Memories, Dreams, Reflections

Today’s Guest Author is Ian, who has offered the following tale as his first thread-starter. Ian, thank you. Your wisdom has helped me so often, and your words today have given me refreshment and hope. I hope other readers have a similar experience.

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Once, long ago, I met an old man at a billabong. I was there to catch a fat barramundi. He, to reflect on the loss of his wife. She had passed, peacefully, some time before. He never said when. It was me who assumed it was recent. It was me that assumed he was sad in his grief. He told me his story:

I always come to this place. As a boy, as a young fella. As a man. This waterhole is me. Memories, as deep as my soul and beyond, come to me here. Memories that give me the strength, not to lift a heavy rock, but to move the mountain. I see with a clarity that understands that the shadows of past can and must shed light on the future. I saw and felt none of this until I saw her.

I was sitting on the rock you’re on now. Like you, I too, was after a fat barramundi. I had more success than you’re going to have. The day was warm, balmy, a hint of breeze. The kind of day when leaves gently sing, lizards skitter about on their most urgent business, lethargic birds perch and doze and fat, sleepy barra leave the live bait to their fate. I must have drifted into a light, warm snooze, because a splash woke me. I thought maybe a big barra was on the prowl, but it was her.

Swimming. Naked.

Never before had I understood what the old women and men meant when they talked of the purity of beauty. The shining light of innocence. The strength of heart, the depth of soul. All this came to me in the first glance. I was overwhelmed. Emotions flooded to the fore. Most I understood, some I didn’t. All were necessary. I understood then that an ego that ensures a closed mind could never fill an empty heart. Only a light can do that. A bright light. A pure light.

I left her to her privacy. I went home. I was a changed man. I proposed to the girl I loved. We had a wonderful life and at times, together, or with the children, we spent many happy times here. I always waited, for just an extra couple of minutes before leaving, to see if the she’d appear. She never did.

I just wanted to thank her for showing me how strength can move a mountain, yet struggle with a rock. How battles can never be won with tactics and weapons alone. The heart, the soul, the essence of your quest are just as essential. How the gentlest of us can also be the strongest.

How can a glimpse of strength change a life? Simple.

If you have the strength to love and accept love honestly there are no mountains, no darkness and no fear.

A woman with red hair taught me that a long time ago.

Good luck.

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715 thoughts on “Memories, Dreams, Reflections

  1. 7.5 leads off with leadershit, as have all the news bulletins on ABC and SBS.

    Just so predictable.

  2. “A few front pages and photo splashes with Margie And The Kids, a book edited by recently deceased shill and one-time Abbott paymaster, Chris Pearson, and some smoothing over of the rougher edges puts that all to rights.”

    Interesting BB, in obit for Pearson Abbott mentioned Ronald Conway who features prominently at Broken Rites.

    Obviously, another old mate.

  3. sent leigh this


  4. all of the polls over the last fortnight have not been for our consumption.
    they are for the jelly back in the labor party,if we can spoke em we can destroy them. Lets see how the cowards perform. Over to you Fitzgibbon

  5. That wanker Uhlmann uses yesterday’s Nielson as the foundation for his shit!…rather than either of the two newest polls out today!….The guy is a piece of shit!

  6. Roger,

    What happened at the seminary Tony? Somebody must know but it’s all shrouded in a veil of silence.

    To find out you would have to use on of these 🙂

    There are people who know, and you would be amazed at the secrets that have been kept for almost 40 years. However, with the phalanx of lawyers that are summoned out of thin air whenever the Golden Boy is under suspicion or attack, people have learnt to just keep their counsel if they know what’s good for them. I imagine though, one day, on someone’s death bed, the truth will emerge.

    Don’t count on an ‘Investigative Journalist’ to get to the bottom of it. That is for sure!

  7. Too tired to go to Q&A. 😦

    Especially after driving all the way down the freeway to Sydney, lobbing for the job interview, then getting in the car and driving all the way back home again for over an hour.

    Guess who missed the train? 😉

  8. Tlbd, I guess I missed it – what was the AAP article the PMO is referring to?

  9. I’d be really interested to see Murdoch’s figures for the subscription take up of the Daily Telegraph and the Herald-Sun (plus C-M, etc.).

    I’ll bet they’ve plummeted in on-line readership. I mean, I’m not Newspoll or anything impeccably accurate like that. It’s just a gut feeling I have.

    I used to go to those sites occasionally, but every time I encounter the “Oops! You haven’t subscribed (it”s EASY!)” message, I bail out.

  10. What happened at the seminary Tony? Somebody must know but it’s all shrouded in a veil of silence.

    My sister is good friends with her local parish priest, who was contemporaneously in the seminary with Tony Abbott.

    He’s told her he has MANY stories to tell, but always declines on confidentiality grounds.

    What a tease!

    She’s working on him.

  11. The Paul Kelly on Q&A is The Australian’s “editor-at-large”.

  12. The PM didn’t try the ‘Gender Politics’ thing again. Unless she organised to bookend the week with a sleazy menu and Howard Sattler’s denigration of her sexuality. Which I doubt. Obviously. And she spoke at the launch of the ‘Women for Gillard’. What was she supposed to speak about there? Her Pumpkin Scones recipe!?!

