It’s Our Bloody Future! Not Our Ruddy Future!


So, what do we have confronting us today?

From what I can read between the lines of the stories on early morning news breaks we do indeed have a stalemate when it comes to the leadership of the Labor Party.

1. The Cardinals are wasting their time and energy, traitorously attempting to engineer chaos and dysfunction, er, the Prime Minister to step down and hand over the leadership of the party, and hence the job of PM, to Kevin Rudd, in the run-up to the election.

So we get their stage-managed stunts with Kevin as star attraction. their statements to the media that Julia must step aside, and their touting of the numbers. Today, apparently, they have finally got >50% of the Caucus prepared to vote for Kevin, but they want , nay demand!!! the overwhelming majority of Caucus to get behind him.

Um, after all the malign machinations they have been up to, I think I can guarantee that’s the last thing Caucus will do. In fact, I think that Caucus will want to never speak to many of them ever again after the way they have made real the likely death of the party at the election, due to the obvious disunity on display, purely as a result of their continuous and, it seems, never-ending, campaign of white-anting.

That’s the take-out I have made from the particularly bad polls. People just hate the destabilised rabble that they are confronted with. In fact, I believe, a lot of the animus is directed, not at Julia Gillard, but at the very people so obviously agitating to get Kevin Rudd back. Could there not be an element of, ‘Well, put him back, if that’s what you want! Just do it and get on with being unified!’

Not that it will happen that way. As we all know, who follow these things closely, that if Kevin Rudd was put back as Prime Minister, it might satisfy the Cardinals, who are living on a prayer that he will be their saviour. It might satisfy a few tabloid-reading, Reality TV addicts in the community.

But it won’t satisfy Murdoch. He’ll just get out a fresh set of Ginzou knives and hand them around to his hacks and the next 3 months will be filled with more red blood to ensure the Blue Bloods win the election. As he wants.

2. Kevin Rudd appears to still not be interested in challenging JGPM. He’s smarter than the Cardinals because he knows that mass resignations from the Cabinet would result from his success and accession to the top job. Peter Garrett’s statement to that effect last Sunday was a voice for the many that said they would do the same, in the past.

Which would give the ‘headless chooks’ & ‘chaos & dysfunction’ metaphors, that the Opposition are peddling, big, fat, juicy legs. It really would become a cakewalk for the Opposition then.

3. Julia Gillard is not going to listen to the Cardinals now, or take heed of their scandalous plotting. It’s all so obviously contrived, along with the mendacious media pushing it along, as they all struggle for relevance together.

The Prime Minister is smart enough to see all this and will not waver. So is most of the Caucus, despite what the embittered old party hacks in their hereditary Labor ermines are saying. The future of the Labor Party, if it is to have one, lies in not going back to the halcyon days of yore of faceless plotters like them, feeding their egos and feeding stories to the complicit media, in order to perpetuate the the way of doing business manifest in the personage of Eddie Obeid and Ian MacDonald in NSW. The old, tired and discredited NSW Right way of doing things, which these Cardinals are the absolute and continuing embodiment of.

If we give in to them now, and let them put their front man back in to do a job that he was so obviously unsuited for, then the Australian Labor Party should just shut up shop, and hang a ‘For Rent’ sign on the front door. As it will be the old days and ways of the Hawke era back with a vengeance. When the old, male Union dinosaurs, or ‘Trogs’, as they styled themselves, ran the show as a sinecure for the Labor peers and greasy pole climbers, who did their work in the shadows and made sure so many lumps of useless wood got to sit on the Senate benches and occupy safe seats.

Those days are gone, and it’s about time those idiots realised it.

It’s not going to work for Tony Abbott either. Unless he wants to preside over a Serfdom. Though, considering the limited extent of his vision displayed thus far, and his megalomania, that’s probably exactly what he wants.

‘Poor Fellow My Country’, is exactly what’s in store if either man, Rudd or Abbott, gets to hold sway. That I do know for sure because they are both incompetent at administration and only sustained by the media, and the media have not yet displayed to me that they have the answers either.

