The Glory That Was Gillard

More precisely, the glory that was Julia.


735 thoughts on “The Glory That Was Gillard

  1. Goodnight, Space Kidette – sweet dreams of immensity and ineffability (of Space, that is 😉 ).

  2. NormanK,

    Ah yes, the ever-articulate(d) Mr Abbott.

    Thank you for the best laugh all day.

    Bonne nuit, mes confrères.

  3. BK – A sneak attack at a double lane right turn light with an up hill was planned. Two lanes into one in short order.

    mine has 460 nm of torque – I watched from in front on the way up the hill.

    It did charge once 40k or so was on.

  4. Doing the rounds of Twitter, this is good for a chuckle:

    IS that one of yours NormanK?

    Whoever did it, it’s fantastic.

  5. Patricia, I am glad I did not imagine what I saw. I have a lot of respect for Tanya. Remember her on that cooking show, where she proudly defended her husband, in spite of his early history.

    Yes, maybe Rudd is the best solution.. Does not take away from Gillard, leavers her record intact.

    Trouble is, that many that get to close to Rudd get burnt. First victim this time appears to be Shorten. Somehow, Albanese seem to have lost stature today. Macklin did not appear too comfortable.

    We have two equals out there now fighting each other. Similar in every way. Neither capable of governing.

    The only other choice would been someone like Combet stepping in. I do not think, another can take that poison chalice like Gillard did, and make a success of it.

    Yes, it is a success to hold a majority government together, and implement so much essential reform, full term.

    I will admit, the lack of ability of Abbott made it easier for her.

    Gillard and Swan also held the economy together, more than that, the economy has continued to grow, find money for the essential reforms such as NDIS and Gonski to name two.

    Still, politics at the end of the day is not about personalities, as much as some would like it to be, it is about the art of the possible. That was something Gillard proved good at.

    Sometimes, I think that was because she showed little concern for public accolade or concern for what others thought. Just focused on what she set out to do. Maybe naively believing, that in the end it would be results that count.

    Yes, Rudd can be used, if that is what it takes. I have a suspicion, that is all he is good for. He will be sorted out, when his use is no longer needed. Same goes for his opponent. Two peas in a pod, they are.

    I have very little personal respect for politicians and many in the public light. Gillard is one of the very few.

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