Friday the Fifth with Friends

ZOMG, just remembered The Boss asked moi to put up the Friday thread, so moi had better get moi’s skates on PDQ.

It has been a strange week. We are all at various places in our journeys, but with each others’ friendship (which includes those difficult virtues of patience, forebearance, and tolerance) we will get there eventually. Though where “there” is, who knows?

Meanwhile, gather round the fire,

order your beverage

and nibblies

and kick back, sharing your favourite music with your fellow Pubkateers


427 thoughts on “Friday the Fifth with Friends

  1. No tobacco company bod rings up and asks how she is, that’s for sure! Took her money for over 40 years, now don’t want to know.

    Anyway, will hit the sack before I depress everyone here.

  2. Because of my mother and other rellies, I was a dedicated non-smoker for a very long time.

    For reasons (bad) that might be understandable to some here, I decided to try tobacco when I was 35.

    I did three weeks of minimal stuff – never ever where it would affect my child.

    I quit – but I understand viscerally why it is so hard for so many people to quit.

  3. I hate cigarettes. My best friend and her husband can’t give up. I am sad that I will probably lose her to something from these evil things.

  4. puffytmd,

    { scorps grand niece is gorgeous! }

    Unfortunately, that is PA’s grand niece.

    But check out my beautiful grandson on The Little Blog of Gloats.

    Will post an update c/- of the lovely Fiona in the near future for those who are interested in following his development.

    Puff, tell your friends that giving up the weed is easier than they think and they will never regret it.

    It is evil and those who make their living from it are evil also. INMHO

  5. i just watched t&d with the music muted. it is divine and spectacular just in its execution as it is as choreography to music.

  6. Fiona,

    Indescribable. The hearing-impaired lose nothing on the performance.

  7. I’m way into a Gallows 2011 Chardonnay. Please excuse any lapse from propriety hence on.

  8. “hence on” ? A superfluous “on”. I drink I’m source I am.

  9. Scorpio,

    Juno nods too 😀

    My apologies to you and to Political Animal.

    Am too tired now to rectify.

  10. i must refrain from a good drop due to my unwelcome visitor in my gallbladder, as I am taking some pain relief, but still, I am pretty relaxed.

  11. Oh yeah. PAs grandniece. You have the little tacker. Hey, many years from now the PA and the Scorps families could be joined by a wedding ring. 🙂

    True story. One of my brothers married a lass from England who came out with her parents as a little kid. They were born on the same date, the same year. Little did each mother know that their baby would marry another baby being born that day on the other side of the planet.

  12. Torvill and Dean.

    One-offs. We are lucky, so lucky, to have seen them in our lifetime (in order to relate to everything else going on).

    Their Bolero at the Sarajevo Winter Games was pure magic. Yet, to my mind, their Paso Doble was the ultimate expression of their art – where Torvill became the bullfighter’s cape.

    Yet – like all extraordinary athletes – they were ordinary people, and more praise to them for that.

  13. Fiona or any other mod

    I’m getting a malicious url warning from my virus protector regarding the Dr Seuss pic.

  14. Fiona,

    Hmm. Their Bolero was a “we are here to win and do it by’check how we gel”. Anything later was an effort to do “better”. They looked strained rather than relaxed and enjoying.

  15. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.
    J Maley talks about Rudd’s “I’m a nerd” positioning against “bully boy” Abbott.
    Whack! Abbott and Morriscum cop it from SBY on “TURN BACK THE BOATS”.
    Hartcher opines on the tactics that Rudd will use.
    Cathy Wilcox on property developers and NSW politics.

  16. You can only read so much Harcher…He’s like reading a bad bank statement…states the bleedin’ obvious and after a short perusal just gives you the shits looking at him!…To have his portrait painted, they’d have to knock the bottom off a ceramic toilet bowl and put the pan over his head! …the smear of excrement!

  17. BK

    Thanks heaps for your links.

    gorgeous dunny

    Congrats on winning the raffle. Everybody had a great time last night.

  18. Good morning everyone!…..Bright and bushy-tailed today?….I gotta hand it to the devious little bastard…he’s got the goons measure!…thinking the same. I’d warrant!…Just goes to show…the electorate just couldn’t handle the “straight-bat” style of the first female PM.
    It’s now “boys w/toys” at ten papers!..(newspapers, that is!)…and don’t they play a predictable style of game…….boooring!

  19. Just thought I’d check out the ‘weather zone” weather video..haven’t done it before…clikced the button and immediately out comes the doof-music!…Bloody hell!..can’t even get the weather nay more without the dramatic intro!…I just want to see the weather, not excitedly gyrating too Fat-Boy-slim or whatever!!…anyway..what sort of name is “Fat-Boy-Slim”?…sounds like a kind of Pritikin Diet conclusion!

  20. Considering yesterday was one of those machinery breakdown days…Why do the machines all seem to go kaput on the same day…Is it a colluding conspiricy by “the machines” ? ..The dishwasher went (and with it the carwash!)..then the chaff-maker went..the horses “were not amused”. and to top it all, the “Heath-Robinson-style” winnower looks decidedly sick!..where will it end, I ask?
    Whatsiss name..;Grogan (sp.?) on lateline last night looked and sounded lost for bullshit…I gotta admit, the devious little bastard has got them on the back foot AND he’s pulling the rug out from under them one by one…no early election for them..I reckon it will be later…much later!

  21. Looks like I left the Pub a little too early last night.

    I caught up this morning with the discussions on and illustrations of A1 British comedies from a golden age of TV. There’s quite a lot of You Tube stuff to catch up on this weekend. I didn’t notice one of my favourites, Last of the Summer Wine, mentioned but I may well have missed it.

    Then there was the discussion of cigarette smoking and descriptions of escapes and tales of friends and relations that didn’t escape. That has resonance with me. I smoked for 17 years, quite heavily – six packs a day near the end. I smoked my last cigarette on March 14, 1974; used the Seventh Day Adventist course as a successful prop to jump the chasm. I still have bad feelings not so much of what I did to my own lungs but the passive smoking I inflicted on my wife and three young children. None of them have smoked.

    On the other hand my younger brother as a schoolboy was the fastest sprinter of his age in the country, winning the NSW All Schools 100 yards in 9.6. At 17 he travelled to Melbourne to win the Open 100 yards sprint and was touted as a chance, along with Hector Hogan, for the sprint at the Melbourne Olympics – he pulled a hamstring muscle, and in those primitive physiotherapy days, that was it for his athletic career. He smoked – most of us did in those days – ceased the dangerous habit much later than I did and now has serious emphysema.

    As someone wrote last night, the plain package legislation run through by Julia and Nicola was one, among many, important advances of HER ALP government.

  22. Fiona…you might ust remember the two storey pub in the backstreets there that was painted yellow..a unique colour scheme for a pub those days! Horseshoe bay is a pretty spot…around the corner. “Boomer Beach” is quite dangerous though!..a few people have gone to davey-jone’s locker at that spot.

  23. Morning all!

    Off soon to help Milly’s Mum paint her new house, look at what can be done with huge (10000sqm property) thinking good size back lawn for Milly to play on

  24. Morning all
    I got a early mark so am finished for the weekend.

    I quit smoking at 6.25pm on the 20/4/2008
    used to smoke between 40-60 a day . I quit using champix. I had tried everything before and it sounds silly to take a drug to give up another but these really helped me.Plus i think that you really want to give up.
    I loved smokes and if I could just have 2 a day I would but I know I would be down the shops buying a packet straight away.
    I am going to take it up again when I turn 80

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