Fantastic Friday 7/6/2013


Hello Patrons and welcome to the latest instalment of our Fantastic Friday Raffles.

Unfortunately the nag I backed last week came 2nd, so off to the glue factory for it.

Not a great week for labor according to the latest Rougepoll but do not Despair 99 days to go and some libbottles are sure to fall .

Our Super Staff are here and ready to attend to your needsFantastic Foursome

Good Luck to All the SA. Chapter Pubsters at the get together TomorrowimagesShort and sweet tonight, let the fun begin and lets take our minds off the lying scum that passes for Her majesties loyal opposition for an hour or so

A long weekend .



636 thoughts on “Fantastic Friday 7/6/2013

  1. TLBD

    I was reading in the Economist that youth in Britain are increasingly libertarian in outlook. I have not read Waterford’s article, but lately he has become very anti-Labor. But he might be right on this. Sad if true, and a challenge for Labor. It might be that it is a sign of more selfishness, borne of extreme competitiveness in most things these days.

  2. do you know the reason I go to pb and I would say it may be why other do,

    just trying to leave some good stuff there for lukers,

    but I also found mr bowe moderating does not wash with me either slavg

    one very particular one he know who my daughter is married to I told him him an email one day some one said something about a past premier
    ‘and posted a link to a very unflattering photo, .up i took that very personal’

    I would love mari to come her I thought about her too and why does lizzie stay there I know I know it has to be an open blog

    but I was proved right with rummell,,, it want that I didn’t want liberals I just cannot stay in the same room with him,
    but if we encouraged all the good labor people here pb would ony have liberals and they can talk to them selves,
    mention that to mari,, she comes a cross as a sweet person who only want good for people, if seen her post some lovely things to liberals

    early days I did to,, I begged rummell to see how silly their policies are re families.. but I gave up and then I realised was very hard right,

    david wh will never vote labor .
    the reason as I said is just for Julia not for pb no way,,,
    we have 40 th a month here and tobe truthfull I was a bit annoyed with you all for not being more excited about that,

    do took two solid weeks 4 hours and day to put those stats in my computer,
    didn’t want thanks just wanted a bit of joy about it,

    so we are getting nearly as much traffic as pb,,, we should encourage all the good labor people here, then we would have no reason to go back there because they would all be liberal.s

    lbd told me once there was eeiquite amoungst blogs, though
    \so up to you all.

    we are going to port Arthur and surrounds and lot of people have not being heading south east since the bush fires, after it was pointed out are,many are
    , so off to dunnalley pub the only building left standing
    for lunch and then down to port Arthur.

    ps if ever I say something its for the good things for the blog hope its taken in that way, without here we would most likely have gone nuts

    something s are meat to be in life, a casual conversation about have some where over Christmas turned in to this, see Julia will win, we where give by
    providence a place to gather in peace


  3. I haven’t read Chris Johnson’s rubbish and I don’t intend to. It’s a glorious day here and I have better things to do. I never bother with the ravings of the very recently arrived Mr J anyway, I don’t want to read fan-boi love letters to Tony Abbott.

    I don’t understand why anyone would take anything seriously if it has been written for a mainstream Sunday paper. And who reads about politics on a Sunday anyway? Only political tragics who are already rusted on. And nothing Mr Johnson says is going to change their minds.

  4. sorry about my post all over the place oh is badgering me to get
    up and get going, he loves to drive off the beaten track
    he know all these old roads from his army days

  5. leone the only lines I read where the ones I posted
    sometimes things just bounce off the page,

    the word lie came in to my mind .

    have a good day all,
    tony would love port Arthur for the wrong reasons

  6. A converstion I’m sick of seeing and sick of hearing, it crops up in the comments to all sorts of stuff, every day as well as in conversations with real, live humans.
    Coalition supporter – I couldn’t vote for Julia Gillard because she tells lies.
    Labor supporter – Tony Abbott lied when he was a minister and he’s still telling lies every day. (Insert example of choice here, there are plenty to choose from).
    CS – Err – all politicians lie.
    LS – so why not vote for PMJG then?
    CS – crickets, as they run away.

  7. Not watching Insides, as usual. Why bother when I already know what will be discussed. Rudd, Rudd and Rudd again with a bit of whinging and grand-standing from Senator X. A waste of time, as usual.

  8. picture three from the end, / it was so good at least that this was missed by the fire. you don’t see these old building as much as we should
    you cannot replace history.

  9. Cross- post from “over there”…

    I guess I’ll just have to come clean!…All this time I’ve been laying sh*t on the opp’n and it’s supporters have been a sort of denial by yours T’ because I was ashamed, as may here have pointed out, to be supporting a leader who, by a media twist of wording, was a “liar”!…There I said it!..I admit it…she is a liar!
    While I was supporting that denial, the more honest of the right-wing was justifiably pushing to the front of the pack their candidate who could never be seen to be a, he’s the real m’coy!…after all, how could he hide from the charges by several citizens that he immorally bullied, assulted, threatened, concocted evidence, perverted the course of justice for political ends and sought AND embraced financial and media backing from a person condemend by a national inquiry of the British Parliament to be “unfit to own a newspaper” (or wtte)…and even those newspapers that he did own weren’t fit to be hung behind a dunny door!

    AND THAT, surely, must be where my envy lies…the fact that the right-wing here and elsewhere have such a worthy candidate that they want him to be their PM. run the nation…to be caretaker of our institutions and framer of our civil code. To be the arbitrator of those who should or should not be employed in the public service…of where or where not our military should be deployed, of how or how not to preserve the environment and to be ajudicator of support for the poor and afflicted… righto’s should be proud..damn proud of the person you laud for high should be on your bended knees thanking the Lord Jesus Christ you had such a beautiful country to offer on a platter to your master and his overlords…

    You should be really proud.

