Memories, Dreams, Reflections

Today’s Guest Author is Ian, who has offered the following tale as his first thread-starter. Ian, thank you. Your wisdom has helped me so often, and your words today have given me refreshment and hope. I hope other readers have a similar experience.

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Once, long ago, I met an old man at a billabong. I was there to catch a fat barramundi. He, to reflect on the loss of his wife. She had passed, peacefully, some time before. He never said when. It was me who assumed it was recent. It was me that assumed he was sad in his grief. He told me his story:

I always come to this place. As a boy, as a young fella. As a man. This waterhole is me. Memories, as deep as my soul and beyond, come to me here. Memories that give me the strength, not to lift a heavy rock, but to move the mountain. I see with a clarity that understands that the shadows of past can and must shed light on the future. I saw and felt none of this until I saw her.

I was sitting on the rock you’re on now. Like you, I too, was after a fat barramundi. I had more success than you’re going to have. The day was warm, balmy, a hint of breeze. The kind of day when leaves gently sing, lizards skitter about on their most urgent business, lethargic birds perch and doze and fat, sleepy barra leave the live bait to their fate. I must have drifted into a light, warm snooze, because a splash woke me. I thought maybe a big barra was on the prowl, but it was her.

Swimming. Naked.

Never before had I understood what the old women and men meant when they talked of the purity of beauty. The shining light of innocence. The strength of heart, the depth of soul. All this came to me in the first glance. I was overwhelmed. Emotions flooded to the fore. Most I understood, some I didn’t. All were necessary. I understood then that an ego that ensures a closed mind could never fill an empty heart. Only a light can do that. A bright light. A pure light.

I left her to her privacy. I went home. I was a changed man. I proposed to the girl I loved. We had a wonderful life and at times, together, or with the children, we spent many happy times here. I always waited, for just an extra couple of minutes before leaving, to see if the she’d appear. She never did.

I just wanted to thank her for showing me how strength can move a mountain, yet struggle with a rock. How battles can never be won with tactics and weapons alone. The heart, the soul, the essence of your quest are just as essential. How the gentlest of us can also be the strongest.

How can a glimpse of strength change a life? Simple.

If you have the strength to love and accept love honestly there are no mountains, no darkness and no fear.

A woman with red hair taught me that a long time ago.

Good luck.

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715 thoughts on “Memories, Dreams, Reflections

  1. I have sent the following complaint to the ABC and expect to get no worthwhile response.
    Again Ackerman has demonstrated his unsuitability for a supposedly serious political program. Surely you have only been using him on the panel so as to be able to say that you have provided “balance”.
    The “balance” we saw displayed this morning was nastiness v reasonableness, rumour peddling v decency, boorish behaviour v poise . . . The list could go on.
    Please show some leadership. Take note of what Lt-Gen David Morrison said last week . “The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.”
    Do you agree with him?

  2. Asking the question do yo think Rudd would do better than Gillard, does not necessary mean, do you want Rudd.

    That is what the poll this morning identified. Yes, maybe Rudd will do betters, but I want Gillard.

    Numbers, if a Labor MP ignore, will be at their peril.

    I will add, there is no way I agree that Rudd will do better. Piers, as bad as he is, did point out some silent facts about the polls. Nearly fell over when I heard the comments. Yes, one cannot take poll figures across the board. They will vary from state, like last time. Will differ from seat to seat.

    We are being told. there are no votes for Labor, in sexism, or even it seems, addressing women’s issues.

    Beg to differ, every time I see the PM attacked in this way, and many women journalist, that have being moderating sites since the first day the PM took over, are sicken by.

    I take it as a personal slight, that this extreme abuse of the PM is acceptable, and what more, we can like or lump it.

    Sorry, I take such talk as a personal insult, on my right to be respected as a woman.

    I want the present, sexist and hateful climate to cease.

    At the very least, it is extreme bad manners, which a decent society can do without.

    A hateful small group of people should not be allowed to set the standards of decency in this nation.

    We are better than that.

  3. Thanks leone, that’s two more. I’d forgotten about “pussy whipping”.
    How does one hold the cat?

  4. NormanK
    Very carefully.
    Speaking of cats, here’s Penny Wong whipping – without a cat – Senator David Bushby’s ‘meow’.

  5. I am going to be nasty, and suggest the media ask Abbot, when was the past time you swept with your wife?

    According to Piers reasoning, that would be reasonable, as there has been rumours for years that the marriage is not as great as Abbott and his wife make out.

    Of course one Wolcott never support such a question, as it is no ones business, even if Abbott uses his family for political purposes. The girls do not deserve that.

    Abbott uses his relationship with his family, to attack the PM, claiming she is not to understand the needs of what he considers normal people.

    Yes, Abbott needs to understand what comes around, goes around.

  6. As Cassidy pointed out, what is a fact, is that the menu existed. Does one really believe a owner would go to that trouble, just to show the son.

    Would have like to see the real one attached to the email to Abbott. I assume it existed.