Only the Gillard Ministry seem to have a real clue about where to take the country, that isn’t to a place littered with mass unemployment and mining tenements pock-marking the landscape. Or dams every damn where, destroying the fragile environment as they try and coax food out of a blood-red stony soil in the north of the country.

I just sit here and I watch all of this in despair, I truly do. However, just as resolved and determined to fight it as I ever was.

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  1. The advertising blitz on Lyne has started, probably as a response to that bad polling Rob Oakeshott was tweeting about yesterday. A lovely Little Blue Pamphlet just landed in my letter box, delivered by the postie who, poor bloke, had stacks and stacks on the bike. Mine didn’t even make it into the house, it went straight into the recycling bin.

    The poor postie won’t be happy. It’s started raining, it’s freezing cold out there, (C@tmomma’s nasty Sydney weather has made it further north) and the extra loads of pamphlets will mean he takes twice as long to do his round and will need to go back to base a few times to reload.

  2. denese,
    You can put long links straight into your Twitter comment box and it automatically shortens them for you. Just press ‘Space’ bar after the link and it will show you how many characters you have left with which to Tweet.

    I just figured out how to include photos in my Tweets! It’s a bit harder to explain though. I only figured it out by chance but maybe I’ll have a go at explaining it once I get it straight in my own head.

    I had to figure it out so I could Tweet that photo of Angela Merkel that BK put here to Professional Scolding Prude, Grace Collier. 🙂

  3. Leone2
    I too received that blue catalogue yesterday in my letter box. It is full of rhetoric and ‘feel good’ statements. All the points that Abbott and his colleagues have been repeating. Talk about SPIN doctors.

  4. denese

    When you add a link to a Tweet, Twitter uses a mob called to condense it into a shorter form. You don’t need to do anything other than include it in your Tweet.

  5. socks

    I took it as being ,, positive for Julia

    did I get mixed up
    there is a couple of non, Julia posrts

  6. c@tmomma,

    You can put long links straight into your Twitter comment box and it automatically shortens them for you.

    Thanks I’ve learned something new too. 🙂

  7. leonetwo,
    I always read the Coalition propaganda because you can oftentimes find out some useful information to beat them over the head with contained in an obscure line on page 3, or somesuch.

    That is how I found out that the NSW State Coalition government are engineering to make Tony Abbott’s boast that he will be able to make electricity prices come down, if elected, a reality.

    To wit:

    The days of double digit price rises are over

    In April the Independant Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) released its draft 2013/14 electricity pricing determination.

    Central Coast (insert your own area guys) residents can expect power prices to level with a proposed average price increase of 4.3%, compared to a 20.6% increase last year.

    IPART predicts a drop in prices for future years, with prices in the Ausgrid network area to increase by just 0.9% next year and decrease by 5.6% in 2015/16.

    (Just in time for Tony’s next election, should he be elected this year).

    This is great news for Central Coast households who, together with energy customers State-wide, will start seeing some relief from rising power bills.

    See? The bills won’t even have to be forced down because people will just see their bill has gone down and Tony can trumpet it is because he took away the Carbon Tax. Forget the fine detail. No one will care much.

    Easy political peasy!

  8. I’ve already read Abbott’s little blue book of bullshit. I can download it any time I want. I don’t need a paper copy bringing bad Abbott bribes into my home.

  9. Kim Carr and Doug Cameron are openly bagging the PM in the Senate over Trish Crossin.

    I hope both of them are expelled if Labor loses in September. Selfish whiteanting pieces of crap that know they can get away with anything being first on the Senate list.

  10. denese, note the disclaimer at the bottom of the page:
    *any connection to any real people or events is purely coincidental

    However, if we ignore that for a moment… 😉
    1. On Rudd:
    …the Freak is the story to be told over and over in every permutation, a fascination unto himself. His skill is to make the calculated seem random. Just dropping in for an interview; just helping some mates out on the hustings; just backgrounding some of the good folks of the press. then he has to zip. Yeah. To another photo opportunity where he says nothing and everything…

    2. On Abbott:
    …When people watch him and sense he is fighting some battle within, they are not making it up. Except it’s not a battle with women; it’s a battle with himself. And his problem is that in order to win, it is Himself who needs to be defeated….

