Fantastic Friday 6 monthly Report.

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Hello patrons  and welcome to the  half/yearly “PUB REPORT”

Since we started this little haven up we have had close to 830,000 views and 64.500 comments.

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to visit

Especially our thanks should go to C@tmomma, Fiona and last but definitely  not least  bushfirebill for all the hard work they do to keep this place ticking over in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The election will be over and done with by the time the 1st anniversary arrives and hopefully we will still be here,having our discussions and fun whatever the result.

Friday night Raffles with our new excellent RAFFLE MASTER”ck watt” will commence soon so get your numbers in early.

Since we have started the raffles we now have $200 in the kitty which will be donated to a as yet unknown charity at  the end of the year. Thanks to all those who have donated their winnings into the kitty.

Looks like we are all in for a hell of time in the run up to the election so remember this place is here for you to do what it says in the header


380 thoughts on “Fantastic Friday 6 monthly Report.

  1. Cliff – thanks for the email contact for the PM. Just wrote this message – hope PMJG takes heart – seriously, I don’t know how she does it!!

    Dear Prime Minister

    This is just a short note to let you know that I believe that you have more support than one would suppose if one relied on the general media, including the Fairfax, Murdoch press and even (sadly) the ABC in recent times. The media is now more interested in sensationalising news rather than reporting the facts. They want to be “players” not “reporters”. This is a sad state of affairs for the level of political discourse in our Nation.

    I have been compelled this morning to write since reading the editorial in The Age – what a nerve for a newspaper to provide such an opinion – there is an election coming quite quickly and instead of relying on proper democratic process (do they even remember what that means?) like brats they want what they want now – I don’t even believe they really know what they actually want!!

    My admiration for you has grown and, I believe, many people admire you for your tenacity and for managing to behave much better than could ever be expected after some of the bad behaviour shown to you.

    Take care of yourself and best regards

  2. No, on second thought I am sure the PM and her whole office will get a lift from such supportive emails.

  3. It’s a bit presumptive, isn’t it also, that all these editorial writers and, mostly, male journalists believe that Kevin Rudd is the only one who could save the Labor furniture in the upcoming election?

    All I have to do is think back to when he was Prime Minister and who it was that came along silently in the background with her political pooper scooper to tidy up his messes after he had left them behind, and with absolutely no thanks or acknowledgement publicly from the man himself.

    I could understand these people’s call to reinstate Kevin Rudd if he, like Bob Hawke, had proven himself to have been a competent Prime Minister deposed by the party. He just wasn’t.

    And as for him saying he’s learnt his lessons, well obviously not. Otherwise he wouldn’t be behaving the way he is now.

  4. What a charmer this cove is when you scratch beneath the surface:

    Mike Carlton @MikeCarlton01
    @markjs1 @PuffyTMD God help the planet if you two ever breed.

  5. Mike Carlton may be good at stating his opinions but he is ratshit at defending them.

  6. I just want to congratulate ‘ the tragic’ moderators on a successful first semester. C@tmomma, Fiona, BB and Joe – I really appreciate you taking time to keep this blog a safe haven and for providing such erudite posts, exciting entertainment, and clever humour. Not to mention the great bar. I don’t say much, (you all say it so much better) and I hate the term lurker – sounds creepy- but I am never far from the daily commentary and I spread the relevant info by WOM whenever I can. I was a blog virgin when I signed up here, and because the contributors remain civil to each other, and are so well informed, I’ve continued to get my daily dose of current affairs from you all. I don’t read newspapers or watch any news, other than SBS occasionally, but the cracks are forming even there. I only listen to community radio. It seems obvious from what I glean here, that MSM is a lost cause. I live in Mike Kelly’s electorate, and although he has been a Rudd supporter, he still, IMO, conducts himself with dignity and decorum. I have been into the office to offer my support, although I am usually a voter of the ‘greens’. I’ve never been a political animal as such, but the way the population of Australia is being railroaded by a few wealthy outdated and out of touch people, for their own vested interests, is shocking. I can’t understand how so many lies can be told without anyone being held accountable. Free speech is one thing, but I thought vilification was illegal. Anyway, I’m so glad I finally dipped my toe in the common sense waters of this blog. It gives me heart and hope, that you are all out there somewhere trying hard to keep the bastards honest. Thanks everyone and thanks L12 for giving me a push. Here’s to another great semester with a happy outcome.

  7. BB

    [whatever “Shooting Brake” means]

    You have to be from the Home Counties to understand this!

  8. ovation6,

    And don’t forget the discussions about guitars you wouldn’t find on any other ‘politics’ blog. 🙂

  9. ovation6, welcome and a very good post.

    You make a very good point about Mike Kelly. Through our history there have always been some who have supported another candidate for the leadership. It’s rare to get unanimity. But once it’s decided you get in behind the successful leader and do the best for your party.

    I believe that Kelly is one in that category, as is Andrew Leigh. Both have talent and may go far. They contribute and are valued. I feel less satisfied with someone like Husic, who apparently wants to continue the white-anting. It is all the more sad that he is of some promise.

    Latham pointed out that perhaps someone like that is too inexperienced to fully understand what he is involved in. Rudd will abandon him when the push comes to a shove, just as he did Crean.

    I’m very sure that Rudd won’t challenge. As soon as he knows that the ministry and caucus is standing firm, he’ll back away from a test. And he’ll fall back on his line that he said after his Feb 2012 failure that he wouldn’t challenge again and wtte he is fully behind the PM. And he will pretend in his public statements that he has been perfectly consistent.

    Joe is right. He should not have been taken out without a stiff warning first. Yet on the evidence of his subsequent behaviour, he wouldn’t have improved as PM and he’d have made damn sure he took out just about everyone else with him when he did go.

  10. Joe has kindly provided a brand new Mercedes CLS “Shooting Brake” class estate car (whatever “Shooting Brake” means) for the winner of this prize.

    I asked myself the same question while leafing through the “aspirational” in-flight magazine recently (seven hours late: one cancelled flight, one delayed…)

    In short, it’s “coupéd” station wagon.

    The purists would argue the Mercedes has two doors too many.

    To paraphrase Top Gear (same? quote, different car):
    Hamster: “This car makes a statement.”
    Clarkson: “Yes, and that statement is: ‘I am a drug dealer’.”

  11. Fame at last, NormanK. Well done!

    If you haven’t already, I’d recommend sending your other videos to Letitia McQuade there. She’s run several pieces there on the media disgrace and might be able to use your videos in support.

  12. Obi One,

    Every chance of that – in the sense that Mr Murdoch knows he can bend Mr Rudd as he wants, and then destroy him.

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