is to place the burden on the shoulders of another. We All know the scorn that deserves…especially in the working world.
    So in a working world built both physically and philosophically on the unanimous ideal of each carrying and doing their share of the load, the reliance on those you would trust to carry their share of the burden of social responsibility is paramount…to undermine the crew, is to place more work upon the crew…in my world of weights and measures ; a sin unfathomable and unforgivable….but to betray the whole collective for self enrichment is abominable!
    When every person greets another in the street, in the shop or in the bar, one has to feel they can look that stranger in the eye as an equal….especially in the male world of working men….especially in the front-bar fraternity.
    We are Labor…Labor is for the social collective…Labor is our representative of determination, fairness, equality and justice….this past week has, in my opinion, delivered none of these things. Just as I rely on honest fellow workers to help me build that house, so do we rely on honest fellow representatives to build our govt’.
    In the world I lived in, you couldn’t skite around the physical reality of what was expected of you without, perhaps, getting a swift kick up the lazy backside…A tonne of mullock is a tonne regardless, and hour of work is an hour TO work and a mile can be a bloody long way!…You cannot talk your way around any of cannot fake the shifting of it and to say you will do it and then shirk it, makes, in any understanding of the word ; a liar of yourself !…and I despise devious liars.

  9. Paddy…..No…too old and somewhat jaded for the disco-scene in the 80’s!…was married by then w/kids!

  10. Good morning all. Below is a link which is good reading and a good insight into the fight going on to save the Hunter from Big Coal:

    please find following a link to a very well written article about how the town of Bulga has fought the expansion of the Warkworth mine.

    Its not over, the fight is on again! Warkworth Mine and the State Goverment are appealing the Land and Environment Court Chief Judge’s decision to not allow the expansion to go ahead. The appeal is being heard in August 14, 15, 16 by the NSW Court of Appeal.

  11. If this is caused by the lithium batteries Boeing is in a shitload of trouble.

    The damaged area coincides closely with the location of a crew rest area in the ceiling of the rear cabin.” The lithium batteries are further forward in the aircraft; it wouldn’t surprise me if it turned out to be a cigarette setting fire to a mattress.

    No doubt Boeing will pull out all stops to prevent this being the first 787 hull-loss (much as Qantas did after QF1 ran off the runway in Bangkok), but no cost will probably be eye-watering.

  12. What is starting to rally piss me off, especially NOW with the MSM. FINALLY getting around to discussing the Ashby / Slipper affair, in their own leisurely way, is that the MSM. and the pollies and the lobby-groups have totally hijacked the democratic process and are tossing it about to one another like some sort of medicine ball!
    NOTHING gets oxygen except THAT which they decide WILL get air-play.
    NO policy gets through except THAT which after selective discussion BY THE KEY PLAYERS gets the blessing of those players!
    All we, the mug public gets to discuss is cricket, football and the salacious detail of the interminable boring lives of the most boring people on the planet!….Damn you bastards..just because YOU don’t have a life outside your self-deluded bubble, doesn’t mean we haven’t!
    Give us back our democracy or we will take it away from you!

  13. As it unfolds in the US, Leone, we can feel more concern with what JG raised about where the hard right is taking us. the current lot pinch their ideas from the Republicans and you only have to view Rachel Maddow’s clips that BK cites to see where that is going.

    Maybe women going into the Texas parliament will have to adopt a sytem like Stan Freberg’s Little Blue Riding Hood. Smuggle the tampons in underneath the bullets and cartridges.

  14. jaycee and janice

    This is the perfect example of what has been happening the last three years. It won’t change until they get their beloved coalition back in to ruin the country while they fatten their wallets and purses.

  15. From that Laurie Oaks Article linked by BK
    It seems that the Lib Ads are on Facts. Yet none of “Facts” are true they all based on misleading the Public. Are the OM going to let them get away with these Ads?

    As a voice-over tells viewers that Mr Rudd left a trail of disaster, a list appears on screen.

    “Fact: Kevin Rudd was borrowing $100 million every day.

    “Fact: Now we have a $254 billion debt.

    “Fact: He wasted up to $8 billion on school hall rip-offs.

    “Fact: He was the architect of the roof batts disaster.

    “Fact: In 2008 he dismantled our border protection policies and now 45,000 boat people have flooded in.

    “Fact: He attacked our mining industry with a super profits tax that failed.

    “Fact: He did a backflip on the carbon emissions trading scheme and supported the world’s biggest carbon tax.

    “Fact: With five budget deficits and the carbon tax Kevin Rudd and Labor have driven up the cost of living.

    “Fact: Now he’s divided the Labor Party again with one-third of Cabinet ministers refusing to work with him.”

    According to a Liberal frontbencher, focus groups feedback shows that “boats, waste, deficit and debt are the things that work best”.

