It’s Our Bloody Future! Not Our Ruddy Future!


So, what do we have confronting us today?

From what I can read between the lines of the stories on early morning news breaks we do indeed have a stalemate when it comes to the leadership of the Labor Party.

1. The Cardinals are wasting their time and energy, traitorously attempting to engineer chaos and dysfunction, er, the Prime Minister to step down and hand over the leadership of the party, and hence the job of PM, to Kevin Rudd, in the run-up to the election.

So we get their stage-managed stunts with Kevin as star attraction. their statements to the media that Julia must step aside, and their touting of the numbers. Today, apparently, they have finally got >50% of the Caucus prepared to vote for Kevin, but they want , nay demand!!! the overwhelming majority of Caucus to get behind him.

Um, after all the malign machinations they have been up to, I think I can guarantee that’s the last thing Caucus will do. In fact, I think that Caucus will want to never speak to many of them ever again after the way they have made real the likely death of the party at the election, due to the obvious disunity on display, purely as a result of their continuous and, it seems, never-ending, campaign of white-anting.

That’s the take-out I have made from the particularly bad polls. People just hate the destabilised rabble that they are confronted with. In fact, I believe, a lot of the animus is directed, not at Julia Gillard, but at the very people so obviously agitating to get Kevin Rudd back. Could there not be an element of, ‘Well, put him back, if that’s what you want! Just do it and get on with being unified!’

Not that it will happen that way. As we all know, who follow these things closely, that if Kevin Rudd was put back as Prime Minister, it might satisfy the Cardinals, who are living on a prayer that he will be their saviour. It might satisfy a few tabloid-reading, Reality TV addicts in the community.

But it won’t satisfy Murdoch. He’ll just get out a fresh set of Ginzou knives and hand them around to his hacks and the next 3 months will be filled with more red blood to ensure the Blue Bloods win the election. As he wants.

2. Kevin Rudd appears to still not be interested in challenging JGPM. He’s smarter than the Cardinals because he knows that mass resignations from the Cabinet would result from his success and accession to the top job. Peter Garrett’s statement to that effect last Sunday was a voice for the many that said they would do the same, in the past.

Which would give the ‘headless chooks’ & ‘chaos & dysfunction’ metaphors, that the Opposition are peddling, big, fat, juicy legs. It really would become a cakewalk for the Opposition then.

3. Julia Gillard is not going to listen to the Cardinals now, or take heed of their scandalous plotting. It’s all so obviously contrived, along with the mendacious media pushing it along, as they all struggle for relevance together.

The Prime Minister is smart enough to see all this and will not waver. So is most of the Caucus, despite what the embittered old party hacks in their hereditary Labor ermines are saying. The future of the Labor Party, if it is to have one, lies in not going back to the halcyon days of yore of faceless plotters like them, feeding their egos and feeding stories to the complicit media, in order to perpetuate the the way of doing business manifest in the personage of Eddie Obeid and Ian MacDonald in NSW. The old, tired and discredited NSW Right way of doing things, which these Cardinals are the absolute and continuing embodiment of.

If we give in to them now, and let them put their front man back in to do a job that he was so obviously unsuited for, then the Australian Labor Party should just shut up shop, and hang a ‘For Rent’ sign on the front door. As it will be the old days and ways of the Hawke era back with a vengeance. When the old, male Union dinosaurs, or ‘Trogs’, as they styled themselves, ran the show as a sinecure for the Labor peers and greasy pole climbers, who did their work in the shadows and made sure so many lumps of useless wood got to sit on the Senate benches and occupy safe seats.

Those days are gone, and it’s about time those idiots realised it.

It’s not going to work for Tony Abbott either. Unless he wants to preside over a Serfdom. Though, considering the limited extent of his vision displayed thus far, and his megalomania, that’s probably exactly what he wants.

‘Poor Fellow My Country’, is exactly what’s in store if either man, Rudd or Abbott, gets to hold sway. That I do know for sure because they are both incompetent at administration and only sustained by the media, and the media have not yet displayed to me that they have the answers either.

Only the Gillard Ministry seem to have a real clue about where to take the country, that isn’t to a place littered with mass unemployment and mining tenements pock-marking the landscape. Or dams every damn where, destroying the fragile environment as they try and coax food out of a blood-red stony soil in the north of the country.

