Friday the Fifth with Friends

ZOMG, just remembered The Boss asked moi to put up the Friday thread, so moi had better get moi’s skates on PDQ.

It has been a strange week. We are all at various places in our journeys, but with each others’ friendship (which includes those difficult virtues of patience, forebearance, and tolerance) we will get there eventually. Though where “there” is, who knows?

Meanwhile, gather round the fire,

order your beverage

and nibblies

and kick back, sharing your favourite music with your fellow Pubkateers


427 thoughts on “Friday the Fifth with Friends

  1. Confessions…A very “telling” video compilation…What does such say of our “leaders” of society…I haven’t noticed any churchmen sticking up for Julia Gillard (I did write ‘PM.’…and I had to go back)…and that bit of reflection by Laura Tingle was no Mea-culpa moment by the MSM…the utter bastards!
    what does it say..:
    “A potter emulates a potter,
    One smith envies another.
    A beggar emulates a beggar,
    A singing-man his brother.”

    So who or what does Australian society emulate with such behaviour?
    I don’t want to dwell on it!

  2. I couldn’t bear to watch all of the video confessions posted. But as a follow-on, this was tweeted last night. I wasn’t going to post it, but what the heck. If it upsets any KRudd fans then tough. This is an illustration of the bitter, twisted mind of Kevin Rudd.

    And here is the relevant ectract from Hansard.;db=CHAMBER;id=chamber%2Fhansardr%2Fd78cdc58-c20e-4fbf-a147-88f30644229d%2F0107;query=Id%3A%22chamber%2Fhansardr%2Fd78cdc58-c20e-4fbf-a147-88f30644229d%2F0000%22

  3. On writing that bit of Greek verse..I was reminded of an incident many years ago in Darwin..after the cyclone when accomodation was scarce so you ended up sharing houses with several people…I was in one such place sharing with a bogan “mate”…who informed me upon coming home from work that a package had arrived for me…It was books..I read many, many books in my young years…I opened it then and there and the first was a Nietsche..double..: “The Geaneology Of Morals” and “Ecce Homo”…it was the second title caught his keen eye and for a week that Bogan “mate” was surley and uncommunicative..I finally confronted him and he stopped what he was doing and aggressivley demanded if that book ;”Ecce Homo” was a book about “poofters” and was I therefore one!!?
    But you see…we may laugh..loud and long…but “they” are still out there…brooding..and thinkin’..and brooding…..and in the end..not thinking that clearly!

  4. leone…I won’t open that tweet you posted as I would most probably not be in any way suprised by its’ contents…I am now moving into a state of sad voyerism(NOT the sexual kind, but in the original sense of the meaning) I will watch the sordid proceedings and comment from the sidelines but no longer feel the adrenalin thrill of the hunt.
    It is all blunted for me…it is now just a banal medieval “blow-for-blow”, blue-tie against blue-tie spectacle.

  5. jaycee:

    It’s pretty ordinary. Interesting that they flicked to the Insiders after she’d been removed as leader all canning the commentary. Where was their criticism as it was all taking place?


    There was a point in his speech yesterday where he was gloating, saying that he’d been to Indonesia as a nobody then as a somebody, and was back as a somebody again.

    Speaks volumes as to his ego and arrogance. No grace, no humility.

  6. I gave up smoking twenty two years ago, my first non smoking day was 14 Feb 1991 after smoking from the age of 12yr (sly ones) and fully at 14 yrs old when I started working at Tip Top Bakery in North Adelaide, it seemed the only way to stay awake in those days.

    I did a course through a group called smoke enders and my smoking aim was as I was proving that I didn’t need the money as I was happily burning it up then I would give all the money that I saved from not smoking to charity.

    22 yrs later and I still give $5,000 to charity yearly and I relish the thought that as my health improved so did the lives of others.

  7. Regarding Rudd framing himself as ‘the nerd’ maybe he’s trying for a Harry Potter thing against the evil Abbott – i.e., Voldemort ? Its not too bizarre…

  8. Reading some of last night’s posts makes me glad I never smoked. I suspect my grandmother’s death from oesophageal cancer was caused by smoking.
    My father quit about 20 years ago, just before my youngest brother was born, cold turkey. Mum still smokes, unfortunately.
    My father in law quit, before I met my wife, after his sister died from emphysema.
    Wife doesn’t smoke either. I’m certain she couldn’t stand me if I did, and vice versa.