    It appears that the OM will blame the ALP for correcting the Ads.

    Labor will argue about the accuracy of the list of alleged facts – but to do so they will have to engage with it. The Liberal advertising launch signals the real start of the Abbott v Rudd battle.

  16. leonetwo,
    What is even more frightening to contemplate is that the throwback to the 18th Century Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, has designs on becoming President of the United States of America again in 2016! God help the USA if that eventuates!

    The guy is the ultimate empty vessel that the less attractive Reactionary Conservatives pour all their lines into. And then he can’t even get them out correctly and forgets half of them!

    At least Reagan had smarts as well as being able to learn his lines. Rick Perry is just some heterosexual Brokeback Mountain clone without a real clue. The only thing he has ever had is a relentless ambition and ability to morph into whatever was required to get himself elected. As evidenced by the fact he started out as a Democrat when the USA was more liberal.

    It’s not that Perry himself is dangerous. On his own he is easily dismantled. It’s the ugly people behind him that keep filling his tank with their draconian, anti-Enlightenment fuel, that are the ones to fear.

    Also, the fact they are drawing certain Reactionary Conservative Coalition Warriors of the Right here, such as Cory Bernardi, into their web, is what concerns me the most.

    This is why they have to be defeated at the upcoming election. Or down that same road we go.

  17. Muskiemp,

    OM will do nothing to bring the real facts to voters. Those OM journalists who actually KNOW the FACTS and understand them are few on the ground so in their own ignorance they are being fed the same bullshit to enable them to distribute it to as many guillible and ignorant voters as possible.

    That is how voters came to get the choice between one party that will take the country back to the past, and the other that has the vision and policies to succeed and prosper in the 21st century but led by a man who can talk the talk but has little idea how to walk the walk.

  18. I don’t even watch the ABC news reports anymore as they are only delivering “story-lines” not information.

  19. GD
    A great memory there – a long, long time ago my dad bought me the recording of St George and the Dragnet, with Little Blue Riding Hood on the other side. Back when everything came on 78s.

    Julia Gillard was absolutely right to bring up abortion. Rudd, on the other hand, has always refused to give straight answers to questions about his stance. It’s a worry. He could easily side with the ‘Labor for Life’ mob, he owes favours to some in that group.

  20. PUBsters
    The reason I provide my “From the Land of the Free” links is largely to illustrate parallels and contrasts with our own way of life.
    As I said earlier we are fortunate to be what we are but we should be ever mindful that it could go the same way here if disgusting fifth columns like Cori Bernardi have their way.

  21. BK

    I see the paralells, we used to be ten years behind the USA idiocy, but now we are level, and if the worst happens we will be in front. What I find curious is how easily the Australian population has accepted what used to be so totally unacceptable. I think maybe it goes back to the Howard era, sneaky and under the radar, he managed to ingrain a lot of hatred for the worker and people in need. It is not just teenagers with the me, me, me attitude, it is mature adults that have gone down this road as well.

  22. I’m going to drag up an issue from the other day, just for a minute, then I’ll shut up about it. It’s the Rudd head-pat thing. And I’m not having a go at Rudd here, I just want to draw attention to the way we treat people with disabilities.

    My #1 son came over for a chat last night and the head-patting thing came up. He was patted on the head by a complete stranger on Thursday, it happens to him all the time. He gets it because he can’t stand up and face people at their eye level. It makes him furious, it humiliates him, he hates it. But people keep doing it. I could need a wheelchair one day. I’d hate to think what I’d do if some stranger patted me on the head – I’m no sweeet litle old lady.

    Stella Young explains it so well here, better than I ever could. Please read it –

  23. Sometimes I scout around other political blog sites to glean the overall “mood” of the punters. But I tell you what…some of those more popular blogs are starting to look and sound like an endless political chain-letter!…and some of the Ruddista recalcitrants, in their new-found glory are ‘bemusing” themselves like a Quentin Crisp on cocaine!….a sort of newly enshrined Judas shouting the bar like a cashed-up bogan!
    I am disapointed in The Political Sword, in that having recently posted an insult to one of the incessantly abusive and tirelessly vindictive anti Gillard/Labor trolls, in that most volatile week, only to have MY post deleted and THEIR posts left!…Talk about the absurdity of Catch 22!
    There is a tad inclination for a radically expressive blog to fall into the comfortable world of unversal agreeance between it’s posters and becoming a “Tontine-pillow” of comforting petty-bourgeois “mock-rage”.
    I concur with Mao Tse Tung’s suggestion of “continual revolution”. Not in a continued upsetting of principles, but in continued observation and critical discourse of such direction.
    In other words, we have to be ready to criticise ourselves, lest we succumb to the MSM. disease of lazy indolence of observation and reporting.
    I congratulate the moderators of this site AGAIN!..for their dilligence and “no-tolerance” policy regarding trolls!…the topics posted are real, the joined discussion is real and the patrons, without meaning any flattery, are honest.
    Let’s do that assessment justice and keep it that way!