I just sit here and I watch all of this in despair, I truly do. However, just as resolved and determined to fight it as I ever was.

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  1. I have the great good fortune never to have listened to Mr Mitchell. Doesn’t get a gig on ABC Classic FM I should think.

  2. About my earlier post about my landline. Puffy could be right, the grass probably is the only thing holding it all together. I believe my neighbours and I are may be the not-very-proud users of the only kikuyu landlines in the country. I’d better not tell Malcolm, he might decide grass from the node is cheaper than copper.

  3. In my opinion this talking about leadership in the MSM is continued to give the impression of destabilization within the Labor party. It started on Thursday, which coincidentally is when Newspoll would be polling, if there is a Newspoll coming up. So it would be likely to influence the result of the poll in favour of the Liberals. I am not saying this is fact but it makes you wonder.

  4. More magic from the Coalition, I see. They’re now going to magic northern Australia into fertile land. They’re calling that a policy too, I note. I can’t see anyone smarter than a journalist falling for it.

  5. We’re in such a weird place. Nobody even takes the Coalition seriously. They could promise pixies prancing in the forest and rain falling from the clouds and people would just shrug their shoulders and say “meh”. It just goes in the pile with all the other empty promises. Nobody sees the Coalition as actually viable But it’s still not enough to stop people from voting for them.

    Surely, at some point, enough of them will look at themselves and think, “what are we doing?” I wonder a lot about Ken Wyatt. I look at his face up there at the ‘ditch the witch’ rally, and I just can’t imagine what’s going through his mind. Does he really think all that is worth it? What does he expect to get out of the Liberal Party?

  6. Just saw Richo on sky call it as over for the P.M. because the Com-car drivers are saying that.We may as well all accept give up now!

  7. With all the MSM. media panic and disorder, it just may be about time they were all put out to pasture and the Fifth Estate take control of the press gallery completely. After all, those present incumbants seem to have absolutely no effing idea what is going on under their very noses! AND in their headless chook impersonations, they are depriving the public of informed policy.
    Sack the lot of them from the press gallery , Prime Minister and restock the pews with fresh faces!
    Go on!…just do it!

  8. It’s all well and good to say “Develope the North” and point to so many other cities in the tropics that have millions of people living, doing industry…but you have to ask ; What is the life expectancy of those people? How much would it cost to develope the north to provide those services that would lift the life expectancy to the level we now enjoy?
    Does anyone seriously believe the LNP. would invest in the social policies that would create that longevity?
    By the way…life expectancy for Indonesia is 69yrs….and I’d venture to bet it would be an “exciting” 69yrs!

  9. With the exception of yellow Fever…And there is also a host of fungal and water-borne parasites and virusus to consider if you decide to move masses of people to the north.

    The following table has links to fact sheets that describe symptoms, transmission and treatment:

    Fact sheet Location Queensland cases
    Dengue Found in most tropical areas of the world, outbreaks occur in North Queensland. Outbreaks can occur each year. Find out more about dengue in North Queensland.
    Ross River virus Occurs widely in Queensland and Australia. Around 2000 cases are reported throughout the year with most between February and May.
    Barmah Forest virus Occurs widely in Queensland and Australia. There are over 400 cases of Barmah Forest virus reported in Queensland each year.
    Japanese encephalitis A small number of cases have previously occurred in Torres Strait and Cape York. Cases are rare in Australia, however vaccination is recommended for people (>1year of age) residing on the outer islands of Torres Strait or visiting for 30days or more during the wet season (December to May).
    Murray Valley encephalitis Has occurred in inland and remote Queensland following extensive flooding. Cases are rare in Queensland however a small number of cases have been reported over the past 10 years.
    Chikungunya virus As at January 2011, there have only been imported cases (cases contracted overseas) of Chikungunya in Queensland. Chikungunya has been diagnosed in travellers from affected countries who have recently arrived in Australia. Locally-acquired Chikungunya has not been detected in Australia (as at January 2011), however mosquitoes capable of transmitting the Chikungunya virus occur in north Queensland.
    Malaria Locally acquired cases are most likely to occur in Far North Queensland. Locally acquired cases are rare. Most cases are reported in overseas travellers.
    Kunjin virus Kunjin virus has been reported in Queensland. Kunjin virus has been reported but at present remains uncommon.
    Yellow Fever Yellow fever does not occur in Australia. Vaccination is a legal requirement for people entering Australia from parts of Africa and South America.

    top of page

    Related links
    Queensland mosquito borne disease data

    Last Updated: 19 April 2012
    Last Reviewed: 19 April 2012

  10. jaycee,

    This ‘develop the north’ fantasy is the vision of a mob of blind bats trying to convince people they can see. Not one of them can see beyond the next election and all of them think the development can and will be done by private enterprise.

