Fantastic Friday 6 monthly Report.

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Hello patrons  and welcome to the  half/yearly “PUB REPORT”

Since we started this little haven up we have had close to 830,000 views and 64.500 comments.

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to visit

Especially our thanks should go to C@tmomma, Fiona and last but definitely  not least  bushfirebill for all the hard work they do to keep this place ticking over in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The election will be over and done with by the time the 1st anniversary arrives and hopefully we will still be here,having our discussions and fun whatever the result.

Friday night Raffles with our new excellent RAFFLE MASTER”ck watt” will commence soon so get your numbers in early.

Since we have started the raffles we now have $200 in the kitty which will be donated to a as yet unknown charity at  the end of the year. Thanks to all those who have donated their winnings into the kitty.

Looks like we are all in for a hell of time in the run up to the election so remember this place is here for you to do what it says in the header


380 thoughts on “Fantastic Friday 6 monthly Report.

  1. Just noticed this in our local on-line newspaper. Better make sure I get in early to register. The venue is within easy walking distance from where I live so no excuse not to go.

    Also, Happy Birthday CTar1.

    { PRIME Minister Julia Gillard will host the Government’s 42nd Community Cabinet meeting in Rockhampton on July 16.

    This meeting will be the ninth Community Cabinet to be held in Queensland, and will provide a unique opportunity for members of the community to meet federal government ministers face-to-face.

    The Prime Minister and Member for Capricornia Kirsten Livermore today encouraged local residents to register to attend the meeting, which will be held at the North Rockhampton State High School. }

  2. I have no interest in eating pudding the morning after. Black, blood or otherwise. But thank you enough for caring. What extraordinary barstaff we are blessed with.

  3. Silly ABC. All the sucking up to Tony Abbott and the Coalition, and spitting down upon the Labor Party will not save them, as Mr Abbott thinks we are Greece, and we all know what happened to the Greek National Broadcaster when the Right Wing Prime Minister thought he needed to make more savings!

  4. ian,

    But thank you enough for caring. What extraordinary barstaff we are blessed with.

    Yup. Ones who will not cook the Black Pudding for you that you do not want. 😉

  5. So it’s Friday lunchtime in the UK and I’ll be left alone by my co-workers for at least an hour and a half.

    I’ll try to clean out my work email and listen to music (I’ve caused a CD avalanche while finding the CD’s but that can wait ’till tomorrow).

  6. Fiona,
    They won’t know what hit ’em!

    Which is why we should campaign hard to re-elect a Labor government………so the ABC can still exist to kick US! 😀

  7. Fiona – Birthday cakes: with my nephew living very nearby and with 5 children 10 and under I’ve got used to the fact that I have, at least, to look as though I’m eating birthday cake.

  8. Dear Joe,

    I first met this song in this version:

    but my researches this evening assure me that the original is waaaay the best:

    Meanwhile, just remember that the injunction “fly right” means “fly properly” – no instruction regarding politics is intended 😛

  9. About three years ago my sister was booked to spend a couple of weeks holiday with my nephew who was working as an engineer in Dubai.

    Unfortunately the global financial crisis led to a virtual cessation of all development work there and a week before she was due to leave for Dubai, he was sacked, so no trip for my sister.

    I don’t think it was all that financially rewarding for him anyway as he was paying 70 odd thousand bucks a year rent on quite a smallish unit and was diddled out of his last couple of pays & all entitlements.

  10. Joe6Pack,

    How about steak and kidney pie?

    Yeah? What about it? 😉

    Look, I had the traditional Aussie menu shoved at me as I grew up.
    * Lambs fry & Bacon
    * Baby Lamb Brains
    * Steak and Kidney Pie
    * Tripe
    * Rabbit
    * Shot Duck (sorry TLBD 🙂 )

    And last, but certainly not least,
    * Smoked Haddock

    I used to enjoy that one. Enjoy throwing it up back onto the plate after my mum & dad had forced me to eat it. 😀

    Absolutely put me off all of them for life.


  12. 6Pack

    [Tell the poms to knockoff.]

    I’m the one driving them at the moment so if I was there I’d be hunting them out of the pubs at 1:30. I’d hoped to have all strings cut to them by last Xmas but it didn’t turn out that way.

