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  1. Blimey, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I clicked on to this piece in the Morning Bulletin.

    Looks like it is a combination of a number of pieces with a survey & comments but if you don’t read anything else in the next 24 hours, then you will surely find this one very interesting.

    Also has a great list of Labor achievements & a list of all political parties in Australia.

    Do yourselves a favour & have a look. If nothing else, it will give an insight into how Queenslanders view the leadershit issue.

  2. Aguirre
    The media have no sense of irony. They bemoan that

    Voters have been so distracted by internal and external speculation about Labor’s leadership

    yet they are the ones causing the distraction.

  3. Aguirre, I never thought I would do something like this but I just censored myself because of that article. Put theage and smh on my computers’ not-allowed list. I am not giving them traffic even if by accident. Feel a bit dirty doing it but they deserve it.

  4. Nice point made on Twitter. A year ago Grattan called on Gillard to quit. Gillard stayed exactly where she was, but Grattan was gone shortly afterwards. This time, The Age has called on her to quit. Maybe The Age will be gone soon.

    Somebody mentioned the piece feels like a Hartcher one. There’s something in that.

    Anyway, it’s all a put-up job. The editorial clearly states that there are doubts about Rudd, but who cares because it’s all about opinion polls. That sort of a line is a Hartcher special. Can’t find a proper reason to reinstate Rudd, no consideration given to another possible leader (which was all the rage a couple of weeks ago), so they just resort to poll figures. And this argument that a change of leader for the ALP would allow us all to concentrate on policy…. I mean, come on. Exactly how stupid do they think we are?

    And then a big fat paragraph further down which is basically weeping for Rudd’s loss of leadership in 2010. The more I read it, the more it sounds like Hartcher to me.

    There’s a lot of talk in that article about Labor being unable to counter the Coalition message. If I recall correctly, wasn’t that the exact same reason given for Rudd being replaced in 2010? He lost the Batts/BER argument horribly, and that was 100% BS from the Coalition.

  5. There’s a bit of a stoush going on over at Twitter. Mike Carlton has joined the ‘Julia Gillard must step down’ mob and is saying so in his latest column. He’s copping quite a bit of flak and he’s not handling it graciously.

    His view doesn’t surprise me, he’s always loathed PMJG and has always been 110% behind Rudd, so his claim he’s saying what he’s saying ‘with regret’ is very dishonest. Carlton is your typical 67 year old grumpy old bloke who thinks only boys should be in charge and he has taken every chance he gets to have a go at Julia Gillard. His latest work is just more of the same.

    I usually – not -always – enjoy Mike’s work but I won’t bother for a while now. Not only because he’s too stupid to see he’s playing right into Abbott’s hands by piling up more leadershit, but also because he says Fairfax has always been ‘objective’ in their handling of the leadership thing. Hartcher and his man-love for Abbott ‘objective’? Grattan and her daily love odes to her adored Tony ‘objective’?

  6. It’s all right. Carlton has just become a zombie. We saw Mr Denmore go through the same transformation recently. Carlton’s view appears to be that, as long as Fairfax hold a better standard than News Ltd, he can hold his head high. I’m not sure setting the bar so low is very useful.

    His other view appears to be that it doesn’t matter what the ALP stands for, as long as it’s populist enough to get by. Everyone in the journosphere goes on about what the ALP has achieved, but slams them anyway. Fairfax seem to be having a tantrum because the ALP didn’t do what Fairfax were predicting they’d do.

    I don’t know if anyone asked him why he thinks circulation of Fairfax papers is so low, and the share price at rock bottom. Could I suggest that, for the good of freedom of expression and the cause of democracy, Fairfax step aside and let other news services replace them? People simply aren’t listening to them any more, and if they can’t sell their message they need to make way for those who can.

  7. No Fibs Geek ‏@geeksrulz 15m
    The faceless men in charge of a failing and failed biz model, telling the elected PM to go. Note the blue tie 🙂

  8. I seem to have upset Mike Carlton

    Ian @ausjournosrscum 22 Jun
    @MikeCarlton01 just be man enough to admit that you’ve been got to. Try and save some self respect. Be a man.
    Mike Carlton
    @ausjournosrscum Look, just fuck off. I went on strike at Fairfax when I refused to cross a picket line. I ain’t changed.
    12:30 AM – 22 Jun 13

  9. ian
    Don’t worry, Mike Carlton seems to have become abusive in the last little while. Obviously he’s not used to anything but gushing adoration. He can’t handle being told others have opinions different to his.

  10. He’s being asked questions that, for as long as his backside points to the ground, he’ll never have the integrity to answer.