    Can you imagine Gina spending some of her billions into a development that won’t bring her an instant return on her investment? The only thing that would come out of such a coalition brain fart is a bloody great new dam in the channel country (a Cubby Station on a grander scale) that will mean Lake Eyre never sees water again. A few more bloody great new dams across the north to ensure that the Great Artesian Basin is never replenished. And so it will go on.

  11. Yet it’s time to get rid of all that regulation that is tying up the development of the north of Australia, according to Abbott.

    God he’s a convincing liar though. Serves his purpose well.

  12. I heard ‘Richo’ as well on our local news while I was in the car. Putting 2 + 2 together and getting 5, but sounding mighty convinced that that is the right answer.

    ‘Rumour has it’ that Bill Shorten has shifted camp and is now in the Rudd Camp. So that means that’s a definite then.


    Also, ‘Richo’ got a call ‘late’ last night (because when you get a call late at night, they’re always the ones that are believable, right?), from a ‘Senior Figure in the Labor Party'(now, remind me again who is the rust in the federal Labor Party that never sleeps? No, don’t bother, what does it matter if it was him or one of his troglodyte ‘Maaaates’), and they had heard that the Comm Car Drivers, who had been listening to the conversations that were going on in the back of their cars(because you’re always so stupid as to blab everything in a Comm car while the Nosey Parker Driver is listening to your half of the conversation and jumping to all sorts of conclusions they can pass on to a ‘Senior Labor Party Figure’ to pass on to ‘Richo’ in a ‘late night phone call’, aren’t you?)

    Oh, and don’t forget about how Comm Car Drivers were so reliable with their conclusions about Justice Michael Kirby, remember?


    So, therefore, it is now an unalloyed fact that Julia Gillard is on her way out of the Prime Minister’s job at the end of next week. Kevin Rudd WILL become Caretaker Prime Minister and take the Labor Party to the election in September.



  13. I have lived and worked in QLD and the NT all my life.
    Lets not start demonising the place with scare tactics about diseases and so on.

  14. I have lived and worked in QLD and the NT all my life.
    Lets not start demonising the place with scare tactics about diseases and so on.

    You’re lucky Joe.

    Me, being un-lucky would come down with a dreadful tropical disease the minute I hit the tarmac. The dogs would eat a cane toad. And HI would get bitten by a death adder hiding under the bed just waiting for some Southerners come to live in TNQ.

  15. Will there be a Newspoll this weekend after they squibbed on the one that was supposed to appear last Monday? What happens if the results are bad news for Abbott again? Will they be ‘adjusted’? Will Rupert order another delay while he tries to engineer some good press for Tony? Did Rupert order his Golden Boy to bring forward the launch of his Big New Brain Fart in the hope it would push up his polling? So many questions…..

  16. NormanK,

    Great video. Pity we can’t get the ABC heirarchy by their scruffs and MAKE them watch it as often as they make us watch/listen to their crap.

  17. When I lived and worked in Kununurra a few years ago I got a weeks work driving a semi side tipper on the Wyndham wharf. The job was carting bulk raw sugar from a warehouse, 500 metres to wharf, onto it and then up a ramp, side tip into a hopper and a belt took the sugar to the ship. It took 4 trucks working 24 hrs a day for seven days to load one ship. The sugar, grown and processed in the Ord irrigation scheme had to be trucked, triple trailer roadtrain, 4 trips per day, 7 days, 24 hrs, from Kununurra to Wyndham. Also delivering to the wharf were other triples carting, I think manganese from a mine about 350kms away. They backloaded fuel as all the trailers had belly tanks.

    Much of the land in the Ord River has been given over to the contract growing of Indian sandalwood and, believe it or not chia seed. Seasonal produce such as melons and pumpkins do ok but I don’t think the asian style do.

