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380 thoughts on “Fantastic Friday 6 monthly Report.

  1. I won’t be bothering with the opinions of the likes of Mr Denmore and Mike Carlton any more. Here’s why – they lack perception.

    If these Nervous Nellies cannot grasp one simple fact about Labor’s leadership then they must also be lacking in perception regarding all the other issues they write about. Why would I bother with the opinions of men who are so stupid?

    That fact? If Julia Gillard was to follow their instructions and step aside it would have only one outcome, a massive election defeat. Labor voters prefer Julia Gillard, Coalition voters want Rudd, that says it all. Yet these hand-wringing fools cannot and will not accept that.

    So are they just plain stupid or have they revealed themselves as closet Abbott supporters? Carlton says he makes his demand ‘with regret’ and as proof of his devotion to Labor talks up his membership of a union when he was a real journalist, not a mere opinion writer, many years ago. I seem to remember a certain male LOTO also talking up his membership of a union when he was a journalist, many years ago. Belionging to a union makes you a union member, not a Labor voter.

  2. Just watched the Dreyfus presser re discrimination of women in the workplace. Questions from the media pack were on their favourite topic and at least a dozen times Dreyfus said he would not answer questions about his colleagues but if they had any questions about the discrimination inquiry, or in fact any Labor Policy, he’d be happy to answer.

    Immediately after the presser Latika came on to offer her analysis, which of course went to leadershit. She had Arfur Sinodinus on to give his take on it all. She told Arfur that some of HIS colleagues told her that they were worried about a return to Rudd….and asked his opinion in that light.

    The coalition obviously see Latika as easily conned and why Latika believes Rudd is the messiah.

  3. Look, it’s all so obvious – Libtika is doing what she does because the powers-that-be at Their ABC know the blokes in the Coalition love hanging out with the only attractive young woman in the country who seems to enjoy their company. What a shame she has to be paid to be there. Libtika is a sort of media whore, paid to schmooze with old blokes. What was it that some woman said about someone using their cleavage for political purposes the other day? Was she referring to Libtika?

  4. Maybe The Age should get a disclaimer out, a la Shanahan: “We have every right to be the authority on Leadershit. After all, we own it, and only we know how it works.”

    Latika is less ‘easily conned’ than a willing dupe. A large number of the Canberra press gallery have been convinced for two years that they’re sitting on a scoop, and they’re all determined to be the first to report it. It’s cost a few of them their jobs, but for them there’s a larger principle at stake – protecting the reputation of the CPG as a whole.

  5. This is just plain offensive and obnoxious. The man shouldn’t have a job in the media. Oh wait, that’s where they all are these days:

  6. I saw that ABC interview this morning. The Attorney General ticked Libtika off about a dozen times, with “I don’t comment on my colleagues”; and” if you want to talk about the policy” but clearly Libtika did not.

    That interview should be shared to show how stupid is the MSM. I hope all ALP MP’s do the same.

  7. The CPG were so busy lurking outside PMJG’s office and the party room the other day, waiting for that big scoop on leadershit, that they forgot to tell us about something. Rob Oakeshott’s motion of confidence in Treasury and Finance and their forecasts was passed unamimously on Thursday, with not one vote against it. That has to have a lot of implications for the coalition’s election campaign, but the lackwits who call themselves journalists didn’t think it was worth mentioning.

    Here’s the actual motion –
    That this House expresses full confidence in the:

    (1) Department of the Treasury and Department of Finance and Deregulation;

    (2) Treasury Secretary, Dr Martin Parkinson and Finance Secretary, David Tune; and

    (3) following words by Treasury Secretary, Martin Parkinson: ‘I can say on behalf of David Tune, the Secretary of the Department of Finance and myself—and get this right—were PEFO [the Pre Election Economic and Fiscal Outlook] to have been released on the 14th of May, it would have contained the numbers that were in the budget.’;db=CHAMBER;id=chamber%2Fhansardr%2Fdd8fab1f-c4e4-4b85-bf93-8f1a9c7cba8e%2F0080;query=Id%3A%22chamber%2Fhansardr%2Fdd8fab1f-c4e4-4b85-bf93-8f1a9c7cba8e%2F0000%22

    And Mr O’s comments –
    Robert Oakeshott MP ‏@OakeyMP 20 Jun
    Full confidence motion in Treasury and Finance and their forecasts just passed the Parliament without a single vote against it.

    raymond pisani raymond pisani ‏@raymondpisani 20 Jun
    @OakeyMP @frankscan65 are you saying J Hockey &A Robb voted in favor?