    3. On Gillard:
    This is the first ‘episode’ that I’ve noticed acknowledgement of a grudging respect for ‘Her’. From his question “Who do you think would make the better Labor leader?” – and he doesn’t mean ‘the Freak’ – to the couple of paragraphs after, where she passes him on the way to her ‘‘Wimmin for Her’’ speech.

    I don’t agree with all of this writer’s assessments, but it does make an interesting read each week, and occasionally his character assessments are spot on.

  11. I wouldn’t put Victoria in that category either. All I see is the result of very low morale.

    At lease she’s always been respectful. Nowhere near that core bunch of posters on PB that constantly bitch, insult, snipe, and passive-aggressively imply that anyone that supports Julia Gillard is a deluded sack of shit and deserve only their contempt, which they gladly provide in spades.

  12. ‘He says the turbines cause “irregular urinary habits”’
    Alan Jones comment at the anti-wind farm “rally”

    But not a much as certain London toilet activities!

  13. leonetwo
    June 19, 2013 at 8:54 am

    A random tweet

    Roaldan ‏@Roaldan1000 21m
    Wake to ABC news telling me last week’s challenge will now be next week, not this week. Story based on Shorten saying there is no challenge.

    It is starting to resemble those end of the world predictions based on a wacky reading of the Bible. Adjustments need to be made all the time for why the previous prediction was slightly out.

  14. I agree with muttleymcgee. This about being manipulated by the Murdoch forces. Essentially, they’re being led along a path strewn with shards of broken glass and being told they’re diamonds. Compare Rudd to a diamond and the broken shard of glass is there for all to see. I admit it does catch the sun on occasion and look bright, glittery and brand new. But, see it for what it is and has been.

    This circular Gillard v Rudd debate will have no winners other than Murdoch. It’s what he’s engineering. It’s what he’s paying for.

    Consider this;

    If you stop engaging with the nitwits, bogans and the blindly moronic you may have the time to start talking to the adults…and they may listen.

    This election will be won on the swinging vote. The adults. Those who are rightly concerned with the type of country and society that we live in. Talk to them. Forget about the nitwits.

  15. I realty cannot believe some people here.

    Now it is get Victoria day all because she is putting forward a reasonable point of view.

    Victoria is a loyal and strong labor person, always has been.

    One or two here really should take a hard look at themselves.

    Muttley and leone top the list.

    What is worse, you cannot even direct your crap directly to her you have to do it when she is not here.

    As far as I am concerned the two of you are as weak as piss.

    I came here to get away from the rubbish of PB which was turning into a back biting wasteland.

    This site deserves better than the rubbish I have read this morning from Muttley and leone.

    You do not eve4n have the decency or guts to wait until the person you are attacking is around.

    Fair dinkum nothing more than a couple of weal bastards.

    BTW, I still think JG will lead the party to the election and has the support of the majority of caucus behind her. but to think there is not some in depth conversation going on within the party is head in the sand stuff.

    Anyway, enough for me.

    This morning has really been a eye opener for me.

    I never thought I would see personal attacks here such as the ones this morning on a loyal labor person such as victoria.

    No interest at all any more.

  16. I think Victoria is just frustrated, like I am, that there are Parliamentary Labor members like Joel Fitzgibbon, Doug Cameron and Kim Carr that are publicly trashing the leader.

    They know very well that any word of dissent they utter will be turned into a screaming headline within minutes on every MSM outlet, spoiling the effort of hard working Labor supporters trying to win over swinging voters in trying to prevent those evil creeps in the LNP winning and turning Australia into a petty nasty little clone of America. Yet they still do it.

    Pretending that they don’t exist is extremely difficult with an Orwellian anti-Gillard propaganda ministry magnifying everything they do.

    If I owned a newspaper or a TV station, you can be sure as hell that I’d hound Abbott, Brough, Ashby, Pyne and every last one of those vile teapartiers to the edge of the world, yet I don’t own one. What we can do though is urge those in the party to get their act together and present a unified front.

