The ” We need a bit of a break Friday Raffles”

Hello my fine and fantastic patrons.

Well what a week and I am not going to rehash what has happened other than to say that I think C@tmmomas thread probably sums up how I feel.

IT’S  Friday and if ever there was a time when we need to unwind a bit ,listen to tunes ,drink ,get drunk and be merry tonight is it.keep-calm-and-eat-drink-and-be-merry






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  1. On viewing the presser by KR. last night…I am beginning to see why he gained the gig over the “last PM.”….: He gives the MSM. and the general public the theatre they want….we now have two “mummers”..two “thespians” on the stage…one ; clumsy and inarticulate, the other ; a geticulating, cheerful bon-homminie….you choose!

    I think Julia Gillard sufferred from the Whitlam syndrome…Her govt’ pushed too many good bills through too quick for a dumb-cluck MSM. and a dumbed-down electorate. Ms. Gillard tried not to make a Whitlamisque icon of herself, but the MSM. did…and of all the players in this type of scenario, THEY are the “Judas Principle”…THEY get the thirty pieces of silver for their treasonous sell-out of the Australian people…..They are the weakest link!

  2. I’mgoing to go out on a limb here and predict that Labor will win the next election.
    I’m going to try to avoid talking about Rat and PMJG–just look at what’s ahead.
    There are a couple of reasons for thinking labor will win.
    1. We have the better policies and the research says that voters agree with those policies
    2. On the danger areas of Carbon Tax and boats Rat will make some soothing statements that will convince the voters that he’s got the answers to these issues.
    3. He’ll be able to do this because of what I consider to be the huge poor tactical decision of the Libs.
    They have invested all of their vitriol and energy into one area: PMJG–“she lied, ditch the witch, throw her out to sea, she knifed Rat…”
    That line of argument has gone. They’ve got no policies to campaign on and their only target has disappeared
    4. In addition to that Abbott is loathed. People can see through him( mind you in time they’ll see through Rat)
    So I predict a convincing ALP win

  3. Krudd is taking a long time to announce his ministry. They were expected to be sworn in at around 12.30 yesterday but all we got was a ‘Look At Me, I’m Back From The Dead!’ presser. Why the delay? Is Rudd doing the choosing or has that task been handed back to caucus yet? Is he just being as dithery as ever? Too much sulking from the wannabes who haven’t been offered the job they wanted? Can’t find anyone worthwhile now all the major talent has resigned? Did most of his dream team resign or tell him to get stuffed?

    Krudd just can’t replace al lthat missing talent. Filling one spot would be OK, but not seven. Rumour has it Kim Carr desperately wants Combet’s Climate Change, Industry and Innovation portfolio. Heaven help us!

    If Julia Gillard had taken days to come up with a new ministry the OM would have been frothing at the mouth and filling the front pages with crap about women not being able to make up their minds and the PM being weak and indecisive. But St Kevin Patron Saint of Whiteants takes three or four days – or more – and not a peep out of any of them.

  4. leone, I could see Julia Gillard as Secretary of the UN, not just head of the UN Women. However, that could be a stepping stone on the way to the top job.

  5. I was just reminded – Michaelia Cash is the Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for the Status of Women. No, that’s not a joke.

  6. I would like to propose WE, here at the Pub…try and do an analysis of the recent events in Australian politics.
    I neither trust nor have confidence in the dumb-arsed MSM. sfb. journos to do a balanced take on the affair.
    In my last post I deliberately raised the “Judas principle”…I di that because the Judas Iscariot character in the religious myth of the betrayal of Christ is, I believe, a deliberately constructed warning to beware of the source of betrayal of a (in our case) progressive leader by the aspiring middle-class.
    I could go into my personal theory on the judas character himself, but i want to single out the individual players in this last betrayal…and by “individual” I do not mean personalities, but rather ; ; the media, the public, the politicians, business groups and lobbygroups etc…
    I think we can do a much better job than the “Megas”, the “Tingles” and the “Marrs”, who are all tainted with the “obliged to respond for…” brush!

  7. The look on Rudd’s face if Julia became UN Secretary-General would be priceless. 😉

  8. leonetwo,
    I’m sorry, but your spiteful invective about the new Ministry being chosen is just plain wrong, and I would have thought an intelligent woman such as yourself would have been able to stop the bile rising for long enough to see that you were not speaking factually. Nevertheless, everyone has their agenda, and I’m sure you have yours. However, I would advise you to get your facts straight before you go off half-cocked.

    Now, as far as choosing the new Ministry goes, Kevin Rudd had always said it would be something he would work on over the weekend and probably announce Monday. Now, you may call that ‘dithering’, but to do so only plays into the Coalition’s hands to reinforce all the tired old lines they will run with between now and the election. If that’s your agenda, to wreck the Labor Party’s chances in the upcoming election, because you hate Kevin Rudd that much, and despise everything about him and what he did to Julia Gillard, fine. It’s just a bit too easy, for mine, to go down that path. Me? I want Labor to win the next election because we have too much to lose if they do. Kevin Rudd is the leader now, and no amount of howling at his moon face is going to change that. Excuse me if I don’t respond to you after this, but I’m off to the National Day of Phone Banking in order to try and convince people of the great policies that Labor has for the nation and it’s future, and the paucity of same from Abbott and the Coalition. Because THAT’S what’s important to me.

  9. Leone,

    Whatever she does, she will go far and achieve much. Did you happen to read the comments below that article? The misogynists out in force together with their downtrodden women.