    Robert Oakeshott MP Robert Oakeshott MP ‏@OakeyMP 20 Jun
    @raymondpisani @frankscan65 yes. not one single MP voted against treasury and finance confidence vote.

  8. The weirdest thing now is that even when the Rudistas have declined the cahllenge (they never had one!)..the MSM. is still running with it! a matter of is ONLY the MSM. that is beating the story it has got legs of it’s own!
    I think the govt’ ought to revoke the entire press-gallery cards and throw all the journo’s names, incl’ those from the fifth estate, into a hat and draw out new faces!…..sack the entire crew and give others a chance…they’re just absolute shite anyway!

  9. A riposte to The Saturday Age editorial has been posted 🙂

    Kieran Fitzgerald @kjob85

    21st June 2013 from TwitLonger

    It is time for Andrew Holden to stand aside as editor-in-chief of the Age, so that fact-based, information-driven democratic debate can flourish once again. Mr Holden should do so in the interests of The Age, in the interests of Victoria and, most importantly, in the interests of democracy. The public’s overriding concern is that, under Mr Holden’s editorship, The Age’s coverage of politics and news in Australia has become trivialised and sensational. Our fear is that if there is no change in The Age editorship soon, readers will be denied a proper source of news and information – and that would be a travesty for the democratic process.

    We do not advocate this lightly. We do so with all respect to Mr Holden, recognising that in the year he has occupied the office of editor-in-chief – most of it under the vexing circumstances of a collapsing market for print – The Age has undergone landmark changes, which we hope will remain (it’s much easier to read on the train these days). We are not saying Mr Holden should stand aside because of the Age’s format, but because he has been unable to lift the paper out of a desperately hopeless circulation and influence position.

    A big majority of the population has plainly stopped reading The Age. Readers have been so attracted to other sources of news and information that efforts by the editor-in-chief and his senior writers to put together and publish a decent daily newspaper have failed. If people continue to exercise this choice, the outcome is writ large: The Age will collapse. Outright domination of the daily newspaper market may be delivered to News Limited and, more importantly for our democracy, more people may turn to MX on the train on the way home as their primary source of news.

    Andrew Holden came to the office of editor-in-chief last year, after Paul Ramadge’s uninspiring tenure. Ramadge had replaced Andrew Jaspan, who tried but failed to counter the success of Fairfax management in destroying their own company. He is now responsible for The Conversation website, where he has poached Michelle Grattan from The Age. The situation is eerily similar today. Unfortunately, the paper under Mr Holden has lost its way. And despite his efforts to attract new readers, nothing appears to be changing. No one in Fairfax has stepped onto the front foot with confidence to reinvigorate the divided and demoralised masthead. The onus falls on Mr Holden to break the impasse.

    The population is despairing of the trivia and gossip that dominate The Age’s reporting. Readers are more despairing of the piety and hypocrisy of the paper’s opinion pieces. The paper has been deeply flawed for some time, and its plummeting circulation figures would indicate most readers agree with this. Victorians deserve a daily masthead of integrity. They deserve high quality journalism and thought provoking opinion pieces, not daily campaigns to smear the Prime Minister over a 20 year old matter followed by complaints that we need policy-driven coverage. As it stands, the Herald Sun has been given a free run by a publication which is self-absorbed and incompetently run.

    The other Victorian daily paper has even more trivia with features on celebrity gossip, pets, and supercoach; these are just the start of it. Yet The Age under Mr Holden has been unable to step up to the contest. News Limited are being allowed to run almost entirely unchallenged with their preposterous claim that they are worth reading. The Age’s inability to even come close to matching the circulation figures of such a rag is damning.

    Time is running out. The Age needs to refresh its public face and present a compelling, united and inspiring voice. It is capable of doing so. Now it must find the will. There may only be one chance to minimise the damage that appears inevitable. To do nothing would implicitly weaken people’s choice. If it is to be done, it is best done now. But it must be an unequivocal and energising change for the better.


