Memories, Dreams, Reflections

Today’s Guest Author is Ian, who has offered the following tale as his first thread-starter. Ian, thank you. Your wisdom has helped me so often, and your words today have given me refreshment and hope. I hope other readers have a similar experience.

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Once, long ago, I met an old man at a billabong. I was there to catch a fat barramundi. He, to reflect on the loss of his wife. She had passed, peacefully, some time before. He never said when. It was me who assumed it was recent. It was me that assumed he was sad in his grief. He told me his story:

I always come to this place. As a boy, as a young fella. As a man. This waterhole is me. Memories, as deep as my soul and beyond, come to me here. Memories that give me the strength, not to lift a heavy rock, but to move the mountain. I see with a clarity that understands that the shadows of past can and must shed light on the future. I saw and felt none of this until I saw her.

I was sitting on the rock you’re on now. Like you, I too, was after a fat barramundi. I had more success than you’re going to have. The day was warm, balmy, a hint of breeze. The kind of day when leaves gently sing, lizards skitter about on their most urgent business, lethargic birds perch and doze and fat, sleepy barra leave the live bait to their fate. I must have drifted into a light, warm snooze, because a splash woke me. I thought maybe a big barra was on the prowl, but it was her.

Swimming. Naked.

Never before had I understood what the old women and men meant when they talked of the purity of beauty. The shining light of innocence. The strength of heart, the depth of soul. All this came to me in the first glance. I was overwhelmed. Emotions flooded to the fore. Most I understood, some I didn’t. All were necessary. I understood then that an ego that ensures a closed mind could never fill an empty heart. Only a light can do that. A bright light. A pure light.

I left her to her privacy. I went home. I was a changed man. I proposed to the girl I loved. We had a wonderful life and at times, together, or with the children, we spent many happy times here. I always waited, for just an extra couple of minutes before leaving, to see if the she’d appear. She never did.

I just wanted to thank her for showing me how strength can move a mountain, yet struggle with a rock. How battles can never be won with tactics and weapons alone. The heart, the soul, the essence of your quest are just as essential. How the gentlest of us can also be the strongest.

How can a glimpse of strength change a life? Simple.

If you have the strength to love and accept love honestly there are no mountains, no darkness and no fear.

A woman with red hair taught me that a long time ago.

Good luck.

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  1. Fiona, googling Assange and Newhaven shows various references to indicate that Assange’s stepfather may have been involved with the Hamilton-Byrne cult that was associated with Newhaven. When the relationship ended, Assange’s mother lived in hiding and ‘on the run’ with the children for several years.

    Most seem to point to page 6 of this article in the New Yorker from 2010 as the source for this:

  2. I do not know if they will be able to do it, there is a pretty strict ban on anything even remotely political at football matches.
    [ austingmackell Austin G Mackell 38m
    Australians to hold “sorry” signs at Australia-Iraq soccer (football) match. #Auspol

  3. puff this would not be agood idea this side of an election
    hope u get that through to them

  4. Puffy…I believe you are suffering badly from “stones” in your gall bladder…I had to have an operation several years ago for kidney stones…I was reffered for an operation to Modbury Hospital by the specialist…it was only overnight stay…(Keyhole surgery)…very quick, very clean and I went in with the philosophy that ; “If it twer to be done, best it be done quickly”…no regrets….and I detest ALL THINGS medicinal!
    Good luck!

  5. Poll here:

    The federal Coalition announced on Sunday that, if it was elected, foreigners convicted of crimes punishable by more than one year in jail would have their visas cancelled automatically, even if they were sentenced to less than a year’s imprisonment.

    This follows Bureau of Statistics figures in March that showed asylum seekers living in the community on bridging visas were about 45 times less likely to be charged with a crime than members of the general public.

  6. Just got home, and see that there is no Newspoll this week. Now if that is not rigging I don’t know what is. Samantha Maiden has it on twitter ‘It is not unusual for Newspoll to skip a public holiday week and last week of parliament next week’.

    I though public holiday week was last weekend and that never stopped them before. I grant it, they did skip a week at times to avoid colliding with Nielsen, but this is might convenient to skip a weekend without public holiday after such a bad week for right wing movement.

    Also it is nice of them to hope for bad bad numbers next week to maaaaybe influence the nervous nellies in ALP caucus to do something stupid during the last week. Well News Ltd, I don’t think it will work. Too many smart people in that caucus imo.