  10. lovey
    as my dear dad would of said,

    Its only paper talk girl ,, pay no heed to it, it s there agenda sent to them by others

    truly that was in the late 50.s .,

    lovey that’s what the tories in the uk want us to think to make us feel guilty

    for even supporting the old age pension.,\\

    the tories like people to search garbage bins

  11. These bloody journos can’t think outside their tiny squares. All this ledershit speculation they obsess themselves with does not give one iota of consideration to the reaction of the millions of voters in the electorates who actually make the decision. The whole bloody lot of them should be deported to Afghanistan, Iran or Syria where they just might get some sense beaten into them.

  12. Morning all


    Our msm is so predictable. Could we have expected anything else from this mob

  13. ABCnewsIntern ‏@ABCnewsIntern 6m
    Barrie Cassidy: “I’m now very strongly of the view that Julia Gillard will not lead Labor to the next election.” #Insiders

  14. I guess it’s interesting to note that, after Rudd appeared on TV to state explicitly that he’s behind the cause, supports the PM (at least he did on Sunrise so I hear) and Abbott needs to be defeated, all the MSM can say about it is Rudd-wants-to-lead-ALP/Rudd-should-lead-ALP/everyone-wants-Rudd-to-lead-ALP.

    It’s not going to happen. They know it’s not going to happen. But if they talk about it, then they can ignore the Coalition policy vacuum a little longer. That appears to be the aim, anyway.

    Note to the MSM – people do like gossip, yes. But only about celebrities. If you want to compete with the New Weekly market, you’re going to lose. Nobody is going to buy your newspapers, because they buy newspapers for news. Without news, newspapers aren’t anything at all. No matter how clever you think you are, the public are smarter than you. They know the service you provide is not an essential; people can and do walk away if they don’t get what they want from you.

    The last three years hasn’t just been about the MSM frantically angling to get their way and install their man in the seat of power. It’s also been about them destroying their own brand and killing off what was left of their reputation. We don’t even need to fight them, they’re doing it to themselves.

    I know for a fact you can get by on APAC, official press releases, transcripts and live parliament. You think more clearly that way as well. That’s what I do these days. I wouldn’t have realised as quickly if the press gallery hadn’t been so keen to bowdlerise themselves of useful content, and so keen to replace reportage with opinion. I’ll never go back.

  15. Our journalists are old gossips.

    They can’t discuss the merits of any policies because they have done no backgrounding

    so they can only talk about Ruddstoration and leadershit

  16. before I head off, they have to say this because they are told to

    but does any one feel they are sounding very stupid
    as people are sick of hearing it

    its passed its use by date like them
    think it will back fire, and people will either switch off or turn the page,
    like one does with an annoying add
    so let them borre people

  17. And good morning, fellow Pubsters.

    I am taking advantage of a sunny day to catch up on the laundry. ThenI might tackle the ironing basket …

  18. There’s a seat-specific Reachtel poll going around that makes no sense.

    It has Labor trailing in Blaxland (currently held by over 62% 2pp), but holding Lilley with no swing from the last election.

    Since it’s so crap, obviously it’s on the top of the Age website under some garbage “ditch Gillard for Rudd” headline, where they asked how people would vote if Rudd was leader.

  19. While I was enjoying my holiday from here 😉 I had a hip replacement operation on my right hip. I wrote and updated a blog on it, so if anyone here has osteo arthritis of hip or knee this is what it is like to have hip or knee replaced:

    I was very pleased to return 11 Oxycontin tablets to the hospital pharmacy—many an addiction has started with these!

  20. Aguirre
    Exactly. I find everything I need to know from the same sources and from Twitter. I don’t need to be told what to think by a bunch of craven sell-swords in the OM. A pox on them.

    I didn’t need to sit through an hour of the usual dross, drivel and man-love for Rudd that is Insiders. Al lthe crucial bits were tweeted.

    I think Barry Cassidy jumped the shark this morning. He’s destroyed what litlte credibility he had. In a few more weeks he will be wiping huge amounts of egg from his face.

  21. NSW getting serious about synthetic drugs. Temporary ban issued. Enforcement measures also announced. Well done.
    The O’Farrell government has been quite enigmatic.

  22. Political Animal,

    Good to see you again. Congrats on your recovery, and you are so right about oxycontin and addiction. I had to monitor my mother VERY carefully a couple of years ago when she was on both the immediate and slow release forms, plus valium.

    Oddly, she has almost no recollection of those three weeks.

  23. BK

    I only heard about the synthetic drugs on the news the other day. Sounds like they were legal and easy to buy. Don’t know anything else about them.

  24. 2gravel
    The drugs are synthetic copies of marijuana and other illegal drugs, they give the same effects when taken. Do a Google for ‘synthetic drugs’ and you’ll find enough information to keep you reading all day.

  25. Hello again everyone! I’m just back from our local branch meeting and we had a fine old time discussing the issues of the day, and he who shall NEVER be PM. 😉 I also got a motion passed which we are going to send to the PM and Immigration Minister asking her to get together with Rob Oakeshott to reintroduce his Bali Process Bill to Parliament in the last sitting in order to make the case that they are serious about trying to do something about stopping the vile trade in people seeking asylum, too many of whom are finding their new home, not in Australia, but in Davy Jones’ Locker.

    So close to the election it would really put the weights on The Greens and the Coalition to state explicitly why they believe in supporting more deaths at sea. In contrast to Labor who have a plan to minimse them as much as humanly possible by seeking to put a big spoke in the wheel of the People Smugglers, so as to give an even chance to all refugees around the region and from refugee camps around the world to get here safely and start a new life.

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