  10. The MSM seem to be living on another planet. I thought the whole thing could not become more of a farce on Tuesday when we saw CPG members lurking outside the caucus meeting, eager to be the first with the change of leadership scoop. They had inventeed the whole thing and assured us it was definitely on, after their assurances it was definitely on the week before (and the 130-odd weeks before that) had fallen in a heap.

    But last night it became even more ridiculous with furious analysis of Rudd’s words. He said ‘believe’ and that set them all off on another wild goose chase because, they insisted he was using code and actually meant he was definitely going to challenge. This tripe had been pushed by that renowned Labor confidant, Joe Hockey, yesterday afternoon and the journos all fell into line behind him.

    They will grab any rumour, any concocted lie they are fed by those least likely to know anything and will push it for all they are worth. And while all this garbage is being debated and dissected and discussed and analysed the real news goes unreported.

  11. Well, I gave up buying newspapers over a year ago, as of today I have now given up reading mordock and fairsux rags online, I won’t even let them count my clicks when crawling to their advertisers.

    IIIIIIIIIIII ffffffffffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllll FFFFRRRRREEEEEE 😉

    Now if only someone would post links to their favourite quality newspapers, about five would do, please.

    Enjoy your day all, I am going out to see if the sun (reportedly 6000 degrees) has managed to warm Canberra yet.

  12. C@tmomma
    I’m not surprised Mumble’s said that, he’s never liked Gillard and that hatred has intensified since he sold his soul to Murdoch. Also bear in mind that he said that Barack Obama would never become U.S president because he couldn’t win in the south even though electoral geography said he could win without the south.

  13. Final version of my blog on my hip replacement operation. May add something after visiting hospital again end Feb 2014. Glad I had the op—less pain, much more mobility and getting better daily. Have linked to my blog on Twitter and got some good comments back, so may have helped some people. Docs encouraged me to write the blog—education always good they said.

  14. I think the AGE this morning has done more for the fight against sexism in Australian society than 20 speeches by the PM or 50 menus and 75 Howard Sattlers.

    The only one hurt by this will be Fairfax. Sattler belonged to them as well.

    I cannot wait to see any follow up they do trying to justify the editorial.

  15. Why do newspaper editors demand letter-writers provide a name and address when they themselves prefer to spread their manure anonymously?

  16. This was someones post on the Guardian..: ” She may be busy. I’ve suggested elsewhere with Rups being single,he should get together with Gina, then they’ll control all the MSM.”

    GOD!…the thought!…the image!…they burn!, they burn!…take them away!!

  17. It seems Fairfax has yet to realise that PMJG won’t ‘lie down and die’ just because they say she should.

    With PMJG and FPMKR both confirmed to be attending Hazel Hawke’s state memorial service next Tuesday, do they think a leadership change will happen in absentia, by proxy?

    I know the conservatives did it to their leader the NT while he was out of the country – advising him of the outcome by email – but at least the challenger was in the room.

  18. seriously, though..I’m a tad curious as to what the govt’ will do about the MSM. and their direct interference in governance in the country.
    Surely the OM. has crossed a line with it’s politicking and mendacity in repoprtage. How far can the govt’ allow an outside player to contradict govt’ policy and provoke hatred against the govt’?……I would have thought several journalists would have been hauled before a magistrate and had the riot act read to them before now!
    There must be a moment in the journalists (say!..can we change that now undeserved title?) life where they would question their silly campaign and dopey scribbles…….you would think!
    There’s and old Italian saying that if one person calls you a donkey, that’s their opinion..;two and you have an argument to justify..THREE or more and you better start braying!…..well, there may be some pretty loopy people out here in social media land, but more than a gross or two sensible people are calling the OM scribblers a herd of donkeys!

  19. Gippsland Laborite,
    It’s BECAUSE Obama has started to take the South, via the Hispanic vote, that the Republican Party is collapsing in a heap of old white men. 😀

    Gerrymandering their voting districts is the only thing keeping them alive.

  20. Sums it up best:

    A senior member of the Labor cabinet reportedly told the AFR Ms Gillard “ain’t going nowhere”, adding that the caucus is not moving to oust Ms Gillard, meaning Mr Rudd “has got to do something if he wants it”.|+RSS+Business+News+Feed+|+Business+Spectator%29

  21. Will any organ of the discredited MSM rise above the pack and provide some decent and searching evaluation of policies?

