It’s Our Bloody Future! Not Our Ruddy Future!


So, what do we have confronting us today?

From what I can read between the lines of the stories on early morning news breaks we do indeed have a stalemate when it comes to the leadership of the Labor Party.

1. The Cardinals are wasting their time and energy, traitorously attempting to engineer chaos and dysfunction, er, the Prime Minister to step down and hand over the leadership of the party, and hence the job of PM, to Kevin Rudd, in the run-up to the election.

So we get their stage-managed stunts with Kevin as star attraction. their statements to the media that Julia must step aside, and their touting of the numbers. Today, apparently, they have finally got >50% of the Caucus prepared to vote for Kevin, but they want , nay demand!!! the overwhelming majority of Caucus to get behind him.

Um, after all the malign machinations they have been up to, I think I can guarantee that’s the last thing Caucus will do. In fact, I think that Caucus will want to never speak to many of them ever again after the way they have made real the likely death of the party at the election, due to the obvious disunity on display, purely as a result of their continuous and, it seems, never-ending, campaign of white-anting.

That’s the take-out I have made from the particularly bad polls. People just hate the destabilised rabble that they are confronted with. In fact, I believe, a lot of the animus is directed, not at Julia Gillard, but at the very people so obviously agitating to get Kevin Rudd back. Could there not be an element of, ‘Well, put him back, if that’s what you want! Just do it and get on with being unified!’

Not that it will happen that way. As we all know, who follow these things closely, that if Kevin Rudd was put back as Prime Minister, it might satisfy the Cardinals, who are living on a prayer that he will be their saviour. It might satisfy a few tabloid-reading, Reality TV addicts in the community.

But it won’t satisfy Murdoch. He’ll just get out a fresh set of Ginzou knives and hand them around to his hacks and the next 3 months will be filled with more red blood to ensure the Blue Bloods win the election. As he wants.

2. Kevin Rudd appears to still not be interested in challenging JGPM. He’s smarter than the Cardinals because he knows that mass resignations from the Cabinet would result from his success and accession to the top job. Peter Garrett’s statement to that effect last Sunday was a voice for the many that said they would do the same, in the past.

Which would give the ‘headless chooks’ & ‘chaos & dysfunction’ metaphors, that the Opposition are peddling, big, fat, juicy legs. It really would become a cakewalk for the Opposition then.

3. Julia Gillard is not going to listen to the Cardinals now, or take heed of their scandalous plotting. It’s all so obviously contrived, along with the mendacious media pushing it along, as they all struggle for relevance together.

The Prime Minister is smart enough to see all this and will not waver. So is most of the Caucus, despite what the embittered old party hacks in their hereditary Labor ermines are saying. The future of the Labor Party, if it is to have one, lies in not going back to the halcyon days of yore of faceless plotters like them, feeding their egos and feeding stories to the complicit media, in order to perpetuate the the way of doing business manifest in the personage of Eddie Obeid and Ian MacDonald in NSW. The old, tired and discredited NSW Right way of doing things, which these Cardinals are the absolute and continuing embodiment of.

If we give in to them now, and let them put their front man back in to do a job that he was so obviously unsuited for, then the Australian Labor Party should just shut up shop, and hang a ‘For Rent’ sign on the front door. As it will be the old days and ways of the Hawke era back with a vengeance. When the old, male Union dinosaurs, or ‘Trogs’, as they styled themselves, ran the show as a sinecure for the Labor peers and greasy pole climbers, who did their work in the shadows and made sure so many lumps of useless wood got to sit on the Senate benches and occupy safe seats.

Those days are gone, and it’s about time those idiots realised it.

It’s not going to work for Tony Abbott either. Unless he wants to preside over a Serfdom. Though, considering the limited extent of his vision displayed thus far, and his megalomania, that’s probably exactly what he wants.

‘Poor Fellow My Country’, is exactly what’s in store if either man, Rudd or Abbott, gets to hold sway. That I do know for sure because they are both incompetent at administration and only sustained by the media, and the media have not yet displayed to me that they have the answers either.

Only the Gillard Ministry seem to have a real clue about where to take the country, that isn’t to a place littered with mass unemployment and mining tenements pock-marking the landscape. Or dams every damn where, destroying the fragile environment as they try and coax food out of a blood-red stony soil in the north of the country.