    And to add insult to injury because I’m still ‘around’ at this time of year I’ll have to do a round of performance appraisals (F#UCK!!!!) when I’m over there..

  13. Leroy Lynch

    Thanks for that.
    Gerry Harvey is a retail dinosaur and as a owner of some KOGAN products I can say i have no probs with cheaper online buying
    Cheaper and delivered to your door

  14. CTar1

    Tell em to go away for the weekend anyway.
    Monday kick pommie ass all refreshed and ready for the ribbing after the lions may beat the wallabies.

  15. C@tmomma

    Listening to some pre war delta blues at the mo so I looked up one for your avatar . For Led Zep fans the second link should be a treat.

  16. CK – Thanks, nice!

    C@Tmomma – The brains and stuff I can’t do but

    Regular in winter:

    * Lambs fry & Bacon
    * Steak and Kidney Pie


    * Rabbit

    Many when I was young:

    * Duck (sorry TLBD 🙂 ) We had a string of dams across a creek in a place on the farm that was remote from public roads – sometimes we’d shoot them but the best way to get them was a metal frame made to hold a wool bale. Wrap it in chicken wire and put a neck on it like a lobster pod, sprinkle a bit of grain to lead them in and you just turned up and picked which ones were Sunday lunch and which ones were getting a second chance. No pesky pellets from the shotgun!

  17. kk,
    Son House, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Robert Johnson….the list goes on, very pleasingly indeed.

    My OH and I used to own a Record Shop in Perth that specialised in importing Blues and Soul Records from the US. Plus had a neat little category for Aussie bands that fitted in to the niche.

    Also, one of my favourite movies is ‘O Brother Where Art Thou? ‘

    Enjoy! 🙂

  18. 6Pack – I’ve got a Brumby’s jumper in London. There’s lots of people in the Office who are RU devotees.

    I think I’ll take it in on my last day and put it on before I leave.

  19. Fiona

    Forgot about your avatar so Memphis Minnie is for you as well. As the opening line says…..

    “I got a big black cat sittin’ in my back door she catches every rat runnin’ across my floor.”

  20. Kaffeklatscher & C@tmomma,

    I’ve only started discovering the early blues in the last 10 years or so – and there always delights that I haven’t already found.

  21. CTar1

    [ There’s lots of people in the Office who are RU devotees. ]

    Is Big Bird yellow ? When was the pomgolian civil service not chocka with rugger bugger types ?

  22. Fiona – My performance appraisals in the past have generally consisted of ‘This is how we’ve rated you. Do you want to talk about it or shall we get back to work?’

    For the last hurrah I’ll be doing some but won’t be subject to one myself – they can buy me lunch instead (Macca’s maybe).

    6Pack – ‘G-FLOP’ is classic for a tricycle undercarriage landing gear a/c that’s doing practice take offs and landings 😀

  23. kaffeeklatscher

    [pomgolian civil service not chocka with rugger bugger types]

    It certainly is – a familiar figure around the office even though he’s retired was Robin Butler (ex-Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Civil Service). He played numerous games for the Barbarians.

  24. On the last newsbreak a channel seven the talking hairdo told me, with a very serious demeanor, that there is speculation about a Rudd comeback because he said wtte ” that he didn’t believe there was circumstances in which he’d challenge.” So that means that he will challenge because he didn’t say ” believe ” in his last statement.

    The only positive about this last couple of weeks,imho, is that the media have shown themselves to be the witless shills that they are. Any intelligent person, Lib or Labor, would have to look at the msm and wish the speeding up of the NBN.

    It’s quite ridiculous.

  25. Whew, exams are finished and the holidays are ahead. I intend to spend them listening to Song of Ice and Fire audio books (on which Game of Thrones is based), some wikipedia work, and helping with the election campaign.

    The audio books by Roy Dotrice are a bit odd at some times. Listening to a 90 year old englishman read out the nasty sex scenes in George R.R. Martin’s books is creepy yet kind of awesome. That and he comes up with all sorts of odd voices for the hundreds of characters. But listening to audio books rather than reading them is a good way to multitask.

  26. Puffy,

    Yummy nibblies. Fankx. You are an

    I’m gunna basket – too cold in moi’s study.

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