  11. Looking for a way to summarise that article. Something like:

    “Gillard must resign because the mere fact of her being PM prevents us from behaving like a responsible newspaper.”

    You see, they want to report on policy, and they want to expose Abbott and the Coalition for the charlatans they are, and they’ve wanted to do that for ever so long. Really, they have, honest. There’s nothing they’d like more than to report news. But there was all this speculation, it was just there, and it made them write about it. And what made it worse, there was no evidence to support the speculation, so the articles were way harder to write. They had to invent stuff, and imagine stuff, and talk to each other a lot in order to work up stuff. Being a journalist is hard, these fabrications don’t just write themselves.

    And that’s Gillard’s fault, you see. Because she put the speculation there by being PM, but she didn’t put anything there to back it up. By the time they’d collectively written enough articles to make the speculation look halfway plausible, there was no time left to write about policy. She made them look like fools, having them writing all those articles without any foundation, and forcing the newspapers to look like gossip rags.

    They tried everything to appease the speculation. They set Gillard deadlines, they overstated Rudd’s numbers, they talked and talked and talked about the need to change leaders. But the speculation wasn’t satisfied. They tried everything except ignoring it and doing the jobs they were being paid to do. And now it’s too late for them to do that, so Gillard has to go so that the speculation can finally end. It’s the only way the press gallery can salvage any pride. They may have to spend a few more months writing epitaphs and explaining why it’s all too late. But after that, it’s policy all the way. Promise. As long as no more speculation turns up, that is.

  12. Sad to think that Mike Carlton and Mr Denmore have joined the collective amnesia so cleverly induced by Rupert Murdoch. They too have forgotten there is an up-coming election in which voters can tell Julia Gillard that they no longer want her to be Prime Minister. Meanwhile some very sound heads whose judgement I trust say that she is the best person to lead them and the country until September 14th and beyond that too if Australians agree with them that she has run a good government in very difficult circumstances.

    Wayne Swan, Bill Shorten, Tanya Plibersek, Penny Wong, Peter Garrett, Bob Carr, Stephen Smith, Jenny Macklin, Anthony Albanese, Stephen Conroy, Mark Dreyfus, Joe Ludwig, Tony Burke, Gary Gray, Brendan O’Connor, Craig Emerson, Mark Butler, Greg Combet, Jason Clare, not forgetting Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor, all trust Julia Gillard. They have given her their advice. She has listened to their counsel. Her decision to stand firm is possibly a collective one. That’s good enough for me.

  13. I had a little snooze after tapas. as Tony was annoying me. It has been interesting reading the nights post’s. What a nice group of people, and a lovely Pub. Well done all the staff and the Publican.

    Thanks for the songs and dragon pic.

    I do urge you to read the Emiliy’s List Oration transcript. She does a really good job of giving an explanation of the Biggest Dummy Spit Ever.

    I will find and repost the link tomorrow.
    I did not know much about Emily’s List. or that it is not part of the ALP. However as PMJG is their brightest star, they have done their job well.

  14. Scorpio
    I make allowances for Qlders who are not happy a Qld PM lost his job. As a South Australian, I too would be pretty disappointed if our SA Prime Minister JG was deposed.

    i don’t know if you can get to meet PMJG in person at the CC.
    i met her as Deputy PM at an Adelaide community cabinet. I was so shy, I spoke too fast and she was lovely. She also had prepared all the info on the topic I had an interest in. (carers).

  15. I mean carers re-entering the workforce. but then I said I didn’t want to talk about that, I wanted to talk about Austudy for tertiary students. Which we did. Then a week later, all the info on that subject arrived at my door. Very slick!

  16. by ‘she’ of course her office staff did it. But even though I was little ms nobody, i was treated like a VIP. If that mico-cosm is how PMJG is running the country, may she do it for another 12 years.

  17. That meeting for about 10 minutes sealed it for me. And
    i got two autographs, one for my friend. The staffer who saw me out said that JG rarely gave autographs so I was lucky to get them. I think she did it because I was so damned nervous.

  18. … there is speculation about a Rudd comeback because he said wtte ” that he didn’t believe there was circumstances in which he’d challenge.” So that means that he will challenge because he didn’t say ” believe ” in his last statement.

    The media just want three word slogans; Mr Rudd, your three words are: “I’m not challenging.”

  19. We can’t let the media determine who our leaders should be.
    It’s OUR democracy, not theirs. It’s as simple as that.

  20. To the Twitter barricades!

  21. Thank you for that tweet, Ian. I don’t want to dwell too much on it at present. It is terribly demoralising when some of your own turn on you. Surely it is enough dealing with the media, Abbott antics, rampant and systematic sexism and abuse, and Rudd and his lackeys sustained white-anting. It twists the knife when our friends surrender to the putsch.

