It’s Our Bloody Future! Not Our Ruddy Future!


So, what do we have confronting us today?

From what I can read between the lines of the stories on early morning news breaks we do indeed have a stalemate when it comes to the leadership of the Labor Party.

1. The Cardinals are wasting their time and energy, traitorously attempting to engineer chaos and dysfunction, er, the Prime Minister to step down and hand over the leadership of the party, and hence the job of PM, to Kevin Rudd, in the run-up to the election.

So we get their stage-managed stunts with Kevin as star attraction. their statements to the media that Julia must step aside, and their touting of the numbers. Today, apparently, they have finally got >50% of the Caucus prepared to vote for Kevin, but they want , nay demand!!! the overwhelming majority of Caucus to get behind him.

Um, after all the malign machinations they have been up to, I think I can guarantee that’s the last thing Caucus will do. In fact, I think that Caucus will want to never speak to many of them ever again after the way they have made real the likely death of the party at the election, due to the obvious disunity on display, purely as a result of their continuous and, it seems, never-ending, campaign of white-anting.

That’s the take-out I have made from the particularly bad polls. People just hate the destabilised rabble that they are confronted with. In fact, I believe, a lot of the animus is directed, not at Julia Gillard, but at the very people so obviously agitating to get Kevin Rudd back. Could there not be an element of, ‘Well, put him back, if that’s what you want! Just do it and get on with being unified!’

Not that it will happen that way. As we all know, who follow these things closely, that if Kevin Rudd was put back as Prime Minister, it might satisfy the Cardinals, who are living on a prayer that he will be their saviour. It might satisfy a few tabloid-reading, Reality TV addicts in the community.

But it won’t satisfy Murdoch. He’ll just get out a fresh set of Ginzou knives and hand them around to his hacks and the next 3 months will be filled with more red blood to ensure the Blue Bloods win the election. As he wants.

2. Kevin Rudd appears to still not be interested in challenging JGPM. He’s smarter than the Cardinals because he knows that mass resignations from the Cabinet would result from his success and accession to the top job. Peter Garrett’s statement to that effect last Sunday was a voice for the many that said they would do the same, in the past.

Which would give the ‘headless chooks’ & ‘chaos & dysfunction’ metaphors, that the Opposition are peddling, big, fat, juicy legs. It really would become a cakewalk for the Opposition then.

3. Julia Gillard is not going to listen to the Cardinals now, or take heed of their scandalous plotting. It’s all so obviously contrived, along with the mendacious media pushing it along, as they all struggle for relevance together.

The Prime Minister is smart enough to see all this and will not waver. So is most of the Caucus, despite what the embittered old party hacks in their hereditary Labor ermines are saying. The future of the Labor Party, if it is to have one, lies in not going back to the halcyon days of yore of faceless plotters like them, feeding their egos and feeding stories to the complicit media, in order to perpetuate the the way of doing business manifest in the personage of Eddie Obeid and Ian MacDonald in NSW. The old, tired and discredited NSW Right way of doing things, which these Cardinals are the absolute and continuing embodiment of.

If we give in to them now, and let them put their front man back in to do a job that he was so obviously unsuited for, then the Australian Labor Party should just shut up shop, and hang a ‘For Rent’ sign on the front door. As it will be the old days and ways of the Hawke era back with a vengeance. When the old, male Union dinosaurs, or ‘Trogs’, as they styled themselves, ran the show as a sinecure for the Labor peers and greasy pole climbers, who did their work in the shadows and made sure so many lumps of useless wood got to sit on the Senate benches and occupy safe seats.

Those days are gone, and it’s about time those idiots realised it.

It’s not going to work for Tony Abbott either. Unless he wants to preside over a Serfdom. Though, considering the limited extent of his vision displayed thus far, and his megalomania, that’s probably exactly what he wants.

‘Poor Fellow My Country’, is exactly what’s in store if either man, Rudd or Abbott, gets to hold sway. That I do know for sure because they are both incompetent at administration and only sustained by the media, and the media have not yet displayed to me that they have the answers either.

Only the Gillard Ministry seem to have a real clue about where to take the country, that isn’t to a place littered with mass unemployment and mining tenements pock-marking the landscape. Or dams every damn where, destroying the fragile environment as they try and coax food out of a blood-red stony soil in the north of the country.

I just sit here and I watch all of this in despair, I truly do. However, just as resolved and determined to fight it as I ever was.

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  1. leone2
    You are right. Maybe that is a ‘proxy’ bidding set-up. That is the best explanation. Particularly with the very high rating, (purple star). Maybe celebs buy things on Ebay that way? I know there are business which will sell your stuff for you.

  2. gosh those that don’t get bids
    will have deflated egos.


