Let’s Face the Music!

The Pubsters seem to have their dancing shoes on at the moment, so perhaps we could start with this little number:

given that come 14 September this year … – no, cancel that thought!

Alright then, what’s really been going on? Y’know, the important stuff?

Well, the other evening moi managed to get a quick candid shot of Mr Bushfire Bill being balletic on the bar (hmmm, those pins ain’t half bad – wouldn’t mind seeing them in fishnets …) …

… The Boss has been out and about driving REALLY BIG RIGS …

… C@tmomma has a new hairdo …

… while moi has been having moiself impeccably comme d’habitude

just like our beloved Mr Abbott, Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition and his even more loyal Spiritual Director.

The hardy South Australian Pubketeers are planning a meeting in a Secret Location …

Meanwhile, Pubketeers, lurkers, all, let’s

And – get ready for THE RAFFLE!

Plus, for tonight’s FREE ENTERTAINMENT, The Pub offers these all-star acts…


pYNEPrissy Pyne

plus coming attractions…

Abbott RaffleNight

and don’t forget… as always…

Courteous Bar staff


449 thoughts on “Let’s Face the Music!

  1. Something odd happened this week, and whilst I would like to say it was that our msm got more enlightened, I think the introduction of what is not yet, but could be, a serious competitor in the way of the Guardian entered the market.

    For the first time in three years Abbott was actually being held to account. He was being pushed and prodded in a way that just hasn’t happened. What’s more is that Abbott, under a very mild blow torch, was found wanting.

    Will it continue? Who knows? But I did enjoy the media actually become the fourth estate for the first time in a bloody long time.

  2. Thanks Cat,

    I posted it and now apparently Labor are doing nothing in the way of providing Solar to the poor and lower incomes. I reminded them that Labor introduced the rather generous rebates in the first place and if people didn’t take advantage of them it could hardly be slated home to the ALP.

  3. I suppose the only redeeming feature in not naming and shaming the traitor would be at least they’re going to be prepared when the inevitable gotcha comes along in the election campaign. Hopefully make Oakes and co look like the half witted chancers they are!


    Harry Potter is in trouble and needs my help.

  4. I’m sure PMJG knows all about said traitor and is doing all she can to make sure nothing damning gets into those minutes. Keeping important stuff out of caucus is the way to go and she does that. People wondered why she kept the electon date thing a deep, dark secret until she announced it. Some of us had worked out the reason for the secrecy within minutes of the announcement. Now we know we were right.

  5. Scorpio & Bushfire Bill,

    If that’s how you are both feeling, maybe these will help . . .

  6. BK, the married woman that the Fridge lives with says that the Multiple Screaming Orgasm is just what she wants. This reply has left me somewhat confused.

  7. I heard the most amazing thing this morning. Not a revelation or anything like that, but some audacious revisionism, let’s say. Apparently, according to Mark Simkin I believe it was, an Abbott government will be substantially the same as the current ALP one! He’s a moderate, he wouldn’t be out of place in the ALP centre-right faction, and the way Simkin tells it he’s the only thing standing between us and the Liberal hard rights.

    Betcha didn’t know any of that!

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