    We are in the strongest battle of our times. It is a matter of whether we are strong enough to resist the might of the corrupt Murdoch empire. Make no mistake, we may be an insignificant backwater in his overall empire, but he knows that if he loses this one his powers to intimidate politicians are breached. Others will be as brave as our leader to resist him.

    This is a battle for our souls and our lifestyle, and for our future. We must stand up for ourselves and against the insulting falsehoods fed to us. We have a leader and a ministry up to the task, allowing for normal human flaws. It is up to is to rally to our cause.

    Nicola Roxon showed us how much we had to be proud of

    Let us show the rest of them

  22. And from the Land of the Free –

    Trust the scatterbrained Moichell Bachmann to put her oar in!
    An App to explain what Repugs men when they say certain words.
    Some more cartoons on the Repugs and immigration.
    This is a worry.

  23. The Bureau of Meteorology is encouraging people in coastal New South Wales to keep a close eye on the weather over the weekend, with an East Coast Low forecast to bring heavy rain to a large area from the mid-north to the south coasts, including the Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong metropolitan areas.

  24. I can’t see what the journo’s gripe is..If they want the PM. to step down to “save the furniture”..why not promote her to get the party re-elected?
    Why join the mob to bring down the govt’ unless YOU TOO want Tabbott to gain office…
    Well challenged Ian…he is gutless, just like the rest of them…cowards seek cowards for approval….just another coward.
    I won’t be bluffed, because THAT is all any of them have..Bluff and bluster…check out the stats…The ruddistas haven’t got the numbers..Why?…because Rudd hasn’t got the confidence of the majority of the caucas to have the capacity to govern correctly..that’s all..that’s it!…no great conspiricy..many very competant and methodical ministers have no confidence in him..and why should they? know the rest of THAT story.
    The opp’n hasn’t got the capacity to govern, full stop!…look to their policies…foolish, clumsy, no detail or costings at all except .: “A lib gov’t will always…etc.” Look at the shadow front bench..I mean..just look at them…the public are seeing those same folk..the same jokes, can they not see what we are seeing?..of course they can…when it comes to the crunch, the foolishness and cracks in the facade will come to the front.
    And the MSM. they are completely lost…..the press-gallery are a collection of fools and scribblers pumping out rubbish and dross for their thirty pieces of silver…utter, utter fools..more the fool as they are destroying their own future prospects by destroying any public confidence in their reporting..Which of them all will be able to hold their head high and say ” I reported the honest truth” when it comes to applying for their next job?….’s all a case of bluffing the public…like the old shell game, they have to distract and detract from the real world because the simple truth is that Julia Gillard and the Labor team will not let the vested interests control the governance of this land.
    The whole world runs on bluff, and the worst thing one can do is to bluff oneself.

  25. Oh horse riding for us today…..rain, wind and thunder….don’t want to spook the horses!

  26. C@T… ” jaycee,
    Hear! Hear! Best comment that I have ever read from you. ”

    WHAT!…: ” no horse riding today”…well…thanks for the effing insult!…….:)

  27. A couple of decent letters to the editor of the smh:

    Gay Alcorn, my ”optimism has not been crushed” by Julia Gillard (”Women at stake in ugly debate”, June 21). In fact it has made me even more assertive not to accept the standards that men force on us women in Australia.

    The Prime Minister did not start a gender war. It was started by Tony Abbott when he stood in front of signs calling the Prime Minister of Australia a bitch and a witch and when his supporters questioned her clothing style and her hair coiffure. This was considered OK by Abbott as he stood behind a wall of shock jocks and right-wing commentators. I doubt whether the recent comment about women from the coach of the Socceroos would even have been mentioned before Gillard’s prime ministership. Go Girl!

    Lyne Dobson Waterview Heights

    For the ALP to now reinstate Kevin Rudd as ”our” prime minister after so unceremoniously dumping him from that same position only three years ago would be a self-serving, and unconscionable, act of bastardry towards the electorate at large.

    If the man was considered unfit to hold that position as recently as in the previous Parliament by these same colleagues, then surely it would be a contemptible, and temporary, grab for populism over merit to now reinstate him. If the current leadership is as bad as we are being led to believe, and the previous leader as dysfunctional as claimed by fellow cabinet ministers, why not begin building for the future and install someone who has the desire and the ability to rebuild the party and the ”brand” that it represents?

    We want, and deserve, what is best for this nation’s future rather than a quick-fix solution.