  9. My dad was a heavy smoker from 16. He died when he was 42 from tobacco related heart disease. I hate them and have had a few successes in influencing others to give them up. Nicola’s win against the tobacco industry with plain packaging was tremendous. And that industry still supports the Tories

  10. Is it likely that Abbott would repeal plain packaging? Another reason why Rudd, for his many flaws, is the lesser of two evils.

  11. Heh, The Australian says that Bang-Bang offered Rudd a “lifeline”.

    No he didn’t. He let it be known he thinks Abbott is a goose.

  12. Well, it was a sordid moment and for all those who joined in, the history records their names against what they said and as the old tent-maker himself wrote..; “The moving finger writes….and not a word can be erased”
    Their sordid commentry and poisoned personalities wre now down for all history to read.

  13. I smoked for 33 years before giving up in 2005. I used the patches and that worked for me. Joe6pack said earlier he would take it up again when he turns 80 and I said the same thing when I gave up. Don’t know if I will be able to afford it then though, the price of cigarettes is colossal.

    BTW Joe, you can’t win them all so don’t worry about the horse race we didn’t win.

  14. greetings all

    Me not posting crap here at the moment is due to limits on internet access.

    Morrison has just made a bigger turkey of himself it seems – Scotty pushing the envelope!

  15. So the lnp king racist is busy spouting bull*hit and showing the rest of us that he is the skidmark on the Australian toilet bowl, and the rest of the lnp are joyfully sliding down the bowl with him………….. scum and slime the lot of them

  16. oop quick fingers posted before ready, meant to add

    Situation no change, racist, sexist, elitist, bigots,is there any low level the lnp haven’t sunk to yet.

  17. I smoked for 38 years from the age of 15years. In between I must have given up at least 10-15 times, the first time was when I was 16 years old, lasted one day.
    I finally stopped smoking and became a non smoker in November 1999. I went cold turkey, because I suddenly realised I was a slave to cigarettes.
    I believe one knows the right time to give up, fortunately I had no ill effects from smoking (that I know of).
    Since then I’ve seen many of my friends, who still smoke have great difficulty in giving up, using patches etc. THEY DO NOT WORK.

  18. I remember sitting “in chancery” and a bit of graffiti there on the door said..: “I once gave up smoking cigarettes for lent….a mate lent me a hooka!”
    and on another occasion, riding a “red-rattler” into Melb’ there on that stile between the windows (why do they give such space for the idle to write things on?) ..”Leane smokes blokes”.

  19. I smoked from the age of 14 till I reached 60. On Saturday, 5/11/2011 at 9am, I walked into a conference room in a Brisbane suburb, paid $550.00, and walked out at 3pm and haven’t had a cigarette since. There has been no physical craving and only the occasional and easily disregarded pang.

    While $550 may seem pricey it was, in fact, one months spending on cigarettes. If I can give a plug, it was Allen Carrs easy way to stop smoking.

    It worked for me after 46 yrs of addiction. An addiction that has given me a heart attack, aortic valve replacement, double bypass surgery, emphysema and interstitial pulmonary fibrosis.

    I recommend this course to anyone.

  20. I have been avoiding politics in the media, as many Aussies do, and have been busy doing other things when the news was on. If it wasn’t for reading these blogs, I would hardly know Rudd had been anywhere doing anything.
    i was aware.
    The termite could have spent the week pruning his roses (damn those nasty thorns) for all was aware.

  21. Puff, Glad you posted it here. I haven’t checked the posts over the road since mid-January.

  22. my best mate tobacco an I parted company almost two years ago.
    like joe 6p champix were a great help but in the end its up to the individual
    46 yrs never wlth out old matey .80plus a day I kid you not 11-12 hundred
    dollars a month and still have the bank card statements to prove it.
    it was purely a finical 63 don’t appear to have any medical probs that you could put down to chain smoking, that’s not to say there not there
    glad I gave them up I was slave to nicotine.
    in short better to eat well have money to run the car and boat
    an have a social life, or you could say home smoking what little money you have
    enough said

  23. briamncisme
    i am more firm with my opinions on Rudd over there because the hubris and carpet-sweeping-under is out of control.

  24. News no longer interest me. But then, even before Julia Gillard’s demise, I tended to just listen to the headlines, watch her giving a presser or at a conference or at a community cabinet meeting. It had always been rewarding listening to her. Now the magic has gone.

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