  24. How about THAT!..I worked on and posted the above comment before seeing or reading C@T’s or Leone’s posts…”great minds” and all that?…or should I say “like minds”?

  25. What I like most about The Political Sword is the unswerving Labor loyalty of Ad astra and some of the more prominent commenters. Many times during the “Polling Winter” of 2010-2013 I sought warmth and reassurance there.

  26. And cuppa…I gotta admit my “posted insult” to one of those trolls was a tad “spicy” and I have been a regular poster on TPS. in the past..and I notice that in the last piece there “In praise of…” AA. made note of ridding the wall of any troll insults to Julia Gillard…full marks and I hope he finds such cleansing of foul air refreshing!
    It’s not that I LIKE insulting trolls, it’s just that when the temptation arises, I see it as a challenge to do my damnest to hit the target where it hurts most…call it a weakness!

  27. Jaycee, Ad astra is a really good blog host (and I’m at one with his politics). He’s a bit lenient with trolls for my liking, but I tend to think that about every left wing site that gives space to obvious loonies from the right. Me, I’d send them to the dispatch bin as soon as they popped their heads up… I’m bigoted like that.

  28. jaycee

    One thing I admire about most Labor people is their honesty, their willingness to discuss policy and to criticise Labor when necessary. Plus the fact that we don’t have to exaggerate or make up lies about the coalition.

  29. jaycee,
    I think people who post here realise we allow pretty much all points of view, passionately put and replied to, just not trolling. Sometimes it can be a fine line between the two but I think most of the Mods here tread it as well as they possibly can.

    Take me, for example, I have said some pretty ‘spicy’ things myself since FPMJG was toppled by Rudd, and vice versa, however I think that we have had it out in as civilised a way as possible under the extenuating circumstances.

    Hopefully, for that reason, that will be why people keep coming back. 🙂

    Plus, we do a good line in farting in the general direction of the Coalition. 😉

  30. That’s the reason I could no longer stay at The Political Sword, Ad Astra was too accommodating to the obvious trolls and people that just wanted to sledge others who disagreed with them.

    Call that censorship if you want to. I call it good manners to not allow it to run rampant on a blog.

    (Do I sound like a hypocritical wanker? 😀 )

  31. I don’t think the ALP will argue about the accuracy of the alleged facts. For one thing, that’s what the Coalition are trying to get them to do. Walk into the quagmire of allegations and explanations. They’d be far better off turning it around on the Coalition – claiming that Abbott only knows how to complain, not explain. There’s no point coming up with ‘facts’ like those if you have no solutions at all.

    The best response really is, “Where’s the rest of it? We’ve got the alleged facts, where’s the bit where they tell us what they’re going to actually do about them? You can’t govern without policy, and you don’t deserve to govern unless you can explain what that policy is and how it works.”

    In order to deal with the allegations themselves, all it takes is a fact sheet. ALP MPs can simply direct journalists to the fact sheet – that takes all the oxygen out of the attack. “It’s all dealt with there, in great detail. What we should really be worried about is what the Coalition are offering, which is shockingly short on detail for a party that says it’s been ready to govern for so long.”

    Create the air of uncertainty around them.

  32. Leone,

    In all honesty I must say that I don’t think rudd thought or meant to be condescending when he patted the disabled lady on the head, but he definitely does need someone to explain how insensitive his action was.

    A couple of weeks ago I came across a man in the supermarket aisle in a wheelchair doing his shopping. As I passed, he asked if I minded helping him as he couldn’t reach the items on the top shelves. He told me he often had to buy brands etc he could reach but often would like to examine those out of his reach. So, I spent only a few minutes with him and would have been happy to help him do his whole shopping.

    Then, this last week I experienced a different reaction, again in the supermarket aisle when a lady in a mobility scooter was standing on it’s seat (she and the scooter were trembling and shaking precariously) as she tried to reach a box of frozen fish from the top shelf. As I drew level, she dropped a box of fish which I picked up and placed in her basket, and asked if I could help her. I was somewhat taken aback that she glared at me as if I had offended her and her refusal of help was in the tone that said “mind your own business”. So I went on my way feeling a little sad that this person must have felt very uneasy with her condition or that she may have felt people looked upon her as ‘different’.

  33. C@tMomma 10.03

    I so agree, I am fucking furious! And I see a year down the track, tops, if Rudd is elected, that he will have to be removed again. With all the fortifying the termite is doing that is going to split the Party wide open!

    When Julia would have switched to “the days of campaigning” she would have crushed Piss&Moan utterly. Not sure Rudd will.

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