  13. C@tmomma,

    Pumpkin scones recipe pffft!

    How to fill an empty fruit bowl without really trying would be more on the mark.

  14. “To find out you would have to use on of these”

    Maybe one just needs to fill in the dots. There is lots on the record already.

    Abbott on Conway “He never contemplated joining the priesthood (as might have been expected of a bright young man of his temperament in that era) and never seems seriously to have considered marriage. He seems largely to have come to terms with any demons of his own and, in any event, chose not to make a spectacle of himself.”

    Anyone heard of the circumstances of Chris Pearson’s death? Media have not mentioned that, as they usually do.

  15. Anyway, dead on my feet here and am not even going to be able to watch Q&A. I’m sure Barnaby Joyce won’t be questioned on anything of significance but will be given plenty of latitude to continue the delegitimisation of the Prime Minister, which the Opposition are running with as a pack and a pact with the media.

  16. Besides, C@t, you clearly have no understanding of PMJG’s fiendish ingenuity.

    After all, she is a woman, therefore a damned whore or a God’s policepersonwoman, and not to be trusted OR respected in either form.

  17. I suppose we all can make an educated guess. Tony kept some very dodgy company. Witness the creeps he writes obits and character references for.

  18. Has anyone seen any comment from the ABC regading His Toadiness’s performance on Insiders yesterday morning?

  19. joe2,
    You appear to have misunderstood me. I was alluding to the reason why young TA was turfed out. 😉

    Maybe BB might find out one day and let you know.

    And that’s my last word on the matter.

    Good night!

  20. BK
    I haven’t seen anything from the ABC re Pearson.
    There was a Get Up petition calling for the ABC to take some action which Denese linked.

  21. Roger
    I have complained direct to the ABC and have also signed the GetUp petition.
    No action will eventuate.
    We all know that, don’t we?

  22. From reading what he wrote, just after he left and became a journalism, one got the opinion he was asked to leave. I think it could have been simply that he was an arsehole and did not fit in,.Was not suitable.

    Same as we are saying about his ability to be PM.

    No respect for his fellow priests. From stories he told, he seen them as malingers.

  23. “You appear to have misunderstood me. I was alluding to the reason why young TA was turfed out.”

    Ok gotcha now.

  24. Anyone heard of the circumstances of Chris Pearson’s death? Media have not mentioned that, as they usually do.

    I wondered that too.

    Was probably slightly tacky.

  25. I don’t expect a Sattler outcome. I signed the Get Up too. I thought it was a bit weak.It should have demanded a complete ban on all ABC programs, not just paid appearances. Pearson’s performance on Insiders was a disgrace. ‘Sweet” Barry should have known that Pearson was likely to pull a stunt like that. If they wanted a rightwing wingnut on,they could have got Henderson.He prattles but is generally polite.

  26. Joe2,

    I had no idea about Conway’s connexion with Newhaven Hospital.

    It was, I understand, an evil place. It is now in my mind even more so.

    And somewhere in the back of my mind there is a connexion with Julian Assange?

  27. From reports the night of his death. Pearson died alone in his place of abode. No suspicious circumstances, but a rather fitting end for a rather unpleasant individual.
    OOOps I meant Ackerman in my last post.I getting my peers mixed up 🙂

  28. In local political news, I was amused to discover that 3 Liberal aligned councillors in my electoral ward in Ballarat were opposed to “excessive rate rises” on their election pledges last year, yet they agreed to a ~30% increase in land rates a few weeks ago.

    It’ll be the same story for everyone considering voting for an Abbott government. With an entire MSM/Propaganda ministry behind them, there’ll be no limits to how brazen they get.

  29. “And somewhere in the back of my mind there is a connexion with Julian Assange?”

    No loud bells ringing on that front, Fiona. His mother involved there, maybe?

  30. BB Pearson was mates with Peter Roebuck, who would stay with him when in town, who you might remember, came to a very dramatic end after allegations were made against him.

  31. see that stupid tweet some thing about wtte Gillard cannot use sexisim for excuse not to deliver sensible policy
    must be a lib or a person under a stone for three years

  32. CTar,

    Yes, I know about Anne Hamilton-Byrne. Haven’t had time yet to look at a possible Assange connexion.

    Is there one?

  33. BB Pearson was mates with Peter Roebuck, who would stay with him when in town, who you might remember, came to a very dramatic end after allegations were made against him.

    Abbott, in his obituary, said Pearson had been celibate for the past few years, since he took up the Catholic faith(!), so there couldn’t have been any funny business between them.

    Pearson had a catholic (small “c”) mind, so I guess they spoke about the cricket then went to bed (separately, natch).

  34. q and a was very good for labor tonight, barny said very little
    and nothing noteworthy, Fiona Stanley kate lundy brillant

    Robert man mentioned Murdoch]

    any way text will be up later

    Kelly rather subdued

  35. Fiona

    I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned the little cameo appearance that your smiling kitten made recently in a famous video.

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