I just sit here and I watch all of this in despair, I truly do. However, just as resolved and determined to fight it as I ever was.

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  1. About Abbott’s brainfart to develop the north –

    First – It’s supposed to be his third big policy annouincement. Third – gee, aren’t we lucky! Three years in opposition, three months out from an election and in all that time he has manged to come up with three policies and a pamphlet. What a dynamo! What a power-house of policy making the LOTO is! The country has never seen policy making such as his before, not ever!

    Second – I said this last night but you were all too busy admiring man boobs to notice – read the first sentence and then the last sentence of Kenny’s article. They say it all. It won’t happen. There will have to be constitutional changes to allow Abbott’s stupid idea and who is going to vote to give some Aussies lower taxes and others higher taxes?

  2. We will continue to hear nothing but leadershit. For some reason the pundiits have decided that a challenge will happen during Tuesday morning’s caucus meeting – the last there will be. The idiots have their heads so far up their own fundaments that they haven’t noticed something very important – PMJG won’t be there and it seems Kevin Rudd will be missing too. They will be attending the memorial service for Hazel Hawke, in Sydney.

    It’s beyond stupid now, beyond farce. Two weeks ago the OM Trash Pack, following up Barry Cassidy’s ludicrous predicition, assured us that Julia Gillard would be ousted at the caucus meeting on Tuesday 11 June. When that didn’t happen they assured us it would definitely be last Tuesday. Journos even waited outside the room while caucus met, desperate to be first with the big news. It didn’t happen. Now they are on about next Tuesday. I’m sure there will be a big Trash Pack crowd outside the party room on Tuesday morning. They will be disappointed when nothing happens. I’m sure they will then say it’s on after QT that afternoon, or PMJG will be forced to call a meeting on Wednesday morning ………..

  3. leonetwo,
    Especially when one of the Aussies getting lower taxes will be Gina Reinhart.

    I heard Andrew Robb say as much, sotto voce, this morning. Of course he emphasised the little people who would be (forcibly) relocated and those who would voluntarily go there as qualifying for lower individual tax rates. What was not so easy to hear was when he added lower corporate tax rates to the mix. Which = ANDEV = Gina. And Rupert, who will be in like flynn for his two bob’s worth of taxpayer-funded largesse. Which apparently includes free dams for them to be able to take as much of our precious resource as they want for free.

  4. leonetwo,
    What if they had a challenge and nobody came? Except the idiot journalists and their equally idiotic cameramen who trip over themselves on a regular basis. 😉

  5. At our branch meeting on Wednesday night. There was no mention of Leadership whatsoever, there was talk of the very good expectations of numbers for a Trivia night with Mungo MacCallum hosting (which OH and I will be attending). The hard work Janelle Saffin is doing in the Page electorate. Not one word of negativity re the ALP. The negativity was all directed at the MSM.

  6. Of course, with the LNP. policy : “NORTH! to a laksa!”, does it take into acount ..: Lack of multi health service support, lack of education facilities, lack of transport hubs etc.?

  7. the Coalitions ‘north Qld policy’ isnt a developed or costd policy.
    It’s a talking point – a plan to have a white paper done on it sometime after they get into government. ‘Everything will be on the table’ appears to be newsspeak for ‘we haven’t thought of anything yet but we’re hoping someone will get an idea that we can use later on’.

  8. Good heavens!..I just had a terrible image of all those major backers of Tones celebrating with a grand waltz and Gina, Rupert, Twiggy a (no more Clive?) and all those other fat-dog financiers tripping over each-other and treading on eachother’s toes….ALL trying to lead!

  9. I’m cautious about Kev-07 parliamentary supporters coming out and declaring “It’s all over” at this point in time.

    Me too. A false sense of complacency would be anathema to the boiler room situation we have at the moment.

    Speaking of boiler rooms I have this image of the Ruddistas chopping up the furniture, Phineas Fogg style, and stoking the fires. It burns brightly for a while but eventually the heat starts to die down. Throw in a newspaper and it flares up again, but only for a minute or so.

    They’re running out of furniture. Too many journalists have made fools of themselves over this. Some continue to do so, but even they are getting weary of it, I sense.