    I really think O is hinting about the polls
    being stronger

    do you agree

    as long as I live I will never forget the photo of envy
    I am sure you know what I mean

  3. He could not even keep his campaigning out of this charity auction.

    Tony Abbott

    Power Cycle: a rare chance for two people to join Opposition Leader Tony Abbott for a bike ride followed by breakfast. Find out why this daily ritual is so important to the man aspiring to be Prime Minister. Or skip the ride and go straight to the hearty breakfast!
    All Proceeds to Charity


  4. puffytmd,
    I’m surprised Tony, himself, wasn’t using Big Gina’s $ to bid for the Dinner at The Lodge, get in, throw JGPM out, then change the locks. πŸ˜‰

  5. Before I shut down for the night – has it occurred to Abbott that the thought of seeing him up close in those bloody reveal-all bike pants is keeping the bidders away? That and having to look at him shoveling breakfast into his gob?

    Goodnight all.

  6. rook,

    Ok I’ve been lurking here for a while. Great way to keep up with what’s going on without reading the pathetic OM.

    What has spurred me to comment? The most ridiculous comment from Heather. Call the waaaahmbulance! Give us our prime minister back!(?)Seriously? Are there really people out there who are so naive?

    Just reposting this from the page before because I hadn’t noticed it in our New Posters pending pile. πŸ™‚

  7. leonetwo,
    You’re trying to give us nightmares! πŸ˜€

    The thought of Tony’s little budgie, struggling to break free from it’s lycra prison… πŸ˜‰

  8. I could never understand this argument (Heather) “People will never forgive her (PMJG) for replacing our Prime Minister (Rudd)”. They had their chance in 2010 and if you were not pissed off about it then why would you be pissed off about it now?

    I believe if there was any resentment toward PM about it, people showed it when they voted in 2010. If you were a voter that voted ALP in 2010 and you wanted to find a reason not to do that in September, using that excuse is pretty lame one to say the least.

  9. Fact Fact ‏@Fact 4m

    The sentence “Are you as bored as I am?” can be read backwards and still makes sense.
    Francesca. Azizul Ezzaddin Njuguna Waweru uy Dish Stavros Taline β™‘
    11:25 PM – 18 Jun 13 Β· Details

  10. Section 2 . . .

    If Napthine signs up surely this would then meet the “majority” that Prissy refers to.
    Alan Moir doesn’t think the NSW budget got a fair coverage.
    Andrew Dyson’s view of Ruddstoration.
    David Rowe highlights blue ties.

  11. ALP election theme – β€œFor the sake of the future of our country vote for us”.
    Coalition election theme – β€œYou WILL vote for us”.

  12. Good Morning Pubketeers! πŸ™‚
    My goodness the Opposition’s policy cupboard is bare!

    Greg Hunt, who is apparently the Coalition’s Deputy Chair in charge of Policy Development, just did the first substantive interview that I have heard, with Marius Benson on NewsRadio, where specific questions about Coalition policy in a range of areas was put to him and substantive answers were expected.

    Not that Greg Hunt gave Benson any. Or, if they were meant to be substantive answers, they had the substance of a Kleenex tissue.

    Anyway, here goes with a summary(I’ll try and get a podcast up later):

    ‘Wot he done!’ Or, in other words, using what Colin Barnett has done in WA as a template for schools nationally.

    So, a Corporatist Model, with a Board running the school as an autonomous entity. Individual Contracts for Teachers (?). Budget targets and Debt Collectors sent around if you don’t pay your kid’s Public School fees (?) If larger class sizes and less teachers and resources save money(?)

    I’d be interested in confessions, or anyone else from WA, letting me know more about this policy.

    More ‘Independent Boards’. Didn’t get much detail from Hunt but, if Queensland is any guide, will Public Hospitals be sold to Private Health companies and then run on behalf of the government? Ditto with the budget allocation being left as an open book for the board to fill in with it’s own resource allocation, staffing and purchasing and outsourcing(sub-contracting) policies, to bring the ‘service’ in, at or under budget (= Performance Bonus $ for executives & disproportionate salaries for the executive level, at the expense of satisfactory remuneration for the employees).

    Also, Health and Medical Research will be increased for commercially-exploitable research.

    The Environment:
    Essentially, a grab bag of feel-good slogans.
    The Coalition have ‘Save the Reef 2050’ for the Barrier Reef (though I don’t think there’ll be much to save with their Climate Change ‘policy’ allowing taxpayer-funded open-slather to big polluters plus a rinky-tink ‘Soil Carbon’ and tree-planting exercise, which doesn’t add up).