    There’s a lot more to developing the North than the simplistic utterings of Mr Abbott. To put in enduring start of supply chain infrastructure would a challenge for any government. Let alone one owned by vested interests.

    then again, they could travel west on the Gibb River Rd, turn left at the Mt House Station, go 60 kms, open and shut 5 gates, resurrect the
    abattoirs, reseal the airstrip and get Airbeef going again.

  18. C’mon, Joe!…you know at least a dozen stories of people who come from the south and go swimming in waterholes not knowing about croc’s or leeches or ear infections etc……you have lived there all your life so you have accrued all the knowledge required to avoid all unecessary risks…But to encourage masses of untutored “gringos’ to go north then unleash them into the tropical wetlands is just asking for trouble…
    I lived in Darwin from ’71to ’78 caught dengue fever and endured the usual host of fungal and virul everyday nasties…but you’d want a damn sight more medical clinics to cater for the percentage boost of thousands of ex-Coburg or wherever ‘patriats!…jeezus!…they’d end up with mushrooms growing out of their ear’oles!

  19. I just watched the Emmo interview on 7.30. What a dunce Leigh Sales really is. Has anybody told her that her viewers may actually be heartily sick off ruddstoration?

    Of course they have, but the ABC refuses to listen.

    If i have to go elsewhere to find policy information and discussion, what makes the ABC think I would ever return to their unsatisfactory programs.

  20. I’m waiting for Palmer to “slip the collar” and tear into the LNP. and their master ; Murdoch with a map where all the “bodies” are buried!

  21. What everyone here says about Abbott’s plan for the north a is correct.
    However,the politics is important.
    This is an easy message for the dopes to comprehend.
    Lets pipe the water up north and we can grow everything we want.
    The dopes say Yeah. What a great idea. Tone is a man with a plan and vision.
    No-one in MSM will hold him to account for the stupidity.It’s a win for him.

  22. jaycee

    I agree with that. I have discouraged Southern s that have had ideas to move North for a tropical change. People coming from say Sydney or Melbourne might get romantic about a move to the tropics but a lot that do move up soon move back down after not having all the mod cons of life in the cities at their fingertips.

    My point was though that The north is not a disease wasteland and anyone who moves up will not be immediately struck down by some deadly virus

  23. NormanK – I’m not sure if we can expect more, but your videos make the wait more entertaining.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve sent the latest to Media Watch with a plea (no doubt falling on deaf ears) to get stuck into ABC news and current affairs for neglecting their duty of care to the nation.

  24. NormanK
    Good work. I tweeted it.

    Leigh Sales is an up-herself, incompetent, promoted-way-beyond-her-abilities botch. She should be removed from 7.5 and placed in a spot more suited to her interest in peddling gossip and rumour. Perhaps a two- minute spot presenting celebrity gossip on ABC News Breakfast would be more in line with her capabilities.

  25. The ABC attitude to my complaints regarding their biased broadcasting of national affairs, going back more than four years,could be summed up like this:- We are biased and we know it.
    We know you know it and we don’t give a shit about that.

    To sort it out it needs someone who talks quietly and can carry out any threats that they need to make.

  26. rnm,

    Well, the abbott has been lauded by msn for more than three years now for his slogan policies, so the ‘develop the north’ is probably to replace his failed ‘stop the boats’.

  27. ian,
    I’m sure all the Southerners in marginal Seats think the North of Australia will just be made into neat little farms with roads and infrastructure criss-crossing it like it does in Victoria.

    It’s a foolish ‘Plan’ from Abbott, for foolish and easily-fooled people.

  28. I just thought of a brilliant banner that the Labor Party could put on every polling booth in the nation!

    A picture of Tony Abbott, with the words,

    “If you want to do it, why not do it with a Carbon Tax? ”

    They will be directly opposite the ones that the Coalition will no doubt have with a picture of Julia Gillard saying,

    “There will be no Carbon Tax under a government I lead.”

    It would at least make people think.

  29. I have just been polled by Morgan and for what it worth I rated Tone bottom and all Labor programs listed as best.

  30. It does my heart good to read a comment such as this. Fantastic. What a complete fiasco all this leadership argy-bargy is.
    All Labor Party dissenters, just put up, shut up and let the workers (Gillard, Swan, Emerson, Bradbury, Wong, Plibersek, et al.) get on with the great job they are doing despite your efforts to white ant them.

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