    There will hopefully come a time when they stop taking Ruddistas’ calls. That would be after the end of next week, I suspect.

    But then, as Muskiemp wrote above, we all been through that refractory period before, only to find the Rudd Camp manages to achieve another hard-on for leadership change.

    Gillard should watch her step carefully and not slack off now. She’s won too many battles so far to be deprived of the opportunity to defend her record.

    The caucus, scared, nervous and – at the same time – lazy, may like to think that The Messiah will save them without them having to do any work, but that was never an option.

    Six weeks before the 2010 election Labor was 55-45 ahead of the Coalition and Gillard was several city blocks ahead of Abbott in PPM.

    Look how that turned around! Abbott nearly got there, even though he was as popular as off milk.

    They say “What goes up will come down”. We are about to see whether what’s already down can rise again.

    Gillard has one big thing in her favour: she has been wildly popular before. Somewhere, deep in their lizard brains, a lot of punters who profess to hate her, have held her in some regard in the past. The same goes for the Labor vote.

    The party is under barrage at the moment, but it can’t go on forever. Abbott can’t be kept shrink-wrapped until opened on the Lodge dining table on September 15th. A clear statement needs to be made by Rudd, but whether he’ll do it or not is speculation.

    Better, in my opinion, would be a reminder by the PM that she has survived everything they have thrown at her and triumphed over all of it.

    She is still standing, living proof that the polls – with their constant predictiions of her imminent doom – and the pundits with their refusal to cover anything but corridor gossip and extrapolate it into some weird kind of media Reality TV show can both be wrong, and are wrong when it comes to her.

    She is the one who defies the polls and gets on with it. Her colleagues would do well to emulate her determination and strength and draw courage from it.

    The punters would also do well to see that they have been hoodwinked into believing the election is a foregone conclusion.

    Polls are just a lazy way for journalists to do no work. Why report on policy or governance if you can say, as Leigh Sales did last night, that it’s a pointless exercise because Labor policies won’t matter a damn after September 15th?

    Give them a spreadsheet full of numbers and indolent journos can dash off a couple of hundred words then fall back into their hammocks and complete their afternoon naps.

    The very fact that Gillard is still standing is evidence – or can be put as evidence – that polls and pundits are not telling a true story. I would like to see some of them challenged directly on this, starting with Leigh Sales.

  10. C@tmoomma
    That happened on Tuesday. The vultures gathered, PMJG came out of the caucus meeting and gave them a big smile, said ‘Good morning’ and walked off.

  11. Tim and Marius, C@tmomma? It sounds a lot more like Tim and Debbie. Only the latter pair might have had a better grip on reality.

  12. It’d better be a chocolate cake!

    Isn’t there a saying about having a cake and doing it too?

  13. This whole ‘Get Gillard” thing is a gender issue…Consider the consequences for the rest of the female ministers in govt’ if julia is dissmissed…They will know that THEY will now NEVER have a chance at leadership on the grounds that the first Female leader was replaced BECAUSE the gender issue was an issue too hot to handle, so the executive will not go there anytime again soon…alll their careers short-changed because of their unforseen birth-gender.
    Will this forever be the mantra for leadership denial, as it has been for many, many other career ambitions?
    NO!…it cannot be….the women have to have equal rights not only in position and ambition, but certainly also in the REAL CAPACITY (just like us males) to fulfill the dreams of childhood career ambitions.
    Julia Gillard is the epitome of a young girl who has fought tooth and nail to reach that goal…it is her RIGHT to govern from that goal…It is the right of every young girl to see and say .: “There…I want to be like her”…We are talking of 50% of the population…tear down the PM. and we tear down the ambitions of half the people of Australia!

  14. Menus will always be missing under a coalition government. You will eat what’s put on the table and you will enjoy it. Or else!

  15. I’m loving that arsecrack shot at the top of the page every time I refresh here at work. I hope whoever is spying on me appreciates it as much!

  16. jaycee,
    There are some pretty formidable forces working against the Julia Gillards of this world. Not all men but a sizeable % of those who style themselves as Alpha Males. Plus their supporters. Which includes males and females.

  17. After the house hotties and bishop death ray broach tweets yesterday, I accused Katharine Murphy of being facile. She replied wanting to know what I did for a crust?