    Or maybe this is just me being a tad paranoid 🙂

  7. This is people outside the stadium BB, not the players if I am understanding this correctly.

  8. Posted on Guardian Australia today…

    17 Jun 2013, 4:40AM
    Spot the media beat-up…

    15/05/2011 – Gillard is dead, politically dead – Peter Costello

    06/06/2011 – Gillard gone by December – Andrew Bolt

    17/07/2011 – Gillard down for count – Phillip Coorey

    01/09/2011 – Labor stalwart says Gillard ‘finished’ – Jeremy Thompson

    06/09/2011 – JULIA, resign. Let Rudd resume rightful role – Philip Adams

    20/02/2012 – Gillard delusional and in retreat – Dennnis Shanahan

    21/02/2012 – Too late for Gillard to save herself – Niki Savva

    23/02/2012 – Assassins reap what they sowed – Simon Benson

    21/04/2012 – Gillard will be GORN by end of May, Hewson & Richo jointly on #Slynews

    30/04/2012 – Credibility gone, PM should fall on her sword , Michelle Grattan

    02/05/2012 – Julia’s going: it’s a matter of time – Dennis Shanahan

    18/05/2012 – Despite the poll and budget uptick, Gillard and Labor are doomed – Richo

    19/05/2012 – String of disasters mean the party’s over for Labor – Piers Akerman

    26/05/2012 – A leadership change to Kevin Rudd is the last real option – PvO

    28/05/2012 – Lame duck Labor likely to waddle on to term – Gerard Henderson

    25/07/2012 – Labor’s choice is Rudd or oblivion – Paul Kelly

    12/06/2012 – Determined Gillard may be, but her leadership is looking terminal – Shanahan

    14/08/2012 – Pride comes before a fall for Gillard Government – Derryn Hinch

    23/08/2012 – Gillard in big trouble no matter what happens – Leo Shanahan

    13/10/2012 – Misogyny tactic will backfire – Paul Kelly

    13/10/2012 – Gillard’s hypocrisy stripped bare – Chris Kenny

    05/11/2012 – Hanging by a thread by Peter Hartcher

    24/11/2012 – Knives are out for Gillard – Peter Hartcher

    29/11/2012 – Ducking and diving, but PM’s goose is cooked – Piers Akerman

    05/01/2013 – Rudd’s support for a challenge edging closer – Mark Kenny

    15/02/2013 – An adrenaline charged Rudd increases pressure on Gillard – Michelle Grattan

    18/02/2013 – Poor poll for Labor plays to Rudd’s ambition – Michelle Grattan

    19/02/2013 – Beware knives of March – Mark Kenny

    19/02/2013 – Gillard’s departure is a matter of timing – Peter Reith

    19/02/2013 – Final nail in PM’s coffin – David Day

    19/02/2013 – Something has to give – sooner or later – Lenore Taylor

    19/02/2013 – Desperate caucus eyes leadership switch – Ben Packham

    19/02/2013 – PM Julia Gillard ‘gone’ if she struggles in next week’s Newspoll – Tory Shepherd

    19/02/2013 – Labor’s critical question: time for a new leader? – The Age Editorial

    19/02/2013 – Julia Gillard’s support base is softly slipping away – Simon Benson

    19/02/2013 – Kevin Rudd’s odds on leading ALP in September election shorten to $2 –

    19/02/2013 – Labor in despair over dire poll – Phil Coorey

    19/02/2013 – Dead woman walking – SMH

    19/02/2013 – Final nail in PM’s coffin – David Day

    19/02/2013 – Rudd’s just in storage, waiting for sun to shine – Tony Wright


  9. ROTFL, this headline in the SMH tonight says it all:

    Leadership boil must be lanced, warns MP

    Anonymous MP calls for a resolution on the Labor leadership crisis.

    My italics on the word “anonymous”.

    What a pathetic joke Mark Kenny is.

  10. Or better still, do you have a count on the number of Gillard Gone/Leadership stories ? On the story so far (till Feb2013), it’s 41.

  11. not the players BB, Aussies saying sorry for invading Iraq. Maybe Iraq people will see the signs during the live coverage, though I do not fancy the chances of them getting anything inside the stadium, and we could get into heaps of strife over it, if they did. It is a good idea though.

  12. Dincha know, the poisoned gnome (is it my eyes or does he have funny hands?) has castigated Lefties for being mean to him over his perfectly reasonable comments on Insiders on Sunday. And the ABC made him do it because they had Sattlergate on the list of topics he was forced to talk about. Bad ABC, mean Lefties. (damned women). Poor Peers.

