Friday Fireworks!

Earlier today I received an email from Joe6pack:

Hi, stuck In gladstone waiting for a crane big enough to unload me to turn up. Not happy. Sorry about leaving friday night to you again.

So, I had a flash of inspiration. In honour of Le Jour de Bastille this Sunday, we should illuminate The Pub a bit more than we usually do:

CK Watt will work his usual raffle magic:

C@tmomma and moi will serve drinks

and food

(when not kicking up our heels)

while Mr Bushfire Bill will exercise crowd control:

So, Pubkateers, kick back and enjoy the fun!


334 thoughts on “Friday Fireworks!

  1. FYI J6P, I have ‘walked’ a few times. The blokes I played with all ‘walked’, My son, who played grade, ‘walked’. It’s called the spirit of cricket. Simple prediction, that chap last night will be gone shortly

  2. I think that we should all think what we think and not what we are supposed to think. Thank you Joe for thinking what you think.about what everyone else thinks.

  3. Kinda like the notice on the notice board’ Until further notice, take no notice of this notice board’

  4. Bloody Hell! A Tweet of mine with the Abbott Phantom attached has just been picked up by an international news-dissemination service. If it’s genuine, and it appears to be, the Ghost Who Stunts might have a world-wide audience.
    Couldn’t happen to a nicer fake.

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