    What the–? Is this investigative reporting?

  18. Had ABC24 on doing the dishes. They crossed excitedly to a recording of a Shorten interview with Neil Mitchell. They were excited because becuse they reckon Shorten didn’t commit to supporting Gillard after the election!

    Holy cow, are these people complete wankers, or are they being coached to try and keep the thing simmering? I listened to the interview, with Shorten talking policy and Mitchell talking leadershit. Shorten fobbed him off quite well with simply yes or no answers, and got a bit annoyed with Mitchell’s persistent repetition, even if the words or question were slightly re-arranged.

    I can’t even remember the thing that excited the ABC anchor, simply because Shorten kept trying to get back onto policy rather than enter a talkfest on leadershit. But even if it was true … post-election FFS! Do they want them now to insist on lifetime allegiance?

    Why is there such a lack of integrity in reporting and interviews?

  19. There is much insistence on the notion that Gillard brought all this on herself, by “stabbing Rudd in the back”

    My opinion is that she didn’t know about Rudd going until pretty late in the piece and that she did try to save the situation, but was overruled by the power-brokers and had to go back in and deliver Rudd the bad news.

    We may know some day. We may not.

    Whatever happened, leadership changes are part of Westminster style politics. Abbott took over in a similar way: preaching loyalty and then dudding both Turnbull and Hockey. Howard was tapped on the shoulder, but refused to go. Hawke too… won two (Hayden as aggressor, then defending against Keating) lost the last one. The Howard/Peacock stoushes were the stuff of legend. Napthine took over from Bailleu. The bloke in the Northern Territory got an email telling him to stay on holiday. It happens all the time.

    What doesn’t happen is that the loser keeps on white-anting, in this case right up to almost the eve of the election campaign, or the election itself.

    Rudd has done an enormous disservice to himself, the party and the nation by persisting with leadership hopes, to the point where the destabilization he has felt it necessary to cause has affected the mood of the country.

    Now there is wild talk of Constitutional crises, intervention by the Governor-General, recalling parliament, Independents defecting via No Confidence motions and so on and so forth. It’s all a crock. It’s not going to happen.

    I did think it was a bit rich of Rudd being the one to say, “The people have had a gutful of this leadership speculation.” He should know!

    Whatever his reasons, whatever his motivations, I think Rudd has clearly demonstarted that while he may be a good campaigner, he’s not fit to be Prime Minister again, until he’s had some kind of professional therapy to excise the demons lurking within himself.

    He has almost single-handedly diverted coverage of politics away from policy and process, government and governance, onto trivial issues like polls.

    Journalists, too lazy to do real work, just get a new poll (as long as it’s bad for the government… the good ones get the “Page 3″ downplay treatment) protest, as Leigh Sales did last night to Emerson, that there’s no point in talking about policy if the government won’t be around to see those policies to maturity.

    They do this in the full knowledge that the gaps in Coalition policies are wide enough to drive a truck through. But they say they don’t have to examine them either, because the Coalition is so sure to win that we’ll just have to take what we’re given and like it.

    What a disgusting state of affairs we’ve come to!

    All very well if you’re a Coalition supporter, I guess. If I was one I wouldn’t want my slogan-based plan for the nation to be examined, either.

    Much of the argument from Coalition supporters is of this ilk: gloating that they’re getting away with murder and coasting to victory.

    But government is about more than slogans and is about more than a Reality TV type beauty contest.

    Reality TV stars usually disappear within weeks, if not days. The hysteria, the publicity that surrounds them and the shows they participate in dissipates like a morning fog. And we don’t have to live with them in our faces every day, either.

    But we do have to live with a government we have voted for.

    Which is why, Liberal supporter or Labor supporter, it’s such a shame that policy and performance has not been examined in any real detail, in deference to the cheap popularity parade of leadership.

    I am confident that policy will eventually triumph. This will come when the polls are broken, when they are shown to have been unreliable indicators, not so much of the nation’s mood – for which they provide a rough, uneven guide, full of statistical noise – but more of the outcomes they purport to predict.

    That they have constantly supported Rudd and been against Gillard, yet it’s Gillard who has survived, is proof enough that polls have only so much influence.