  13. Morning C@tmomma, I have been up for a couple of hours. Not fair when you go to sleep early and then wake up too early. = no more sleep than usual. 🙂

  14. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.
    It will be interesting to check offf the names of people caught up in this against the list of political donors to the Libs.
    This simply stinks and some people need to spend time in jail over it.
    Thats news?
    Read this disgusting proposal from the Coalition and then look at the poll that follows. What is happening to our country?

  15. Section 3 . . .

    Alan Moir has had enough of children AS in custody.
    David Pope devastantingly trots out the SkyWhale to line up the ridiculous Alan Jones.
    MUST SEE! Rond Tandberg says it all about mysoginistic bullying.
    David Rowe with a cynical look at the Syrian situation.

  16. Darren Cheeseman is not helping matters. I heard on the radio that he was saying that his only chance of winning Corangamite is if Rudd was leader.

    I kind of understand why all 4 of my grandparents think he’s an idiot, even the non-political ones. He was a “look at me!” type even on the Ballarat council before he entered parliament.

  17. WOW Kennet in Victoria is so concerned about the ALP wants PMJG to step down to stop an ALP slaughter. How generous is he!!!

  18. I can’t count! I blew the links quota again so here we go.

    And from the Land of the Free –

    Palin in waiting?
    This will upset the Tea Baggers!
    Some excoriating cartoons on the Repugs’ war on women.

  19. Had a chuckle when walking past TV this am and heard ” Rudd backers say he now has the numbers”
    Gee. Again?
    He’s had the numbers a lot lately hasn’t he?

  20. My theory on Newspoll assuming it hasn’t come out and won’t be out this week is that they are trying to use this Neilson this week and when that fails they’ll trot out an even worse Newspoll next week before the last Caucus meeting

  21. Is there anyone around with some Woofle Dust? I could really do with it right now, as I have published a new post. Amazing what a good night’s sleep can do for you. 🙂

    BK, do you mind putting your links up again on my new post? You’ll get a big, warm internet hug on a cold winter’s day if you do. 😉

  22. is the 18th today ,after morgan I felt quite bouncy about every thing
    or it yesterday

    newspoll theory have to keep one poll nice ,,

    or is it to nice,

    any way why care morgan will do why do people hang on the tails of Murdoch polls,, I promoted morgan last night on twitter and so did just about every one ,,,
    what surprises me is , that the lib tweeters don’t mention polls
    where i tweet any way I don’t see polls mentioned,

    I will continue to send that poll to the abc to annoy them
    I would be good if we all sent that poll to them to prick the conscious of the abc staff
    does anyone think tweeting the cheese man
    would help has any one ever explained the dynamic of his nonsence if he was in my electorate id be over there to give him a dam talking to

  23. Before I started catching upon the last 10 hours worth of PUB contributions (a really great way to start the day), I noted on the ABC Justin site that “Former Queensland Labor premier Peter Beattie says it is time Bob Hawke was called in to sort out what he has described as the party’s federal leadership “saga”.

    Might I suggest that Peter Beattie refrain from adding fuel to the fire, that is, he should shut up. As for Bob Hawke he should be spending the days running up to Hazel’s State funeral thinking of how he squandered his personal life.

  24. Thanks to some friendly moles at Newspoll and some very large bribes I am able to reveal why there was no Newspoll last night.

    First, they never release a poll when Golden Boy has had a bad week. Last week was a doozy with Sattler and then that army bloke telling the whole country about pranks the boys had been giggling over. To make matters worse someone linked it all to the nasty speech That Woman aimed at Our Hero last year. Uncle Rupert did his best, he had Tony’s minders give him extra tranquillisers and then lock him in a cellar on Friday afternoon to prevent any unfortunate outbursts while polling was under way, but not even that worked. The poll fixers rebelled and said not even they, with all their skills, could make such a bad result look good.

    Second, Poll callers kept sobbing about weird things happening on their phones and most had to be sent home to recover from trauma. It seems the wives (Newspoll only call respectable, married couples over 50 who live in Liberal voting electorates) of their male respondents (99% of their quota for this poll) kept snatching phones from their husbands and hurling abuse down the line, usually something like ‘Why won’t you ask the women what they think of Tony Abbott? Well, he’s a (insert something unprintable here)’. Due to the extreme distress this abuse was causing callers and coupled with the unfortunate results it was producing (as mentioned above) Uncle Rupert ordered that the poll be taken again next weekend.

    Uncle Rupert is now trying to organise some pro-Tony front pages for the Daily Smelly and the OO, and he’s ordered Sky News to run at least three ‘Gillard is gorn tomorrow morning’ stories every day. The first one was up last night – this is it.

    Followed by this one later on –

    Here’s the third, from this morning –

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