  22. Thanks for putting those brilliant counter-attacks by BB and Aguirre on Twitter, C@tmomma

  23. What IS it about bloody Puffy?

    JUNE 22, 2013 AT 4:24 AM

    by ‘she’ of course her office staff did it. But even though I was little ms nobody, i was treated like a VIP. If that mico-cosm is how PMJG is running the country, may she do it for another 12 years.

    “What’s wrong with THAT?” I hear youse ask.

    There’s nothing wrong with it at all. In fact it’s quite a charming comment. I have no issue with Puffy’s words. None at all.

    What I DO have an issue with is Puffy’s unrelenting, obnoxious tinnyness.

    She keeps winning the big prizes.

    That comment, innocuously timed at “JUNE 22, 2013 AT 4:24 AM” – and WHAT RIGHT DID SHE HAVE TO BE UP AT 4:24AM, EXCEPT TO WIN THE PRIZE? – was comment No. 65,536.

    For the non-techheads out there 65,536 is 2^16. That’s right, it’s one more than 65,535 which is the highest number you can express with sixteen binary digits.

    The Pub is now in uncharted territory.

    We have moved from a 16-bit binary number being sufficient to express the number of comments we have had, to needing 17 digits.

    And it’s all because of bloody Puffy.

    Pub aficianados will note that it was ALSO Puffy who posted comment #60,000. I had wrongly (but inadvertently) claimed that honour for myself.

    Then House Busybody, Fiona (or was it that other sticky nose, Ducky?), pointed out that Puffy had claimed the prize one post before me, timed AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME.

    If I was Tony Abbott, using the powers so wisely and graciously bestowed upon me by Joe6Pak (blessings and peace be upon him) I could have just deleted Puffy’s comment with a bit of “That was then. This is now” smartarsery, making my comment No. #60,000… but did I?


    As is well-known, I have a heart as big as Phar Lap’s, and in the spirit of graciousness for which I have become famous, let Puffy have her little piece of harmless fame for fifteen minutes or so. Another example of Noblesse oblige exhibited by your humble moderator, Me.

    But was bloody Puffy grateful? Was she? Eh?

    Did she show that sense of humility befitting one who knows her place and is lucky to have it?


    She has now gone and snaffled the We-Just-Ticked-Over-From-16-bits-To-17-bits-In-Comment-Numbering prize, generously donated by Joe6Pak our Fearless Leader and Enduring Inspiration.

    Joe has kindly provided a brand new Mercedes CLS “Shooting Brake” class estate car (whatever “Shooting Brake” means) for the winner of this prize.

    Three cheers for Joe6pak!

    I hope you enjoy your prize, Puffy.

    It’ll be the last one you ever win around here.

    I’ll be making sure of THAT.

  24. Tweet of the day for mine, regarding THAT editorial…

    George Megalogenis
    “We are not saying Ms Gillard should stand aside because of Labor’s policies…” The Age may have written its own obituary right there.

    10:33am · 22 Jun 13 · web

  25. And now for a change of subject…
    After my little rant about my failing copper landline yesterday I found this article hilarious. The key word here is ‘could’.

    “THE Coalition’s plan to roll out a national broadband network using Telstra’s copper network has received a significant boost as the telco giant’s boss declared the ancient copper asset could run for another 100 years.

    Speaking to journalist after a Trans-Tasman Business lunch in Sydney today, David Thodey said that the state of Telstra’s copper network was in good working order and would remain so for generations to come.”

    And the real killer that had me ROFLing –
    “….there is some copper a lot older than others but copper does not decompose.”
    Well Mr Thodey, copper may not decompose, but it certainly does corrode. I saw the mass of green corrosion in my Telstra post, it was all that remained of my landline connection and those of my neighbours after the big wet we had here last summer. Our phones had stopped working because the lines had corroded away to green mush.

  26. I would like to make a suggestion that we do a mass email to the PMJG to tell her of our support. I already have an got a automatic reply.This the address

    If someone could get it on twitter so more people email support to PM and stuff the Age (that sure showing its age)

  27. Jaycee, BK

    I’m so sick of the MSM I could puke!