    ‘Save the Reef 2050’ will be focused on getting rid of the Crown of Thorns Starfish (now, where have I heard that one before? Oh, that’s right, back in the 1970s from a Liberal Party Environment Minister).

    This feeds into a loop which has ‘Stop the Nutrient Run-off into the Barrier Reef’ (good luck with that with the increasing urban development of the Queensland Coast and Newman’s ramped-up tree clearing), because nutrients feed the Crown of Thorns Starfish on the Reef.

    Plus, ‘Save the Dugong and Sea Turtle’. Equally, may I say, good luck with that, considering the increased numbers being caught and killed since Indigenous North Queenslanders and Northern Territorians, whose votes the Coalition is now trying to harvest, were given permission to catch and kill them for food.

    Pictures of them make great posters that people can feel good about though. πŸ˜‰

    This was the biggie for mine. Benson put it to Hunt, wtte, “You say you will lower taxes, how can that be when your PPL will raise taxes on companies?”

    Hunt: “We WILL be a lower-taxing government because we are going to remove the Carbon Tax(which is a tax on business), and remove the Mining Tax(which is a tax on the Coalition’s Mining Business mates).

    THAT is the sum-total substance of their ‘Lower Taxing’ mantra.

    Nothing about raising the GST(which they would probably aver is a ‘State Tax’, in the Coalition’s ‘Mean and Tricky’ way with words).

    Nothing about raising the Tax Free Threshold again, which is effectively a tax increase.

    Oh, and the numbers to go with all this will not be released until some indeterminate time after PEFO, as the Coalition hope their election campaign bells and whistles distract the electorate from the fine detail.

    So, there you have it. The first ‘substantive’ analysis of Coalition policy.

    Not a solid foundation upon which to build much other than privatisation and outsourcing and exploitation of everything that isn’t tied down.

  13. Morning all.

    Taxpayers are footing a quarterly travel bill of almost $10,000 so a Sydney-based Insurance Commission of WA board member can fly to and from meetings.

    Travel records tabled in Parliament show ICWA deputy chairman Ainslie van Onselen has flown to Perth for monthly board meetings since her appointment in late 2011.

    In a six-month period covered by the two most recent quarterly reports to June 30 last year, $19,481 was spent on economy airfares.

    Any relation to Peter?

    And meanwhile the news reported last night that a woman who was robbed of $10,000 worth of jewellery hadn’t even had a police officer interview her or attempt to follow up on evidence presented to them because they couldn’t afford to buy notepads such were the budget cuts!

  14. Oh dear, the divisions are starting. HOw long until Abbott is forced to roll over, as he so often is?

    Tony Abbott has rebuffed a coalition backbench bid to get him to withdraw his support for recognising local government in the Constitution, but opponents have not given up.

    The local government issue, to be voted on in a referendum on the same day as the Federal election, is causing ructions within coalition ranks.

    The WA branch of the Liberal Party plans to encourage voters to reject recognition and vote “No” on its how-to-vote cards, defying Mr Abbott.

  15. t comma that’s so good, it needs to be link to your tweeting

    gems like that should be seen far and wide.
    with a heading that catches the eye of swing voters

  16. This Is a Professor!?..Pete Van Ons’ slags off at the criticism of his wife after he slags off at her employers day in day out, every chance he gets and NOW he’s amazed!….so I ask ; “THIS is a professor?…of what..: Stupidity?

  17. A random tweet

    Roaldan ‏@Roaldan1000 21m
    Wake to ABC news telling me last week’s challenge will now be next week, not this week. Story based on Shorten saying there is no challenge.

  18. Heaven help us- take a look at the Master of International Journalism teaching team at the University of Western Australia. I knew PvO was a professor for that, but the other names on the list – well, most of them – are astonishing. Chris Kenny? Really?

    If you want to get a masters in International Journalism then try another uni. All you’ll learn at UWA is how to cut and paste missives from Mordor.

  19. leone:

    Good grief! With the exeption of Bilbo and Stephen Barton they’re all Murdoch (OO) columnists!

  20. muski
    my lap top had one area like that but seems to have disappeared
    will investigate thank you

    will you be posting your link and comment on pb

    smile face,
    so have all the people on the list done degrees at that place

  21. connei

    I ve always thought there was a connection


    say no more

    yes ,,, pity we cannot have an off line convo

    but u can read my mind

    always wondered always

  22. so hatched matched and despatched to right win newspapers


    made my day

    the links you find leonie
    tcomma want be surprised I am sure

    more reason to stay right here ( left here}

  23. denese
    I won’t post that over the road, some things are exclusive to here. (That grammar is a bit odd…) Anyway, as William is on the faculty he could tell all his loyal bloggers exactly the same thing if he wanted to.

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