    Rod Luffman Nambucca Heads

    Read more:–stand-firm-20130621-2oo5c.html#ixzz2WtUKMYvC

    Imagine what today’s Fairfax editorial will bring by Monday?

  28. WHAT can one say about The Age?

    I heard about the editorial it first on the morning ABC news bulletin, which gave it top headline billing.

    “The Age calls for Gillard to resign.”

    Who or what is “The Age”?

    A tabloid newspaper, part of a once prosperous empire now going broke due to mismanagement, falling customer patronage, non-existent customer-support (when was the last time any Age journalist got involved in a debate, even on the rare occasions when they open up a column for reader comments?), tanking share price, an obsession with sackings, retrenchments and cutbacks, a prededlection to piss off half its readership by telling them they are fools and a slavish devotion to an outdated business model bound by an anachronistic means of production that they have confused with what might laughingly be termed a “mission statement”, were it possible to call making shit up, spreading gossip, bootstrapping stories, employing preening prima donnas to interview other preening prima donnas, laziness, an inflated sense of its own self-importance, a bemusing line in hypocrisy, a tendency to overpay its board while they send their company and shareholders’ funds on a one-way trip to perdition, a “mission”.

    That Fairfax, or one of their impotent organs, should have the temerity to call anyone else’s business model, governance and leadership inept, simply because they, as a news organization, prefer to repeatedly and wrongly cover non-existent scuttlebutt time after time, calling it “news” is an egregious insult to anyone with half a brain.

    There is only one thing to be thankful for: Fairfax have nailed their colors to the wall and are now fair game. They can never again claim impartiality (even in jest). Let them rot, cut them off, do the decent thing and taken them out the back and shoot them, slit their throats, push them onto their own sword, kick them to death, paint targets on their heads, stuff them into a chaff bag, take them out to sea and drown them. Then sprinkle their dead body with old salami sandwiches. That should be worth a tittering color piece or two.

    The government would be doing them a favour.

    No need to go into their arguments in detail, except to say that for a newspaper which refuses to print the very news they are accusing the Prime Minister of being unable to provide, in favour of innuendo, giggling “color” pieces (does anyone read Tony Wright or Jacquiline Maley’s rubbish?), endless and completely incorrect speculation, ersatz prediction of imminent doom that has never happened and pompous editorialization and opinionation, defies the word “irony”.

    Once upon a time a thundering editorial from The Age might be an event in itself, but no longer. Their thunder will be certain to be drowned out by the raucous laughter of their few remaining readers combining to produce the biggest WTF? in Melbourne’s history.

  29. So one week Murdoch writes leadershit for the Neilson Poll and this week the FFX writes Leadershit for the Newspol

  30. Ah well, it might be a good sign. I’m always happy when the MSM drop the mask and go all out on the direct attack. It means they’ve run out of tactics. As I mentioned last night, it’s strongly reminiscent of Hartcher’s style, and the dummy-spit when all the faux analysis turns out to be completely wrong is a Hartcher trademark as well. To re-cap the MSM narrative since late-2010:

    She’s going
    She’s going
    She’s definitely going
    She’s likely going
    She’s going
    She’s gone
    She’s going
    She’s not going yet but she’s going
    She’s going
    This time she’s going
    She’s going
    She’s going
    I think she’s going
    She can’t stay
    She’s going
    Any moment now she’s going
    She’s going next week

    Any pretence that they’ve got the good of the ALP at heart ought to be torn to shreds. I have never seen any evidence of that. That ABC presenters can have the gall to accuse ministers of sidetracking them with policy talk ought to be enough of a clue. It wouldn’t be so galling if a minister was deflecting talk about one policy issue by talking about a different one. I’d understand that. But they’re expected to drop all policy talk in order to chat about gossip and unfounded rumours.

    I should also mention that I think it’s ok for a newspaper to say to its readers “I think you should vote for such-and-such a party, for these reasons.” Having an opinion is not the problem. But this latest strategy runs a mile from that consideration. It’s telling us that even though the ALP are the better party the newspaper does not want to enter into questions such as who they think you should vote for. They want to meddle in the internal workings of the ALP. It’s way outside their brief.

    It’s clear they can’t come up with any reasons, policy-wise, for people not to vote ALP. They’re just saying that we’re not going to, and the ALP have to do something about that. The message should always be: Vote for the party you think is better. But they’ve wrenched it around 180 degrees, to: You’re not going to vote for the party that is better, and that’s right, and they have to do something about it.

  31. Can’t listen to radio, can’t watch tv, so I’m off to Omeo to watch the kids play football. Freezing though it maybe, it’ll be more fun. Hopefully there will be movies and stuff on tv when we get home. I’m over it all. Unbelievable.

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