    That they have constantly been used to predict the downfall of the government, yet here it is still alive 3 years later, passing legislation, governing, is another example.

    The polls, in their ultimate utility, ARE broken. They have been shown to make predictions that do not come true, time and time again. When this fact is put to the people in an unequivocal way, it may snap them out of their hysteria for glitter, and get them concentrating on the vital issues of government that really DO affect their lives.

  20. Has anyone asked Abbott about the conflict between two of his big ‘plans’?
    He says he want to plant a zillion more trees in an attempt to tackle climate change but proposes the destruction of trees by dam building and land clearing in the north to allow food-bowl scale farming. His northern development brain fart will result in increased carbon emissions. So how does he intend to resolve this conflict? Compensating for the loss of carbon-absorbing vegetation by planting trees on the grassy roof of Parliament House perhaps?

    i won’t be holding my breath waiting for an enterprising journalist to ask Abbott about this. We’ll just get a whole stack of ‘What a fabulous idea, Tony’ garbage.

    For more flaws in Tony’s Great Big New Brain Fart, including the nasty effect all those northern dams will have on our inland rivers, especially the Murray-Darling, read this –

  21. “Wondering whether that makes my point more or less valid?”

    It would give Ms Murphy the shits, which is good.

  22. You want to hear about problems with copper?

    Here’s the sort of thing my landline comes from. I’ve posted this before, it might look familiar.

    The line runs from this sort of contraption to the house. Except my pole or whatever you call it leans at an angle of 45 degrees, is held closed by black sticky tape and has a huge kikuyu runner growing out of it. Every so often one of the neighbourhood kids will peel off the sticky tape and pull off the cover. Because the thing is 30cm from my very narrow driveway it gets backed into by visitors, delivery vehicles and once, a cement truck. Hence the lean. When it rains everything inside gets soaked, the moisture runs down the copper line to the house, the connection plug in the house corrodes, the phone goes crackly or just dies and my broadband drops in and out. This is what Malcolm Turnbull says is good enough to give me high-speed broadband access. Pig’s arske it is!

  23. Reality TV stars usually disappear within weeks, if not days. The hysteria, the publicity that surrounds them and the shows they participate in dissipates like a morning fog. And we don’t have to live with them in our faces every day, either.

    The lucky ones melt away; the rest are more grist to the mill with some “scandal” or other.

    I can’t help but wonder if journos play along with the PM Abbott plan because if he gets in, the stories will write themselves.

  24. Jackhawks:

    After the house hotties and bishop death ray broach tweets yesterday, I accused Katharine Murphy of being facile. She replied wanting to know what I did for a crust?

    What the–? Is this investigative reporting?

    She probably wanted to know where you got the word ‘facile’ from. Having someone following her who’s intelligent enough not only to know the word but use it properly as well might have spooked her. She’d be more used to the “your an idiot” or “your a hack lol” responses.

  25. I remember last year on Planet America that a US journalist unashamedly admitted that the US media backed Bush over Gore in the 2000 election simply because Gore was thought of as a ‘boring Clinton’ and if Bush became President it would generate more stories.

    They got their stories alright, and it only cost the near total destruction of the USA’s economy, foreign relations and society in general.

  26. You should have asked what she does for a living, now I think of it. Tell her she couldn’t possibly earn enough to live on with her political knowledge.

  27. BB

    [@SabraLane: Coming up the World Today: Gary Gray says it’s time for Kevin Rudd and his supporters to put up or shut up….]

    It seems we’re not the only ones being cautious.

  28. C@T…I’m not saying who is driving the gender issue, I just believe it HAS been a determining factor -because of the particular circumstances of the PM. and her relationship and childhood status etc….- so the gender situationhas become a difficult political; situation. And as we know, ALL difficult political situations MUST be avoided at all cost and the entire political landscape white-washed into a neutral personality zone if possible.
    Hence the word ; “Candidate”…from the Latin word ; “to whiten”..The Roman senators standing for office would have their garments whitened to make them seem clean and honest!….”canditurae”

  29. I’ve been listening to RRR. Tony Biggs has people call in between 11 and 12 on a Friday. Jeebus. I only heard about 10-15 minutes but that was plenty. First call I heard was some lady saying we have to get Rudd back. She can’t stand him but the ALP have to do something to stop Abbott blah blah blah. Biggs thinks the problem is all the factional hacks in the ALP, bloody Feeney blah blah blah. He thinks if it takes a near-wipeout to get rid of them hacks it’s worth it. Then a couple of non-political calls, then a guy who thinks he knows what the problem with Gillard is. She lets Tony lie about the Carbon Tax, Combet is more interested in SSM than the environment, and Gillard talks too slowly. Tony agrees, and he thinks it was the fault of the ALP that Howard was in so long. Vote Green and independent, that’ll stick it up ’em.