  7. Fed up
    I agree. It’s time someone asked abbott a few embarrassing questions. Fear of exactly that happening is just one of the many reasons he won’t appear on anything that involves unscripted questions. I’ve heard a few tasy rumours about Abbott’s marriage but as they are just that – rumours – I won’t repeat them until I can give proof it’s all true, if it ever can be. Let me just say that I would not be at all surprised if Abbott’s marriage ends soon after he loses the election.

    As for The Girls – or the two that still seem to be talking to their father and are at least still living on the same continent – I don’t really care if they are treated fairly or not. They are adults, they can live with the consequences of their actions. If they choose to act like ‘celebrities’, pose for happy snaps at the races and traipse around in Daddy’s wake while cameras follow their every move then they should be prepared cope with any nastiness that comes their way as a result.

  8. When are we going to see at least one journalist, in the parliament media group, haver the guts to print a list of the words that MPs are asked to withdraw every day in both houses.

    The public cannot hear what has been said, but I am sure they do.

    The PM did list many in that famous speech, but there are many more, that I suspect, not many in the public would support.

    Would also love the number, that the PM and Labor choose to ignore.

    Come on, someone, let us in on the secret.

    I am happy to have those from both sides, but in context, not one out.

  9. Penny Wong gets much worse, every day in the Upper House. At least, remarks made at Senate Hearings are recorded.

    I want House rules to include, when one withdraws a comment, they repeat the comment they are withdrawing. Nothing unfair in that.

    Yes,pollies should be wiping out such behaviour in the Houses as an example to the rest of the community. Clean up their own house first.

  10. puffy, get those stones removed as quickly as possible. Operation still considered not minor, but the after effects are mild. One gets over it very quickly.

    Be aware of the pain killers, they can make matter’s worse. They can increase the pain, if used in big amounts. Knowing the pain, many go down this track, ending up very ill.

    As my father used to say, an vacant house is better than having a bad tenant. Was not talking about stones, but wind. Still aplies. Get rid of that tenant.

    I suspect, what one eats, makes little difference.

  11. I am hoping the pm will make a few vidoes in the election proper
    go past the press,, go to social media,

    but still concerned how we get to the those that are ignornorant of the truth

    they don’t read on line.

  12. Denese
    If you go to your twitter page, there is a part that shows how many tweets you have sent, if you click on that it will take you to your list of tweets. 🙂

  13. Fed Up:

    As Cassidy pointed out, what is a fact, is that the menu existed. Does one really believe a owner would go to that trouble, just to show the son.

    According to Cassidy and the Insiders panel this morning, yes. They seem to think that’s exactly what happened.

    Maybe I’m being harsh on the press gallery. They have, on the face of it, an almost impossible brief – taking Coalition statements at face value and then making sense out of them. Seems like a stupid premise to begin with, but it is the one they’re going with.

    So on #menugate, they’re faced with a situation where Coalition statements appear to be at complete odds with the facts. They’ve tried a few approaches – I liked the “Gillard over-reached in blaming Brough” one, very inventive. But the most satisfying for the journos seems to be, “the menus were printed, the guests didn’t see them… what does this mean for the ALP?” Two conflicting statements resolved by a complete change of subject.

    Ditto with Boats. The Coalition have resolved to turn boats back to Indonesia. Indonesia refuse to take them. Another two conflicting statements there, resolved with… Why can’t the ALP take advantage of this? Conclusion: On Boats, the ALP can’t sell its message, oh well the election is over then.

    They could save themselves a lot of bother by not taking Coalition statements at face value. If they did that, they’d find a lot of these contradictions resolve themselves with, “The Coalition are talking crap.” But for some reason that logical path is out of bounds.

  14. leone
    Sitting in the background as Penny Wong’s advisor in that video clip you posted is one of my son’s schooltime sweetheart.

  15. A lurker since your inception. Thanks for the great conversations and fun.
    After today’s slur against the Prime Minister and her partner, I would like to see her boycott the journalists’ Winter Ball. I am tired of Julia Gillard having to put on a jolly face having had to endure 3 years of slagging and bagging culminating in this week’s outrageous behaviour by the media.
    I think a bit a shock treatment is in order. I wouldn’t see her non appearance as a win for the journalists. It would be a decision of a strong woman choosing not to spend her time in disgusting company which includes the Opposition.
    I would never accept Kevin Rudd’s return to the leadership.

  16. Gentlefingers, welcome.

    It’s customary for all newcomers to shout the bar.

    Make mine a double Drambuie, please.

  17. Bushfire Bill,

    Norty to tease Gentlefingers – the first drink is on the house.

    Since moi is feeling generous:

  18. That didn’t taste like Drambuie.

    I think Joe’s been watering down the spirits again.

  19. I don’t understand how B. Cassidy can there sit with a straight face and not do his own mea culpa over his Rudd prediction.
    Hides thicker than rhino’s

  20. Ladies, you’ll be turning me into a newt! But I appreciate the kind attention.

    That one’s for JGPM, too.

  21. J6P,

    I don’t understand how B. Cassidy can there sit with a straight face and not do his own mea culpa over his Rudd prediction.
    Hides thicker than rhino’s

    Certainly looks that way in Barrie’s case. 😉

  22. I think he thinks we have short memories

    but sometimes people that say things, like that,, just dismiss it in their minds
    and do not think about it to much

    ive seen that happen time and time again

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