    I believe it might be possible after the last sitting day of Parliament to get them into line when their votes on the floor no longer matter.

  17. what disunity its only the few, it should not be discussed

    I have been an email friend of vicies for some time

    i worry about stuff, but i do not post it,
    so whats bought all this on

    i am not worried at all now after reading Rob Oakshotts tweet
    about interna polling coming back our way
    and the morgan

    mr morgans poll will go up and down

    of course

    the only thing i do say if you feel worried email a friend do not post negative
    thoughts the tweeter i want to block
    is saying,, we should forget the elction and rebuild

    i don’t wan him in my twitter feed


  18. o so that’s what the person following me meant

    doug Cameron has always been a big mouth

    so i don’t take any notice of
    him he should not be given fresh air on blogs or twitter

    i think vic. gets rather depressed well so do i it comes scholerderma

    i take half a Zoloft a day and i don’t mind who knows;

    but when am down i don’t post negative
    i don’t think i have,,,

  19. Doylem

    I have already apologised to Victoria for wrongly including her with the idiots over there, however the point I was trying to make, as Ian pointed out, is that following the Murdoch agenda is counter productive to Labor’s goal.

    As Victoria is online and posting over the road there was no intention of ‘behind her back’ or anything like it. I’ve replied to Victoria directly on several occasions and we have discussed our points of view.

    Your gratuitous insults take you to the same level as the clods over the road.

  20. after reading lenoes link no labor person should leave this blog

    i will if the polls improve but that will be to put them/
    him in their place

    is vicy downing JG i would be shocked

    that link answered so may questions in my mind for some years

  21. denese

    At the bottom of your home page on Twitter there is a ‘help’ button. Type in your concern and it will be answered.

  22. Yes, denese, I’m here.

    I too am frustrated about the inability to get Labor’s message out, and continual discussion ad nauseum of bloody Rudd and Leadership blocks anything else.

    Serves me right for having a look over the road, although there are a few like poroti, ruawake, OPT etc who are worth reading and don’t post here.

  23. Kirsdarke @ 11.47
    Well said.That about covers the issue. For a while I’ve been heartily sick of some of Labor’s largely self appointed luminaries lamenting what they see as a loss of Labor values. All they do is to fuel the general anti Labor theme. This was apparent with all you got to see of Abbott on MSM evening news last night. Abbott cheerfully feeding off the theme of a broken Labor, saying it should go away & consider itself. All grist to the mill.
    And not a mention anywhere of the fact that this years coalition electoral points, such as they are, are largely contradictions of 2010 or so watered down as to be almost unrecognisable.

  24. going in to do my cat colours exam today. i failed the first time. I say it was because the slides went past too fast and not because I could not get the right wording for the colours of moggies err domestic cats
    now let’s practise some.

    domestic long hair brown tabby with white.

    domestic short hair Bengal

    domestic medium hair ginger with white

    domestic long hair white with black

    domestic short hair black

    domestic medium hair tortoiseshell

    OK, The Pub felines, wish me luck.

  25. It is the stress we are under, trying to cope with Bullshit Mountain which has spread beyond the Murdoch media to virtually all outlets (albeit The Guardian seems at last to be getting an independent voice). All of us have felt demoralised by it at some point. We know we are being fed lies, but they dominate so much that we can despair at times.

    The biggest shock for BB and me was finding Mr Denmore prepared to say give up and hand over to Rudd. But such is the saturation that this will occur. I am very sorry Doyley has been upset over it. He always tries to present the sober, more realistic side of it and has not wavered from his belief in Gillard’s leadership. Yet a few days ago he was castigated for reporting some ‘inside’ knowledge the Gillard was ‘safe’ despite all the noise. People didn’t want to know about the Rudd Wars which was understandable, but turning on a bearer of good news was startling.

    It does reflect the tension we are all under in standing up for what is right against the artificiality of the media tidal wave. I’ve despaired at different times myself – not always for long, because this blog can nourish. Even our greats, Ian and BB, have occasionally got gloomy over a particularly woeful thing or reaction. Again it has not lasted, once getting support from each other. And that is what we are here for.