    As usual, the argument is that the Coalition are terrible, but it’s the ALP who have to do something about it. Everyone on the left has a different idea about what that something should be, they’re all certain it’s the right answer, and then they all call for unity. On their terms.

    The idea of recognising that what we have is very good, that it’s effective and workable and achieving great things, and that maybe the best idea would be to get behind that and support it instead of whining about polls or waddawegunnado? or getting the message out – none of this apparently occurs to them.

    My spidey-senses are telling me that nobody out there in the non-political world wants to hear the name Rudd ever again. They’re totally over him, and this constant talk of him challenging again is pissing them off. One of his pet phrases back in the day was “a bridge too far”. He’s crossed that bridge himself now.

  30. Bill Shorten just did a bottler of a presser in Melbourne. The journos wanted leadershit. He turned every question into an explanation of Labor policies and how unfit the Noalition is to govern. The 15% super tax on low income earners got a great airing.

  31. “Townsville will benefit from this vision.”

    This is tears of the Madonna stuff.

  32. I don’t buy this, ‘Well, actually Kevin’s cunning plan is to seek his revenge on Julia Gillard by causing her to lead the party to the worst defeat ever for the Labor Party federally, then pick up the pieces as Opposition Leader in September and remake the party in his image and without the Unions calling the shots.’

    I think that presupposes an awful lot.

    1. That a man who has been Prime Minister of the country is happy to go back into Opposition, for goodness knows how long, once Murdoch instals his puppet on an ideological jihad, to remake the country into the sort of place that they both want( I mean he figured out how to keep John Howard afloat for 12 years), and thus Kevin will be happy to bide his time crafting and grafting a ‘new’ Labor Party, slowly making up the number of seats he needs to get into a position where he will be able to challenge at an election, well off into the future, to get government back. I think the electorate would be well and truly sick of the man by then. Plus he’d be seen as a loser, who couldn’t even challenge Julia Gillard when he had the chance, and win.

    All the while a man of similar age as him gets on with putting into legislation plans to emasculate the Labor Party and the Unions so that they can’t challenge him and his party for the forseeable future.

    2. Who’s to say that Kevin Rudd WILL be the only one left standing as a Labor MP in Queensland after the election?

    Could it not also be the case that Labor supporters in Griffith, who aren’t all stupid Ruddromance nongs, may want to punish him for what he has done to the party and Julia Gillard? Hell, some of them may even be intelligent women who can put 2 + 2 together and get 4, and thus also not vote for him because of what he has done and his vain notion of, ‘The Divine Right of Kevin to lead the Labor Party’.

    3. Who said the Unions would just roll over if he did take over again and play dead for him? Does he really think that the sort of enormous defeat he may well cause will be viewed favourably by them such that they do let him have his way with the party?

    4. It sure does look to me like it IS the factional powerbrokers, who are backed up by the Unions, that are his biggest supporters, because they have been sidelined by Julia Gillard. The NSW Right, the AMWU, the Education Unions who Kim Carr represents. So?

    It just doesn’t make sense to me. It doesn’t fit together well at all. It’s a misfit. Like Kevin Rudd himself. And the journalism which fuels it too.

  33. This little black duck
    June 21, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    Bill Shorten just did a bottler of a presser in Melbourne. The journos wanted leadershit. He turned every question into an explanation of Labor policies and how unfit the Noalition is to govern. The 15% super tax on low income earners got a great airing
    That warm-up stoush he had earlier today with Mitchell might have had him well-prepared for this one.

  34. Aguirre, just to clear my good name, I don’t follow Murpharoo. I responded to a retweet.

    I love your suggestion though.

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