  10. I noted the tele artice posted on twiter something about men a wtte where not nice to jula blah blah

    my tweet back was I would not give u the time of day now or never

    can u believe these fools or hypoctites after all they have done

    are they trying to get lost sales back from the guardian

    would some one mind supporting me and telling what ever off ple

    it was on my twitter trail

    and I had craig follow me last night I am so happy I copied in to my file for ever
    and guess what he is voting for Julia policies and labor

  11. In all cases of betrayal, there is a “liason individual”…like a judas with his ‘kiss of death”…or in the one I prefer to use in our case…with Parnell as the leader, and Capt’ William O’Shea. The English politicians used Capt’ O’Shea as the “liason” to bring an accusation of impropriety against the Irish leader and eventually his downfall. The fact that “Kitty” was separated from her husband did not matter, the story was beat-up in the media and by the church who both wanted Parnell out of the position….The English parliament keeping it’s arms length from the whole affair, therefore portraying itself as completely innocent in the collusion…….Just like the LNP. in this parliament..yet we know it is complicit up to it’s red-eyeballs!

  12. t comma ive said it before and ill say it again

    we are the the mirror to the lukers we must be positive I will also say this is not a mutual admiration society blog or cosy club that no one sees
    I did the stats at that point 45 th people a month some from over seas yes but they may be aussies ,,and I believe there is even more now
    , we must point them in the right direction
    lest they decide to vote informal or what ever , that s always been my thought about blogs the other place was a lost cause as I feel the lukers would of left long ago
    we must say what we think and be positive and also explain a few policies for people who have no idea

    I am gob smacked and not surprised that Julia put through more bills than any other pm in history the old story give a woman what ??

    my oh is rather wise at times he said it may not be the ministry u had but it will be as good , as all talent needs a go, just like the good footy players they leave on the bench that some time are over looked and go elsewhere

    we have seen that happen with footy team\

    so no matter labor has so much talent untapped young people they are our future and because they are new and some will stay they will get the fire ti fight

  13. The curious thing in our case is the now totally individual player Rupert Murdoch…who, while portraying himself as a private citizen, is both politician AND lobbyist….He has the capacity to “manufacture” a “Capt’ O’Shea” from a “Blewitt” or a “Thomson” or a “Slipper” or any number of confected drama queens!….With his parliamentry arm, he can create the “loop” of rumour- crime-witness-accused-judge/jury… dismissed/closed.
    We are now the victims to the whims of a svengali-like character and his henchmen!

  14. ps and we must congratulate them also and get them moving
    it wil be very hard for them they may feel embarrassed
    I would so support is vital

    that’s why many of us spent nearly an hour with craig last night what a gentleman he is,,, back to fight I thought at one stage he had left
    the media what us to think

    also I chatted to pvo he wanted us to move on re rudd turn boats back
    re the libs

    I intend to ask him when I get a chance ,, to tell us in the amout of word s that are available on twitter why his friend abbott should be PM
    it will be rather interesting,

  15. jay cee that’s why I said take a look at his twitter feed every day
    and see if things happen ,, its like watching some time code

    he mentions things all over the world I have never heard of

  16. A wild theory for your thoughts, while I hit and run. What if …
    [going on the rumors that some had loosely picked up a couple of weeks back when things looked at their gloomiest, Yet JG was said to be quite happy with the outcome as it evolved]

    This was some sort of planned outcome between some of the key players with a foot in both camps.

    That an understanding had been reached that there would be a handover, albeit a contest between the leaders would make it more significant and dramatic? The research has probably been showing the same things for a long time. Gillard, however, still held the confidence of the caucus and would to go until her major reform legislation was passed.

    Could this have been the reason for Crean’s abortive attempt at a spill? It bought a few months to complete this major legislation.

    Once this was secured, the spill could occur, and they could vote for safety. The theory is that the huge program advantage will counter all the media propaganda. Of course they will have to keep Rudd on a chain as far as running the show goes, but Albo will be aware of that and as committed to the program as Gillard,

    Might explain JG’s tranquillity about it all.

  17. jay cee they are the weakest link that’s why I will not click on any of the hypocrite stuff poor Julia

    the bastards did do her I hope they all go broke and they all end up on a dole queue even there tea ladies people know who they work for

  18. Must say Abbott is looking rather lame at the moment.

    All those tired old lines are out the door.

    Could of course be the calm before the shitstorm on Rudd.

    I’d say there would be several journalists working for Murdoch who have the inside skinny on how the Happy Little Termiter went about his business undermining Gillard and they may take that opportunity further down the track. Then, too, there is Kerri-Anne Walsh’s book.

    Interesting times ahead.

  19. I did say that in another way but it want be recalled,
    as I don’t see my self as one of the in crowd

    any way said my bit

    I did post that I had heard the person for laylor had been chose a while back
    surly that’s a big clue

    I also heard she had enough.

    you are right I think ,,,,,,, she new what they would do to her

    I mention this because the head guru over here had said wtte

    and poster PUT IT here, that we would not win because of all the stuff that libs would through at us

    so I presume it was going to be thrown at Julia

    she would of I am sure heard about al that

    she is all so my modern Joan of arc

    off for a work

  20. some people write better than others so gd yes

    I am a bit of two sentence writer, nut shell person I suppose

    my oh helped me with in hours to come to that conclusion

    he said he had picked the sign a week ago,, also
    he said he thought she may of known about shorten

    ect I hope she writes a book one day
    and we have all these silly people who will not vote for Jullia

    sickens me

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