    Let’s not turn on each other. We know the real enemies and we need to focus on them and their defeat.

  26. Good afternoon, all.

    I’ve spent the last half hour speed-reading comments from when I departed last night. I completely endorse Gorgeous Dunny’s comment, and reiterate that it’s generally wiser not to mention the other place.

    I think we all need some of these to get the endorphins flowing 🙂

    Puffy, good luck.

  27. Former Sen. George Campbell points out the hypocrasy in Sen. Doug Cameron’s speech

    and it makes Cameron look even more hypocritical when you remember that Campbell was pushed out in favour of him.

  28. muttley,

    Good on you for your apology.

    I am not interested in arguments but I will not sit back and put up with some of the rubbish that was posted this morning.

    Of course we should all get behind the PM and unite together but gee if you cannot see the rubbish posts by you and leone this morning were not “gratuitous insults ” and really put you in the same league as those you bar up against then there is little hope.

    Chill out and settle down.

    Posters here such as victoria are not the real enemy.

  29. I went over and advised her to get out of that hell hole
    of liberal nasties,, they make one quite ill
    hope you all read leones link, answered so many question in my mind\
    never spoken

    but I left them with this LINK

    Julia Gillard isn’t safe from the Liberals’ sexism, who will be?

    If Abbott and his comrades are prepared to reduce Gillard to a “witch” with a “big red box”, how do you really think they’ll treat the rest of us?

  30. GD, YES
    but pls read leones two links.
    as I said it answers questions for me
    about 2 hours ago,,when you read I think u may think what I long suspected.

    well did any one see rob oakshotts tweets last night about the vote
    improving for labor,,,it was tweeted and left here
    by puff I think

    grog ask him was that his polling said wtyte

    no the party machine,,, now he doesn’t belong to a party so much be our party

    Andrew leigh hinted at it also in his press statement a week of more ago
    about JG and no movement there at all

    so anh one who is worried about the pm has falling to murdochs
    trap the other place with a LOT of help will promote it

    mark my words

  31. so lets be happy,,,, if you blog over there you mood changes

    best to leave links and run

    LINKS and some text

  32. I don’t know how Julia Gillard can bear to go to that journalists midwinter ball and be jovial with that pack of hyenas that have been talking shit about her for 3 years.

    God, I could never do anything like that. She’s so tough.

  33. ‏@markjs1
    RT .@cyenne40: “Rudd backers criticise Gillard”. This is news?>> Only in Murdoch regime change media #auspol


    there see mark is spot on nothings changed




  34. And that’s my biggest beef with comments about “over there”… all we ever hear is that the usual suspects are talking bollocks and the good guys are getting right up ’em. Who the f*** cares???

    It’s extremely rare that any comments about the “other place” are of any benefit or interest to this blog. Again I say The Pub is big enough and ugly enough to stand on it’s own two feet without cringing references to Poll Bludger.

  35. kirddrake may be she has a similar personality to me

    some one says I cannot I DO

    my mum told me I would last 6 weeks in tw

    ill show u i thought\
    with in months I was a manager within in a year a vip manager
    trips to Melbourne usa and other place’s

    my own company car
    top manager in aust.many times

    that sentence stayed with me ., and I still say

    I will show u,,i add, I said to my self

  36. jack my thoughts where at some stage to go over and leave links
    ( could not resist one today}
    I skimmed by its nearly all liberals

    what I would wish is they all leave and the libs talk to them selves’ with help

    I did leave the morgon poll but strangley enough that is really hard to find on morgans site now

    and I left text of the link here that call abbott comrade

    I suggest in links and tweets we do the same.

    have you read it ,,

    the link I mean
    o one other thing when I was just there
    I thought no decent person would read most of the liberal rubbish any way
    they may have the reverse effect and turn people off

  37. Well if it is any consolation to anyone there are at least three less votes for Cheeseman in his electorate. We moved out. 🙂 Unfortunately we moved to an even more conservative electorate, Gippsland.

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