    Aus is long overdue for ‘Truth in Media’ laws like Canada has. Canada is virtually a murdoch-free zone, apart from what filters over the borders. I read an article a while back that said the Canadian (conservative) govt was proposing to water down these laws, and as a result, Ltd News began work to start a Canadian version of Fox News – The public was outraged and campaigned against changing the law, and the govt caved in, and News Ltd abandoned its plans.

    In addition, media ownership laws should be on the agenda again – (Howard the runt really set up the media for the current poor state of affairs) Aus media should be 51% owned by Aus citizens, and to help ensure genuine free and democratic speech, no one (print) media company should have more than 50% coverage in a city/region. – this last one very difficult to manage now, as print media will be gone soon, and how do you control coverage when its global/internet etc?

    But “truth in media’ laws should be on the ALP agenda, in place of the media laws proposed earlier this year.

  28. Cross posted from “over the road”..

    One cannot help but notice the parallel metamorphic evolution of the conservative posters here with their saviour ; the LOTO…starting a long time ago with their clunking, clumsy syntax and slowly, “growing into the job”, gaining more confidence as they encounter little opposition to their imbecile and peurile rantings and with encouragement from fellow travellers..just like their saviour and hero in parliament..totally lacking erudite arguement, they bludgen and cosh their way toward, not reason, nor logic..but rather unabashed bullshit..and likewise, their leader and glowing example ,then claim that THIS..this zenith of achievment ought to be marked as their peak of success…till the fog finally clears and they discover that they have inadvertantly “climbed” their way into a filthy ditch!….
    So once again they scramble and clamber to the next gully…all the while a bemused audience views the disgraceful scene with the forboding of Yeat’s lines sounding dolefully in their ears..;
    “And what rough beast, it’s time come ’round at last,
    Slouches toward Bethlehem to be reborn…”

    Absolutely ghastly!….

  29. But but but …

    The Age ‏ Verified account @theage
    The Age is Melbourne’s premier news organisation for breaking news online, on mobile and in print.

  30. I see Mike Carlton wrote an almost identical article 12 months ago …

    “Time to face facts. Time to pull the pin. Julia Gillard is leading the Australian Labor Party towards a catastrophic election defeat, probably the worst in its federal history. For the good of the party and the good of the country, she must quit the prime ministership or be prised out of it.” (July 2012)

    Thought he said he’d recently come to this conclusion …”with a heavy heart” of course!!

  31. Some excellent tweets from George Bludger, saying it all so well.

    George Bludger ‏@GeorgeBludger
    #MSMfail Voter: “is stopping the boats really viable? what’s happening globally?” Media: “Rudd appears at shopping centre”

    George Bludger George Bludger ‏@GeorgeBludger
    #MSMfail Voter: “how will education differ under LNP? Is Gonski critical or a political ploy?” Media: “PM should resign for good of country”

    George Bludger George Bludger ‏@GeorgeBludger
    #MSMfail Voter: “Is NBN rollout really behind? How would LNP broadband solution be different?” Media: “Unnamed sources predict PM gone”

    George Bludger George Bludger ‏@GeorgeBludger
    #MSMfail Voter: “how will LNP’s climate change policy work? How is it different to the current one?” Media: “ALP leadership undermined”

    George Bludger George Bludger ‏@GeorgeBludger
    #MSMfail Voter: “will my pension be higher or lower under LNP?” Media: “Rudd may be leader by end of the week”

  32. Click bait doesn’t lure me in. I got the gist of what the so-brave-he-had-to-remain-anonymous editorial writer said from Twitter and from here. The same way I get the gist of what all the other grumpy old male journos order the Prime Minister of Australia to do.

  33. Another push for Newspoll-how dare the media do this propaganda. And by their popular argument shouldn’t Malcolm Turnbull replace Tony Abbott? The media is completely silent on this one and according to their polls Malcolm outpolls Tony 2 to 1.
    How dare they try and tell me how I think and how to vote

  34. The ABC thinks reproducing the Age editorial on its website is news / journalism?!

  35. Ben Pobjie ‏@benpobjie 7m
    So let’s talk lots about Abbott’s creepy touching yes? Sexual harassment of an indigenous woman? We all know about it right? In the news?

  36. “So let’s talk lots about Abbott’s creepy touching yes?”

    MSM: Julia Gillard is GORN!

  37. Cliff, that sounds like a great idea but pity the poor staffer who has to clear the inbox. 🙂

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